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App ID 13140
App Type Game
Publisher U.S. Army
Last Change Number 11703200
Last Record Update 14 February 2021 – 22:08:49 UTC ()
Release Date 17 June 2009 – 19:00:00 UTC ()

Download AA3 Today and Become a Member of the elite America's Army Team! America's Army fans and new players alike can now experience America's Army 3, the official U.S. Army game.


Additional Information

clienticon cba382441af140d8bf5a13f6b68f8bec538d0c61
clienttga 4502fe3378c9912a82567f0e3673eb89907644f7
icon caed133dcc23d5e0df57ecc9fcc1ca31e0ffb98e
logo 1dd6638b0e39e56701371073f161f7c77a7895af
logo_small 1dd6638b0e39e56701371073f161f7c77a7895af_thumb
metacritic_url pc/americasarmy3
gamedir aa3game
metacritic_name America's Army 3
icon empty string
metacritic_score 70
NoServers No
primarycache 13141
state eStateAvailable
serverbrowsername America's Army 3
community_visible_stats Yes
InstallScript DirectX\Installscript.vdf
CWDOverride Binaries
IsFreeApp Yes
0/nameAmerica's Army 3 EULA 1
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 17 June 2009 ()
community_hub_visible Yes
0/nameU.S. Army
1/nameU.S. Army
Primary Genre Action (1)
Store Genres Action (1)
Supported Languages
1 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Steam Release Date 17 June 2009 – 19:00:00 UTC ()
Original Release Date 17 June 2009 – 07:00:00 UTC () (1245222000)
Store Asset Modification Time 4 March 2013 – 21:16:45 UTC () (1362431805)
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 4 March 2013 – 21:17:31 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 4 March 2013 – 21:17:32 UTC
review_score 5
review_percentage 69
Detected Technologies (?) AntiCheat.PunkBuster, Engine.Unreal, SDK.Bink_Video, SDK.FMOD, SDK.NVIDIA_PhysX, SDK.OpenAL
  • 2 players right now
  • 5 24-hour peak
  • 5,735 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 2 players right now
  • 5 24-hour peak
  • 5,735 all-time peak

Owner estimations

Store data

  • 1,642 positive reviews
  • 720 negative reviews
  • 69.52% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 2.6 hours median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 2.3 hours average total playtime

Twitch Stats

  • 0 viewers right now
  • 0 24-hour peak
  • 84 all-time peak

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How many players are playing America's Army 3 right now on Steam? There are 2 players in America's Army 3 on Steam. America's Army 3 player counter. America's Army 3 Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
21291 Americas Army 3 Free on Demand 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC

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ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
13141 AA3_Public_Client 5.25 GiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 2345975 7 December 2017 – 16:37:04 UTC
beta Beta 24731


Name Value
overridescddb 1

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable Binaries\AA3Loader.exe
Working Directory Binaries
Launch Type Unspecified


Key Value
contenttype 3
installdir america's army 3

User File System

Key Value
quota 1.00 MiB (1048576)
maxnumfiles 100

Other apps that reference this app



API name Display name and description Icons
GA_Deadeye Deadeye

Neutralize 3 NME's without lowering sights.

GA_NoIInTeam No "I" in Team

Stay linked to your team the entire round.

GA_AgainstAllOdds Against All Odds

Win the round while the last man left on your team and outnumbered.

GA_AssaultSpecialist Assault Specialist

Complete 50 Activated objectives.

GA_Avenger Avenger

Neutralize 20 enemies after being revived that had incapacitated you earlier in the round.

GA_DefSpec Defense Specialist

Win 50 rounds while playing Defense (Defend, Ambush, or Counter).

GA_DistAR Distinguished Automatic Rifleman

Win 50 rounds as an Automatic Rifleman.

GA_DistGrenadier Distinguished Grenadier

Win 50 rounds as a Grenadier.

GA_DistRifleman Distinguished Rifleman

Win 50 rounds as a Rifleman.

GA_DistSDM Distinguished Squad Designated Marksman

Win 50 rounds as a Squad Designated Marksman.

GA_FollowMe Follow Me

Win 50 rounds as Squad Leader.

GA_GotYourBack Got Your Back

Be linked to a teammate when they complete an objective 50 times.

GA_Hawkeye Hawkeye

Neutralize 5 enemies in one round (awarded on after enemy is confirmed).

GA_MissionFirst Mission First

Complete 50 objectives as a Rifleman.

GA_ZipCuff Mr. Zip Cuff

Secure 50 enemies.

GA_NotOnMyWatch Not On My Watch

Neutralize the VIP 50 times.

GA_OneManArmy One Man Army

Win a match without ever being neutralized.

GA_RecSpec Recovery Specialist

Recover and Extract 50 carryable objectives.

GA_SpotlessRecord Spotless Record

Complete 30 consecutive rounds without any ROE violations.

GA_StickToPlan Stick to the Plan

Complete 30 Squad Leader assigned objectives.

GA_SuppressiveResults Suppressive Results

Damage at least 2 enemies with a single trigger pull 50 times as an Automatic Rifleman.

GA_TNB Tag and Bag

Confirm 50 enemies.

GA_ConsumatePro Consummate Professional

Neutralize 50 enemies with sighted headshots as a SDM.

GA_TwoBirds Two Birds, One Stone

Neutralize two enemies with one grenade as Grenadier (awarded on after enemy is confirmed).

GA_UltimateSacrifice Ultimate Sacrifice

Dive on a live grenade saving at least one teammate from certain death.

GA_UpAndAtThem Up and At 'Em

Revive 50 teammates.

GA_VIP Very Important Player

Extract 50 times as the VIP.

GA_VforVictory "V" for Victory

Win 100 matches (any mission/map).

GA_WalkItOff Walk It Off

Complete an objective after being revived.

GA_SecSpec Security Specialist

Capture 50 Take & Hold objectives.

MA_ArmyCommendation Army Commendation Medal

Qualify Expert on all training missions (BCT & AIT).

MA_BRMMarksman Basic Rifle Marksmanship Badge

Qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship by hitting 23 targets.

MA_BRMExpert Expert Basic Rifle Marksmanship Badge

Qualify as Expert in Basic Rifle Marksmanship by hitting 36 targets.

MA_BRMSharpshooter Sharpshooter Basic Rifle Marksmanship Badge

Qualify as Sharpshooter in Basic Rifle Marksmanship by hitting 30 targets.

MA_BRM Weapon Bar: Rifle

Qualify Basic Rifle Marksmanship with the M16A4.

MA_WeaponBarCarbine Weapon Bar: Carbine

Qualify Expert with the M4 in Tier 1 Advanced Rifleman.

MA_WeaponBarM249 Weapon Bar: Auto. Rifle

Qualify Expert with Auto. Rifle in Tier 1 Automatic Rifleman.

MA_WeaponBarM320 Weapon Bar: M320

Qualify Expert with M320 in Tier 1 Grenadier.

MA_WeaponBarM16DMR Weapon Bar: M16DMR

Qualify Expert with M16DMR in Tier 1 Squad Designated Marksman.

MA_ExpertWeaponsBadge Expert Weapons Badge

Qualify Expert on every station in Weapons Familiarization.

MA_ExpertLifeSaver Expert Life Saver Badge

Qualify Expert on the Combat Life Saving course.

MA_ExpertInfantrymanBadge Expert Infantryman Badge

Qualify Expert on every Basic Combat Training level.

MA_CombatInfantryman Combat Infantryman Badge

Accumulate 2 hours of playtime in each MOS role.

MA_PhysicalFitnessBadge Physical Fitness Badge

Qualify Expert on the Obstacle Course.

RA_ArmyOverseas Army Overseas Service Ribbon

Play a match on every map (any mission).

RA_ArmyService Army Service Ribbon

Graduate from Basic Training.

RA_CzervenianCampaign Czervenia Campaign Ribbon

Accumulate 20 hours of online play.

GA_ES2WhatsMineIsYours What's Mine Is Yours

Give all of items in an ES2 object you find to teammates.

GA_ES2WhatsYoursIsMine What's Yours Is Mine

Take an item from an ES2 object previously reported by the other team.

GA_ES2FindersKeepers Finders Keepers

Neutralize another player within five meters of an ES2 object you have reported.

GA_ES2ISpy I Spy

Find five useful ES2 objects in one round.

GA_ES2CleanSweep Clean Sweep

Be part of a squad that finds five ES2 objects during one round.

GA_ES2CleaningCrew Cleaning Crew

Be part of a squad that earns "Cleen Sweep" in every round in a match.

AD_ES2ReportedObjects What's That?

You or a linked teammate finds your first ES2 object.

GA_ES2SoldierSensorBronze Soldier Sensor (Bronze)

Report at least 50 ES2 objects.

GA_ES2SoldierSensorSilver Soldier Sensor (Silver)

Report at least 100 ES2 objects.

GA_ES2SoldierSensorGold Soldier Sensor (Gold)

Report at least 500 ES2 objects.

GA_ES2SoldierSensorPlatinum Soldier Sensor (Platinum)

Report at least 1,000 ES2 objects.

ES2Trained ES2 Trained

Soldier has completed ES2 training in MOUT.

GA_M106UpInSmoke Up In smoke

Soldier has revived a teammate under the cover of an M106 or M83.

GA_NeverMiss Never Miss

Fire at least 30 rounds and hit the NME with every round.

GA_NoShotsFired Ammo Conservationist

Complete the winning action in any COOP mission without firing a shot or throwing an M67.

GA_NeverHitVictor Ninja Soldier

Complete the winning action on any COOP map or mission without being hit by any bullet or grenade.

GA_LoneWolf Never Quit

Complete the winning action on Airfield or Ranch while not linked to a teammate.

GA_NoSmokeThrown Clean Air Action

Be on the winning team on a COOP mission without throwing any smoke grenades.

GA_StealTheVIP VIP Rescue

Rescue the VIP from a human NME team after they have revived him.

GA_NoMEDEVAC Best Patient Ever

Always wait for a teammate to revive you instead of using the MEDEVAC option in COOP play.

MA_PursuitOfHappiness Pursuit of Happiness

Play America's Army anytime between July 1st and July 31st and help celebrate America's Birthday and America's Army 10th Year Anniversary!

GA_LongestHeadshotBronze Incredible Shot Bronze (300m)

Hit a head shot neutralization at a distance between 300 and 400 meters.

GA_LongestHeadshotSilver Incredible Shot Silver (400m)

Hit a head shot neutralization at a distance between 400 and 500 meters.

GA_LongestHeadshotGold Incredible Shot Gold (> 500m)

Hit a head shot neutralization at a distance over 500 meters.


API Name Display Name Default Value
ShotsFiredM4A1 Soldier 1 M4A1 Shots Fired 0
ShotsHitM4A1 Soldier 1 M4A1 Shots Hit 0
BetaTrainingTestTime Beta Tester Training Test Time 0
BetaMultiplayerTestTime Beta Tester Multiplayer Test Time 0
BetaTotalTestTime Beta Tester Total Test Time 0
BetaTrainingCompletedTestTime Beta Tester training completed test time 0
HeadShotsHitM4A1 Number of head shots by player with M4A1 0
EnemyKilledM4A1 Enemy killed with M4A1 0
KilledByM4A1 Times killed by M4A1 0
ShotsFiredM249 Shots fired M249 0
ShotsHitM249 Shots hit M249 0
HeadShotsHitM249 Head shots with M249 0
EnemyKilledM249 Enemy Killed with M249 0
TotalShots Total shots fired all wepaons 0
TotalHits Total hits all weapons 0
KilledByM249 Times killed by captured M249 0
KilledByM16A4 Times killed by captured M16A4 0
EnemyKilledM16A4 Enemy killed with M16A4 0
HeadShotsHitM16A4 Head shots with M16A4 0
ShotsHitM16A4 Shots hit with M16A4 0
ShotsFiredM16A4 Shots Fired with M16A4 0
ShotsHitM16DMR Shots hit with M16DMR 0
HeadShotsHitM16DMR head shots with M16DMR 0
EnemyKilledM16DMR Enemy killed with M16DMR 0
KilledByM16DMR Times killed by captured M16DMR 0
ShotsFiredM16DMR Shots fired with M16DMR 0
M67GrenadeHit Enemy hit by M67 Frags 0
M67GrenadesThrown Number of M67 Frags thrown 0
EnemyKilledM67 Enemy killed by M67 Frags 0
MeleeAttacks Total melee attacks 0
MeleeHits Number of melee hits 0
MeleeKills Number of melee kills or incaps 0
MeleeKilledBy Number of times player killed or incapacitated by melee 0
TeammatesRevived Number of teammates player revived 0
TeammateWoundsTreated Number of teammate wounds treated by player 0
Revived Number of times player revived 0
WoundsTreated Number of wounds player has had that were treated by teammates 0
TotalObjectives Total number of objectives completed by player 0
ExtractAsVIP Number of times player extrated as VIP 0
ExtractWithObjective Number of carried objective extractions completed 0
ActivatedObjective Number of activated objectives completed 0
CapturedTAH Number of Take and Hold objectives completed 0
AssistedWithObjective Number of times layer assisted completing an objective 0
ExtractionClassic Number of classic bridge-style extractions 0
VIPsTerminated Number of times player killed the VIP 0
ROEDamage Total ROE damage player has given teammates 0
ROEForgaveInstances Number of times player forgave ROE 0
ROEInstances Number of times player committed 0
ROEForgivenByInstances Number of times teammates forgave ROE 0
ROEReceivedInstances Number of times player hit by teammate 0
EnemyConfirmed Number of enemy confirmed 0
EnemyNeutralized Number of enemy neutralized 0
M84GrenadesHit Flash grenades hit enemy player 0
M83GrenadesThrown Smoke grenades thrown 0
M14GrenadesThrown Incendiary thrown 0
M14GrenadesHit Incendiary hit enemy player or objective 0
ShotsFiredM320 Rounds fire by XM320 0
ShotsHitM320 XM320 Rounds that hit enemy 0
HeadShotsHitM320 Head shots with 40mm round fired by XM320 0
EnemyKilledM320 Enemy killed by 40mm XM320 round 0
KilledByM320 Times killed by enemy captured XM320 0
ShotsFiredObranKNP Shots fired with Obran KNP 0
ShotsHitObranKNP Hits with Obran KNP 0
HeadShotsHitObranKNP head shots with Obran KNP 0
EnemyKilledObranKNP Enemy killed by Obran KNP 0
KilledByObranKNP Killed bo Obran KNP 0
ShotsFiredObranLMK Shots fired with Obran LMK 0
ShotsHitObranLMK Hits with LMK 0
HeadShotsHitObranLMK Head shots with LMK 0
EnemyKilledObranLMK Enemy killed with LMK 0
KilledByObranLMK Killed by Obran LMK 0
ShotsFiredObranSP Shots fired with SP 0
ShotsHitObranSP Shots hit with SP 0
HeadShotsHitObranSP Head shots with Obran SP 0
EnemyKilledObranSP Enemy killed with Obran SP 0
KilledByObranSP Times killed by enemy Obran SP 0
ShotsFiredObranNP Shots fired with Obran NP 0
ShotsHitObranNP Shots hit with Obran NP 0
HeadShotsHitObranNP Head shots with Obran NP 0
EnemyKilledObranNP Enemy killed with Obran NP 0
KilledByObranNP Times killed by Obran NP 0
RoundsWon Number of missions (rounds) won 0
RoundsLost Number of missions (rounds) Lost 0
RoundsStarted Number of missions (rounds) started 0
MatchesWon Number of Matches Won 0
MatchesCompleted Number of matches completed (win or lose) 0
MatchesStarted Number of matches started 0
EnemyHitHead no name 0
EnemyHitNeck no name 0
EnemyHitUpperTorso no name 0
EnemyHitLowerTorso no name 0
EnemyHitPelvis no name 0
EnemyHitRightUpperArm no name 0
EnemyHitRightLowerArm no name 0
EnemyHitRightHand no name 0
EnemyHitLeftUpperArm no name 0
EnemyHitLeftLowerArm no name 0
EnemyHitLeftHand no name 0
EnemyHitRightUpperLeg no name 0
EnemyHitRightLowerLeg no name 0
EnemyHitRightFoot no name 0
EnemyHitLeftUpperLeg no name 0
EnemyHitLeftLowerLeg no name 0
EnemyHitLeftFoot no name 0
ES2ObjectsUsed Number of ES2 objects used 0
ES2ObjectsReported Number of ES2 objects reported 0
ES2ObjectsPossible Total number of ES2 objects available during game play 0
TimeAliveSeconds Total time alive during missions 0
SessionTimeSeconds Total time on servers 0
TimeDeadSeconds Total time dead while on servers 0
AdvRiflemanTime Time played (alive) as Advanced Rifleman 0
AutoRiflemanTime Time played (alive) as Automatic Rifleman 0
SDMTime Time played (alive) as SDM 0
RecruitTime Time played (alive) as Recruit 0
GrenadierTime Time played (alive) as Grenadier 0
FTLTime Time played (alive) as FTL 0
SLTime Time played (alive) as SL 0
VIPTime Time played (alive) as VIP 0
HighestMatchTeamworkScore Highest teamwork score earned in a match 0
HighestMatchTotalScore Highest total score earned in a match 0
HighestMatchObjectiveScore Highest objective score earned in a match 0
HighestMatchMedicScore Highest medic or CLS score earned in a match 0
HighestMatchNeutralizationScore Highest neutralization score earned in a match 0
HighestMatchROEScore Highest ROE score earned in a match 0
SecuredByEnemy Count of times player secured by enemy 0
SecuredEnemy Number of times player secured enemy 0
ConfirmedByEnemy Number of times neutralized player was confirmed by enemy 0
MinutesAlley no name 0
MinutesBridge no name 0
MinutesImpact no name 0
MinutesPipeline no name 0
MinutesRanch no name 0
MinutesShantyTown no name 0
MinutesStronghold no name 0
MatchesTied Number of tied matchesplayer participated in. 0
MatchesLost Number of lost matchesplayer participated in. 0
TimesNeutralized Total number of itmes player was neutralized 0
KilledByM67 Number of times player was killed by grenades 0
M84GrenadesThrown Number of M84 Grenades thrown 0
ObstacleCourseTries no name 0
BRMTries no name 0
BRMBestScore no name 0
ObstacleCourseBestTime Time (seconds) 0
CLSTries no name 0
CLSScore no name 0
MOUTScore no name 0
MOUTTime no name 0
MOUTTries no name 0
AITAdvRifleman1Score no name 0
AITAdvRifleman1Tries no name 0
WFM320Tries no name 0
WFM320Score no name 0
WFM249Tries no name 0
WFM249Score no name 0
WFGrenadeTries no name 0
WFGrenadeScore no name 0
AITSDM1Score no name 0
AITSDM1Tries no name 0
AITAutoRifleman1Score no name 0
AITAutoRifleman1Tries no name 0
AITGrenadier1Score no name 0
AITGrenadier1Tries no name 0
M106GrenadesThrown Number of M106 Smoke Grenades Thrown 0
TeammatesRevivedUnderM106 Number of teammates revived under M106 Smoke Cloud. 0
ShotsFiredM714 Number of M714 (smoke) 40mm rounds fired. 0
Loyalty Core Attribute Loyalty 0
Duty Core Attribute Duty 0
Respect Core Attribute Respect 0
SelflessService Core Attribute Selfless Service 0
Integrity Core Attribute Integrity 0
PersonalCourage Core Attribute Personal Courage 0
Rank Current Rank 0
LongestDMRACOG4xHeadshot DMR ACOG 4x Longest Headshot 0
LongestM4M16ACOG2xHeadshot Longest ACOG 2x Headshot 0
LongestM249ACOG3xHeadshot Longest M249 3x ACOG Headshot 0
LongestM4M16AimpointHeadshot Longest M4 Aimpoint Headshot 0
LongestM249AimpointHeadshot Longest M249 Aimpoint Headshot 0
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