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Patch notes

Curated patch notes for Steam games

We track every new build on Steam, and try connect these builds to announcements by the game developers in their hub.

We also automatically display the list of changed files for every single patch.

Date Game Patch Title
Fri 03:52 Earth Elements
Fri 03:51 Rec Room Rec Room PATCH - the "Rec Rally" edition
Fri 03:46 モン娘ぐらでぃえーた ver1.1.10公開のお知らせ
Fri 03:42 TIMESCAPE: Altitude Chinese Update, and More improvements --- keep the suggestions coming.
Fri 03:31 HammerHelm Build 1.9.1 - Gold Balance
Fri 03:28 Gigapocalypse v.1.9.78.
Fri 03:19 Gunfire Reborn Update Notes - 12/03/2021: [Pole Monarch] gameplay changes and BUG fixes
Fri 03:16 Before We Leave The Wasteland Update Beta is here!
Fri 03:09 白马非马 2021/12/3 11:10 Updates, fixes and adjustments
Fri 03:04 Jungles of Maxtheria Jungles of Maxtheria Update
Fri 02:57 METAL DOGS 0.3.0 patch notes
Fri 02:38 LINGERING Achievement Sync Fix
Fri 02:12 HereSphere VR Video Player Update for Beta Branch 12/2/2021
Fri 01:55 Dungeons of Edera Dungeons of Edera: November Update
Fri 01:24 HAAK Small Update 12808MP
Fri 01:20 Dungeons Of Honor Update Alpha
Fri 01:18 Grow: Song of the Evertree Hot Fix #2
Fri 01:18 纸嫁衣 At present, the reason why Steam can not be purchased, we are urgently contactin
Fri 01:03 Survive Me Miolhr Patch 18.9.1
Fri 00:59 The Wasteland Trucker Fixing those pesky bugs patch 1
Fri 00:55 Jurisdiction 1.1.9 Update
Fri 00:43 UNDYING Dec 2nd Weekly Update
Fri 00:43 Goat's Tale Update 0.9.6
Fri 00:35 KUR Patch 8: KUR Version Update 0.8.2 is out!
Fri 00:24 Uberlaufer Update Notes for Version 0.946
Fri 00:19 X-Force Genesis Big Update
Fri 00:18 Path of Exile Scientist Wither, Contagion, Blight and Bane Effects - Big Sale on Weapons and S
Fri 00:06 Lovely Planet Remix Hotfix 31.4
Fri 00:02 Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Update Released (ClientVersion 6928179)
Thu 23:53 Industries of Titan Patch 0.19.2
Thu 23:53 Approaching Infinity Hotfix 1.7b4 for an uncommon disaster...
Thu 23:45 KovaaK's KovaaK's 2.7.0 - Major Release!
Thu 23:37 Killer in the cabin Update 1.0.631
Thu 23:29 Buy it now! BugFix№5
Thu 23:29 Pizza Man Update 4
Thu 23:15 里帰り - Satogaeri - Visibility of some "調べる" points has been improved.
Thu 23:02 Emperial Knights Playtest EK_Patch 1.3.9a
Thu 23:02 Star Valor Update - 1.3.3
Thu 22:59 Birthright v0.19.2
Thu 22:49 Dungeons Of Honor
Thu 22:48 Date Night Bowling Updated credits
Thu 22:43 Waves of Steel Waves of Steel v0.38 release notes
Thu 22:25 Planet Hotpot Minor bug fixes and gameplay updates
Thu 22:22 Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Update #16 Is Here!
Thu 22:15 TaleSpire Photon connectivity patch 2
Thu 22:14 CYBRID Beta Update - V0837BT4
Thu 22:09 Stoneshard Hotfix - Changelog
Thu 22:02 Dungeons Of Honor Alpha 1.5.1 (Hotfix)
Thu 21:55 Arcane Waters Playtest PlayTest Patch Notes Build#1349
Thu 21:51 Lonely Tribes Playtest Patch 0.3
Thu 21:50 Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator Release 28.1 is Live!
Thu 21:35 Amazing Fix New Challenge Item: The Overwhelmed Owner.
Thu 21:32 Oxygen Not Included Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! Launch Announcement!
Thu 21:25 Striving for Light Hotfix
Thu 21:22 Intravenous Game patch 1.2.15
Thu 21:12 Lock 'n Load Tactical Digital: Core Game 02 Dec 21 Early Access Build
Thu 21:04 Bingo on Stream Playtest Alpha Update
Thu 21:00 Mini Metro Now stopping at Addis Ababa.
Thu 20:52 Dota 2 ClientVersion 5105
Thu 20:51 Jackpot Bennaction - B14, Discover The Mystery Combination Updating images in the rules of the game
Thu 20:50 PROVIDER Ubuntu Support
Thu 20:46 Jackpot Bennaction - B12, Discover The Mystery Combination Updating images in the rules of the game
Thu 20:44 Satisfactory Experimental Update v0.5.1.6
Thu 20:29 People Playground 1.22.3
Thu 20:28 MIR4 Emergency Maintenance - December 3rd (Fixed Bugs, related in-game market)
Thu 20:25 Princess & Conquest P&C Beta Update: 02.12.2021
Thu 20:22 Horror Legends Version 1.1.5 Hotfix and balance patch
Thu 20:15 Arcane Waters Playtest PlayTest Patch Notes Build#1348
Thu 20:06 Satisfactory FICS*MAS Update Fixes v0.5.1.5
Thu 20:04 Desecrators Desecrators 0.5.2 - Dropship
Thu 20:01 Night Blade Patch Notes
Thu 19:57 Magic Spellslingers v0.19 Update
Thu 19:48 Sniper Fury Tex Fury Backstory
Thu 19:29 Chased by Darkness Update
Thu 19:28 Tea Time Tea Time Has Been Released!
Thu 19:25 Intravenous Game patch 1.2.14
Thu 19:23 Last Epoch New Character Models - Acolyte and Mage
Thu 19:16 Liftoff: Micro Drones Update 0.4.1 released
Thu 19:16 Cross of Auria 5.0.12 - Rockfist Ursid Questline & Crash Fix
Thu 19:11 The 2021 Winter Release – v0.24
Thu 19:09 Pro Wrestling Sim Update Notes 2 Dec 2021
Thu 18:56 Rust December Update
Thu 18:53 Unyielding 0.3.23
Thu 18:47 Dota 2 ClientVersion 5104
Thu 18:34 Sweet Surrender Update 4: All new upgradeable player classes!
Thu 18:12 DarkHouse Patch 1.2
Thu 17:58 英雄黄昏 2021年12月3日 更新说明
Thu 17:55 DOOM Eternal SERIES SEVEN COSMETIC PACK Available Now!
Thu 17:48 Kingdom Rush KINGDOM RUSH TURNED 10!
Thu 17:39 Cellyon: Boss Confrontation Hotfix 0.9.8a
Thu 17:38 SantaCraft The SantaCraft Train Update is Here!
Thu 17:36 Sailwind Update 0.13.2 Patch Notes
Thu 17:29 Learning Factory KOTOVOD Worker #43: New Milestone, New Tutorials, More Holiday Art
Thu 17:29 RetroArch Beetle PSX core DLC added!
Thu 17:26 WorldBox - God Simulator WorldBox and STEAMy biomes are now Available!
Thu 17:23 Smithy Wars New Sets
Thu 17:22 Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Come Celebrate the Fiesta Mexicana Event!
Thu 17:20 Fire in the Beastlands Release!
Thu 17:14 Midnight Legends Update - Build 0.7.14
Thu 17:13 The Infecting 3 Small Patch fixing commands
Thu 17:07 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Update 12-02-2021
Thu 16:59 Storms II Patch 1.3
Thu 16:56 Fights in Tight Spaces Fights in Tight Spaces v1.0 Available Now
Thu 16:48 Splitgate Splitmas 2021 - Play Now
Thu 16:46 Hyper Dash Winter Update
Thu 16:44 Tacview Tacview 1.8.8 beta 1 is now available
Thu 16:40 Two Clusters Cold Haven Version 0.2.5
Thu 16:40 Abi and the soul Now available Abi and the soul
Thu 16:36 Retroninjacyberassassin December 2021 Patch 1
Thu 16:34 Hidden Deep Playtest Small Hotfix Patch
Thu 16:34 Mechajammer Today's the day. Mechajammer is OUT NOW!
Thu 16:21 Fishing Planet Patch Note 4.0.1
Thu 16:20 Cultist Simulator A Dropzone For Verbs, and Other Stories
Thu 16:20 ΔV: Rings of Saturn 0.431.8 - Freefall
Thu 16:09 Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Notes
Thu 16:09 Mythical New Environment: Ancient Top
Thu 16:07 Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 GAME UPDATE - DEC.02.2021
Thu 16:03 Reign: Conflict of Nations Language addition
Thu 16:02 !Anyway! !AnyWay! V12.0
Thu 15:58 Baldur's Gate 3 Hotfix #19 Now Live!
Thu 15:55 Insect Adventure Update 12/2/21
Thu 15:49 Comic Book Company Manager 0.7.1 - Random names and quick creation
Thu 15:41 中华富甲三国 更新武将技能特效与伤害
Thu 15:31 Dread Templar Dread Templar 0.931f hotfix
Thu 15:31 Sucker Punch One Ring to Punch Them ALL!
Thu 15:27 Night Blade WINTER UPDATE
Thu 15:17 Cybermere Patch 1.18
Thu 15:14 OVR Locomotion Effect Patch v0.8.2 : Bug-fix
Thu 15:12 Musicle [2021.12.03] Musicle Big Update
Thu 15:12 Rec Center Tycoon Small Update - Patch 0.6.2
Thu 15:04 The Dawn: Sniper's Way Patch 0.814
Thu 15:03 FaceWorld 软件易完善更新和问题修复
Thu 15:02 Dino Nest UPDATE Chapter III "Hidden Island" is OUT NOW!
Thu 15:01 A Total War Saga: TROY Who are Rhesus & Memnon?
Thu 14:59 Monstrum 2 02/12/2021 - December Update
Thu 14:54 Knight&Princess Boss - Update
Thu 14:42 The Infecting 3 Christmas Avatars + Bug Fixes!
Thu 14:31 Christmas Live Wallpaper Update notes for Dec 2
Thu 14:27 Sentimental K Update on 2nd December 2021
Thu 14:19 The van of justice Little patch (v1.2)
Thu 14:18 TOEM Bugfixes 1.10
Thu 14:18 Faraday Protocol Faraday Protocol now available for Linux and SteamOS!
Thu 14:14 Century: Age of Ashes Founder's Packs : How to redeem your Discord Role
Thu 14:08 Clip maker Audio MP3 Fading and other improvements
Thu 14:03 Squirrelmageddon! 850 - Map Lighting Fixes
Thu 13:59 Teardown The complete campaign is here!
Thu 13:59 Junk Jack Experimental Unlocked Branch
Thu 13:58 Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - v1.0.11 Update
Thu 13:54 PowerWash Simulator Multiplayer Beta Now Available in Content Update 0.7!
Thu 13:46 Spirited Thief Playtest 0.32.1
Thu 13:42 Rubber Bandits: Summer Prologue RUBBER BANDITS IS FINALLY LIVE!
Thu 13:41 Deceit Legendary Base Cosmetics
Thu 13:41 Skautfold: Knight's End #Patch 16
Thu 13:37 东方夜雀食堂 - Touhou Mystia's Izakaya - 重大更新,v1.5.6版本正式实装
Thu 13:28 Rubber Bandits: Christmas Prologue RUBBER BANDITS IS FINALLY LIVE!
Thu 13:23 Endless Furry Killer 2020 Camera Blood Toggle
Thu 13:14 The Riftbreaker Live on Twitch
Thu 13:09 KARDS - The WWII Card Game 2021 KARDS World Championship $10.000 Grand Finals - How to watch?
Thu 13:08 Stellar Warfare Fixed reported bug on 32:9 monitors
Thu 12:55 Rubber Bandits Rubber Bandits is released!
Thu 12:49 Card Creator New Update (2.15.8)
Thu 12:43 Jurassic World Evolution 2 Untitled
Thu 12:43 Toby's Island New Region - Island Spine and quality of life update
Thu 12:41 QuestNotes Steamオーバーレイの不具合の修整
Thu 12:32 BustyBiz Update! German Localization issues
Thu 12:15 Guide and Throw Minor bugfixes
Thu 12:13 GB Rober GB Rober: A barrage of small updates
Thu 12:11 Gloria Victis Weekly Update 298: Work in progress insight – Faster combat incoming!
Thu 12:03 Cave Confectioner Version 0.7.2
Thu 12:00 Post Scriptum Update v2.1.2005.5465 - Changelog
Thu 11:44 Starbase Public Test Universe and the current state of the playerbase
Thu 11:40 DJMAX RESPECT V v1021 Update
Thu 11:09 Bodies of Water (VR) 12/2/2021 Patch
Thu 11:06 Card Creator New Update (2.15.7)
Thu 10:58 Backbone Backbone: Post Localisation Patch #1
Thu 10:56 VUP VUP v1.6.2 Release Notes
Thu 10:51 Hell Let Loose Developer Briefing #156 - U11 'Outflank’ Update Next Week!!
Thu 10:47 Wartales Wartales Hotfix #1 now live!
Thu 10:45 Intravenous Game patch 1.2.13
Thu 10:38 LINGERING Patch Fix
Thu 10:37 The Curse of Feldar Vale Update V1.018
Thu 10:31 Bean Stalker Early Access Hotfix #4
Thu 10:30 Some Some Convenience Store Game engine update
Thu 10:29 The Bus The Bus Update 1.8 - Released
Thu 10:24 Dyson Sphere Program Dyson Sphere Program Patch Notes
Thu 10:14 NosTale Pick Up Great Value Partners and Accessories!
Thu 10:12 Home Sweet Home Survive Server is Now Open
Thu 10:02 No Plan B Release hotfix
Thu 10:02 Super Kickers League Update : Save is now fixed for everyone!
Thu 10:00 Breadbox Hot Fix - keyboard mappings
Thu 09:44 Heroes of Xanfurth Minor Patch 1.03
Thu 09:23 DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation 12/02 (Thu) Update - “Fashion is a state of mind ♪” starts!
Thu 09:09 Dungeon Lord Game engine update
Thu 09:06 Love Flute Game engine update
Thu 09:06 Path Of Aurora Patch v1.12 is now live
Thu 09:06 白马非马 299/5000 2021/12/2 5:00 updated and adjusted
Thu 09:00 NSFW Studio NSFW Studio is open for business!
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