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Night of the Dead update for 29 September 2022

Beta Test #01 - Vehicle, New weapons for New Worldmap

Share · View all patches · Build 9616457 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

Beta Test #01

Vehicle, New weapons for New Worldmap


During the beta period, we will share the additional patch history through this post.


Hello. This is Jactostudios.
We are very sorry that the update schedule has been delayed than announced.
As we expanded the game, more systems had to be added than announced in the last dev blog, and many existing systems were changed.
Accordingly, we would like to conduct a beta test to provide a stable release service.
We apologize once again for the delay, and we ask for your participation in the beta test.

<How to participate in the beta test>

*You can change from Steam - Properties... - BETAS to 'beta_shipping'.
As the game system changes, we do not support save files from previous versions.

*Please press the 'Beta' when running the game.

<Beta Testing Recommendations>

*If starting the game for the first time after changing to beta, recommend reinstalling the game.
If you can't join the multiplayer game as a guest, please reinstall the game.

*Please run the 'InstallAntiCheat.bat' file in the game install directory.

*And please reset the control settings to default after starting the game.

<Known Issue>

We will notice through announcements as soon as the following issues are normalized.

  • Currently, the dedicated server is not available
  • If a client player builds a building on top of a vehicle, the construction may behave abnormally. It is not recommended for client players to build buildings on top of vehicles.

Please send a crash report with specifics if a crash occurs!
If you have any problems, please send an email with the form below.
[Game Version]
[How to Replicate]
[Screenshot/Video if possible]

Email :

If you send the save file too, it will be very helpful for verification.
The save files are in “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\LF\Saved\SaveGames”.
(USERNAME is the same as your Windows name)

[Equipment System]
  1. Controllability System
  • Attack accuracy is affected by equipment stability, character's manipulability, and stamina status.
  1. Parts System
  • Added parts that can be mounted on weapons. ('Handmade' - 'Equip Weapon Parts')
  • Parts can increase the basic performance of the weapon and have unique abilities.
  1. Grade System
  • Added grade to weapons.
  • Additional options may be given when acquiring weapons.
  • Reinforcement values are limited depending on the equipment grade.
  1. Durability System
  • Added durability to the equipment.
  • Durability decreases as the equipment is used, and durability affects equipment performance.
  • You can recover the durability of the equipment by repairing the equipment. ('Handmade' - 'Repair Equipment')
  • Equipment repair kits are used to repair the equipment.
  1. Equipment Reassembly System
  • Productivity is affected by the performance and grade of the consuming equipment.
  1. Equipment Reinforcement System
  • Changed some of the stats that increase when upgrading equipment.
  • Added new ores to the materials for reinforcement.
  1. Changed the control method of the equipment.
  • Changed the aiming and throwing method of the throwing weapon.
  • Added the hipfire of range weapon.
  • Added the function to change the firing mode of a range weapon.
  1. Changed crafting materials for equipment.
  • Depending on the performance of the equipment, there is a difference in the amount of material required for the craft.
  • Added new ores to the materials for crafting.
  1. Equipment Balancing
  • Increased the basic stats of the equipment.
  • When acquiring and crafting equipment, there is a certain probability that you can acquire high-grade equipment.
  1. Added new items related to equipment.
  • Equipment (16 kinds)
    *Deleted existing equipment due to the addition of new equipment. (5 kinds)
    Kukir, Katana, Polearm, RU-74, MR16

  • Weapon Parts (22kinds)

  • Ammunition (5 kinds)
    *Deleted existing ammunition due to the addition of new ammunition. (1 kind)
    Rifle Bullet

  • Equipment Repair Kit (2 kinds)

  • Coil (1 kind)

  1. Added new vehicles. (5 kinds)

  1. Vehicles can be crafted in the 'Vehicle' category of the build menu.

  2. Vehicles use a specific fuel.

  3. Ground vehicles take damage if they fall into the water.

  4. Build possible on top of 'Armored Car' and 'Armored Boat'.

  5. Upgrade Vehicle

  • Can build more buildings by upgrading vehicles.
[New Areas]
  1. The world expanded.

  2. Changed and added natural objects to suit each area.

  3. Animals and zombies that match the characteristics appear in each area.

  4. Different animals are captured in different areas.

  5. Added mines where new ores can be obtained.

  6. The output of production facilities(such as crops, ore, and oil) varies in a specific region.

  7. Debuffs are applied to players in a certain area.

  8. Added various items that can be obtained in each area.

  9. Can obtain specific books for each area.

  10. Added bulinding forbidden area.

  1. Zombie balancing
  • Decreased the stats of existing zombies.
  • More powerful zombies appear depending on the difficulty of each area.
  • Some zombies drop the equipment they are holding.
  • Decreased the number of world zombies.
  1. Wave System
  • Increased the difficulty at the early part of the wave.
  • Added new zombies to the wave.
  • Increased the upper limit of the number of days the wave's difficulty increases from 100 days to 300 days.
  1. New Zombies
  • Added new zombies to each region. (35 kinds)

  1. New Animals
  • Added new animals to each region. (19 kinds)

  1. Added new building category.
  • 'Vehicle' category

  1. Added new production facilities. (1 kind)
  • Cactus Farm

  1. Production facilities have been balanced.
  • Increased the production facility's output.
  • Increased the production time of the production facility.
[Reward Box]
  1. Changed the reward box system.
  • Depending on the type of reward box, different items can be obtained.
  • The value of the items that can be obtained from the reward box is applied differently depending on the difficulty of each area.
  1. Added a type of reward box. (4 kinds)
  • Weapon, Armor, Equipment Parts, General
  • Removed the existing reward box according to the addition of the reward box.
  1. Added an object from which can obtain items. (234 kinds)

  2. Changed to be able to break some objects.

  1. New items added.
  • Material (6 kinds)

  • Ore (4 kinds)

  • Ingot (7 kinds)

  • Food (7 kinds)

  • Animal skins and feathers. (19 kinds)

  • Vehicle materials (14 kinds)

  • Books (36 kinds)

  1. Changed the crafting materials of the following item.
  • Grenade
  1. Added craftable item.
  • Gunpowder
  1. Removed the following items.
  • Large Stone, Trimmed Stone
  1. Changed the following item.
  • Rubber Ring -> Rubber
  1. Some items have been changed to be disassembled.
  • Equipment, Weapon Parts, Coil
  1. Item Balancing
  • Increased the drop rate of Branches, Leaves, and Seeds at Bush and Trees.
  1. Added Wrench
  • As added the Wrench, downscaled the function of the Claw Hammer.
  • The Claw Hammer can repair, upgrade, or demolish some buildings.
  • The Wrench can repair, upgrade, and demolish any buildings.
  • Can break some objects in Worldmap by using Wrench.
  1. Added new interactions.
  • For Wrench : Break, Repair, Demolish, Upgrade, Steal
  • Find(Long)
  1. Stats Balancing
  • Increased additional options applied according to the character's stats.
[Buff System]
  1. New buff system
  • Added area debuff and zombie debuff.
  • Can resist debuffs through certain items.
  1. Changed the duration of some foods.
  • 24hours -> 6/12/18/24hours
  1. Added new occupations. (4 kinds)

  2. Added unique characteristics suitable for each occupation.

  3. Occupation Balance

  • Decreased attribute requirement points and increased performance.
  1. Added new research. (13 kinds)

  2. Research Balancing

  • Increased the overall effects that can be obtained through research.
  • Increased the amount of research data required for research.
  • Changed the categories of some research.
  • Changed books required for some research.
  1. Decreased the difficulty of fishing.
  1. Increased the performance of the trap modification parts.

  2. Changed Plasma Shocker to be able to equip trap modification parts.

  3. Changed the Plasma Shocker's attack type to Lightning element.

  4. Trap Balancing

  • Increased damage of upgraded traps.
[New System]
  1. Server Management System
  • Added a function of player report.
  • If a player is reported, the information will be sent to the server administrator and game operator.
  • Added a function to import and export the ban list to the server management panel.
  1. Game restriction system
  • Players who engage in improper acts are restricted from playing the game.
  • 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and permanent suspension are applied depending on the repeatability and severity of the action.
  1. Anti-Cheat
  • Anti-cheat is executed when the game is launched.
  1. Building Forbidden Area
  • Added an option to activate areas that cannot be built.
  • This option can be activated in the 'General' tab of the game difficulty.
  1. Added a 'Repair Equipment' category to 'Handmade'.

  2. Added an 'Equip Weapon Parts' category to 'Handmade'.

  3. Changed inventory category icon

  4. Changed the craft category icon

  5. Changed the item icon

  6. Notification of build failure

  • The reason the build failed is displayed if the player is unable to build.
  1. Added new buttons to the server management panel.
  • Player report button.
  • Import and export the ban list button.
  1. Key guide
  • Changed and added key guides to suit the current situation.
  1. Changed the map
  • Changed the map as the worldmap changes.

Changed depots in pre-alpha_shipping branch

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