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App ID 397550
App Type Game
Publisher Caustic Creative
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 13326202
Last Record Update 3 December 2021 – 23:19:03 UTC ()
Release Date 13 October 2015 – 17:02:00 UTC ()

Deus Ex: Revision is a community-made overhaul of the 2000 classic. It features new environments, music, world-building detail, and bundles in some of the best modifications the fanbase has made, including Direct3D 9 rendering, high-res textures, high-detail models, and alt gameplay modes.


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Additional Information

clienticon bbb6522e2dcf280586ebe7b19bf6ec271b92cf5f
clienttga 04b47c2402f594104ca9f0a10e8b01b635e95c8c
icon 8d5aabc9fc471b361efe7e74a2bc0f3dd842c63e
logo a5f0fdc255a85d7b1e72d8d49d2b7ae0c3d262cc
logo_small a5f0fdc255a85d7b1e72d8d49d2b7ae0c3d262cc_thumb
metacritic_name Deus Ex: Revision
community_visible_stats Yes
DLCForAppID Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition (6910)
MustOwnAppToPurchase Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition (6910)
workshop_visible Yes
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
0/nameDeus Ex: Revision EULA
Achievement Languages English, Russian
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 13 October 2015 ()
community_hub_visible Yes
0/nameIon Storm
1/nameCaustic Creative
Primary Genre Action (1)
Store Genres Action (1), Adventure (25), RPG (3)
Supported Languages
1 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Steam Release Date 13 October 2015 – 17:02:00 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 19 September 2019 – 01:12:51 UTC () (1568855571)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 13 October 2015 – 23:50:05 UTC
capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 13 October 2015 – 23:50:05 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 13 October 2015 – 23:50:05 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 13 October 2015 – 23:50:05 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 19 September 2019 – 00:54:19 UTC
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logo.pngLast-Modified: 19 September 2019 – 00:56:07 UTC
page_bg_raw.jpgLast-Modified: 31 August 2015 – 15:33:19 UTC
review_score 8
review_percentage 89
Detected Technologies (?) Engine.Unreal, SDK.OpenAL
  • 24 players right now
  • 54 24-hour peak
  • 694 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 24 players right now
  • 54 24-hour peak
  • 694 all-time peak

Owner estimations

  • 63.6 k .. 163.6 k on reviews (35-90)
  • 810.0 k .. 920.0 k by PlayTracker

Store data

  • 1,620 positive reviews
  • 198 negative reviews
  • 89.11% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 0 minutes median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 0 minutes average total playtime

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Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
76738 Deus Ex: Revision for Developers CD Key 12 March 2017 – 13:56:19 UTC
76739 Deus Ex: Revision for Beta Testing CD Key 12 March 2017 – 13:59:18 UTC
76740 Deus Ex: Revision Mod Free on Demand 16 March 2017 – 21:04:41 UTC
81774 Deus Ex: Revision No Cost 24 April 2017 – 23:09:28 UTC
292989 Deus Ex: Revision ( 397550 ) - complimentary reviewer package No Cost 28 July 2018 – 12:29:27 UTC

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Downloadable Content

AppID Name Last Update
1149530 SteamDB Unknown App 1149530 (Deus Ex: Revision - Soundtrack) 27 July 2020 – 02:07:09 UTC


ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
228984 VC 2012 Redist 13.11 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
228985 VC 2013 Redist 13.06 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
228990 DirectX Jun 2010 Redist 98.16 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
229000 .NET 3.5 Redist 231.50 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
397551 Deus Ex: Revision, Stock Depot 3.17 GiB
397552 Deus Ex: Revision, Patch Depot 2.57 GiB
397553 Deus Ex: Revision, Steam Specific Depot 979.08 KiB
1149530 Deus Ex: Revision - Soundtrack (1149530) Depot 255.61 MiB DLC 1149530


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 7533482 14 October 2021 – 14:10:28 UTC
2.0-echelon 2.0 - ECHELON (private) 7533453 14 October 2021 – 14:09:47 UTC
beta Public beta branch 7826076 3 December 2021 – 23:19:01 UTC
previous-version Previous version in case of issues with the latest version. 6858614 13 October 2021 – 16:57:01 UTC
private Dev testing 7533453 14 October 2021 – 14:06:00 UTC
stock Revision 1.0 813463 13 August 2016 – 12:08:01 UTC
tnm-access Gives access to TNM launch option 7533482 14 October 2021 – 14:10:17 UTC


Name Value
workshopdepot Deus Ex: Revision (397550)

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable Revision\System\Revision.exe
Launch Type Launch (Default)
1. The Nameless Mod 2.0 [Workshop+Steam Overlay]
Executable Revision\TNM2\TNM.exe
Launch Type Play %%description%% (option1)
Beta Branch TNM-Access
2. The Nameless Mod 2.0 [+Steam Overlay]
Executable Revision\TNM2\TNM.exe
Arguments -hax0r
Launch Type Play %%description%% (option1)
Beta Branch private
3. Stock Revision
Executable System\Revision.exe
Launch Type Play %%description%% (option1)
Beta Branch stock
4. The Nameless Mod 2.0 [Workshop+Steam Overlay]
Executable Revision\TNM2\TNM.exe
Launch Type Play %%description%% (option1)
Beta Branch 2.0-echelon


Key Value
contenttype 3
installdir Deus Ex
steamcontrollertemplateindex 6

User File System

Key Value
quota 93.13 GiB (100000000000)
maxnumfiles 10000
  • 0/path: Revision/Save
  • 0/pattern: *
  • 0/recursive: 1
  • 0/root: gameinstall
  • 1/path: Revision/BiomodSave
  • 1/pattern: *
  • 1/recursive: 1
  • 1/root: gameinstall
  • 2/path: Revision/ShifterSave
  • 2/pattern: *
  • 2/recursive: 1
  • 2/root: gameinstall
  • 4/path: Revision/System
  • 4/pattern: RevisionUser.ini
  • 4/root: gameinstall
  • 5/path: Revision/VanillaSave
  • 5/pattern: *
  • 5/recursive: 1
  • 5/root: gameinstall
  • 6/path: Revision/HRSave
  • 6/pattern: *
  • 6/recursive: 1
  • 6/root: gameinstall
  • 7/path: Revision/TNM2Save
  • 7/pattern: *
  • 7/recursive: 1
  • 7/root: gameinstall
  • 8/path: Revision/TNM2
  • 8/pattern: TNMUser.ini
  • 8/root: gameinstall

Save File Locations

Based on the configuration above, this is where we think the save files are located.

Read more about cloud saves in Steamworks documentation.

Platform Path Pattern
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/Save *
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/BiomodSave *
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/ShifterSave *
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/System RevisionUser.ini
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/VanillaSave *
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/HRSave *
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/TNM2Save *
[All OSes] [Steam Install]/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/Revision/TNM2 TNMUser.ini

Localization Strings


Key Value
#statusmultiplayer Multiplayer: {#Status_%gamestatus%}
#statusmultiplayerscore Multiplayer: {#Status_%gamestatus%} - %score%
#status_inchapter Chapter %chapter%
#status_inchallenge Challenge %challenge%
#status_atmainmenu Main Menu
#status_insurvival Survival
#status_indeathmatch Deathmatch
#status_inteamdeathmatch Team DM
#status_inother Unknown

There are also translation tokens for the following languages that have been omitted to reduce page size:

  • Russian
  • Spanish - Spain
  • Swedish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese - Brazil

Other apps that reference this app



Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
ACH_Skills_MasterComputer Super Computer Manipulator

Mastered the Computer skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterDemo Small Explosive, Powerful Punch

Mastered the Demolitions skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterEnviro Use Your Head

Mastered the Environmental Training skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterLockpicking Safecracker

Mastered the Lockpicking skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterElectronics White Hat

Mastered the Electronics skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterMedicine War Doctor

Mastered the Medicine skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterSwimming Swift as a Dolphin

Mastered the Swimming skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterHeavy Mobile Tank

Mastered the Weapons: Heavy skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterLowTech Up Close and Personal

Mastered the Weapons: Low Tech skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterPistol Master of Discretion

Mastered the Weapons: Pistol skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterRifle Professional Soldier

Mastered the Weapons: Rifle skill.

ACH_Skills_MasterThree Licensed Agent

Mastered three skills at once.

ACH_Skills_MasterFive Best of the Best

Mastered five skills at once.

ACH_Skills_Scrooge Scrooge


ACH_Weapon_New That's New


ACH_Aug_Upgrade Getting an Upgrade

Installed an augmentation at the first available opportunity.

ACH_Aug_Purity Purity First

Resisted the cult of the machine through to the bitter end.

ACH_Aug_FullUpgrade My Body is Augmented

Fully upgrade an augmentation.

ACH_Aug_AllSlots Fully Loaded

Fill every possible augmentation slot.

ACH_Aug_4Level4 Upgrades, Versions, Functionality

Fully upgrade four augmentations.

ACH_Aug_CloakAndRadar Double Disappearance

Install both the Cloak and Radar Transparency augmentations.

ACH_Aug_FullMuscle Muscle Man

Fully upgrade the Microfibral Muscle augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullSpeed Sonic Boom

Fully upgrade the Speed Enhancement augmentation.

ACH_Level00_Candybar All I Have is a Candy Bar


ACH_Level00_Secret Don't Let It Go To Your Head

Find the secret location in the tutorial.



ACH_Level01_AssaultRifle No Regard For Authority

Obtain an assault rifle at the earliest possible opportunity.

ACH_Level01_CommanderAlive As Ordered

You exercised restraint with Leo Gold.

ACH_Level01_CommanderDead Over The Line

You exercised your trigger finger with Leo Gold.

ACH_Level01_CommanderTwoFace Change of Heart


ACH_Level01_CommanderEscape All Bark, No Bite


ACH_Level01_Bathroom Indiscriminate Surveillance

They didn't cover privacy at the academy.

ACH_LevelXX_UNATCOAlexFloor Backdoor

Find a hidden crawlspace in UNATCO HQ

ACH_LevelXX_Unprofessional How Unprofessional.


ACH_LevelXX_SaveSandra Guardian Angel

Keep Sandra Renton out of danger.

ACH_Level02_FordBody What a Rotten Way to Die


ACH_Level02_Ford Genetics Work

Helped a man in a difficult situation.

ACH_Level03_MoleBook Underground Secrets

Read the secret to get into a hidden community

ACH_Level03_Laugh Heh Heh

Made JC laugh.

ACH_Level03_BuyDrugs Against Protocol

Bought zyme from a drug dealer.

ACH_Level03_SpareNSF No Unnecessary Risks


ACH_Level03_Wiretapper Wiretapper

Intrude on a private phone call.

ACH_Level03_Darts A Game of Darts

Found a hidden cache.

ACH_Level03_KillNSF Nonbeliever


ACH_Level03_LebedevTalk Breaking the Rules

Had a meaningful conversation with Juan Lebedev.

ACH_Level03_LebedevDead Company Man

You did as you were told.

ACH_Level03_Prisoners Get the Hell Out of Here, Denton

Did something you probably weren't supposed to do.

ACH_Level03_TriggerHappy Jesus Christ, Denton


ACH_Level04_SandraStay Home Sweet Home

Went against protocol and armed a civilian.

ACH_Level04_CompanyFirst Company First

Assert to Paul that you are not a terrorist.

ACH_Level04_FamilyFirst Family First

Made it abundantly clear to UNATCO where your priorities lie.

ACH_Level04_PlanAhead Forward Thinker

Planned ahead for some unpleasant business.

ACH_Level04_Overwhelmed Overwhelmed

Surrendered to Gunther in Battery Park.

ACH_Level04_Overconfident Overconfident

Gave Gunther a fight in Battery Park.

ACH_Level05_PaulDead Solo Mission

Self-sufficiency is an unwanted virtue.

ACH_Level05_PaulAlive Brothers in Arms

Against the odds, things turned out OK.

ACH_Level05_Killphrase Copper Wiring

Subverted your partner's expectations.

ACH_LevelXX_AnyKillphrase Brutal Argument

Talk an agent to death.

ACH_Level05_TakeDown A Real Hardass


ACH_Level05_NoMercy No Excuses

You killed Manderley before he could get a word in.

ACH_Level05_Mercy Places to Go, Things to Do

You gave Manderley a chance to live.

ACH_Level05_UNATCOThief Unsuspected Agent

Discover the Thief at UNATCO.

ACH_Level05_Miguel Helping Hand

Helped a fellow prisoner.

ACH_Level05_FreshStart Fresh Start


ACH_Level05_Greasels Everybody Panic!


ACH_Level06_PlanAhead Pre-Planned Escape


ACH_Level06_Police Nothing to See Here

Intruded on a police investigation.

ACH_Level06_Jock Customized Kill


ACH_Level06_KillMaggieEarly Truth is Seldom Visible


ACH_Level06_KillMaggieImmediately Cutting Corners


ACH_Level06_Vulture Year of the Vulture

Plundered the Canal Road Tunnel for rare treasure.

ACH_Level06_PanCaked Pancaked


ACH_Skills_Versatile Jack of All Trades

A versatile agent is an unstoppable agent.

ACH_Level03_LebedevKO Not Quite Convinced


ACH_Level04_Shame What a Shame.


ACH_Level06_SafeHaven Safe Haven

You met up with old allies.

ACH_Level06_InAndOut In and Out


ACH_Level06_CoverCharge Cover Charge


ACH_Level08_Standard The Anonymous Gangbanger of the 21st Century


ACH_Level08_Closet Recent Memories


ACH_Level08_Smug Precaution

Gave some advice to an entrepreneur.

ACH_Level08_Greene Where's Your Tux?

Confronted an informant.

ACH_LevelXX_DrinkVial Mmm, Delicious


ACH_Level09_Saboteur Saboteur

Reprogrammed all the bots at the Naval Shipyard.

ACH_Level09_Fan My Biggest Fan!


ACH_Level09_Infiltrate Infiltration Work

Sneak into the PRCS Wall Cloud without killing or knocking out anyone.

ACH_Level09_GiveVial A Good Deed

Helped an ally.

ACH_Level09_Paranoid Drug of the Mind


ACH_Level09_Crypt Unearthed Horrors


ACH_Level09_Boneyard Grave Digger


ACH_Level10_PhoneCall Call to Arms


ACH_Level10_BreakIn Arbitrary Laws

What is privacy?

ACH_Level10_KillHela Harpy

Neutralized Agent Hela

ACH_Level11_Killphrase Rusty Bones in the Junkyard

Used unconventional tactics against an old colleague.

ACH_Level11_Confrontation Private Memoirs

Confront and report a petty mechanic.

ACH_Level11_Request A Humble Request

Brought a message from mentor to pupil.

ACH_Level11_Bomb A Bomb!


ACH_Level11_Replaced Replaced

Made what was probably the ethical choice.

ACH_Level11_Morpheus Voltaire

Listen to everything Morpheus has to say.

ACH_Level11_KillDebeers Loss of Trust


ACH_Level12_ExplosiveSniping Sniping's a Good Job


ACH_Level12_Contamination Contamination and Mutants

Contaminated the Vandenberg tests with one of Page's subjects.

ACH_Level12_GasReunite Desperate But Pushing

Reunite with an old acquaintance.

ACH_Level12_GasGood Smooth Operator

Saved a woman's life.

ACH_Level12_GasBad Killing Machine


ACH_Level14_Lab The More Advanced Model

Took another step forward.

ACH_Level14_SneakAttack Counter-Sneak-Attack


ACH_Level15_ThrowSimons Lack of Respect


ACH_Level15_Prepared Fully Prepared


ACH_Level15_Final Another Kind of Question

Found yourself at a crossroads.

ACH_Level15_Indecisive Indecisive Preparations


ACH_Level15_Lockdown Lockdown

Shut down every UC Page controls.

ACH_Level_Endings So Let It Be Written

So let it be done.

ACH_LevelXX_AlcoholEnthusiast Denton, J.C. Denton

You have no trouble mixing business with pleasure.

ACH_Misc_Druggie Regrettable Actions


ACH_Misc_DutyFree Reporting for Duty Free


ACH_Misc_CheatCode Always Something New


ACH_Misc_NoMultitools Unsecure Data

Completed the game without using any multitools

ACH_Misc_NoLockpicks Explosive Intrusion

Completed the game without using any lockpicks

ACH_Misc_NoComputers Unlimited Knowledge

Completed the game without hacking any computers.

ACH_Misc_AllPickups Low-Tech Augmentations

Used every wearable item at least once.

ACH_Misc_NoSkills But Still Overskilled

Completed the game with all skills untrained.

ACH_Misc_Extinguisher Emergency Extinguisher


ACH_Misc_Smoking Violent Habit


ACH_Misc_CompleteRealistic Nothing to Stop Me

Completed the game on Realistic difficulty.

ACH_Misc_CompleteTrenchcoat Baggy Coats

Completed the game in Trenchcoat mode.

ACH_Misc_SwimSkillAndAqualung Creature of the Sea

Fully upgrade the Swimming skill and Aqualung augmentation.

ACH_Misc_Moneybags Show Me The Money


ACH_Books_Bibliophile Bibliophile

Read one chapter from every book.

ACH_Combat_ShootLAM Silence of the LAMs

Disarm a LAM...unconventionally.

ACH_Combat_OwnTurret How Loyal is a Hungry Turret?

Who's a good auto-targeting death machine?

ACH_Combat_FriendlyFire Friendly Fire


ACH_Combat_Spectre Spectre

Kill or knock out an enemy while camouflaged or cloaked.

ACH_Combat_Obsidian Obsidian

Knock out a Commando.

ACH_Combat_Delicate Delicate Touch

Knock out a Man In Black or Woman In Black.

ACH_Combat_Xenophile Xenophile

Complete the game without killing any Grays, Greasels, or Karkians.

ACH_Combat_GrayDeath The Gray Death

Not the kind you imagined.

ACH_Combat_GiantSpiderbots Arachnophobia

Destroy 3 giant spiderbots.

ACH_Combat_ScramblerGrenade Scrambled Circuits

Use a scrambler grenade on a bot.

ACH_Combat_UnintendedUse Unintended Use


ACH_Combat_MeleeBot Rules of Nature

Destroy a Military Bot using a low tech weapon.

ACH_Combat_OrbitalCannon Orbital Cannon


ACH_Combat_Disarmed Disarmed

Make an enemy drop their weapons.

ACH_Combat_NoArmsNoLegs UNATCO Order 99009


ACH_Combat_KOGreyBaton Too Close For Comfort


ACH_Combat_Heal300Bot Iron Body

Make the most of a medical bot.

ACH_Combat_PermanentlyDisable Electronics Tinkerer

Aggressively disable an alarm, camera, or laser system.

ACH_Combat_DestroyCameraOrTurret Expert Usage

Destroy a camera, turret, or alarm panel using a sniper rifle or low tech weapon.

ACH_Combat_ProdCop Anarchy


ACH_Combat_What Hot Dog


ACH_Level01_Soda Soda Stealer


ACH_Level03_Mole Whack-A-Mole



Visit the UNATCO COM VAN at every opportunity.

ACH_Level15_EvadeSimons Hall of Mirrors

Evade Walton Simons at every opportunity.

ACH_Misc_Basketball Sign Him Up


ACH_Misc_AllHeavyWeapons Heavy Weapons Platform

Carry all of the non-disposable heavy weapons at once.

ACH_Misc_MaxMultitoolsLockpicks Infiltrator

Carry the maximum number of multitools and lockpicks.

ACH_Misc_MaxMedkitsBiocells Ready for Action

Carry the maximum number of medkits and biocells.

ACH_Misc_DrinkingProblem Inventory Priorities


ACH_Misc_Critic Critic

Eat, drink, and smoke one of everything.

ACH_Combat_GrenadeWindowKill Fire in the Hole


ACH_Misc_NoDTS Forget it, Denton


ACH_Misc_ChallengeMe Not a Challenge

Completed the game on Realistic difficulty with reduced inventory.

ACH_Level02_DrunkJock Tipsy Flying

Give a pilot what he wants.

ACH_Level06_EscortMission Escort Mission


ACH_Level12_GasPumps Unleaded Destruction

Support clean energy

ACH_Misc_FastPlay Tunnel Vision


ACH_Level02_Train Catch the Train


ACH_Combat_DeathFromAbove Death from Above!


ACH_Aug_FullAqua Amphibiously Augmented Agent

Fully upgrade the aqualung augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullBallistic Impermeable Skin

Fully upgrade the ballistic protection augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullCloak The Invisible Man

Fully upgrade the cloak augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullCombat Augmented Punch

Fully upgrade the combat strength augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullADS Matrix Mode

Fully upgrade the aggressive defensive system augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullSpydrone Mind-Controlled UCAV

Fully upgrade the spydrone augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullEMP Mr. Faraday, I Presume?

Fully upgrade the EMP shield augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullEnviro Leaded Keratin

Fully upgrade the environmental resistance augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullRegen Quid Pro Quo

Fully upgrade the regeneration augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullPower Economic Energy

Fully upgrade the power re-circulator augmentation

ACH_Aug_FullRadarTrans Digital Ghost

Fully upgrade the radar transparency augmentation

ACH_Aug_FullEnergy One With The Elements

Fully upgrade the energy shield augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullSilent Ninja

Fully upgrade the run silent augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullTarget In My Sights

Fully upgrade the targeting augmentation.

ACH_Aug_FullVision My Vision Is Augmented

Fully upgrade the vision enhancement augmentation.

ACH_Level01_Speedrun Primary Objective Focus

Terrorists on my soil? Give me three minutes.

ACH_LevelXX_AllTargets Practice Makes Perfect

Test your skills on the shooting range each time.

ACH_Level03_AnnaKiller I'm No Coward!


ACH_Level09_TheCaptain I'm the Captain Now

Look at me. LOOK AT ME.

ACH_LevelXX_ANewAge A New Age


ACH_Misc_DeusEx Deus Ex


ACH_Misc_InvisibleWar Invisible War


ACH_Misc_HumanRevolution Human Revolution


ACH_Misc_TheFall The Fall


ACH_Misc_MankindDivided Mankind Divided


ACH_Combat_CampFire Camp Fire

Not the most ethical way to cook marshmallows.

ACH_Level00_Killer Off to a Great Start

Kill Private Winslow in training.

ACH_Level02_Pizza Deus Express Delivery

Overcome great difficulty to deliver a cold pizza.

ACH_Level10_Civil Civil Soldier

Tell people to educate themselves.

ACH_Level10_Drugs Supply and Demand

Buy drugs, sell drugs.

ACH_Weapons_ThreeKingdoms Weapons Through the Ages

Carry a sword from each era of man.

ACH_Weapons_AllAddons Decked Out

Own a weapon with a scope, laser, and silencer.

ACH_Misc_Technophobe Self Sufficient

Finish the game without healing using a medical bot or recharging from a repair bot.

ACH_Misc_Mercy The Unavoidable Sacrifice

Finish the game with only a single, particular kill on your conscience.

ACH_Misc_SpillDrink I Spill My Drink

Spilled your drink.

ACH_Misc_DoubleKill Eye for an Eye

Killed an enemy as they killed you.

ACH_Misc_Piano That Familiar Tune


ACH_Misc_Executioner Deus Executioner Machina

Have one robot destroy another.

ACH_Misc_DuelOfFates Duel of the Fates

En garde!

ACH_Misc_PlasmaWar High Tech War

Shoot plasma while dodging plasma.

ACH_Level03_JugHeadLaugh Laughing Contest

Place yourself in the other side of an awkward conversation.

ACH_Level05_SmashTheState Smash The State


ACH_Level09_PaulBody Laid to Rest


ACH_Level10_FreeFrance Vive la France

Détruisez et tuez tout ce que vous voyez, y compris Michel, c'est une obligation.

ACH_Level15_Jock Black Hawk Down


ACH_Weapons_Crowbar The One Augmented Man


ACH_Weapons_Heartgun Tough Love


ACH_Weapons_9ShellShotgun Boomstick


ACH_Misc_AllWeaponMods Complete Collection

Carry a colourful collection of weapon modifications.

ACH_Combat_SimonsMercy Factory Reset


ACH_Combat_Goliath Goliath

Successfully disable a military bot using a PS20.

ACH_Survival_HeliCrash Bail Out!

Crash a helicopter into an enemy in survival.

ACH_Misc_SlowDown Not So Fast, J.C.

Beat Liberty Island without talking to Paul.

ACH_Misc_CloneWars Clone Wars


ACH_Misc_Jackass You're a Complete Jackass


ACH_Misc_GrandHost Grand Host


ACH_Misc_Go Go

Upon arriving at the base, get the schematic from the Ocean Lab UC within 20 (real time) minutes.

ACH_Misc_Breach Breach

Upon arriving at the dockyard, sink the ship and leave within 15 (real time) minutes.

ACH_Misc_24hours Dead Within 24 Hours

Upon starting the game, beat it within 24 real time hours.

ACH_Cheat_AimBot My Vision is Too Augmented


ACH_Misc_Vending Petty Theft

Grab a free soda or candy bar from a vending machine.

ACH_Misc_NoWeaponMods Plain and Simple

Complete the game without modifying a single weapon.

ACH_Misc_NoCameras No Proof


ACH_Level11_Pity Pity Upon Pity

Deal with Adept 34501, but not lethally.

ACH_Level02_Mercy Unconventional Euthanasia

Kill a beggar.

ACH_Level05_Silent The Most Silent Way


ACH_NGP_AllCollectables Exploration Domination

On any difficulty, find all 75 collectables in collectables mode.

ACH_Combat_Gentleman A Gentleman's Agreement


ACH_Combat_DeadHanded Caught Dead Handed


ACH_Combat_DetonateRockets Premature Celebration

Kill an enemy with their own rockets/grenades.

ACH_Combat_KarkianLAW Heavy Duty

Use a big weapon on a big organic enemy.

ACH_Combat_OutSniped Out Sniped

Kill a sniper with your own sniper.

ACH_Combat_PostMortem Post-Mortem Revenge

Kill an enemy with your grenade after you've already died.

ACH_Combat_Intentions Different Intentions

Kill an enemy using a mini-crossbow with a mini-crossbow.

ACH_Combat_KillDrugged Surprising Performance


ACH_Combat_20mmKills Foxhole


ACH_Combat_LastBullet Last Bullet, Last Chance

Kill someone using the very last bullet available for your weapon.

ACH_Combat_Lethal This Is War!


ACH_Combat_AugShield Emergency Shields


ACH_Combat_AugBallistic Emergency Protection


ACH_Challenge_AllEasy Straightforward Run

Complete all Revision challenges on easy difficulty or above.

ACH_Challenge_AllMedium Basic Standard

Complete all Revision challenges on medium difficulty or above.

ACH_Challenge_AllHard Arduous Task

Complete all Revision challenges on hard difficulty or above.

ACH_Challenge_AllRealistic Transcendent God

Complete all Revision challenges on realistic difficulty.

ACH_CD_CustomDifficulty My Own Rules



API Name Display Name Default Value
STAT_CRATES Crates Demolished 0
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