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Tiny Rogues update for 29 September 2022

PTR Beta Branch Update - v0.1.6

Share · View all patches · Build 9621280 · Last edited 29 September 2022 – 22:09:19 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

A little bit of information about how I will handle PTR updates:

  • I will keep PTR updates short and unprecise.
  • PTR will change very often, more often than the "default" version of the game.
  • I'll only post PTR updates when a lot of changes come to PTR beta branch. Small hot fixes might not even be mentioned.
  • Please be aware, PTR is literally a testing / beta branch, it can very well happen that runs will completely break, you get stuck or the game crashes. Be aware of this if you record video content on PTR.
  • In case of critical bugs, while I will try to fix PTR as soon as possible, PTR is not as high on priority for me as default branch, so it might take a while to get a fix. My plan is for the default version of the game to be as stable as possible.
  • All changes are subject to change, on the PTR even more than on the default version of the game.

Here the rough summary of what changed in the update from 0.1.5 to 0.1.6 so far:
(Real patch notes will be written when the changes go to default version)

Changes / Features:

  • Almost all passive skills (meta progression) "Blessings" have been reworked and their prices have been adjusted
  • Applied an experimental change to armory rooms which should give you more weapons with scaling that you actually want
  • Soul Pylons now always spawn in Floor 3, 6 and 9.
  • Before exiting a floor with access to a soul pylon, you'll now be asked to confirm to go to the next floor.
  • You can now scroll the status effect list. Also made the panels a bit smaller.
  • Equipment doesn't grant immunity anymore. The items Plague Doctor Mask, Thieves Boots and Dragonscale Greaves have been changed and now have new effects.
  • Pyromancy Flame has been nerfed, not because it is too op but because it didn't make sense when comparing the Pyromancy Flame to the Mojo offhand, which was more specific (Poison Damage VS Damage Over Time) but gave less of a damage increase. The Mojos effect has also been changed.
  • Knight now gains 8% more damage per armor point
  • Tipsiness is now 8% increased damage instead of 10% per stack
  • Buffed the amount of gold obtained from Petrified Hoards and Golden Treasure Chests
  • Reworded infusion effect consumables to make it more obvious they will work for multiple weapons and are not just applied to 1 weapon.
  • Silver Serpent Ring has a new effect.
  • Purging Stones now don't recover health anymore when used.
  • Soul Pickups now are animated slightly and got a particle effect to be more noticeable.
  • Energy Shrines now provide +1 stamina instead of faster recovery speed
  • Soul Pylon health scales a bit differently now (more appropriate health for each level they appear in)
  • Death has slightly slightly less health
  • Soul Pylons now don't attack immediately when entering the room
  • The bone projectiles of the mummy enemies in floor 5 are now bigger and easier to spot.
  • Warrior now gets 25% more melee attack speed up from 20% more
  • New resolution option for 1680x1050
  • Made it so the Inferior modifier appears less often
  • The Harp weapon was changed, it previously had 2 APS but repeated 2 times, now it has 4 APS but doesn't repeat anymore. This change makes the Harp a lot nicer on the ears.
  • Deck Of Cards, Enchanted Bow, Frostbane, Laser Gun, Laser Rifle, Salamandra and Soul Thief Dagger now deal "Magical" damage type and will benefit and use Mana
  • The damage type "Magic" was renamed to "Magical" to avoid confusing with the weapon type "Magic"
  • Updated descriptions of Cluckeye Bow, Flame Treads, Horn Helmet, Kitsune Mask and Top Hat to give players more numbers
  • The dexterity trait "Cull The Weak" now gives 10% more damage dealt per status effect on enemy instead of 25% more damage dealt if at least one status effect is on enemy
  • HEAVILY adjusted the Soul Economy. All bosses now drop more souls, especially early on.
  • The "XP bar" now is a "Lvl Bar"
  • The damage bonus gained from upgrading the weapon at the blacksmith is now slightly affected by the hidden tier system for weapons. This means that if you upgrade a weapon early on it might be just a little bit stronger for longer.
  • Buffed "Lethality" from 100% critical hit multiplier to 125%. Crit was a bit weak after I nerfed the amount of Luck rewards you find from bosses.
  • Diamond Ring is back from an OCD inducing journey and now grants 10% crit chance again up from 8%
  • Most daggers have been buffed
  • Charon has raised his prices and now charges more souls for items
  • All scepters have been buffed
  • In Mega Death's beam phase, the beams now rotate faster.
  • Mega Death has a little bit less health.
  • Mega Death now will wait just slightly longer before teleporting into the middle when transitioning into the "Storm Of Souls" attack. The indicator for this teleport has also been increased in size.
  • Spore Flail and Sun Vortex flails have been buffed
  • Zweihander has been buffed and now hits twice
  • "Sword and Board" is now a dexterity trait, the damage of the shield bash attack has been increased by a lot
  • The Skull Ring is now more common
  • Butcher Cleaver has been nerfed, it accidentally dodged a nerf after the latest change to bleed where bleed was buffed to deal double damage
  • The Amethyst Ring is now unlocked by default, meaning in the first run ever, you'll be able to take 2 hits before you die, not only 1
  • The Life Drain Scepter and the Lifehunt Scythe have been changed, they don't recover health anymore but now have a chance to spawn healing pickup on kill
  • Glass Cannon now makes it so you take +1 heart of DMG instead of double damage.
  • Ethereal dice now cannot drop when at MAX traits
  • You now have a little more time to dodge "Storm Enchanted" lightning strikes.
  • Health recovery rewards now spawn "smarter", looking at your health to determine their rarity. (means if you are low health you'll find more recovery rewards, if you are full health, you'll find less)
  • Added a new system so now traits can dynamically display description texts. With this change, proficiency traits can now give more accurate numbers on what damage increase you can expect to get from it.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where equipment effects weren't always applied correctly. This should fix items like "Maiden Dress" now working more consistently. (at least it did in my own testing, but this stuff is tricky)
  • Fixed a bug where if you revived while having "Arcane Potency" (health = 0), you were alive with 0 hearts. Reviving while on 0 maximum health now will provide soul hearts instead of normal hearts.
  • Fixed a bug where in later floors a reward promised a helmet reward but it always resulted in a body armor reward.
  • Fixed a major bug where you could "equip" items into the wrong slot by using drag and drop.
  • Fixed a bug where all orbitals, for example from Inferno Potion would be destroyed upon "death", even if the player then got revived.
  • Changed / fixed the way "health bonus" equipment recovers health to player.
  • Kitsune Mask and Storm In A Bottle shouldn't damage bosses anymore before cut scene has ended.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos basically everywhere. (Change does not apply to these patch notes)
  • Fixed a bug where the character panel was not closed when entering boss room cut scenes
  • Fixed a bug where Berserker Potion promised 15% increased attack speed but actually gave 20% increased attack speed (this is technically a nerf)
  • Fixed a bug where the Runestone event in floor 7 didn't give a level up as it was supposed to
  • Fixed a small wording issue where the Circlet description said "spell attack speed" instead of "magic attack speed"
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't save after spending souls on buying new classes

Changed depots in public-test-realm branch

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