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Icarus update for 16 September 2022

Icarus Week Forty One Update | Play OPULENCE: Stockpile and label your chests

Share · View all patches · Build 9527236 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Every few weeks we do a Community Feedback update, where we gather up the feedback you have submitted via Feature Upvote and our Discord community. This includes both some performance and UI improvements.

This week we also add a new mission, OPULENCE: Stockpile, and talk a bit about our future plans including mounts (next week!).

Mission OPULENCE: Stockpile

This week brings a new mission, OPULENCE: Stockpile. A wealthy client plans to come see the surface and you’re on preparation duty. You’ll be tasked to seek out some hard-to-find resources, so plan your routes carefully. This is a more upbeat mission than other contracts, so try enjoy the tranquility.

OPULENCE: Stockpile

// BIOME: Verdant Terraces, Styx
// BACKGROUND: The ACS has been contacted by a wealthy individual with a special request
// MISSION: Stock a supply ship in preparation for the clients visit to the surface
// TERMS: Prospectors that meet client requirements will be well rewarded

Small Improvements

A range of small but valuable improvements have been made this week.

  • We’ve completed a large number of texture optimizations to reduce the amount stored in memory at runtime. We expect this should have a positive influence on performance with a significant reduction in the texture pool
  • Deployables can now be rotated before they are placed
  • You can now place signs on chests which can be colored and named to your liking. Choose between a text field where you can enter your own name or labels, or one of our in-game icons
  • Glass Jars can no longer be filled with water and used as a drinking vessel but can now stack in your inventory for easier transport on longer treks
  • When highlighting building tiles with the repair tool the weather effects no longer pass through as they did before
  • Crop plots now can be snapped to floors in the building mode

UI Improvements

Many of the UI improvements this week come directly from your feedback. Keep using the Feature Upvote website, as our dev team do read it and it allows us to identify the which fixes we can implement quickly that generate the most value for our community.

  • When placing deployables you can now see if they are sheltered or not in the location of choosing
  • Chatbox will now scroll to the bottom as we have addressed a bug that was impacting this
  • When deploying from your inventory, the menu will now close as it should

Future Content

We balance delivering updates every week with working on bigger updates and new features.

Next week, we’re excited to bring you version 1.0 of our Mounts system. We are releasing two tamable creatures, a powerful Buffalo and a fast-footed Moa (a giant flightless bird). Players will be required to find a juvenile version of either of these two creatures and kill the rest of their pack and any predators before leading them back to a safe location.

To tame them you will need to nurture them with food, shelter and warmth for a small period of time before they are ready to be used as a Mount. Craft a saddle and other necessary items then test out your new ride. The saddle also acts as a storage unit as you venture across the map. Be wary, as your new furry friend could become dinner for one of Icarus' more violent foes. More details next week.

We are also in the closing stages of testing the many gameplay effects of Data Decentralization and Dedicated Servers to make sure all of the savefile changes are working as intended. We plan on rolling out a branch on Steam with this version of the game in the coming weeks for you to test and give feedback on.

Another common request from our community is for more forms of persistence, we which hear and actively discuss. The Dedicated Servers will allow us to shake up new ways of playing such as more Outpost features and open-world exploration.

Changelog v1.2.16.101330

New Content


Future Content

  • Updated UI to show correct 'Lead/Stop Leading' text when interacting with juveniles being tamed. Juveniles don't walk as far away anymore. Juvenile current action is aborted when new leader is assigned. Added melee damage to Moa. Fixed bug where multiple temporary tames would spawn from one host. Decreased juvenile movement braking speed
  • Edited GL_Cave_Med_03, created cave template assets for cave levels
  • Ice Cave Pass, Arctic Lake Pass and Tundra Landscape Painting, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Cliff Pass in Grasslands, Sculpted Landscape, Volcano Crater Pass in GL & Transition Cave GL to LC on Green/Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Adding M Creature Eating sounds
  • Adding in more M Creature audio layers. Footstep anims, jump and various movement sounds to new anims
  • Adding RDog Roar sounds and event. Close and distant
  • CAVE_AC_Entrance Var2 and Var3 mesh, materials and textures
  • Added 3 variations of Groundcover_A for the lava biome
  • Submitting Fish04 - Piranha - mesh and textures
  • Submitting Fish05 - Speedy - mesh and textures
  • Submitting Fish06 - Glow Fish - mesh and textures
  • Edited GL_Cave_Med_01 and 02 assets materials, created cave template assets for cave levels
  • Orphaned juveniles no longer see nearby player tames as valid parents
  • Can now interact with juvenile creatures to cancel current taming progress
  • LC Macros 2nd pass - reduced tri count from 40ish to 25K, improved UVs + textures, custom LODs
  • Grasslands to Swamp Transition Finished, Transition Cave GL to LC Finished, Lave Lakes Added & Material Updated on Green/Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Ice Cave Pass, Arctic Lake Pass and Tundra Landscape Painting, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Adding Rdog data table setup and sockets
  • Adding in all Rdog footstep notifiers
  • Adding Rdog unique footstep sound and event
  • Added server-wide chat message when mount dies
  • Adjustments to the M creature non mountable jump land volumes
  • Updates to M creature mounted footstep audio
  • Adjusting M creature footstep jump for the Mount. Also some vocal EQ balances and vlume adjustments
  • Adding in more M creature vocalisations and movements to animations etc
  • Adding more M Creature movement sounds. Land sound and adjusting volumes accordingly of footstep event. Re saving Ai table
  • Whitelist audio-specific environmental actors for world generation, enabling sound designers to position certain types of sound-emitting objects in world independently of environmental features
  • Add Jump footstep types to creature audio data and implementation. Enables creatures to play surface-specific jump sounds
  • Added Lava Lake material and setup on datatable
  • Adding in fur mast override for the buffalo and moa mount saddle setup in D_Saddles to cull the fur from clipping through the saddle when equipped, adding in a base Jump anim asset for the buffalo for proof of concept implementation
  • Juvenile creatures now require sleep. Juvenile creatures no longer require shelter. Fixed Juvenile creatures not wanting to eat or sleep without a nearby parent. Fixed mount stamina bar not working for clients. Mount jump and attack now consume stamina. Added Moa saddle. Can no longer ride a mount if holding a focus-locked item (e.g. deer carcass). Fixed bug where first-person rotation limits could be applied when riding a mount. Mounts are now always network-relevant
  • Remove EffectedByWeather from Animal Bed
  • Set Deployable_NoInteract to remove interaction from Animal Bed
  • Remove unncessary name field from Deployables which don't use Radial options
  • Fixed juvenile taming tooltip not replicating correctly for clients. Fixed juvenile tame's current leader not being replicated to clients
  • Fix Animal Bed and Trough Meshables and create icons for several missing items
  • Update to Frozen shaders, added NORVT blend, setup on River tool and tweaks on MIs
  • Add LODs to PredatorBird, delete SM version, fixed texture settings
  • Fixed missing LODs on Larkwell Envirosuit assets
  • Add LODs to SwampBird, Fixed texture settings, Add PM define
  • added LODs for the T3 cloth pack
  • Add LODs to Saddle SK meshes
  • Adding LODs to SwampQuad SK, delete SM version, fix texture settings
  • 'Lead Creature' tooltip for juveniles now displays which player the creature is currently following (if valid)
  • Audio implementation for geothermal pool BPs. Uses an overlap-controlled audio component as an emitter, but dynamically overrides the audio attenuation distances based on the pool instance's water plane size so that we can automatically handle different pool shapes and scaling. Extended OverlapAudioComponent functionality to enable attenuation overrides and deferred initialization so that this would work
  • Add LODs to Baby Moa. Set Flesh PM, Fixed texture setting, fixup redirectors
  • Add LODs to Moa, add PMs to materials, fixed texture settings
  • Refactored the river audio proximity parameter setting function (which is used to offset audio volume stacking when there are a bunch of rivers close together) into a generic audio density subsystem which runs more efficiently and can be reused for other systems where the proximity or density of similar audio emitters is relevant
  • Add LODs to RockDog. created Carcass material, removed carcass settings from base material and added Flesh PMs, fixed texture settings
  • Apply physical materials to Terrain_019 landscape layers so we can perform surface checking queries on the landscape for footstep audio etc. First pass, may need some tweaks once landscape painting is done
  • Adding events for Teenage M creature idle, flinch and footsteps
  • Adding Teenage M creature data table entries and nip idle event
  • Adding in base Needler assets, skeletal mesh and all base anims for implementation, awaiting material and texture for final checkin
  • Transition Cave GL to LC Lights Added, Lave MF Updated & Artic Cliff Pass on Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Ice Cave Pass, Arctic Lake Pass, Added Updated Ice Material For Ice Cave Floors, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Testing LC ground cover in test scene
  • Test Level Updates
  • Fixed bug where player wasn't able to dismount tame if they weren't standing on world landscape
  • Fixed mounts being able to jump while swimming. Improved mount sprint and jump action latency for clients
  • Add biome audio data definitions for new Terrain_019 biomes
  • Fixed engine python install scripts for new computers
  • Artic Cliff Pass, Underwater Cave, Cave Templates & Mo Hideout on Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Ice Cave Pass, Arctic River Pass and Landscape Sculpting, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Volcanic Impassables - 01 added, plus LOD6 CAC and normal maps for macros
  • Submitting Needler and Needler carcass - and respective textures
  • Adding Clay, Scoria, Super Cooled Ice, Obsidian, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Clay Bricks, and Shaped Obsidian Resource Items
  • Adding Potatoes and Tomatoes growth states, rewards and seed rows
  • Added 9 variations of LC_Groundcover_B foliage assets to the project
  • LC Impassables - added 02-06 + required mats, assigned 01 to Vista group
  • Adding Cre Swamp-quad idle close and distant layers and event
  • Added Point Lights to the approved world actors list for lighting up lava in caves
  • Set all LC rocks to have no navigation to fix generation issues
  • Adding S Quad Cre Idle breath slosh, death and flinch sounds and events
  • Update Lava Materials and added new textures and controllers
  • Added Sulfur Pool Material to Water Setup Datatable
  • Added riverbanks Lava Lake 1 & Geothermal Pool on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Landscape Sculpting, Landscape Painting and Riverbank Pass, Green Quad, Prometheus
  • Landscape sculpting and blending of frozen river, painted cracks and snow, Blue Quad, DLC
  • Adding in S Quad Cre footsteps and event
  • Fixed tranq arrows sometimes duplicating the resulting mount character when temporary taming process completes
  • Fixed out of date function library build validation error
  • Adding foliage to test scene
  • Ice Waterfall Top - prototype mesh added
  • Adding new Exotic Resource Type (Unstable & Stable) and Setting up New Currency and Deposit Nodes
  • Adding Ice Borer Item and hooked up its functionaility so it extracts super-cooled ice from ice nodes
  • Adding Talent and Recipe for Ice Borer Item
  • Adding S Quad Cre Flee sounds and event
  • Adding more foliage to test scene
  • Add audio utility to copy creature footstep anim notifies between anim sequences
  • Add file missing from previous audio utility commit
  • Added 2 new generic mission icons and art. - Updated HIGHRISE art and icon
  • Added new editor tool called WT_FrozenRiver for placing down frozen rivers in the new map
  • Adding Exotic Seed Item, Farming Setup and Growth Stages
  • Adding new Exotic Processing Device, talents, recipes for processing exotics
  • Removed headers in IcarusPlayerCharacter that were causing the build to fail
  • Fixed shield related data table validation failure
  • Landscape Sculpting, Landscape Painting and Riverbank Pass, Green Quad, Prometheus
  • Added Riverbanks Lava Lake 2 & Finished Geothermal Pool on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Added option for single side on River side spline tool
  • Added WordPos option and PixelOffset blend on Seracs Shader
  • Adding all Cre S Quad footstep notifiers, data table setups
  • WIP commit of Icewaterfall_Bottom mesh and textures
  • Improving moa jump animation feel and adding in Buffalo Jump for use on the mount, added in check to see if mount in the animnotify to disbale scaling the capsule on Icarus Mount characters
  • Implemented wooden shield item along with shield functionality
  • checking in fur_set_01
  • Removed headers in IcarusPlayerCharacter that were causing the build to fail
  • Fixed shield related data table validation failure
  • Landscape Sculpting, Landscape Painting and Riverbank Pass, Green Quad, Prometheus
  • Added Riverbanks Lava Lake 2 & Finished Geothermal Pool on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Added option for single side on River side spline tool
  • Added WordPos option and PixelOffset blend on Seracs Shader
  • Adding all Cre S Quad footstep notifiers, data table setups
  • WIP commit of Icewaterfall_Bottom mesh and textures
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