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App ID 891480
App Type Game
Publisher Lyrical Games LLC
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 12464128
Last Record Update 2 September 2021 – 22:32:50 UTC ()
Release Date 7 September 2020 – 14:58:00 UTC ()

A sci-fi themed incremental game which allows you to expand your capitalistic empire across the galaxy! Hire mercenaries to pillage alien planets for resources, with the singular goal of making as much money as possible as quickly as possible! Totally not a playful commentary on real Terran society.


Additional Information

clienticon 654aa1631d5ca2b2fe703d9f1bb0c3f29c83173c
clienttga 9a59f16a3f902caab904e0ba433883133ec4da4d
icon 0a0ae66e7a0920d39afa18c3ec8fac797b7bc19b
logo 731dd41418f73c431af5406e2bed9bf38760affa
logo_small 731dd41418f73c431af5406e2bed9bf38760affa_thumb
metacritic_name Idle Expanse
controller_support full
community_visible_stats Yes
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
0/nameIdle Expanse EULA
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
has_adult_content Yes
Store Release Date 7 September 2020 ()
osarch 64
community_hub_visible Yes
0/nameLyrical Games LLC
1/nameLyrical Games LLC
Primary Genre Free to Play (37)
Store Genres Casual (4), Free to Play (37), Indie (23), RPG (3), Strategy (2)
Supported Languages
1 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Steam Release Date 7 September 2020 – 14:58:00 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 2 August 2020 – 19:20:43 UTC () (1596396043)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:53 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:53 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:54 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:54 UTC
library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:54 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:54 UTC
page_bg_raw.jpgLast-Modified: 7 August 2020 – 12:13:53 UTC
review_score 5
review_percentage 56
Detected Technologies (?) Engine.Unreal, SDK.NVIDIA_Nsight_Aftermath, SDK.NVIDIA_PhysX
  • 7 players right now
  • 12 24-hour peak
  • 214 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 7 players right now
  • 12 24-hour peak
  • 214 all-time peak

Owner estimations

  • 2.3 k .. 6.4 k on reviews (20-55)
  • 20.0 k .. 50.0 k by SteamSpy

Store data

  • 65 positive reviews
  • 51 negative reviews
  • 56.03% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 0 minutes median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 0 minutes average total playtime

Twitch Stats

  • 0 viewers right now
  • 0 24-hour peak
  • 14 all-time peak

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Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
284373 Steam Sub 284373 CD Key 26 June 2018 – 01:41:39 UTC
284374 Steam Sub 284374 CD Key 26 June 2018 – 01:41:39 UTC
284375 Idle Expanse Free on Demand 26 June 2018 – 01:41:39 UTC

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Downloadable Content

AppID Name Last Update
1028070 Idle Expanse - Time Crystal Technology 7 September 2020 – 14:51:45 UTC
1247180 Idle Expanse - Chronoscope Technology 7 September 2020 – 14:52:47 UTC
1285880 Idle Expanse - Quantum Slipstream Technology 7 September 2020 – 14:53:35 UTC
1368610 Idle Expanse - Reality Shifter 7 September 2020 – 14:54:24 UTC


ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
228988 VC 2019 Redist 27.86 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
228990 DirectX Jun 2010 Redist 98.16 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
891481 Idle Expanse Content 245.50 MiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 5653184 8 October 2020 – 04:56:22 UTC
internal_test Test Build 5653158 12 August 2021 – 21:21:06 UTC
real_internal_test 5653158 12 August 2021 – 21:20:48 UTC

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable Lyric\Binaries\Win64\IdleExpanse-Win64.exe
Launch Type Launch (Default)
Operating System   windows
CPU Architecture 64-bit only


Key Value
installdir Idle Expanse
steamcontrollertemplateindex 2
steamcontrollertouchtemplateindex 8

User File System

Key Value
quota 953.67 MiB (1000000000)
maxnumfiles 16
  • 0/path: Lyric/Saved/SaveGames/{64BitSteamID}
  • 0/pattern: AUTOSAVE.sav
  • 0/root: gameinstall
  • 1/path: Lyric/Saved/SaveGames/{64BitSteamID}
  • 1/pattern: AUTOSAVE_BACKUP.sav
  • 1/root: gameinstall
  • 2/path: IdleExpanse/Saved/SaveGames/{64BitSteamID}
  • 2/pattern: AUTOSAVE.sav
  • 2/root: WinAppDataLocal
  • 3/path: IdleExpanse/Saved/SaveGames/{64BitSteamID}
  • 3/pattern: AUTOSAVE_BACKUP.sav
  • 3/root: WinAppDataLocal

Other apps that reference this app



API name Display name and description Icons
PlayingTheGame Playing The Game

Let the adventure begin!

UnlockSecondPlanet Tauri Unlocked

Unlocked a new planet!

UnlockPlanets2 Vega & Kepler Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets3 Andromedae & Draconis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets4 Fomalhaut & Bootis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets5 Piscium & Triangulii Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets6 Arietis & Osiris Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets7 Qatar, Reticuli & Pegasi Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets8 Eridani & Librae Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets9 Lupus & Mensae Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets10 Ophiuchi & Horologii Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets11 Ceti & Indi Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets12 Wolf & Ursae Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets13 Lyncis, Virginis & Gliese Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets14 Sextanis & Kapteyn Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets15 Orionis & Fornacis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets16 Cygni & Serpentis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets17 Cancri & Lupi Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets18 Cephei, Octanis & Scorpii Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets19 Gruis & Aquarii Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets20 Coronae & Boralis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets21 Aurigae & Sagittarii Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets22 Caeli & Phoenicis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets23 Velorum & Ross Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets24 Equulei, Lyrae & Capricorni Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets25 Geminorum & Berenices Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets26 Pollux & Arae Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets27 Corvi & Vuleculae Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets28 Pictoris & Leonis Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets29 Herculis & Centauri Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

UnlockPlanets30 Aldebaran & Kobol Unlocked

Unlocked new planets!

TutorialCompleted Tutorial Completed

That tutorial is way too long!

AutoDeployUnlocked Auto Deploy Unlocked

Time to go AFK!

AlternateRealitiesUnlocked Cool Cool Reality Shifting

Which reality is best?

AscensionUnlocked We're in the End Game Now

It's like New Game+ right?

Credits1 It's a Start...

1K credits earned

Credits2 Keep Going...

1M credits earned

Credits3 Must... Earn... More...

1B credits earned

Credits4 What's the Point?

1T credits earned

CPM1 The Credits Train Starts Rollin'

Achieved 100 credits per minute

CPM2 Watch Those Credits Just Roll In

Achieved 1000 credits per minute

BuyWeapons1 Arms Dealer

Purchased 100 weapons

BuyWeapons2 Arms Dealer 2.0

Purchased 1000 weapons

BuyArmor1 Fashion Icon

Purchased 100 pieces of gear

BuyArmor2 Fashion Icon 2.0

Purchased 1000 pieces of gear

BuyMercs1 HR Professional

Hired 25 mercs

BuyMercs2 HR Professional 2.0

Hired 100 mercs

MaxMercLevel The Biggest and Baddest

Reached maximum merc level of 30

EnemiesKilled1 The Exterminator

Killed 1k enemies

EnemiesKilled2 The Exterminator 2.0

Killed 10k enemies

BossesKilled1 Big Boss Man

Killed 100 bosses

BossesKilled2 Big Boss Man 2.0

Killed 1k bosses

TimePlayed1 Nothing Better To Do

Logged 100 hours of gameplay

QuestsCompleted1 Merc For Hire

Completed 100 contracts

QuestsCompleted2 Merc For Hire 2.0

Completed 1k contracts

EnemiesZapped1 What's That Smell?

Zapped 1k AstroRabbits(TM)

CrystalsCollected1 What Does This Button Do?

Collected 100 time crystals from the chroniton collector dish

TimePlayed2 Get a Life!

Logged 1k hours of gameplay

ClickablesClicked1 Are You Sure This is a Clicker?

Clicked 1k EXP clickables

AscensionPoints1 Inversion Journeyman

10 inversion points earned

AscensionPoints2 Inversion Professional

100 inversion points earned

AscensionPoints3 Inversion Master

1k inversion points earned

AscensionPoints4 Inversion Guru

10k inversion points earned

MoreSquads1 Squad Goals

Leveled a merc to level 5

LargerSquads1 Oh My Squad Becky!

Leveled a merc to level 10

MoreSquads2 Squad Goals 2.0

Leveled a merc to level 15

LargerSquads2 Oh My Squad Becky! 2.0

Leveled a merc to level 20

EnemyZapper1 It's Zappin' Time!

Unlocked the home base defense lazer

Nice Nice!

Unlock all other achievements

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