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Tower Unite update for 15 September 2022

Casino Expansion! (

Share · View all patches · Build 9525882 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Casino Phase 2: New Games!

The Casino has received a massive upgrade this update, with a new look, new games, and new prizes!

The Casino itself has been renovated with new floors and other art adjustments. A new Bingo room has been added and there is now a designated area for virtual horse racing at the back of the main Casino room.

7 new games were added: Blackjack, 5 Card Draw, Roulette, Silver Saddles, Keno, Bingo, and Spin to Win 2.

[table noborder=1 equalcells=1]


Blackjack has finally earned its own physical tables in the Tower Casino!
Hop on and test your luck against the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over!



A fully functional Roulette table now awaits you! Place your bets on where the ball will land on the wheel and win big!


Silver Saddles

_Neeeeigh!! Horse racing is another of the exciting new games in the Casino!

Use the video panel on the machine to place bets and watch the fully animated race play out right before your eyes. With over 300 unique horses, every race is different!

Planet Bingo

_Compete against 12 other players to get Bingo in the Casino’s fancy new Bingo room.

You can purchase up to 4 Bingo cards each game.

Once Bingo has been called, participate in the blackout round, racing to see who fully marks their card first!

Video Keno

Take a seat at the stylish new Keno machine and bet on what numbers will be revealed on the screen!


Spin to Win 2

There’s a new variation of Spin to Win in town, and it has some exciting new prizes! Spin the wheel and earn prizes of varied rarity!


5 Card Draw

Play the classic poker variation against your fellow Casino patrons, betting on the quality of your cards!


New Condo: Ice Moon!

Get lucky on Spin to Win 2 and you might win the out-of-this-world new Condo: Ice Moon!

Complete with stretches of slippery ice, massive crystals, and a snowy landscape with plenty of flat spaces for building, this condo is perfect for any builder looking for a chill, space-themed area.

New Items & Condo Enhancements!

150+ new items have been added in this update! Head to Tower Threads, The Toy Stop, DIY, Central Circuit, Sweet Suites, and Seasons to check them out!

Plenty of desired building items like sinks, sound emitter additions, kitchen counters, tubes, doors, new media players, and various canvas items have been added, along with new appearance items, fishing drops, and plushes!

3rd-Party Plushes: Round 1

The new items added in this update include the 3rd party plushes which are now available to purchase with tickets in the Arcade!

3rd party plushies in this update include...
[table noborder=1 equalcells=0]
Dr. Poque and Horatio from Mega 64
Credit: Mega 64

Kamikaze Melon and Zeeky H. Bomb from the Demented Cartoon Movie
Credit: Brian Kendall

Veronica and Ms. Jelly
Credits: Veronica And Jelly

Sublo and Tangy Mustard
Credits: AaronLong

Bitey and Fatsack from Brackenwood
Credit: Adam Phillips

Fancy Pants Man from Fancy Pants Adventures
Credit: Brad Borne

Strawberry Clock
Credit: Coolboyman

Captain D, George, and Shadowblade from The Shooting Stars
Credits: JohnnyUtah, El-Cid, AlmightyHans, AnimatedTako, Friskkmkay, LyleRath, ZStrief

Tankman Captain and Tankman Steve from
Credits: JohnnyUtah

Newgrounds Tank from

Credit: Stuart Ashen

Credit: Jaxamoto

Credit: James Lee

Pike & Frilligan from Pike's Lagoon
Credit: Horse Folder

Rare Earth Mineral (Rem) & Rolling Stone
Credit: Stones of Anarchy

Weird Al
Credit: Ryan Krzak

Ultrakill - V1
Credit: Hakita

Credit: AlbinoBlackSheep

Discord Rich Presence

Let people see your Tower Unite antics with the new implementation of Discord Rich Presence! If you have game activity enabled on Discord, others can view what area of Tower Unite you’re in!

Billiards Now Available for Condos!

We've touched up the networking on Billiards, improving how the entire game is networked so it runs better on the Plaza servers.

We also have a surprise for billiards: BILLIARDS FOR YOUR CONDO!!! That's right, now you can buy a Billiards Table for your Condo and play 8-Ball Pool with your friends. Head to the Toy Stop and grab it. It comes with variations as well!

Other Changes

General Changes

  • Added Discord rich presence integration
  • Billiards: Improved Replication and pocket sounds
  • Voice chat bans now display on the voice HUD
  • Optimized lots of UI elements/logic, reducing game thread usage
  • Disabled zoom in/out button while on instruments
  • Virus: Infected percentage is now displayed on the HUD (instead of just how many people are infected)
  • Virus: Improved weapon swaying when turning and aiming up/down, and added swaying to weapons that did not previously have swaying (such as Tommy Gun)
  • Ball Race: Improved end camera (removed the rotation movement)
  • Improved look of game help prompts (Arcade info) and added game prompts to all other Plaza games
  • New Metal Detector!
  • AFK HUD now hides if you have F5 (hide hud) mode enabled
  • Arcade: Optimized draw calls a lot

Casino Changes

  • Casino: Phase 2
  • New Games: Casino: Blackjack, Keno, Planet Bingo, Spin to Win 2, Silver Saddles, 5 Card Draw, and Roulette
  • Casino: Art Pass
  • Casino: Total Loss is now displayed on the slot HUD, also the bottom HUD was visually improved
  • Casino: Improved the look of the bet panel buttons and their lights

Condo Changes

  • Condo: Physics items now react to ice, mud, and sand surfaces properly (ice is no friction, mud is more friction, etc.)

  • Condo: Spooky Sound Emitter has now been renamed to Sound Emitter. Added new sound emitter sound pack unlockables to add additional sound emitter sounds to the sound emitter item

  • Condo: New sound emitter selection UI. Now you can preview sounds before selecting them and there's a better popup list of all the available sounds

  • Condo: Players who have the light switch permission can now toggle light items and laser projectors

  • Condo: You can now have transparent and masked canvases with world align enabled

  • Condo: Item slot snapping is now on by default

  • Condo: Surface and sound pickers now sort by ABC

  • Condo: Radio item now has media player support

  • Stairs item can now have up to 50 steps (instead of 30)

  • Condo: Tower Glove tool switching improvement. Now when you press C to open tool list, you can simply press 1-8 for another tool and it'll switch and close the C tool list UI

  • Condo: Tower Glove tool switching will no longer switch tools with scroll wheel if you are in Copycat duplicate mode to prevent accidentally losing your cloned item

  • Condo: Tower Glove, locker tool no longer visually highlights locked items (but it will still state if it's locked on the screen)

  • Condo: Media players now have new settings: Desaturation, Scanlines (on/off), and Glare

  • Condo: You can now rename items for organizational purposes and the names will show up in the item finder

  • Condo: Reset color feature now resets back to the item's default color instead of just white

  • Condo: Door items now can toggle door frames on/off

  • Condo: Door items now can toggle on auto open, which will automatically open and close the door when a player is near it

  • Condo: Optimized fish AI

  • Condo: Optimized invisible materials to help with overdraw

  • Condo: Projector now has an option to toggle of Cast Shadows and Brightness has been increased to max of 20

  • Condo: Trampoline now has new options for adjusting Bounce Power and toggling scaling of bounce power with item size

  • Condo: Sink items can now toggle their faucets, filling their basin with water

  • Condo: Rainbow light function is now a toggle setting separate from light functions, allowing you to toggle on rainbow mode for any light function

  • Condo: Default Condo now has a new hidden boat room accessible through the kitchen area

  • Condo - Default Condo: You can now hide the built-in railings

  • Condo - Default Condo: Shower glass door is now editable (and hideable)

  • Condo - Default Condo: You can now edit the door frames and doors (including being able to hide them)

  • Condo - Courtyard Villa: You can now hide the built-in railings

  • Condo: Sound Emitter item now has a fall off setting to adjust sound fall off (was always default to 360 fall off, which is quite large). Also added occlusion mode to soften the audio behind a wall or item

  • Condo: Door automatic mode will no longer show use prompt or allow players to open/close doors as it's in automatic mode

  • Condo: You can now search for items by their tags (such as "media" or "canvas") instead of just their names

  • Condo: Collapsible UI elements now save if they were last opened or collapsed, for example the advanced color settings will stay opened if you last had them opened on a previous item

  • Condo: Physics items now have new settings - Can Pick Up, Respawn After Thrown, Respawn Delay, and Respawn Location

  • Condo: Door items now have a door open angle setting, to allow builders to adjust how far a door can open

  • Workshop Condos now show "Play" instead of "Uninstall" when you hover over a workshop map icon

  • Workshop Condos now have a new host popup that shows the description and workshop map you're about to host (instead of just showing what condo it is)

  • Condo: A new quarter variation was added to the Canvas Cylinder

  • Added new Condo materials:

    • Carpet: Carpet Basic, Circles Carpet, Office Carpet Tiles, Zigzag Carpet
    • Tile: Bowling Linoleum, Classic Tile (Black), Classic Tile (White), Desert Tiles, Fountain Tile 1, Fountain Tile 2, Hexagon Tiles, Mottled Linoleum, Office Tile, Rubber Tiles
    • Plaster: Dual-Tone Plaster, Roof Panels, Rough Stucco, Smooth Stucco
    • Brick/Metal: Circular Treads, Foil Duct, Metal Cable, Metal Sheet Roofing, Perforated Metal, Reinforced Rusted Metal, Ribbed Metal, Square Treads, Underwater Panels, Vertical Metal Slats, Village Slabs, Welded Sheet Metal
    • Wood: Board Tiles, Boardwalk Planks, Composite Wood, Highrise Paneling, Highrise Wood Ceiling 1, Old Boards, Polished Wood, Smooth Wood
    • Concrete: Diagonal Stone Tile, Dock Stones, Greeble Stone, Grooved Concrete, Pebble-Lined Concrete, Poured Cement, Stacked Concrete, Stacked Stone, Treated Concrete
    • Marble: Chunky Stone, Diamond Tiles, Gilded Marble, Highrise Marble Tile, Kitchen Counter
    • Glass: Diamond Glass, Solar Mirror, Window Dirt
    • Natural: Beach Sand 1, Beach Sand 2, Cliff Face, Coastal Stone, Cracked Ice, Dusty Dirt Road, Dusty Sand, Grass & Stone 3, Gravel, Ice (Dirty), Ice (Transparent), Iceberg, Lazy River Stone, Oasis Sand, Smooth Stone, Vertical Cliff Face, Western Sand, Western Soil, Western Soil (Cracked), Western Soil (Wet)
    • Misc: City Facade 1, City Facade 2, City Facade 3, Coin Pile, Ice Cream, Popcorn

Over 120 New Items / Item Changes

  • Added new third-party plushies to the Arcade: Tarboy, Sublo, Tangy Mustard, Tankman Captain, Tankman Steve, Newgrounds Tank, Fancy Pants Man, Bitey, Fatsack, Shooting Stars - Captain D, Shooting Stars - George, Shooting Stars - Shadowblade, Ashens, Strawberry Clock, Giraffamoto, Ms. Jelly, Pike, Frilligan, Ultrakill - V1, Rare Earth Mineral (Rem), Rolling Stone, Dr. Poque, Horatio, Weird Al
  • Added new items to DIY: Airlock Door, Backyard Fence, Boardwalk Rail, Boat Dock Fence, Canvas Decal, Canvas Door, Canvas Hatch, Canvas Hole, Canvas Polygon, Classic Suite Door, Clinical Door, Colorable Metal Railing, Condo Door, DIY Design Fan, Elevator Door 1, Elevator Door 2, Floating Chat, Hidden Seat, Hospital Doors, Industrial Safety Rail, Metal Mesh Handrail, Number Sign Glowing, Reinforced Metal Door, Rustic Door, Rustic Hatch, Simple Wood Door, Sliding Glass Door, Sliding Pane Glass Door, Spiral Stairs, Truss Support, Viewing Room Door, Viewing Room Double Door, Wood & Glass Railing, Casino Railing
  • Added new garden items to Seasons: Paver Stones, Greenhouse Panels (item snapping support), Plant Pots Large and Small, Trellis Arch, Trellis, Boulder Cliff, Boulder Large, Boulder Medium, Boulder Small. All Boulders have canvas support
  • Added new items to Toy Stop: Baseball, Tube Funnel, Tube Short, Tube Medium, Tube Long, Tube 45 Degrees, Tube 90 Degrees, Billiard Table
  • Added new items to Rob's Imports: Bowling Bench (Left & Right), Bowling Seat, Bowling Table, Bowling Table Seating
  • Added new item to Oasis (Beach Store): Beach Umbrella
  • Added new unlockable sound emitter packs to DIY: Nature Soundscapes, Unnatural Soundscapes, Ambient Sounds, Plaza Music
  • Added new wearable items at Tower Threads: Graduation Hat, Sleeping Cap, Dog Tags, NecklaSe, Stage Pass, Kitsune Mask, Life Vest, Banana Peel Hat, Milk Hat, Victorian Bonnet
  • Added new items to Sweet Suites: New Modular Kitchen Counters, Basic Wall-Mounted Sink, Basic Tankless Toilet, Upper Cabinet (with doors), Glass Cup, Heart Table
  • Added new items to Central Circuit: Classic CRT TV, Large Shaded Lamp, Metal Shaded Lamp, Simple Shaded Lamp, TV Wall, Nightclub Spotlight, Ceiling Light, Cylinder Ceiling Light, Curved Ceiling Light
  • Added new backer requested item (available in Sweet Suites): Futon Sofa
  • Added new item to Fishing drops (as a trash item): DCTV
  • Added new item to the Catsack drops (within the normal Catsacks): KitTV

Bug Fixes

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various settings buttons requiring double clicking to toggle off/on
  • properly when fully opened
  • Fixed rich presence setting not saving properly
  • Improved Jetpack forward movement replication
  • Accelerate: Fixed Bumper item causing desyncs while you are holding it
  • Minigolf: Fixed Glasses Glasses item not sitting properly on the golf ball
  • Laser Tag: Fixed results screen sometimes not displaying any results
  • Fishing: Fixed a bug with fishing AI that would cause a fish to swim away during attracted to bait state
  • Arcade: Fixed Gears of Coin coin not always going down the funnel
  • Virus: Fixed crossbow not zooming in at all (it would show the zoom overlay, but not actually zoom in)
  • Virus: Fixed Plasma Autorifle sounds being too quiet compared to the other weapons
  • Virus: Fixed Sonic Shotgun view model being offset
  • Virus: Fixed "killed player" not showing player's name often
  • Ball Race: Fixed players spawning not being locked in place
  • Ball Race: Fixed camera not being angled slightly down when first spawned on a level
  • Ball Race - Summit: Improved rock collisions and added more kill triggers in the first level
  • Ball Race - Summit: Fixed first level castle geometry missing polygons
  • Ball Race - Nimbus: Faded starting tubes when camera is near to improve visibility on start
  • ZM: Fixed "I Can't Believe It's A Massacre" achievement not firing off and not incrementing. Those who have had progress on this achievement will need to kill 1 additional zombie to have it fire off again.
  • ZM: Fixed "Extreme Prejudice" achievement not incrementing
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed image path not clearing after making an upload
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed the upload UI a bit to make it easier to find where changes can be made when updating an item
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed upload prompt for items stretching across the screen due to the item tags
  • Billiards: Fixed Billiards power arc clipping with the world
  • Billiards: Fixed players rotating around while playing Billiards
  • Billiards: Fixed hitting cue ball with just one left click press instead of having to pull back first. This also fixes not being able to cancel out of a hit as you can now adjust your power back to zero to change your angle again
  • Billiards: Fixed pocketed balls seemingly falling out of a pocket for a couple seconds
  • Billiards: Fixed cue stick not removing after a player hit the cue ball
  • Billiards: Fixed cue sticks not always being placed where the cue ball is for other players
  • Casino - Anti-macro improvement: Now the popup shows a warning and prevents input for a couple seconds if you get the first key press wrong
  • Arcade - Starfield Lanes: Fixed bottom area below the first hole not removing balls
  • Arcade - Starfield Lanes: Fixed being able to get balls stuck on the top upper corners

Condo Bug Fixes

  • Condo - Courtyard Villa: Fixed pool cover not saving open/close state
  • Condo - Courtyard Villa: Fixed pool cover being too large and not hiding
  • Condo: Fixed scoreboard not closing when you press tab again after opening Condo options
  • Condo - Underwater: Fixed a surface on the first floor of the main dome not being editable
  • Condo - Underwater: Fixed bridges not being editable
  • Condo - Theatre: Fixed revolving door not using a revolving door
  • Condo - Theatre: Fixed some floor trims not being editable
  • Condo - Theatre: Fixed theater media players not saving playlists
  • Condo: Fixed Projector settings for rotation angle not working
  • Condo: Fixed light settings (intensity, radius, etc.) not always initializing properly on condo load
  • Condo: Fixed condo settings (weather, day/night) not saving if items are not moved
  • Condo: Fixed Hot Tub items not letting you leave the seats with control, also fixed the seat prompts being missing
  • Condo: Fixed physics items not having any friction
  • Condo: Fixed Launcher not taking players of different scales to the correct destination
  • Condo: Fixed NPCs resetting to default model if they aren't set to a workshop model. Fixed confusion with workshop model mode by removing the dropdown option for workshop model and keeping it separate from the default non-workshop model setting
  • Condo: Fixed Gizmo handle hover issues, fixing gizmo handles not activating when you hover over a gizmo, then try to hover over another gizmo
  • Condo: Fixed Gizmo rotation line drawing being offset
  • Condo: Fixed sorting priority on Gizmos so that they draw over translucent items / glass
  • Condo: Stabilized Inflatable Boat more, allowing players to push it around without it jetting off into the distance instantly
  • Condo: Improved physics item buoyancy logic, stabilizing the physics better on the surface of water (keeping the items from bobbing up and down constantly)

Item Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Beer item not allowing you to buy multiple of it at a time
  • Fixed Magnet bait item not allowing you to buy multiple of it at a time
  • Fixed material issues on French Fries and Gramophone items
  • Fixed debug sphere being visible when firing Firework Launcher
  • Fixed setting transparent/masked mode on canvas items not adding to the undo log properly
  • Fixed Metal Shelf item using translucency for its metal shelving detail (now is masked and takes in lighting properly)
  • Fixed Skull, Hot Tub, and Normal Radio LODs
  • Fixed Smiley Ball item not interacting with teleporters or launch pads
  • Fixed Snow Pile items not being colorable
  • Fixed Ghost Light String item not always spinning even when you set spin speed
  • Fixed Angel Pet being selectable

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