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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

App ID 1056640
App Type Game
Publisher SEGA
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 13273941
Last Record Update 29 November 2021 – 08:04:39 UTC ()
Release Date 5 August 2020 – 14:00:00 UTC ()

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the latest chapter in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, is here at last! It's time to jump into adventures beyond imagination!


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Additional Information

clienticon c4a7223f959f5483ef2a0c834bbecd2c203220ee
clienttga b9d9739251851fba49638d0a8a6fb206b649a977
icon c54fa2778a5ebfa0d51e240f6782eb4af73e5b63
logo b5e89b46d62beb95179ef30d0e2ea3b185031ab2
logo_small b5e89b46d62beb95179ef30d0e2ea3b185031ab2_thumb
controller_support partial
community_visible_stats Yes
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
0/namePhantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis EULA
Achievement Languages English, Japanese
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 5 August 2020 ()
osarch 64
community_hub_visible Yes
Item Definitions 42DC16A70D28B5A1B3A4EBD3DBCE48093666A0AB
2/namePhantasy Star
Primary Genre RPG (3)
Store Genres Action (1), Free to Play (37), Massively Multiplayer (29), RPG (3)
Supported Languages
2 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Steam Release Date 5 August 2020 – 14:00:00 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 22 June 2021 – 12:54:29 UTC () (1624366469)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
osextended empty string
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 15 June 2021 – 09:39:18 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 8 June 2021 – 08:38:00 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 8 June 2021 – 08:38:00 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 8 June 2021 – 08:38:32 UTC
library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 8 June 2021 – 08:39:04 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 8 June 2021 – 12:46:00 UTC
page_bg_raw.jpgLast-Modified: 28 July 2020 – 15:09:03 UTC
review_score 6
review_percentage 72
Detected Technologies (?) AntiCheat.nProtect_GameGuard, SDK.AMD_GPU_Services, SDK.NVIDIA_PhysX
  • 1,748 players right now
  • 2,043 24-hour peak
  • 59,558 all-time peak

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Lifetime concurrent players on Steam

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Concurrent players

  • 1,748 players right now
  • 2,043 24-hour peak
  • 59,558 all-time peak

Owner estimations

Store data

  • 13,083 positive reviews
  • 4,880 negative reviews
  • 72.83% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 1.6 hours median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 2.6 hours median total playtime
  • 1.6 hours average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 22.9 hours average total playtime

Twitch Stats

  • 0 viewers right now
  • 0 24-hour peak
  • 36,887 all-time peak

Steam game hub followers chart

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How many players are playing Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis right now on Steam? There are 1,748 players in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis on Steam. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis player counter. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
352889 Steam Sub 352889 CD Key 27 July 2020 – 10:21:50 UTC
352890 Steam Sub 352890 CD Key 30 September 2020 – 05:49:48 UTC
352891 Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Free on Demand
(Buy Restrict)
8 June 2021 – 08:34:21 UTC

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Downloadable Content

AppID Name Last Update
1327341 Phantasy Star Online 2 - SONIC Collaboration Pack 18 September 2021 – 09:25:45 UTC
1364110 Phantasy Star Online 2 - The Animation - Hero Pack 9 December 2020 – 16:44:21 UTC
1364111 Phantasy Star Online 2 - The Animation - Heroine Pack 9 December 2020 – 16:44:30 UTC
1424100 Phantasy Star Online 2 - Magashi Pack 26 May 2021 – 15:26:30 UTC
1424101 Phantasy Star Online 2 - Howzer Pack 26 May 2021 – 15:26:25 UTC
1424102 Phantasy Star Online 2 - Vivienne Pack 26 May 2021 – 15:26:22 UTC
1424110 Phantasy Star Online 2 - Helga Pack 26 May 2021 – 15:26:17 UTC
1480670 Phantasy Star Online 2 - TAILS Collaboration Pack 26 May 2021 – 15:26:11 UTC
1631370 Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - Start Dash Rappy Pack 28 August 2021 – 21:53:33 UTC
1643090 Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - Aelio Nadar Deluxe Pack 24 August 2021 – 10:14:31 UTC
1643091 Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis - Aelio Nager Deluxe Pack 24 August 2021 – 10:15:05 UTC


ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
228990 DirectX Jun 2010 Redist 98.16 MiB Shared InstallDepot from 228980
1056641 FIG Content 97.98 GiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 7727013 24 November 2021 – 02:02:21 UTC
test Test branch 7775378 25 November 2021 – 07:07:55 UTC
test2 Test branch 2 7793090 29 November 2021 – 08:04:38 UTC
test3 Test branch 3 7777237 25 November 2021 – 13:00:12 UTC
test4 Test branch 4 7727013 17 November 2021 – 07:49:37 UTC
test5 Test branch 5 7722716 16 November 2021 – 15:55:24 UTC


Name Value

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable pso2_bin\pso2launcher.exe
Arguments -steam
Launch Type Launch (Default)
Operating System   windows
CPU Architecture 64-bit only


Key Value
steamcontrollertemplateindex 4
steamcontrollertouchtemplateindex 1
  • 2258412715/controller_type: controller_mobile_touch
  • 2258412715/enabled_branches: default
  • 2258412715/use_action_block: false

User File System

Key Value
quota 10.00 MiB (10485760)
maxnumfiles 10

Save File Locations

This app does not have Steam Auto-Cloud configured, which likely means save files are in [Steam Install]/userdata/{Steam3AccountID}/1056640/ folder.

Other apps that reference this app



Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
CLEAR_AT_MULTI On an Endless Adventure, Once Again!

[PSO2] Proof of clearing a quest in Multiplayer. Our adventure is just beginning! We're counting on you for the next quest!


[PSO2] Proof of triggering a PSE burst. The rising pillar of light is a sign of benediction! Now the real battle begins!

GRIND_ITEM_PLUS10 Thank You, Please Come Again!

[PSO2] Proof of creating a weapon with a +10 enhancement. The will to never retreat, a spirit that never wavers, and an unbreakable asset.

PHOTON_BLAST_INVOKED You Made the Difference!

[PSO2] Proof of triggering a Photon Blast. *Not unlockable in NGS. Release the power that you kindled!


[PSO2] Proof of entering an Alliance Quarters. Let's all support each other, until it feels natural for you to be right alongside us.


[PSO2] Proof of getting a high score in Trick Darts. Aim your darts at the board over there, and *shunk*!

KILL_DRAGON_MAGMA Vol Dragon, the Supreme Ruler of Purgatory

[PSO2] Proof of killing Vol Dragon. *Restricted to single party areas. May it perish in the fires of the volcano it was dunked in!

KILL_DRAGON_CRYSTAL Quartz Dragon, Ruler of the Wild Blue Skies

[PSO2] Proof of killing Quartz Dragon. *Restricted to single party areas. In its insolence, it personally killed our noble dragons!

KILL_PANTHER_A Fang Banser, Assassin of the Secret Forest

[PSO2] Proof of killing Fang Banser. *Restricted to single party areas. "King of Beasts" refers to those who would first sic others on the enemy before themselves.

KILL_BOSS_MECHA_A The Superdreadnought, Big Varder

[PSO2] Proof of destroying Big Varder. *Restricted to single party areas. As always, big launchers on big warships are the stuff of dreams! Although no idea who made it...

KILL_SPIDER Dark Ragne, Predator of the Abyss

[PSO2] Proof of killing Dark Ragne. *Restricted to single party areas. As far as this immensely spacious universe, are they pests, or are they beneficial insects?

CHANGE_HUNTER Turned Into a Stalwart Hero

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Hunter of Level 30 or higher. Yeah, you know Hunters are the best! Don't bother being a Force! They always need to be protected.

CHANGE_RANGER Turned Into an Archer Wielding Flames

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Ranger of Level 30 or higher. Rangers are awesome! Heh heh! Let's make pincushions out of every last little enemy!

CHANGE_FORCE Turned Into a Creator of All Things

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Force of Level 30 or higher. Yeah, being a Force is the best after all... Being a Hunter is nothing but hot, sweaty work.

CHANGE_FIGHTER Turned Into a Point-Blank Shredder

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Fighter of Level 30 or higher. Being a Fighter ain't bad, either! It's a fine choice! Just watch out for Techters!

CHANGE_GUNNER Turned Into a Musketeer Bearing Meteors

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Gunner of Level 30 or higher. Being a Gunner's a nice! Watch enemies dance while you shoot 'em more holes than a honeycomb!

CHANGE_TECHER Turned Into One Who Controls Domains

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Techter of Level 30 or higher. Being a Techter's great. Fighter is out of the question. They get in the way of the rays we shoot.

CLEAR_WITH_CUNA Shining, intense, and brilliant!

[PSO2] Proof of clearing a quest with Quna. Did you watch me on stage!? ...Huh, you couldn't really see me because of my invisibility power?

KILL_DP_HUMAN Falz Hyunal, the Jet Black Beacon

[PSO2] Proof of killing Falz Hyunal. *Restricted to single party areas. If one who fights humans take a human form, isn't it because human forms are the strongest to take?

KILL_DRAGON_BERSERK_A Chrome Dragon, the Ravening Tyrant

[PSO2] Proof of killing Chrome Dragon. *Restricted to single party areas. There are no assailants to be found. For here, there are only victims.

GRIND_ITEM_FAILED That's Amazingly Bad Luck You've Got There

[PSO2] Proof of having failed at Armor Enhancement. Think about it this way: At least this means you have meseta to burn, right?

PHOTON_BLAST_EP2_INVOKED An Extremely Enraged Mag

[PSO2] Proof of triggering an Troy-type Photon Blast from an extremely enraged Mag. Its Photon Blast is awoken by its intense anger, even while it maintains its calm demeanor...

KILL_MARINE_OARFISH Bar Lodos, Conqueror of the Raging Currents

[PSO2] Proof of killing Bar Lodos. *Restricted to single party areas. Placid seas can hardly forge experienced sailors. Every crisis is an opportunity!

CHANGE_BRAVER Turned Into a Master of Opportunities

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Braver of Level 30 or higher. Yes, the new class, the Braver! Become a Braver today!

HIDE_AND_SEEK Found the Lillipan!

[PSO2] Find the hidden Lillipan hiding out in the Casino. "Lin... (they found me)!"

KILL_MONO_YOROI Gigur Gunnegam, the Demon of the Frozen Ice

[PSO2] Proof of killing Gigur Gunnegam. *Restricted to single party areas. If a divine punishment awaits him, then let him have it!

CHANGE_BOUNCER Turned Into a Flying Guardian

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Bouncer of Level 30 or higher. Surely it was fate that you'd become a Bouncer! Please, by all means, tell me your orders!

CLEAR_EP4 The Guardians Awaken

[PSO2] Proof of clearing the EPISODE 4 Story Quest, "The Time of Awakening." Search for worlds yet unseen.

KILL_TRAIN Train Gidran, the Phantom Runaway Train

[PSO2] Proof of destroying Train Gidran. *Restricted to single party areas. There's no lying about how scary that was…

CHANGE_SUMMONER Turned Into a Shepherd Unbound

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Summoner of Level 30 or higher. The Summoner, who can be with their beloved children even on the battlefield, is the most elegant!

CLEAR_EP5 Salvation at Hand

[PSO2] Proof of clearing the EPISODE 5 Story Quest, "Seeking the Hand of Salvation." And now, the doorway to a new world shall be opened.

CLEAR_OMNIBUS Memories of Xion

[PSO2] Proof of clearing the EPISODE 1 Story Quest, "An Encounter with Xion." Sooo... what kinds of records can we see from here? I've got a feeling it's going to be really fun!

CHANGE_HERO Turned Into a Principled Paragon

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Hero. Everyone in ARKS is a Hero! Now let's go show the world!

CLEAR_EP6 Enter the Goddess of Ends

[PSO2] Proof of clearing the EPISODE 6 Story Quest, "Goddess' Prelude". No one is privy to the true ending.

KILL_CYPHER The End Unleashed

[PSO2] Proof of destroying a luminmech. *Restricted to single party areas. Marvels manipulated by the Photoners.

CHANGE_VILLAIN Turned Into a Phantom Amidst Shadow

[PSO2] Proof you've changed your Main Class to Phantom. So you want power? Best seek the power of the "Phantom"…


[NGS] Proof of causing PSE Bursts in PSO2:NGS. Can you fight your way through?

KILL_GD_BOX Knuckles on the Nogleths

[NGS] Proof of defeating Nogleth. The beatings won't stop until they apologize.

KILL_GD_DRA All-out Assault on Nex Aelio

[NGS] Proof of defeating Nex Aelio. Bringing peace to Aelio is what ARKS defenders do.


[NGS] Proof of creating a Multi-weapon in PSO2:NGS. All hail ARKS's multi-purpose innovation!


[NGS] Proof of forming a party with other players in PSO2:NGS. Strength through diversity.

CHANGE_NGS_MAIN Brilliant Growth!

[NGS] Proof of reaching Level 20 with any class in PSO2:NGS. ARKS defenders, reach for the stars!

Inventory Service Item Definitions


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