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What are games built with and what technologies do they use?

We detect various technologies such as engines and SDKs used by games on Steam from depot file lists. This process is entirely automatic and does have mismatches, the rule set we use is available on GitHub. You can report issues and suggest new rules there.

These detections rely on our site being able to see the file lists. Use our token dumper if you can to improve our coverage!

Do not take these numbers as an absolute truth. These are preliminary findings and chock full of false negatives and positives.

If you find incorrect matches, make an issue on GitHub.

Electron 225

Only games are counted on this page, however individual pages will display all app types.

Current rule set hash is 3d1dc2f.

How it works

It makes educated guesses, but they are just that, guesses. It is not perfect. It will never be perfect. Do not expect it to be perfect.

Every app on Steam is associated with a number of file depots. For each app on Steam, SteamDB will run scripts over all the filenames in all of its depots. Note that it is filenames, not files. These scripts only scan the names of the files, not the data they contain.

Something to emphasize is we are certainly undercounting engines/technology in three main ways:

  • We can't detect things we don't yet have rules for
  • False negatives will keep us from detecting everything
  • Some engines are fundamentally undetectable or very difficult to detect
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