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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

App ID 237110
App Type Game
Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 11703200
Last Record Update 11 November 2020 – 06:29:28 UTC ()

The newest chapter of the iconic fighting franchise is now available! Experience the deadliest tournament with all the kombatants and their unique fatalities. Players enter the realm to face the Kombatants in Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, delivering all of the downloadable content (DLC), including intrepid warriors Skarlet, Kenshi and...

At the request of the publisher, this app has been retired. You may not be able to buy or get it.

Store Prices

Currency Current Price Converted Price Lowest Recorded Price
U.S. Dollar N/A N/A $4.99 $4.99 at -75%
British Pound N/A N/A $5.09 £3.74 at -75%
Euro N/A N/A $5.83 4,99€ at -75%
Russian Ruble N/A N/A $1.42 104 ₽ at -75%
Brazilian Real N/A N/A $1.74 R$ 9,24 at -75%
Japanese Yen N/A N/A N/A
Indonesian Rupiah N/A N/A $2.39 Rp 33999 at -75%
Malaysian Ringgit N/A N/A $2.27 RM9.50 at -75%
Philippine Peso N/A N/A $2.48 ₱124.98 at -75%
Singapore Dollar N/A N/A $3.69 S$5.00 at -75%
Thai Baht N/A N/A $2.75 ฿92.25 at -75%
Vietnamese Dong N/A N/A $2.05 47000₫ at -75%
South Korean Won N/A N/A N/A
Turkish Lira N/A N/A $0.89 ₺7,75 at -75%
Ukrainian Hryvnia N/A N/A $2.59 69₴ at -75%
Mexican Peso N/A N/A $2.24 Mex$ 44.99 at -75%
Canadian Dollar N/A N/A $3.90 CDN$ 4.99 at -75%
Australian Dollar N/A N/A $5.23 A$ 7.23 at -75%
New Zealand Dollar N/A N/A $4.19 NZ$ 5.99 at -75%
Norwegian Krone N/A N/A $4.04 35,00 kr at -75%
Polish Zloty N/A N/A $4.55 17,99zł at -75%
Swiss Franc N/A N/A $5.12 CHF 4.75 at -75%
Chinese Yuan N/A N/A $2.63 ¥ 17 at -75%
Indian Rupee N/A N/A $1.90 ₹ 141 at -75%
Chilean Peso N/A N/A $3.01 CLP$ 2375 at -75%
Peruvian Sol N/A N/A $3.03 S/.12.48 at -75%
Colombian Peso N/A N/A $2.59 COL$ 10000 at -75%
South African Rand N/A N/A $3.69 R 54.75 at -75%
Hong Kong Dollar N/A N/A $3.82 HK$ 29.75 at -75%
Taiwan Dollar N/A N/A $4.21 NT$ 117 at -75%
Saudi Riyal N/A N/A $3.73 14.00 SR at -75%
U.A.E. Dirham N/A N/A $4.21 15.50 AED at -75%
Argentine Peso N/A N/A $0.57 ARS$ 56,24 at -75%
Israeli New Shekel N/A N/A $5.77 ₪18.48 at -75%
Kazakhstani Tenge N/A N/A $1.55 662₸ at -75%
Kuwaiti Dinar N/A N/A $2.75 0.83 KD at -75%
Qatari Riyal N/A N/A $2.88 10.49 QR at -75%
Costa Rican Colon N/A N/A $3.40 ₡2125 at -75%
Uruguayan Peso N/A N/A $2.51 $U107 at -75%
CIS - U.S. Dollar N/A N/A $3.14 $3.14 at -75%
South Asia - USD N/A N/A $4.99 $4.99 at -75%
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User Tags

FightingGoreActionViolentMultiplayerClassicBloodCo-opArcadeSingleplayer2D FighterCompetitiveLocal MultiplayerLocal Co-OpReplay Value2.5DRemakeBeat 'em up2DController


Additional Information

clienticon ff6da04dbb7aa04ca1ecbe13aa5c7392c28519e1
clienttga 7213d0faf234272fa5670997ecc668c7093fe4ab
icon 3b9c627b90f42cf650d5848e2fdd779fa4e6eb19
logo 307dc1eacffd54e5a7a02b663cec1c5105059811
logo_small 307dc1eacffd54e5a7a02b663cec1c5105059811_thumb
gamedir ValveTestApp237110
metacritic_name Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
icon empty string
controller_support full
metacritic_score 81
NoServers No
state eStateComingSoonNoPreload
VisibleOnlyWhenSubscribed Yes
community_visible_stats Yes
sourcegame Yes
checkpkgstate Yes
ReleaseState released
0/nameMortal Kombat Komplete Edition EULA
Achievement Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish - Spain, Portuguese - Brazil
has_adult_content Yes
community_hub_visible Yes
0/nameNetherRealm Studios
1/nameHigh Voltage Software
2/nameWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
3/nameMortal Kombat
Primary Genre Action (1)
Store Genres Action (1)
Supported Languages
6 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Spanish - SpainYesYes
Portuguese - BrazilYes
app_retired_publisher_request Yes
Store Asset Modification Time 9 April 2015 – 16:19:22 UTC () (1428596362)
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 9 April 2015 – 16:25:43 UTC
capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 9 April 2015 – 16:25:43 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 9 April 2015 – 16:25:43 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 9 April 2015 – 16:25:43 UTC
review_score 8
review_percentage 90
has_adult_content_violence Yes
Detected Technologies (?) SDK.Bink_Video, SDK.NVIDIA_PhysX
  • 29 players right now
  • 64 24-hour peak
  • 5,235 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 29 players right now
  • 64 24-hour peak
  • 5,235 all-time peak

Owner estimations

Store data

  • 15,431 positive reviews
  • 1,538 negative reviews
  • 90.94% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 5.1 hours median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 13.9 hours average total playtime

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How many players are playing Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition right now on Steam? There are 29 players in Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on Steam. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition player counter. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
18780 Warner Brothers Public Complimentary CD Key 27 July 2021 – 15:49:36 UTC
27552 MK Early Access Comp CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC
27603 Ares Early Access Test - To Be Revoked CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC
27616 MK Dev Comp CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC
27740 Ares Early Access Test - To Be Revoked 2 CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC
28159 MK Retail CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC
28925 Mortal Kombat Early Access Store or CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC
29006 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Store or CD Key 9 July 2020 – 22:13:10 UTC
29307 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (RU/CIS) Store or CD Key 9 July 2020 – 22:13:10 UTC
89559 Steam Sub 89559 CD Key 26 September 2019 – 20:59:01 UTC

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ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
228982 VC 2008 Redist 9.24 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
228990 DirectX Jun 2010 Redist 98.16 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
237111 MK Content 9.25 GiB
237112 German 119.87 KiB German
237113 Italian 115.05 KiB Italian


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 344915
c_bucket 302336
frame_skipping 301149
hvs_testing Daily build 344915
iso ISO build (excludes some movies) 84246
media reviewer branch 84240
ratings 75940
retail_v1 87462
starling Wide Studio Testing 82235
wb_testing 344915


Name Value
overridescddb 1
baselanguages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish - Spain, Portuguese - Brazil

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Launch
Executable DiscContentPC/MKKE.exe
Working Directory DiscContentPC
Launch Type Unspecified
1. Run Advanced Options Configuration
Executable DiscContentPC/MKLauncher.exe
Working Directory DiscContentPC
Launch Type Unspecified


Key Value
contenttype 3
installdir MortalKombat_KompleteEdition

User File System

Key Value
quota 200.00 KiB (204800)
maxnumfiles 2

Other apps that reference this app



API name Display name and description Icons
ACHIEVEMENT_01 Halfway There!

Complete Story Mode 50%

ACHIEVEMENT_02 Back In Time...

Complete Story Mode 100%


Complete Tutorial Mode

ACHIEVEMENT_04 Fatality!

Perform a Fatality!

ACHIEVEMENT_05 Block This!

Perform a 10-hit combo with any fighter

ACHIEVEMENT_06 The Grappler

Perform every fighter's forward and backwards throws

ACHIEVEMENT_07 Where's The Arcade?

Complete Arcade Ladder with Any Fighter

ACHIEVEMENT_08 Arcade Champion

Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters

ACHIEVEMENT_09 Finish What You Start!

Perform a Fatality with all playable fighters

ACHIEVEMENT_10 The Competitor

Complete 200 Versus matches (online OR offline)

ACHIEVEMENT_11 Ladder Master

Complete Arcade Ladder on max difficulty without using a continue

ACHIEVEMENT_12 Don't Jump!

Win A Ranked Online Match without jumping

ACHIEVEMENT_13 What Does This Button Do??

Complete Arcade Ladder without blocking (allowed to continue)


Win an Online Match

ACHIEVEMENT_15 Robots Rule!

Win Arcade Tag Ladder with robot Sektor and Cyrax

ACHIEVEMENT_16 Outstanding!

Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row

ACHIEVEMENT_17 Cyber Challenger

Complete 100 Online Matches

ACHIEVEMENT_18 Wavenet...

Win 100 total Online Matches

ACHIEVEMENT_19 Humiliation

Get a Flawless Victory in an Online Match

ACHIEVEMENT_20 You Will Learn Respect!

Earn 1000 Respect Points via King of the Hill Matches

ACHIEVEMENT_21 Undertaker

Unlock 50% of the Krypt

ACHIEVEMENT_22 The Krypt Keeper

Unlock 100% of the Krypt

ACHIEVEMENT_23 There Will Be Blood!

Spill 10000 pints of blood

ACHIEVEMENT_24 License to Kill

Complete Fatality Trainer

ACHIEVEMENT_25 Ultimate Respect!

Earn 2500 Respect Points via King of the Hill Matches

ACHIEVEMENT_26 There Can Be Only One!

Win 10 King of the Hill Matches in a row

ACHIEVEMENT_27 Throws Are For Champs

Perform 8 throws in an Online Ranked Match


Win both rounds with timer running out in an Online Ranked Match

ACHIEVEMENT_29 I'm Not Dead Yet!

Comeback with under 10% health in an Online Ranked Match

ACHIEVEMENT_30 Cold Fusion

Unlock Hidden Fighter "Cyber Sub-Zero"

ACHIEVEMENT_31 e-X-cellent!

Successfully land every playable fighter's X-Ray attack


Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck

ACHIEVEMENT_33 You've Got Style!

Unlock all Alternate Costumes

ACHIEVEMENT_34 Best...Alternate...Ever!

Unlock Mileena's 3rd Alternate Costume

ACHIEVEMENT_35 My Kung Fu Is Strong

Gain Mastery of 1 Fighter

ACHIEVEMENT_36 My Kung Fu Is Stronger

Gain Mastery of All Fighters

ACHIEVEMENT_37 I "Might" Be the Strongest

Complete all Test Your Might mini-game challenges


Complete all Test Your Strike mini-game challenges

ACHIEVEMENT_39 These Aren't My Glasses!

Complete all Test Your Sight mini-game challenges

ACHIEVEMENT_40 Tower Apprentice

Complete 25 Tower missions

ACHIEVEMENT_41 Tower Master

Complete all Tower missions

ACHIEVEMENT_42 Tag, You're It!

Perform and land a Tag Combo

ACHIEVEMENT_43 Complet-ality

Perform 1 of each type of "-ality"

ACHIEVEMENT_44 Finish Him?

Perform any fighter's hidden finishing move

ACHIEVEMENT_45 Ultimate Humiliation

Perform every fighter's hidden finishing move


Unlock Hidden Fighter "Quan Chi"

ACHIEVEMENT_47 You Found Me!

Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder

ACHIEVEMENT_48 Hide and Seek

Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade Ladder


Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade Ladder

ACHIEVEMENT_50 Brotherhood of Shadow

Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade Ladder


API Name Display Name Default Value
stat_1 Offline Wins 1v1 0
stat_2 Offline Losses 1v1 0
online_1 Online Disconnects 0
online_2 Online Wins 0
online_3 Online Losses 0
online_4 Online Kills 0
online_5 Online Deaths 0
online_6 Online Streak 0
online_7 Online Best Streak 0
online_8 Online Total Respect 0
online_9 Online Average Respect 0
version_key Stats Version 0
online_10 Online Current W/L ratio 0
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