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App ID 702320
App Type Game
Publisher Gameloft
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 15284909
Last Record Update 30 June 2022 – 15:21:16 UTC ()
Release Date 11 December 2017 – 08:29:41 UTC ()

Claim your title as Highland King, Northern Czar or Desert Sultan, and join this genre-redefining strategy game where you will wage constant war for real territorial conquest! Fortify your castle, fuel a massive army, and enter the ultimate fight for realm domination!


Additional Information

clienticon b7b4d364d68af4d9919069a6dd1090fca9b63622
clienttga 1165de9c49128cc19d9895ad41a7eb2614ea3104
icon 7ec622ed4dd2f3398226cb80facc666bb60a4dde
logo 503a7f139a58b9096ac84fd08c4a7d1c76530ccd
logo_small 503a7f139a58b9096ac84fd08c4a7d1c76530ccd_thumb
metacritic_name March of Empires
community_visible_stats Yes
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
0/nameMarch of Empires EULA
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 11 December 2017 ()
osarch empty string
community_hub_visible Yes
Primary Genre Strategy (2)
Store Genres Free to Play (37), Massively Multiplayer (29), RPG (3), Strategy (2)
Supported Languages
16 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Spanish - SpainYesYes
Portuguese - BrazilYesYes
Simplified ChineseYesYes
Traditional ChineseYesYes
Steam Release Date 11 December 2017 – 08:29:41 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 11 December 2017 – 12:22:50 UTC () (1512994970)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 24 November 2017 – 09:35:15 UTC
capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 24 November 2017 – 09:35:15 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 24 November 2017 – 09:35:15 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 24 November 2017 – 09:35:15 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 2 September 2019 – 20:49:37 UTC
library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 2 September 2019 – 20:49:37 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 2 September 2019 – 20:49:37 UTC
review_score 5
review_percentage 66
AllowMicroTxnFromRestrictedCountries No
MicroTxnRestrictedCountries RU,BY
Russian Federation, Belarus
Store API Release Date (may be wrong) 11 December 2017 – 08:29:41 UTC () (1512980981)
  • 900 players right now
  • 1,513 24-hour peak
  • 2,061 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 900 players right now
  • 1,513 24-hour peak
  • 2,061 all-time peak

Owner estimations

Store data

  • 782 positive reviews
  • 399 negative reviews
  • 66.22% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 5 minutes median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 5 minutes average total playtime

Twitch Stats

  • 0 viewers right now
  • 166 24-hour peak
  • 575 all-time peak

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How many players are playing March of Empires right now on Steam? There are 900 players in March of Empires on Steam. March of Empires player counter. March of Empires Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
202414 Steam Sub 202414 CD Key 21 August 2017 – 11:16:24 UTC
202415 March of Empires for Beta Testing CD Key 21 August 2017 – 11:16:24 UTC
202416 March of Empires Free on Demand
(Buy Restrict)
29 June 2020 – 19:22:30 UTC

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ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
228986 VC 2015 Redist 28.38 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
228990 DirectX Jun 2010 Redist 98.16 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
702321 March of Empires Content 454.04 MiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 9021409 30 June 2022 – 15:21:15 UTC
beta beta 9021409 28 June 2022 – 13:17:49 UTC

Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable MOE.exe
Launch Type Unspecified


Key Value
installdir March of Empires

Other apps that reference this app



Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
Achievement_Farm_30_ Food Production Expert

Upgrade a Farm to Max level

Achievement_Lumbermill_30_ Wood Production Expert

Upgrade a Lumber Mill to Max level

Achievement_OreMine_30_ Iron Production Expert

Upgrade a Iron Mine to Max level

Achievement_House_30_ Silver Collection Expert

Upgrade a House to Max level

Achievement_Stronghold_30_ Grand Palace

Upgrade the Stronghold to Max level

Achievement_Barracks_30_ Army Quarters

Upgrade a Barracks to Max level

Achievement_Workshop_30_ Tinker Shops

Upgrade a Workshop to Max level

Achievement_Hospital_30_ A Place of Healing

Upgrade the Temple to Max level

Achievement_Embassy_30_ Diplomacy Rules

Upgrade the Embassy to Max level

Achievement_Arena_30_ A Champion Rises

Upgrade the Arena to Max level

Achievement_Wall_30_ The Best Protection

Upgrade the Wall to Max level

Achievement_Academy_30_ A Place of Science

Upgrade the Academy to Max level

Achievement_Tavern_30_ Give Me a Quest!

Upgrade the Tavern to Max level

Achievement_Dungeon_30_ Dungeon Master

Upgrade the Dungeon to Max level

ach_tier_1_sword_20_ Stick 'em with the pointy end!

Train 20 Tier-I Swordsmen Units

ach_tier_1_sword_10000_ Swordsmen Training I

Train 10,000 Tier-I Swordsmen Units

ach_tier_2_sword_10000_ Swordsmen Training II

Train 10,000 Tier-II Swordsmen Units

ach_tier_3_sword_10000_ Swordsmen Training III

Train 10,000 Tier-III Swordsmen Units

ach_tier_4_sword_10000_ Swordsmen Training IV

Train 10,000 Tier-IV Swordsmen Units

ach_tier_5_sword_10000_ Swordsmen Training V

Train 10,000 Tier-V Swordsmen Units

ach_tier_1_spear_20_ Hold the line!

Train 20 Tier-I Spearmen Units

ach_tier_1_spear_10000_ Spearmen Training I

Train 10,000 Tier-I Spearmen Units

ach_tier_2_spear_10000_ Spearmen Training II

Train 10,000 Tier-II Spearmen Units

ach_tier_3_spear_10000_ Spearmen Training III

Train 10,000 Tier-III Spearmen Units

ach_tier_4_spear_10000_ Spearmen Training IV

Train 10,000 Tier-IV Spearmen Units

ach_tier_5_spear_10000_ Spearmen Training V

Train 10,000 Tier-V Spearmen Units

ach_tier_1_mount_20_ Here Comes the Cavalry

Train 20 Tier-I Cavalry Units

ach_tier_1_mount_10000_ Cavalry Training I

Train 10,000 Tier-I Cavalry Units

ach_tier_2_mount_10000_ Cavalry Training II

Train 10,000 Tier-II Cavalry Units

ach_tier_3_mount_10000_ Cavalry Training III

Train 10,000 Tier-III Cavalry Units

ach_tier_4_mount_10000_ Cavalry Training IV

Train 10,000 Tier-IV Cavalry Units

ach_tier_5_mount_10000_ Cavalry Training V

Train 10,000 Tier-V Cavalry Units

ach_tier_1_range_20_ Ready your bows!

Train 20 Tier-I Ranged Units

ach_tier_1_range_10000_ Ranged Training I

Train 10,000 Tier-I Ranged Units

ach_tier_2_range_10000_ Ranged Training II

Train 10,000 Tier-II Ranged Units

ach_tier_3_range_10000_ Ranged Training III

Train 10,000 Tier-III Ranged Units

ach_tier_4_range_10000_ Ranged Training IV

Train 10,000 Tier-IV Ranged Units

ach_tier_5_range_10000_ Ranged Training V

Train 10,000 Tier-V Ranged Units

ach_tier_1_siege_20_ Fire!

Train 20 Tier-I Siege Units

ach_tier_1_siege_10000_ Siege Training I

Train 10,000 Tier-I Siege Units

ach_tier_2_siege_10000_ Siege Training II

Train 10,000 Tier-II Siege Units

ach_tier_3_siege_10000_ Siege Training III

Train 10,000 Tier-III Siege Units

ach_tier_4_siege_10000_ Siege Training IV

Train 10,000 Tier-IV Siege Units

ach_tier_5_siege_10000_ Siege Training V

Train 10,000 Tier-V Siege Units

ach_tier_1_trap_20_ Fire!

Produce 20 Tier-I Defenses

ach_tier_1_trap_10000_ Defenses Production I

Produce 10,000 Tier-I Defenses

ach_tier_2_trap_10000_ Defenses Production II

Produce 10,000 Tier-II Defenses

ach_tier_3_trap_10000_ Defenses Production III

Produce 10,000 Tier-III Defenses

ach_tier_4_trap_10000_ Defenses Production IV

Produce 10,000 Tier-IV Defenses

ach_tier_5_trap_10000_ Defenses Production V

Produce 10,000 Tier-V Defenses

ach_champion_lv_10_ Young Champion

Reach Champion Level 10

ach_champion_lv_20_ Adventuring Champion

Reach Champion Level 20

ach_champion_lv_30_ Adept Champion

Reach Champion Level 30

ach_champion_lv_40_ Experienced Champion

Reach Champion Level 40

ach_champion_lv_50_ Skilled Champion

Reach Champion Level 50

ach_champion_lv_60_ Grandmaster Champion

Reach Champion Level 60

ach_champion_lv_70_ Legendary Champion

Reach Champion Level 70

ach_attack_1_ Victory!

Win a Battle

ach_attack_4_ Offense is the Best Defense

Win 500 Battles

ach_scout_1_ Keep your enemies closer...

Scout an Enemy

ach_join_alliance_1_ Welcome, friend!

Join an Alliance

ach_gather_res_3_ Living Off the Land

Gather 10,000 Resources from Resource Tiles

ach_gather_resources_part_1_ A Season's Harvest

Gather 50,000,000 Resources from Resource Tiles

ach_gather_resources_part_2_ Resource Magnate

Gather 1,000,000,000 Resources from Resource Tiles

ach_trade_deals_1_ Deal!

Make a Trade Deal with a Trading Post

ach_trade_deals_7_ We have the best deals!

Make 500 Trade Deals with Trading Posts

ach_research_e1_1_ Eureka!

Research a Tech

ach_research_e1_5_ Patron of the Sciences I

Research 10 Techs from Era I

ach_research_e2_5_ Patron of the Sciences II

Research 30 Techs from Era II

ach_research_e3_5_ Patron of the Sciences III

Research 30 Techs from Era III

ach_research_e4_5_ Patron of the Sciences IV

Research 30 Techs from Era IV

ach_research_e5_5_ Patron of the Sciences V

Research 30 Techs from Era V

ach_complete_adventure_2_ Onward, to adventure!

Complete 5 Adventures

ach_complete_adventure_8_ Seasoned Adventurers

Complete 1,000 Adventures

ach_play_lottery_1_ Beginner's Luck

Play the Lottery

ach_play_lottery_7_ Play the Odds

Play the Lottery 100 Times

ach_kill_units_1_ Fearsome Commander

Kill 1,000,000 Enemy Units

ach_become_emperor_1_ All Hail the King!

Become the Emperor of a Realm

ach_alliance_help_1_ A Friend in Need...

Help Alliance Members 100 Times

ach_defeat_encounters_1_ Pest Control

Defeat 500 Encounters

ach_defeat_encounters_3_ Guardian of the Realm

Defeat 10,000 Encounters

ach_tournament_wins_1_ Glory and Honor!

Win 10 Tournament Matches

ach_win_atlantis_1_ The Lost City

Win an Atlantis Event

Achievement_StoneQuarry_30_ Stone Production Expert

Upgrade a Stone Quarry to Max level

Achievement_Storehouse_30_ Well Stocked

Upgrade the Storehouse to Max level

Achievement_ScoutTower_30_ Watch out!

Upgrade the Scout Tower to Max level

Achievement_FactionBarracks_30_ The Royal Guard

Upgrade the Royal Barracks to Max level


API Name Display Name Default Value
Achievement_Farm_30 Achievement_Farm_30 0
Achievement_Lumbermill_30 Achievement_Lumbermill_30 0
Achievement_StoneQuarry_30 Achievement_StoneQuarry_30 0
Achievement_OreMine_30 Achievement_OreMine_30 0
Achievement_House_30 Achievement_House_30 0
Achievement_Stronghold_30 Achievement_Stronghold_30 0
Achievement_Barracks_30 Achievement_Barracks_30 0
Achievement_Workshop_30 Achievement_Workshop_30 0
Achievement_Hospital_30 Achievement_Hospital_30 0
Achievement_Storehouse_30 Achievement_Storehouse_30 0
Achievement_ScoutTower_30 Achievement_ScoutTower_30 0
Achievement_FactionBarracks_30 Achievement_FactionBarracks_30 0
Achievement_Embassy_30 Achievement_Embassy_30 0
Achievement_Arena_30 Achievement_Arena_30 0
Achievement_Wall_30 Achievement_Wall_30 0
Achievement_Academy_30 Achievement_Academy_30 0
Achievement_Tavern_30 Achievement_Tavern_30 0
Achievement_Dungeon_30 Achievement_Dungeon_30 0
ach_champion_lv_30 ach_champion_lv_30 0
ach_attack_1 ach_attack_1 0
ach_scout_1 ach_scout_1 0
ach_join_alliance_1 ach_join_alliance_1 0
ach_gather_resources_part_1 ach_gather_resources_part_1 0
ach_trade_deals_1 ach_trade_deals_1 0
ach_research_e1_1 ach_research_e1_1 0
ach_play_lottery_1 ach_play_lottery_1 0
ach_kill_units_1 ach_kill_units_1 0
ach_become_emperor_1 ach_become_emperor_1 0
ach_alliance_help_1 ach_alliance_help_1 0
ach_defeat_encounters_1 ach_defeat_encounters_1 0
ach_tournament_wins_1 ach_tournament_wins_1 0
ach_win_atlantis_1 ach_win_atlantis_1 0
ach_tier_1_sword_10000 ach_tier_1_sword_10000 0
ach_tier_2_sword_10000 ach_tier_2_sword_10000 0
ach_tier_3_sword_10000 ach_tier_3_sword_10000 0
ach_tier_4_sword_10000 ach_tier_4_sword_10000 0
ach_tier_5_sword_10000 ach_tier_5_sword_10000 0
ach_tier_1_spear_10000 ach_tier_1_spear_10000 0
ach_tier_2_spear_10000 ach_tier_2_spear_10000 0
ach_tier_3_spear_10000 ach_tier_3_spear_10000 0
ach_tier_4_spear_10000 ach_tier_4_spear_10000 0
ach_tier_5_spear_10000 ach_tier_5_spear_10000 0
ach_tier_1_mount_10000 ach_tier_1_mount_10000 0
ach_tier_2_mount_10000 ach_tier_2_mount_10000 0
ach_tier_3_mount_10000 ach_tier_3_mount_10000 0
ach_tier_4_mount_10000 ach_tier_4_mount_10000 0
ach_tier_5_mount_10000 ach_tier_5_mount_10000 0
ach_tier_1_range_10000 ach_tier_1_range_10000 0
ach_tier_2_range_10000 ach_tier_2_range_10000 0
ach_tier_3_range_10000 ach_tier_3_range_10000 0
ach_tier_4_range_10000 ach_tier_4_range_10000 0
ach_tier_5_range_10000 ach_tier_5_range_10000 0
ach_tier_1_siege_10000 ach_tier_1_siege_10000 0
ach_tier_2_siege_10000 ach_tier_2_siege_10000 0
ach_tier_3_siege_10000 ach_tier_3_siege_10000 0
ach_tier_4_siege_10000 ach_tier_4_siege_10000 0
ach_tier_5_siege_10000 ach_tier_5_siege_10000 0
ach_tier_1_trap_10000 ach_tier_1_trap_10000 0
ach_tier_2_trap_10000 ach_tier_2_trap_10000 0
ach_tier_3_trap_10000 ach_tier_3_trap_10000 0
ach_tier_4_trap_10000 ach_tier_4_trap_10000 0
ach_tier_5_trap_10000 ach_tier_5_trap_10000 0
ach_tier_1_sword_20 ach_tier_1_sword_20 0
ach_tier_1_spear_20 ach_tier_1_spear_20 0
ach_tier_1_mount_20 ach_tier_1_mount_20 0
ach_tier_1_range_20 ach_tier_1_range_20 0
ach_tier_1_siege_20 ach_tier_1_siege_20 0
ach_tier_1_trap_20 ach_tier_1_trap_20 0
ach_champion_lv_10 ach_champion_lv_10 0
ach_champion_lv_50 ach_champion_lv_50 0
ach_champion_lv_70 ach_champion_lv_70 0
ach_attack_4 ach_attack_4 0
ach_research_e2_5 ach_research_e2_5 0
ach_research_e4_5 ach_research_e4_5 0
ach_complete_adventure_2 ach_complete_adventure_2 0
ach_defeat_encounters_3 ach_defeat_encounters_3 0
ach_champion_lv_20 ach_champion_lv_20 0
ach_champion_lv_60 ach_champion_lv_60 0
ach_gather_res_3 ach_gather_res_3 0
ach_gather_resources_part_2 ach_gather_resources_part_2 0
ach_trade_deals_7 ach_trade_deals_7 0
ach_research_e1_5 ach_research_e1_5 0
ach_research_e3_5 ach_research_e3_5 0
ach_research_e5_5 ach_research_e5_5 0
ach_complete_adventure_8 ach_complete_adventure_8 0
ach_play_lottery_7 ach_play_lottery_7 0
ach_champion_lv_40 ach_champion_lv_40 0
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