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Ashen Empires update for 22 September 2022

Patch Notes 130.92

Share · View all patches · Build 9565306 · Last edited 22 September 2022 – 01:09:06 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Lots of small adjusts to armor to help balance progression for the 30-100 range, focusing on patron, warlord, and crafted sets, mage staves and gear, and crafting gear. We also cleaned up various bugs; high points there would be follower markers and druid staff followers. See below for details. Thanks, and happy hunting!


  • Adjust to alignment loss when killing players
  • Expansion of the profanity filter
  • Adjusted PvP mitigation to give bonus mitigation to a lower level vs a higher level in PvP.
  • Fix for client selecting an unsupported resolution by default
  • Hotbars greying out
  • Add warning to account linking popup and confirmation page about possibility to lose characters


  • Inc # of attacks on Kritan, Lord Pallus, Northern FG Noble to 2
  • Adjusted spawn of orc foragers; removed other mob and added more spawns
  • Artraxis and Kritan given nature resistance
  • Adjusted spawns on WWI - bumped werewolves and matriarchs, removed ghost willows
  • Inc spawn of hell hounds on scorched island
  • Adjusted Town Guardian min/max damage, enemy mitigation down some


  • Slightly boosted drop rates of Totem of the Wolf on the mobs that have it as a solo drop chance


  • Adjust to resists and bonuses on variety of armor: Warg Tail Necklace, Bracers of Defense, Wizards Robe, Grimoire of Veldan, Grimoire of Ulthien, Grimoire of Kuthos, Grimoire of Isos, Glowing Round Shield, Helm of the Orc Lord, Raqlun's Coif, Armor of Great Health, Shield of Runes, Grimacing Ring/Necklace, Dalvon Mining Helm, Black Opal Flame, Glowing Ethereal Staff
  • Increased bonuses and resistances on Black, Holy, and Ettin Hide armor sets
  • Reduced bonuses/resistances for patron armor sets (Armor of Krog/Whisperdale/Silvest). Main stat bonus, hp, and resistances dropped.
  • Updated stats (mostly resistances) on the level 100 crafted sets (Tangled/Full Metal/Spectral)
  • Pristine Ferocity set resists increased to 5%, removed str req, increased dex req
  • Added/adjusted resistances on Swashbucklers and Queen's Silk sets (up to 3-4% on Blunt/Cut/Pierce in varying degrees)
  • Helm of Agility - now req 30 Dex, no str
  • Removed str req on Golden Helm of Power
  • Adjusted Wizard's Cape to +5 Int +5 Str
  • Wizards Robe - requires level 25 and 35 INT (was 50INT, level 35)
  • Tormented gear con requirement lowered to 20 from 30
  • Staff of Enervation now 1 handed
  • Golden Helm of Power gives +6 INT instead of +6 STR
  • Lowered DEX req of Nordic Warrior set to 20
  • Added some resists to Sash/Sandals/Greaves of Archmage
  • Evil Council Hood was not giving the bonus con in the tooltip
  • Adjusted resists on Chaos crafted sets (tangled, spectral, full metal)
  • Other adjusts: Glowing Round Shield (lowered reqs)
  • Tooltips incorrect: shield of runes, belt of krog, pristine arm guards of ferocity
  • Adjust for warlords gear sets (main stat bonuses reduced, resists adjusted to 4% for all existing resists), reduced HP slightly as well on certain pieces
  • Adjust for various staves/wands, in most cases increased MM bonus, min/max damage and or speed, equip level and other minor adjusts, removed rune requ to equip on some as well:
  • Apprentice's Wizard Staff, Novice's Wizard Staff, Adept's Wizard Staff, Master's Wizard Staff, Staff of Power, Staff of Enervation, Staff of the Archmage, Staff of the Impure, Council of Evil Darkstaff, Grand Staff of the Arda, Cursed Staff of Malderox, Staff of Elemental Mastery, Kudo Horn Wand, Glowing Ethereal Staff


  • Fix for Carp toolset. Was modifying the wrong skill when crafting.
  • Added exp for magic forging/carpentry/jewelery tools (Veldan's Hammer, Anvil of Velda, Hell's Gate, Artonian; Carpentry Toolset, Elven Tools, Jeweler’s Tools)
  • Incorrect Stam Regen bonus on Cherry Pie Slice tooltip
  • More information on planting skill level req to plant magic seeds
  • Adjusted difficulty to harvest cinnamon
  • Chef's Cap now has 10% chance to take damage (reduced chance to degrade)
  • Slight bump to drop rate on cinnamon on Valinor island (for quest completion in farm quest)
  • Blue crab shells now reusable
  • Reduced difficulty to craft the tangled/full metal/spectral sets
  • Jeweler's tools giving overburdened message on failure
  • Removed req on Heartwood Shield, Miners Helm, Orc Mining Helm

Mage Spells/Gear

  • Photosynthesis can now be cast on others (ranged, line of sight)
  • Lowered stam cost on Psychic scream to 20 from 25
  • Removed DEBUG print in "Soul Drain" spell
  • Removed ToF expansion flag from gazelle antlers


  • Added some more information to the decayed cap stage of mushroom land quest
  • Removed cult leaders, bulls from patrons, LK, CK quests
  • Added Chaos Knight to Duremar and Farstead Keep
  • Added quest fixup for older accounts who had completed the Artraxis quest but never got the key flag for it (they likely cheesed the quest by following someone into the mine who already had the key, allowing them to complete the quest without triggering key to drop)
  • Removed "high level potions" treasure from Dynamic Quest as it contained expansion items
  • Fix for Jessicugh quest; Jessicugh quest taking incorrect # of scorpion stings - changed her script to take automatically if on the stage.
  • Adjusted DQ that wanted players to go to Vreth but in actuality it should have been darkfell
  • Additional text on Father Berdun if player has completed quest "Great Herds"

The Illustrious Junk Drawer

  • Druid staff summons 1 dragon, 1 wyvern with necklace, 2 wyverns without. This fix also impacts Ancient Follower, Wretched Follower; summoned pet value stored on player increments or subtracts based on what is being summoned/dismissed
  • Campfires check dwelling then safe zone. Some creature danger areas in safe zones will be included in this
  • Follower Marker box being left in player backpack in some situations#8 - fixup code added for any that are improperly left in player
  • Updated Dark Guards at the blue portal from Parian/Battle Plains to level 105 from 55
  • Changed the way familiar totem is spawned from the NPC (made to be similar to totem spawned familiar)
  • Gave a notice on use of change race that one free race change is available from Champion of Lotor
  • Oil of Jandros should inform you when it is used on yourself (was missing an obj ref) and when it wears off
  • Fix for Darushk sign (not parsing + sign very well)
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