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Summum Aeterna update for 22 September 2022

New major update: "Will of the Kings"

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

New content and improvements included in the "Will of the Kings" Update


  • New game mode available: "Will of the Kings"

After obtaining the "Vial of the Kings" we can fill it with chaos to infuse the seeds with the "Will of the Kings". This mode will eliminate all the options for obtaining a weapon in that world except for the initial choice, in addition, the stores and weapon selections will be transformed into a new type of room: "Royal Forges", in which we can improve our weapon both in level as in rarity and even ascend it to "Summum" level

  • "Stomp" can now be canceled with Boost or Double Jump


  • New item type available: Crafting Blueprints

New blueprints available: "Aspects": Through these plans, it will be possible to customize the outfit of the King of Darkness
New blueprints available: "Weapons": Through these plans, it will be possible to unlock new weapons allowing them to appear in the shops and elections of the worlds
New blueprints available: "Summums": Through these plans, it will be possible to ascend the weapons to the Summum level, unleashing all their power and endowing the king with powerful unique abilities.

  • A new currency has been included: "Skull"

Skulls are obtained as a final reward by completing all the Bosses of a seed without being defeated or in seeds / special events


  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the enemy "Killer Bandit" would not attack properly
  • Base damage done by "Giant Skeleton" reduced from 100 to 60
  • Removed "Electric Slug" body damage
  • Improved the collision calculation of the enemy "Bat" when attacking


  • New member of the Grim Horde available: "Djaderas, Master of the Forbidden Arts"

Loyal servant of the Demons' Mother, and one of the greatest experts on arcane forces to have served under Idalith. During the Purge War, Djaderas commanded the Grim Horde on the Eastern Front, where he achieved several decisive victories thanks to his knowledge. His track was lost shortly after the fall of the infernal lady... But he has returned to the rest of his brothers in arms.


  • Umehara's "Rest" time between combos has been increased from 4 to 6 seconds on Normal difficulty and from 3 to 5 seconds on Hard difficulty
  • Added a warning notice when Umehara's "Rest" time between combos is about to expire
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Umehara's "Tornado" attack would not advance properly
  • Fixed a bug where leeches in battles against "Count Xander" would sometimes not die with him
  • Fixed a bug where "Count Xander" would incorrectly clear his status ailments and curses when changing his position
  • Improved "Count Xander" battle room performance


  • New weapon rarity available: Relic

Only weapons ascended to "Summum" can reach the Relic rarity level

  • New Scythe Available: Will of Idalith (Ascension available)
  • Invokes vengeful spirits (Chase the closest enemy until they hit them for 40% of your attack damage, if the hit kills the enemy, it will invoke 1 + 1 per rarity additional vengeful spirits at their position)
  • Hitting an enemy has a 10% + 15% chance per rarity level to invoke a vengeful spirit
  • If an enemy is killed by the "Execute" ability it will invoke 1 + 1 per rarity level Vengeful Spirits at their position


  • Recharge: When spirits hit enemies
  • Effect: Invokes waves of "Vengeful Spirits" around the King for 4s + 0.5s per rarity level
  • New Sword Available: Corrupted Bloodline (Ascension Available)
  • Hitting an enemy will bleed you for 10% of weapon damage + 2% per rarity level
  • Passive Skill: +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • Increases critical hit damage by 10% + 15% per rarity level


  • Recharge: With bleed damage done
  • Effect: Invokes the spirit of the legendary champion of light "Markus Garibaldi" which will serve you for 12s + 2s per rarity level, attacking enemies for you and dealing the same damage as you.
  • New pistol available: Double Long Colt (Ascension available)
  • Light shots deal 50% more damage. Does not have a secondary fire
  • Light shots consume 2 ammo rounds
  • Light shots explode on impact with an enemy, the explosion radius is 2 units + 1 per rarity level and deals 100% weapon damage to all enemies in the area
  • Explosions created by light shots burn enemies for 20% + 5% per rarity level of weapon damage


  • Recharge: With fire damage dealt
  • Effect: For 3s + 0.5s per rarity level, ammo is infinite and attack speed is doubled
  • Updated "Touch of the Death" scythe (Ascension available)

Changed the bonus boss damage calculation of his "Execute" ability to deal damage equal to 1% of his total health + 0.5% per rarity level + 1% per curse charge
Reduced "Execute" cooldown on "Touch of the Death" scythe from 16 seconds to 12 seconds


  • Recharge: When executing or instantly killing an enemy
  • Effect: When activated, it will instantly kill all enemies in the current room. Will deal damage to bosses equal to 12% of their total health + 3% per rarity level
  • Updated sword "Executor" (Ascension available)


  • Recharge: When killing an enemy with a critical hit
  • Effect: For 4s + 0.5s per rarity level, your critical hit damage and attack speed are doubled
  • Updated "Taser" pistol (Ascension available)


  • Recharge: Hitting enemies
  • Effect: Create a sphere of lightning around you that will continuously attack enemies in its area of effect, duration 4s + 0.5s per rarity level
  • The following weapons will no longer be in the initial player game and will need to be forged to appear in worlds:

Touch of the Death
Mantis Claw
Jade Katana

  • The damage of the "Healer Reaper" scythe has been half reduced
  • Players with saves prior to version 0.4.000 will get these weapons directly into their inventories as crafted and will still be able to enjoy them without the necessary progression.


  • New type of seed available: Exotic Seed

"Exotic" type seeds open portals to unique worlds affected by exclusive genes called "Exotic Genes".

  • New "Exotic" seed available: Temple of the Mother

All the world has heard the stories... The atrocities that the Shadow Host committed in the Temples of the Great Mothers are excessive even for the King of Darkness. Great dangers, but also bountiful rewards await behind his walls... You are free to enter, but you must fight to emerge victorious.

  • The Idalith seed will be able to appear as a reward after completing the "Shrines of Idalith" challenges.
  • Adjusted seed level calculation when doing fusions and mutations so that it never drops below the current level

Rooms and events:

  • New room available: "Royal Forge"
  • New starting rooms have been designed for all worlds
  • Modified the enemies in some of the "Dojo" chest rooms to more accurately fit the difficulty curve
  • Added new conversations with "Su Muertísima"

Fountain of the two Crowns:

  • New King Upgrade: "Enlarged Belt"

Grants an additional consumable slot (Max Level 1)

  • New King upgrade: "Shadow Dodge"

When germinating a seed, you will start with a 100% chance to dodge attacks, 1 charge per level (Does not work against spike traps) (Max level 3)

  • New King upgrade: "Exploitation"

Consumables have a 2% chance per level not to be destroyed on use, granting one additional use (Max Level 5)


  • Armored Fruit:

Grants unbreakable defense (You only take 1 damage per hit and are immune to knockback) for 3s + 1s per rarity level. It will also activate automatically when hit, but its duration is halved.

  • Gift of Eternity:

Randomly remove a Death jinx

  • Lament Fruit:

Removes all status ailments and grants 30 seconds of immunity against them, regenerates 5% health every 5 seconds for the duration


  • New lethal gene available: "Trickster" (Available on difficulty 3 skulls)

The world contains extra traps

  • New lethal gene available: "Charon" (Available on difficulty 6 skulls)

You will need to pay a gem to open the random area change portal

  • New lethal gene available: "Resistant" (Available on difficulty 1 skull)

Status ailments last 15% less per gene level (Max Level 5)

  • New Structural Gene Available: "Chaos Damage" (Available on Difficulty 2 skulls)

Your damage increases by 0.2% per gen level each time your chaos level increases (Max level 5)

  • New Structural Gene Available: "Chaotic Health" (Available on Difficulty 2 skulls)

Your life increases by 0.2% per gen level each time your chaos level increases (Max level 5)

  • New Structural Gene Available: "Chaotic Luck" (Available on Difficulty 2 skulls)

Your luck increases by 5 points per gen level every time your chaos level increases (Max level 5)

Player Progression:

  • This patch includes a reset of all game progress menus, spent resources will be returned to players so they can redistribute them as they wish
  • The unlock cost of the starting weapons has been reduced and the cost of both has been equalized to help starting players find a style of play that suits them sooner
  • Changed upgrade costs for the "Two Crown Fountain" to better align with the difficulty curve
  • Changed the costs of weapon upgrades in the forge to better align with the difficulty curve
  • Changed the upgrade costs for the "Tree of Eternity" and reordered groups to better fit the difficulty curve
  • "Initial dogmas" buff on "Tree of Eternity" increased from 500 to 750 per upgrade level
  • Changed the order of "Tree of Eternity" upgrades to better match the difficulty curve
  • Scythe level 2 buff changed from 0.5s to 1s per hit
  • The level 5 scythe upgrade has been completely redesigned:

The scythe has a 100% chance to do a second hit that deals 25% damage from the first and also applies a curse

  • The level 5 sword upgrade has been completely redesigned:

Sword has a wind aura when thrown, it's another collider and applies 25% of the weapon's damage, if it applies altered status, it turns off when hitting a wall and turns on again when returning

  • Changed the Chaos level scaling algorithm to align with the new mechanics and prevent it from scaling excessively early in a world
  • The luck algorithm has been modified to adjust it to the new mechanics and better adapt it to the difficulty curve
  • Changed the enemy health scaling algorithm to better match the difficulty curve
  • New Difficulty Added: 7 Skulls (Seed Level 70 to 79)
  • Changed the unlock order by difficulty for the following options:

Death gene "Tyrant" moved from 6 to 7 skulls

  • Modified game currency drop to better adjust the progress curve

User interface:

  • A Slot selection menu has been included when to equip a consumable if it is purchased, since it is now possible to equip more than one at the same time
  • Keyboard movement controls can now be customized
  • The position of the currency to be sold in the central bank indicator has been modified to make the exchange more visible
  • Added a single hit kill indicator to the life bar, this will appear when a curse or seed gene causes that state
  • Added quick access to our Discord server support channel in the main menu to make it easy for players to provide feedback
  • Added a "Dodge" prompt when the Dark King evades an attack of any type
  • Added a "You can't heal yourself" prompt when a curse or status ailment reduces healing received to 100%
  • Now on the minimap the "Sprout" and "Trees" of eternity have a different icon to facilitate their location
  • Map legend has been resized to include the new room types
  • Added an indicator of the currencies obtained as a reward when opening any type of chest
  • Added Show/Hide Seed Info option during an adventure

Various improvements:

  • Now the fruits of the tree of eternity reflect their healing percentage in their description taking into account the negative and positive bonuses
  • Now the fruit of maximum life indicates the amount obtained through a pop-up
  • Fixed a bug where currency amounts were not correctly indicated when the figure was very large
  • Fixed a bug where the double jump would sometimes reset incorrectly after firing pistols low to the ground
  • Fixed a bug where some pistols could hit enemies off-screen at long range
  • Fixed a bug where the low health indicator would sometimes not turn off properly when recovering health
  • Fixed a bug where status ailments were not being placed correctly on the health bars of giant enemies
  • Fixed a bug where status ailments damage indicators would sometimes not disappear correctly
  • Fixed a bug where tents and event rooms would not allow you to interact when teleporting until you left their detection zone
  • After beating the last boss of a seed the reward selection will no longer appear as it is not possible to advance further in that world
  • Fixed a bug where the King would sometimes not return to a safe position after falling into a chasm in "Dark Castle"
  • The effect of the "Enhanced Speed" gem has been doubled
  • Increased the spread radius of the "Epidemic" gem from 5 to 7 base and from 1 to 2 per rarity level
  • Gems that granted "Dodge" abilities have been removed from stores
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