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Most Played Games Players Now Peak Today
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 1,160,598 1,200,077
Dota 2 651,796 652,214
PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS 391,575 434,929
Apex Legends 371,103 413,896
Goose Goose Duck 342,247 359,977
Grand Theft Auto V 172,055 176,830
Lost Ark 168,594 172,031
Wallpaper Engine 126,661 128,093
Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II | Warzone™ 2.0 124,668 125,216
Rust 110,618 137,962
Team Fortress 2 102,819 113,443
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 93,606 101,860
War Thunder 87,527 88,110
ARK: Survival Evolved 87,273 87,273
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT 85,443 101,422
Trending Games Last 7 days Players Now
Dead Space 25,245
Warlander 16,628
Ghost Recon Breakpoint 9,074
Forspoken 7,005
Hi-Fi RUSH 5,954
Watch Dogs: Legion 5,048
Hero Siege 3,124
Necesse 1,548
HITMAN 3 8,659
Pizza Tower 605
Volzerk : Monsters and Lands Unknown 1,361
World War Z: Aftermath 5,532
LittleBigPlanet™ Trending on SteamDB
World War 3 Trending on SteamDB
Hot Releases Rating Price
Hi-Fi RUSH 94.11% $29.99
Pizza Tower 94.04% $19.99
Larcin Lazer 87.97% $8.99
Juno: New Origins 87.51% $12.99
Locke(d) 85.50% Free
Dead Space 85.16% $59.99
Dread Templar 85.05% $16.99
Scarlet Maiden 84.45% $9.89
SpunkStock: Music Festival 83.19% $13.49
Pets Hotel: Prologue 83.10% Free
Bloody Hell 81.82% Free
Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters 81.71% $44.99
Nebula 81.66% $3.59
Bad cat Sam 81.63% $3.99
Catch Me! 81.47% $9.99
LIVE Base Builder Fest
Browse and filter current deals…
Ends January 30th
Top Releases of December 2022
We're back with another round of popular monthly releases. With this list, we'll be looking at the Top 20 products released in December.
Ends February 3rd
PlayWay Car Mechanic Simulator Franchise Sale
It's time for the PlayWay Car Mechanic Simulator Franchise Sale! From January 26th to February 9th, you will find Car Mechanic Simulator with exclusive discounts - check out our offer! Choose your favorite game and save up to -90%! 👉 Best regards, PlayWay Team
Ends February 2nd
Developer_Direct, presented by Xbox & Bethesda
Xbox and Bethesda present the Developer_Direct, providing fans with an inside look at some of the games coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass over the coming months.
Ends February 1st
Ultimate Fishing Sale | Catch a HUUUUUUUUGE discount!
Welcome to Ultimate Fishing Sale where you can buy all our fishing games & DLCs with HUUUUGE discounts! Games, DLC or even WHOLE BUNDLES with additional discounts! Pick the one you want and that suits you the most! We will gladly welcome you into our big Ultimate Fishing community! SALE DURATION Starts: 25/01/2022 (19 CET) Ends: 08/02/2022(19 CET) Tight Lines!
Ends February 8th
SMITE New Season: The Season of Monsters
The Season of Monsters begins in SMITE with a Magic: The Gathering Crossover; featuring iconic characters like Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Karn, and Atraxa.
Ends February 15th
Iceberg Publisher Sale 2023
Up to 90% OFF Iceberg Interactive games - and MUCH MORE
Ends January 31st
Base Builder Sale
Join us in celebrating the Steam Base Builder Fest!
Ends January 30th
The deals are not over yet!
One sale event is good, two are great...but what if we had a third one this month?! That's right, we didn't forget about all our other games: from now till February 6th, enjoy a wide range of discounts on our games, including an outstanding 75% off on For The King. Get it now, and prepare for new adventures in the upcoming For The King 2.
Ends February 6th
Neptunia Franchise Madness Sale!
Idea Factory International will be having a massive sale (up to 80% off) on our Neptunia releases (except for Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters launching January 24).
Ends February 6th
Welcome to the SteamWorld Build Announcement Sale!
Salutations, friends of SteamWorld! At the SteamWorld Telegraph: Special Broadcast event live-streamed today, we proudly unveiled a brand new entry in our beloved SteamWorld franchise: SteamWorld Build! In trademark SteamWorld fashion, SteamWorld Build takes a familiar genre and gives it a unique twist, delivering a multi-level city-building experience that tasks you with constructing a thriving mining town above ground while mining resources and dealing with monsters below.
Ends January 30th
Lunar New Year Sale
Save on select PlayStation Studio games
Ends February 2nd
World of Warships Lunar New Year Sale 2023
HEFTY DISCOUNTS, NEW SHIPS, FREE DLC, AND BIG FUN AWAIT! We’re welcoming the Year of the Rabbit with a lineup of great deals, fun activities, and new content that’ll leave you hopping with delight. Join our Lunar New Year celebrations! NEW SHIP: NING HAI Representing a historic flagship of the Republic of China Navy, the new Tier III Pan-Asian cruiser Ning Hai has joined the World of Warships fleet just in time for the Lunar New Year—and at a 40% discount to boot!
Ends February 2nd
Rockstar Games Publisher Sale
Save big on an assortment of Rockstar Games titles during our special publisher sale, including 50% off Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.
Ends February 2nd
Electronic Arts Lunar New Year Sale
Save up to 80%* on select titles from Electronic Arts.
Ends February 2nd
Yogscast Games January Sale!
Yogscast Games January Sale! - Golfie full launch - PlateUp! Chinese New Year Update - And Huge Savings
Ends February 2nd
Capcom Lunar New Year Sale
Start the new year with big savings of up to 87% on select titles from Jan 19th, 2023, at 10 AM PST to Jan 31st, 2023, at 10 AM PST during the CAPCOM Lunar New Year Sale!
Ends January 31st
Ends January 31st
The sale runs from the 18th – 30th January, so check it out now and bag yourself a bargain!
Ends January 30th
Xbox Game Studios Lunar Sale 2023
We're celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in the XGS Lunar Sale! Valve isn't running a Steam-wide Lunar Sale this year but we had all the beautiful banners and backgrounds ready for our fans, and are determined to use them! We wish all our gamers Peace and Prosperity for the next lunar cycle. You'll find all of our included titles on our Showcase Page, or check out some of the highlights below.
Ends January 31st
Steam Lunar New Year Sale has Started!
1月17日午前3時より2週間、1月31日午前3時までPLAYISMタイトルの旧正月セール開催! 視点アシスト機能のアップデートと新衣装DLCリリースの『Bright Memory: Infinite』の25%OFFセールをはじめ、およそ100のPLAYISMタイトルが最大80%OFFセールです!
Ends January 30th
Dynasty Warriors Franchise Sale
Save up to 66% with Dynasty Warriors franchise!
Ends January 30th

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962 releases this year

Recent app events

  • 2295620 New on store: Kiss Effect 18+ Adult Only Content DLC
  • 2270800 New: COLORED EFFECTS Demo Demo
  • 2296560 Renamed: Rocket Leaguemeow the game Beta
  • 2246520 New on store: Strip 4: Detention Bounce Game
  • 2297300 New: Dicknosaurus Demo Demo
  • 1521290 Renamed on store: Condition ZeroUndead Awakening Game
  • 2280580 New on store: Dragon Abyss Game
  • 2115380 Renamed on store: Oriental Sword无极巷 Game
  • 2273430 New on store: 苍翼:混沌效应 Blazblue Entropy Effect (苍翼:混沌效应) Game
  • 2300040 New on store: Gangster City: Mafia Car Driving Game
  • 2198050 New: SELINI Demo Demo
  • 2295310 New on store: Rooftop Renegade Original Soundtrack+ Music
  • 2296890 New: DEMON DARK I Demo Demo
  • 2149070 Renamed on store: Cosplay SimulatorCosplay Collection Game
  • 2288210 New on store: 三国真龙传 Game
  • 2159950 New: Route 66 Simulator Demo Demo
  • 2300350 New on store: The Lone Alien Game
  • 2028500 New on store: Symmetrik Soundtrack
  • 2292460 New on store: GT:VR - Mature Content DLC
  • 2212310 New on store: Zen Paint Game
  • 1469540 Renamed: Maximus2Maximus 2 Game
  • 1306640 New: The Director's Cut: Original Soundtrack (source: community hub)
  • 1821120 New: Heretics (source: community hub)
  • 2099930 Renamed on store: Breakout 13: FightBreakout 13 : Fight, Renamed: 飞越13号房 - 下半部:反击篇Breakout 13 : Fight DLC
  • 2296780 New: A Tale of Saviors: Garuda Academy Demo Demo
  • 1582320 New on store: Corduroy Hollow Game
  • 2282830 New on store: Line Honey Game
  • 1455350 New on store: Rabi-Ribi - Soundtrack 8-bit Remix Music
  • 2277520 New on store: Mini Driver Game
  • 2267840 New on store: Trained by a Succubus Game
  • 2287950 New on store: Gone Man Game
  • 2287230 New on store: Violet Wisteria OST (Violet Wisteria Soundtrack) Music

Recent package events

  • 789595 New on store: Backrooms - Surreality
  • 814563 New: COLORED EFFECTS Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 824329 New: Dicknosaurus Prologue Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 805730 New: 靈能哨衛 Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 815733 New on store: Wojak Rush
  • 749392 New on store: Rocket Jumper
  • 814083 New on store: MrWang And Lover
  • 813181 New on store: Square Life
  • 764754 New on store: 奉天白事铺 Soundtrack
  • 774077 New: SENTINEL (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 810435 New: 混沌骑士 (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 512173 New on store: Rabi-Ribi - Soundtrack 8-bit Remix
  • 824619 New on store: Alice Escaped! - Original Soundtrack
  • 804695 New: 林中人Forest Life (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 814760 New on store: Abandoned drive-in | 廃ドライブイン
  • 790050 New on store: Tomb 盜墓
  • 655445 New on store: LGP - Tip the Dev
  • 811446 New: Fantasy Madness: Bloodbath Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 706205 Removed from store: Anna VS the A.I.maze
  • 826156 New: Anna VS the A.I.maze (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 824332 New: SuperCold Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 816446 New: LumenTale: Memories of Trey Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 739410 New: Road Draftsman for Beta Testing (source: key activation)
  • 823780 New on store: Cambrian Dawn Mollusc Duo DLC
  • 826061 New: jwing - the next puzzle game (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 363338 Removed from store: jwing - the next puzzle game
  • 799263 New on store: Fap & Cum 💦
  • 770894 New on store: Building Destruction
  • 642985 New: Anica (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 625527 New: Ravager Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 737377 New on store: bloody lonely cold
  • 773826 New on store: Frog Jump
  • 818818 New on store: Scary Turnaround
  • 801408 Renamed on store: Les papillons de la chambre verteThe Green Room Experiment Episode 1
  • 818564 New: Duelyst (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 817559 New on store: 東方弾幕Infinity
  • 824246 New: Idlenetics Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 801408 New on store: Les papillons de la chambre verte
  • 775024 New on store: Milky Quest II
  • 823684 New on store: Kana
  • 796654 New: Breu: Shadow Hunt Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 744868 New: Starshifter Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 816469 New on store: SUA
  • 689824 New: Astraverse Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 817254 New on store: Hentai Hanako
  • 755849 New on store: Arrogation: Unlight of Day
  • 791252 New: Space Saviour Special Demo (source: free on demand; account page)
  • 619062 New: I wanna go home for Beta Testing (source: key activation)
  • 796407 New: Paintball 3 - Candy Match Factory for Beta Testing (source: key activation)
  • 629343 New on store: Lust Theory Season 2
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