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Holomento update for 8 September 2022

Holomento - 🌴Lost City Update🌴 (Version 0.6.0)

Share · View all patches · Build 9469956 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello travelers!

Today I'm excited to share Holomento's second major update (0.6.0) with all of you! It's much larger than the last! The 🌴Lost City Update🌴 is here and features two new core game mechanics, a new Dungeon featuring a new Boss and puzzles, new Enemies and an overhauled Dragon Bone Desert!

We're extremely excited to get this new update out to everyone! We'd like to especially thank our community Discord for their support in providing us feedback on bugs and feature requests. If you haven't already, you can join the Holomento Discord to share your feedback and suggestions!

Here's a short teaser showing off what you can expect in the new update:

But that's not all! We've more exciting news to share!

First of all, you can get Holomento for 20% off right now! This is the perfect time to dive into the game and all of the new content the Lost City Update has to offer!

Also, the official Holomento OST Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by our amazing composer Adeel Jafree is available on Steam now! Get it now with a 15% launch discount and listen to the amazing tunes of Holomento whenever you like! The OST will also get expanded alongside major updates for the game, so make sure to keep an eye on that!

So what's next?

With two major updates released this summer, we are going to be working on some quality-of-life updates and patches over the next few weeks before diving into the next major update.

With that said, our next major update target will be the Autumn Update releasing this October. This update will feature a reworked Autumn Forest region, a new Autumn-Themed Dungeon and a special Halloween limited-time event!

For more information on planned features coming in future patches, check out the Holomento Roadmap!

Dragon Bone Desert Overhaul

The sands of the Dragon Bone Desert have shifted!

The Dragon Bone Desert has greatly increased in size and now features several new unique locations. The desert has also received new puzzles, chests, enemies, contract boards, shops and an overhauled town.

  • Overhauled the Desert City and renamed it to the Dragon Bone Resort

  • The Dragon Bone Resort contains lots of secret chests, vases and obelisks as well as a market with a town's typical amenities

  • In the future, the Dragon Bone Resort Pyramid will feature some exciting new content as well as more NPCs and quests throughout so stay tuned!

  • Added several puzzles to the Dragon Bone Desert featuring elements from the Lost City dungeon

  • Added 5 new sub-regions to the Desert

  • Added the Dragon Valley sub-region

    • This deep pit contains a maze of trails and hanging wooden bridges that could prove useful to travelers wishing to cut quickly across the desert
  • Added the Lakefront Fort sub-region

    • The Lake, Dam and Fort contain secrets and shortcuts for travelers that wish to open alternate routes for future journeys
  • Added the Lost City Outskirts sub-region

    • These outskirt ruins feature fearsome creatures ready to pounce on unsuspecting travelers that wander towards the lost city.
    • Several puzzles in this region provide travelers an opportunity to gather valuable rewards if completed
  • Added the Maze of the Lost sub-region

    • The deep Maze in the northern corner of the Dragonbone Desert contains several puzzles and treasures for those brave enough to navigate it
  • Added the Dragon Bone Resort Beach sub-region

    • This pleasant beach on the outskirts of the Dragon Bone Resort is a popular fishing and swimming spot for the few tourists making visits from outside the Hollow.
Lost City Dungeon

A great city has risen from the deep sands of the Dragon Bone Desert...

The Lost City Dungeon has arrived and features new puzzles and puzzle elements, a new boss fight, new dungeon shops, the 2nd dungeon gem and more!

  • The towering Lost City is now visible from most regions of the Eventide Hollow improving sense of direction and navigation to reach the dungeon (and desert)
  • Added the 9-room puzzle section of the dungeon where travelers will need to navigate through water puzzles, spikes, moving platforms and more!
  • 4 of the 9 rooms feature procedural puzzles while the other 5 feature puzzles that remain static between journeys
  • Added a water level puzzle that integrates all 9 rooms of the dungeon. The water is controlled by pressure plates found throughout puzzle rooms.
  • Added spikes that can be controlled by switches, levers, lanterns and more!
  • Added new timed Lost City door puzzles that will require quick feet to navigate!
  • Added moving platforms that can be controlled with pressure switches
  • Added static regions to the desert featuring new enemies and treasures
  • Added a new upgradeable Lost City shop
  • Added a maze boss arena phase for the Lost City
  • Added a new Lost City arena for Cerenobia
Cerenobia - The King of Lost Gold

A fearsome new boss guards the Perfection Gem of the Lost City - introducing Cerenobia the King of Lost Gold

  • Added "Cerenobia's Lance" a new boss item that is earned by defeating Cerenobia
  • Added Cerenobia Phase 1 - Escape from Cerenobia during the maze chase portion of the battle to reach the safe area before defeating him in Phase 2+3
  • Added Cerenobia Phase 2 - Battle the armor-hardened Cerenobia during Phase 2 in the Lost City Arena
  • Added Cerenobia Phase 3 - Complete the Lost City Arena puzzle to break Cerenobia's armor off and reveal the final showdown of the fight!

Time to take a dip in the waters of Eventide!

To swim, simply wade (or fall) into any deep body of water and you'll float right to the surface. You can swim faster in the water by using the sprint button! Be careful though as while you're in the water you can't attack enemies or do any damage. Whenever you want to get out of the water simply swim to a shallow area or up a ramp/stairs.
Full Swimming Feature List

  • Updated all water bodies throughout the Hollow visually and to allow for swimming!
  • Wade into any water body to automatically start swimming
  • Use the sprint button to swim faster while swimming
  • Enemies can't swim but can still fire ranged attacks at you while you're in the water so watch out!
  • Water bodies are used during puzzles throughout the new Lost City dungeon so remember that you will always float to the top of water and use that to your advantage!

Ready your reels because the Hollow's fishing season is open!

To fish, simply walk up to a body of water until a fishing prompt appears. You can then cast your line and wait for your first bite! Once a fish is on the hook, you'll need to reel it in by completing a hook-tracking minigame. Once you've caught your fish, it's records will be added to your save file and the fish will be automatically sold for profit and added to the new Museum Aquarium!

Full Fishing Feature List

  • Added a new fishing system
  • Added fishing minigame to reel in fish
  • Once caught, fish size records are automatically stored and fish are sold for immediate profit
  • Fish data and records are persistent for all travelers between journeys
  • Added a Fish Compendium tab to the Collections section of the tab menu
  • Added an Aquarium to the Museum where caught fish are automatically donated
  • Added new fishing regions to all bodies of water (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.)
  • Added 13 initial fish types with unique sizes and locations to be caught
  • Added "No Fishing" regions where some bodies of water don't support fishing. If a prompt doesn't appear, you won't be able to fish in that region!
  • Added new SFX for all fishing interactions (casting, reeling, fish landed, nibbles, bites and victory/failure tunes)
Other Additions
  • Hornets are tormenting inhabitants of the Dragon Bone Desert! These aggressive foes are strong combatants on both the ground and in the air! Take them out quickly before they can sting!
  • Bee hives have been spotted throughout the Hollow! Honey (and money) can be extracted from them but will anger the bees nested inside! Be prepared to run or fight if you harvest their honey!
  • Flower fields filled with butterflies have been spotted growing throughout the Hollow! It's rumored these fields contain high concentrations of bee hives!
  • Added new resource piles throughout the Lost City and Desert
  • Journey's End light beam now scales with distance from the Traveler
  • Added the "Experimental Treatment" accessory
  • Added randomized player idle animations
  • Added a damage border to indicate when the Traveler takes damage
  • Added SFX when interacting with signs
  • Added SFX when adding resources to the stockpile
  • Added SFX for book page turning
  • Added SFX for picking up the "mysterious book"

  • Added passives for both existing Dungeon Gems once they are collected during a journey

    • The Energy Gem now increases movement speed by 25%
    • The Perfection Gem now increases wealth collected by 50%
  • Increased potions gained from potion chests to +5

  • Adjusted all banner ability cooldowns to 15 seconds

  • Adjusted the prayer ability cooldown to 30 seconds

  • Buffed starting and scaling stats for the Wanderer class

  • Increased bow damage scaling at max draw by 210%

  • Changed bow draw scaling to quadratic from linear

  • Chests will now stop opening before clipping through geometry
  • Added smooth transitions for interaction prompts
  • Updated dungeon gem interaction prompts
  • Fixed a bug where the sun would disappear when entering the Old Mill Exterior area
  • Fixed Eventide Cistern discoloration bug in the corners of the central area
  • Fixed slime death and despawning
  • Fixed collision on the Frigid Fjord Fort elevator to prevent unfair deaths
  • Added river outflow for the sewer entrance in the Greatwoods
  • Fixed a bug where the Rat King would rotate after death
  • Fixed bugged grass in Eventide Pass
  • Fixed a bug where signs would unintentionally block the camera
  • Fixed a collision bug with the ruined house behind the old gate
  • Fixed a bug where the desert would sometimes play the wrong music
  • Fixed LOD's for lush trees throughout the Hollow
  • Fixed various wall clipping and collisions throughout the Hollow
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