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天下镖局 update for 8 September 2022

[Tianxia Escort Agency] 2022.09.08 version update announcement

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

New content:

  1. New map - Shaanxi Chief Secretary has been unlocked and Pingliang escort agency has been opened
  2. Newly unlocked 7 characters, which can form a new escort team
  3. New building - Yanwu hall, players who like Wutong can unify the Jianghu
  4. New NPC - settled monk, arranging characters to settle at the settled monk has the chance to unlock the third Jianghu martial arts slot
  5. A big event in the Jianghu - intruding into the green dragon club. Five people can be arranged to intruding into the green dragon club and eventually destroy the Green Dragon Club (like killing spire)
  6. 20 new Jianghu martial arts have been added

System optimization:

  1. The silver reward for escort in subsequent provinces has been greatly increased
  2. Operation optimization: now the right mouse button can directly close the current interface
  3. Greatly shorten the waiting time when opening the dart race
  4. Now when "Zhenyuan poaching" appears, there will be a striking sound effect prompt
  5. When touching bones now, the system will automatically select the character who touched bones last time
  6. You can now view the properties and skills of roving bandits in the [crusade against roving bandits] and [feud attacks] interfaces
  7. The skill of Escort - Dong Guo Ren is changed to: it's difficult to distinguish between West and East - when we trigger an assault, we randomly reduce the attack of the enemy
  8. The setting function of skip guidance is added in the setting interface
  9. The key words of craftsman's ability description are added with eye-catching colors
  10. Tiancai · Dibao now restores the amount of materials obtained after use to 2
  11. The Sichuan Chief Secretary unlocked the level of the customs guard team for regional battles
  12. The number of Tiancai and Dibao sold by peddlers increased
  13. The quantity of dahuandan sold by peddlers increased
  14. The number of snow clam pills sold by peddlers increased
  15. The peddler's office now sells registration posts every month
  16. The function of [Shift + purchase = one click purchase] has been added to the peddler
  17. The [Shift + use = one click Use] function is added in the inventory interface (the prompt information will be skipped)
  18. Added audio effects related to dream challenge play
  19. Added audio effects related to the Juyi hall interface
  20. Added audio effects related to Zhenyuan anti attack play
  21. Added audio effects related to visiting craftsmen
  22. The sorting of the free role list is optimized, so that the roles of all teams will not be mixed together
  23. The role list in the craftsman visit interface is optimized to facilitate everyone to arrange the same team of roles to visit
  24. In the counter attack Zhenyuan interface, the remaining number of branches of Zhenyuan escort agency will now be displayed in the interface
  25. Added animation effect when selecting Zhenyuan branch in the counter attack Zhenyuan interface
  26. Added animation effect when selecting escort team in counter attack Zhenyuan interface
  27. Added the customs clearance animation when successfully eradicating Zhenyuan escort agency
  28. The jump button of each chapter is added in the interface of the novel of the same name
  29. Increased the speed of escort cart in escort competition
  30. A [exclamation mark] has been added in the escort race failure interface to facilitate you to view the reasons for your defeat
  31. Improved the durability of escort carts in the escort competition of province 5
  32. Optimization of divinatory symbols in bone touching
  33. Skill related adjustment:
    [skill - wild horse's mane splitting] trigger probability of common attack combo increased
    [skill - White Ape snatching steps] increase the trigger probability of common attack pursuit
    [skill - Sword finger heaven and earth] trigger probability of common attack combo reduced
    [skill - iron shirt body protection] shock damage reduction effect increased
    [skill - dowry body protection] general attack damage reduction effect increased
    [skill - golden bell body protection] active damage reduction effect increased
    [skill - authentic soup] shock skill blood sucking effect increased
    [skill - losing heart sword] general attack increases the chance of losing heart of the target by - 1 rounds
    [skill - chariot - Combo] increase the trigger probability of common attack combo
    [skill - if you have no desire, you will be just] increase the probability of avoiding negative status
    [skill - half a year of duckweed] increase the chance that the control effect will last for an additional round
    [skill - misty rain] increase the bonus of your own attack skill trigger chance
    [skill - centrifugal probe] increased the bonus of your own active skill trigger probability
    [skill - flower picking method] increased the bonus value of blood sucking effect
    [skill - genuine Qi aggregation] trigger the increase of blood line and recovery effect
    [skill - body of King Kong] increased the effect of restoring blood volume when blocking
    [skill - Luoshen possessed body] the effect of improving self defense when blocking is increased
    [skill - Xiangxing Yijue] when you trigger the initiative, the effect of improving your own defense is increased
    [skill - severed finger sword] is adjusted to 100% general attack, which can reduce the attack of the target
    [skill - relics of the sea] can summon wooden man 100% after being adjusted to kill the target
    [skill - albedo] trigger up blood line and up recovery effect
    [skill - zither contending] increase the success rate and bonus of self-control effect
    [skill - swallow taking water] increase the chance of ignoring defense with your own assault skill
    [skill - wind swept clouds] increase the chance of ignoring defense with your own active skill
    [skill - break armour and remove shield] increase the chance of ignoring defence in your normal attack
    [skill - large reactive power] the probability of the active skill not entering the cooling has been increased
    [skill - small invisible skill] the chance of active skill cooling turn - 1 has been increased
    [skill - Guimen Dun] the restriction that a battle can only be triggered once has been cancelled
    [skill - Sword light rises everywhere] when killing the target, the effect of all our attacks is increased
    [skill - escort cart poison arrow] increase the chance of the escort cart to stun the target
    [skill - Cihang Pudu] rejuvenation effect, lasting rounds + 1
    [skill - Sword poison random dance] cooling rounds - 1
    [skill - Green Dragon collar] the effect of increasing defence is increased, lasting for + 1 turn
    The damage rebound effect of [skill - move the universe] has been increased
    [skill - dusting in the wind] increase the chance of triggering critical hit with your own assault skill
    [skill - Yuanshen body protection · group] all damage reduction values of our party have been increased
    [skill - dowry body protection · group] all damage reduction values of our party have been increased
    [skill - iron shirt body protection · group] all damage reduction values of our party have been increased
    [skill - withered trees rejuvenate spring] the recovery effect has been significantly increased
    [skill - Buddhist relic] recovery effect increased
    [skill - blissful invisible] active skill trigger probability increased
    [skill - Soul snatching] the chance to increase the success rate of the control skill has been greatly increased
    [skill - Penglai sword] trigger probability and damage reduced
    [skill - xuandu sword] trigger probability increased, cooling round + 1
    [skill - thunderbolt palm] cancels the stun effect and increases the critical hit probability
    The number of poisoned targets of [skill - poisonous snake spits out the message] is + 1
    [skill - sunrise sky] number of targets + 2, dizziness probability adjusted to 30%, cooling turn + 1
    [skill - Sword poison random dance] poison effect increased, cooling turn - 1
    [skill - Tiandao Yaoguang] active skill blood sucking effect improved
    [skill - authentic soup] shock skill blood sucking effect increased
    [skill - Star sucking method] blood sucking effect of all attacks increased
    [skill - Fire folding] increased trigger probability and burning effect
    [skill - Golden knife enters the table] increased the damage effect and reduced the bleeding effect
    Increase the trigger probability of [skill - plucking silk and peeling cocoon]
    Increased trigger probability of [skill - worship the moon in the sky]
    [skill - crossing the moon] improved effect of weight loss
    [skill - escort car transformation] the effect of improving the load is strengthened

Bug repair:

  1. Fixed a bug with color code in the description of [skill - sword like begonia]
  2. Fixed bug with missing skill name and description
  3. Fixed the bug that the icon of [skill - yuan Shen protector] was missing
  4. Fixed the bug that the effect description of [skill - iron draw Silver Hook] was inaccurate
  5. Fixed the bug that the value in the craftsman's description of improving the attribute of escort car parts was inaccurate
  6. Fixed the bug that the entry description of the 4-piece set of [set - Seven Wonders] was missing
  7. Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to answer 10 questions correctly
  8. Fixed a bug that the animation might get stuck when unlocking the provincial map
  9. Fixed a bug that sometimes appears when challenging the provincial map boss
  10. Fixed the bug that you must open the bedroom once after entering the game, and the room bonus effect will take effect
  11. Fixed a bug that the names of escort carts would be confused when they were selected in the cart and horse room after they were matched with 5 escort carts
  12. Fixed a bug that some effects of adding skills to summoning units did not work properly
  13. Corrected typos in the plot
  14. Fixed a bug that silver would become negative when it exceeded the upper limit, leading to player bankruptcy
  15. Fixed a bug that covered the effect of meridians when challenging meridians repeatedly
  16. Fixed the bug of abnormal display of province name and stability in the auditorium interface
  17. Fixed a bug that would be added many times when adding martial arts to escort cart
  18. Fixed bug with wrong description of skill effect of [skill - Crane spirit protection]
  19. Fixed the bug that the tips box for viewing date is too close to the edge of the screen
  20. Fixed a bug that the description text of the unlocked martial arts slot was incorrect
  21. Fixed the bug that when a feud came to sneak attack, its attribute did not increase by 30%
  22. Fixed a bug that the tips box would get stuck when a character was killed in battle
  23. Fixed a bug that would not be saved after the automatic sale setting in the Shenwu hall quit the game
  24. Fixed the bug that the escort found an abnormal way in province 4
  25. Fixed a bug that the attribute of meridians sometimes does not take effect during Dart racing
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