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Erannorth Chronicles update for 9 September 2022

1st Year Anniversary Update

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hi folks,

It's been almost a year since Erannorth Chronicles was released. After 229 builds, a few hundred new cards, dozens of new archetypes, many new organizations, and tripling the map size, it certainly has been a journey!

And that journey goes on! But today is a reason to celebrate, one week ahead and with a meaty update. Thank you all for your continued support!

You can read all the details in the patch notes below.

Patch Notes - 09/09 # 1.043.1

Heroes and Villains integration

The 'Heroes and Villains' Workshop expansion has been incorporated into the base game, adding 32 new Specialization in the game, new backgrounds, and kits. The new archetypes are standalone, and unlike the Workshop version, they don't require any DLC.

If you were using the old Workshop version, you don't have to do anything, as you will automatically get unsubscribed from it. If, however, you prefer the old version, you can find it in Nexus; it's safe to keep the perks at a higher priority but remove everything else. The archetype files aren't needed and are what can cause conflict with future updates.

If you had the Nexus version: You'd have to deactivate/delete the mod manually.

The following archetypes are now available in the base game:

  • Mercenary: Weapon Specialist, Silent Blade, Scout, Hoodlum
  • Shadow: Bandit, Burglar, Fence, Poisoner, Spymaster, Kingpin
  • Hunter: Wilderness Guide, Ranger, Khamuel's Hand
  • Mystic: Ritualist, Geomancer, Sorcerer
  • Pirate: Treasure Hunter, Dread Captain,
  • Witch: Spell Dancer, Sorceress, Night Witch
  • Druid: Shaman, Hermit, Clawshifter, Runemaster, Grove Warden
  • Acolyte: Enyo's Acolyte
  • Psychic: Psychovorus
  • Knight: Inquisitor, Templar, Shadow Templar
  • Aristocrat: Black Widow

Changes from Rs H&V: Hoodlum, Kingpin, Ranger, Treasure Hunter, Dread Captain, Night Witch, Hermit, Clawshifter, and Grove Warden have been adapted to be standalone/removed DLC cards requirements. These changes won't affect any ongoing games with these archetypes, as only their starting Decks have changed.

New Content

  • Added 32 new specializations
  • Added 85 new cards.
  • Added 18 PC-exclusive portraits.
  • Added additional backgrounds & kits.
  • (New Keyword) Resolve.
  • (New Keyword) Channel.
  • Added 5 new Achievements (one for each game mode added in free post-release updates.)


  • Fixed a visual glitch where the Char. The creation navigation bar would sometimes display the incorrect organization, which could occur by re-visiting the Quick Presets screen after picking the organization.
  • Fixed an issue with the merchant event not triggering the rest option correctly.
  • The 'Target' sprite went a missing couple of patches back. It's back now.
  • The world calendar had a glitch and was always displaying the first month instead of the current.
  • Fixed an issue with the Draft custom mode setting not calculating the minimum Deck correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the BlankSlate custom mode setting not cleaning up cards given by the archetype perks.
  • Fixed some card and perk typos.

Misc changes and additions

  • When attempting to use cards you don't meet their expertise requirements from the Collection, the confirmation popup will notify you that you can't use this card.
  • Appendix linking will now additionally look for keywords inside BloodTribute & DiscardEffect constructs
  • The fish consumables got a survival requirement and are useable only by non-Undead characters.
  • Backgrounds in Character creation are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Backgrounds with requirements will display an exclamation mark in front of their name to easily be identifiable.
  • Backgrounds meant for a more brutal start now have a skull before their name to be easily identifiable.
  • Changed some Background requirements. (This change will only affect new characters).
  • Increased the amount of allowed Forsaken Skills to 8.
  • Added rulebook entries for Hoard & Duel.
  • Searching for 'endgame' in the journal will show the endgame quests.
  • Integrated Resolve into some older cards.
  • Updated Unity Engine to LTS2021.3.9f1

Modding Additions

  • You can now specify multiple archetypes to Exclude: and Restrict: in Background & Starting Kit Perks. Using the following syntax: +Arc1+Arc2+...+
  • , ie. Restrict:+Psychic+Witch+Performer+ will restrict the Perk to Psychic, Witch & Performer characters.
  • You can specify a DLC or both DLCs as Restrict: using DLC1 (Ancient Ruins), DLC2 (Relics and Armaments) or (DLC1+DLC2) or DLC1|DLC2
  • , ie. Restrict:DLC1 to require only Ancient Ruins, or Restrict:DLC1+DLC2 to require both, or Restrict:DLC1|DLC2 to require either.
  • GrantLevel:x can be given as a perk reward to increase the player's level by x.

(New Keyword) Resolve

  • Resolve:x, Whenever an Enemy resists a Status effect this Turn, they get a Fracture equal to your Resolve. You lose all Resolve.
  • Any active resolve will stack with the FailedDebuffsFracture game mode rule.

(New Keyword) Channel.

  • Channel>Buff>Effect:x (%), Channel x% converts x% of a Buff into an Effect. You then lose that Buff.
  • , ie. Channel>Defend>Resolve:100 converts 100% of your Defend to Resolve. If you have 10 Defend, Channel will give you 10 Resolve and deplete all Defend.
  • x = 1 is a shorthand notation for 100% and won't count as 1%.
  • Buff can also be an Element; in this case, the corresponding Amplify is used.
  • , ie. Channel>Air>Defend:100 converts 100% of your Amplify Air to Defend. If you have 10 Amplify Air, Channel will give you 10 Defend and deplete all Amplify Air.

Localization file Additions

If you are using a localization mod, you'll have to add these new lines in your modded files. Otherwise, the game won't work correctly!

In English_Codex.json, added:

  • "CodexLookupKeywordDuel": "Duel",
  • "CodexLookupKeywordHoard": "Hoard",
  • "CodexLookupKeywordResolve": "Resolve",
  • "CodexLookupKeywordChannel": "Channel",
  • "CodexDuel": "Target Enemy picks a random Ally. If the chosen Ally is your Soulmate or there was no Ally to pick, you gain [5 x Level] Retribution, and they Attack. Otherwise, the Enemy and the chosen Ally deal Damage to each other.",
  • "CodexHoard": "You gain x permanent copies of the referenced card in your Stash (or Inventory). If you already own the maximum allowed copies of the referenced card, Hoard has no effect.",
  • "CodexResolve": "Whenever an Enemy resists a Status effect this Turn, they get Fracture equal to your Resolve. You lose all Resolve.",
  • "Channel x% converts x% of a Buff into an Effect. You lose all the Buff.<br><br>I.e. If you have Defend 10, '<b>Channel:</b> Convert 100% of your Defend to Resolve. You lose all Defend.' will give you 10 Resolve, and you will lose all your Defend. "

In English_Card Rules.json, added:

  • "CardRulesResolve": "<nobr><color=#064f4b>Resolve\u00A0{0}.</color></nobr> ",
  • "CardRulesResolveEx": "Whenever an Enemy resists a Status effect this Turn, they get Fracture equal to your Resolve. You lose all Resolve. ",
  • "CardRulesChannel": "<nobr><size=-3><b>Channel:</b> convert {0}% of your {1} to {2} {3}. You lose all {1}.</size><nobr> "
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