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Skyclimbers update for 3 September 2022

Patch 1.0.9 - Cooking and Combat Update

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Thank you for your patience while the team worked through versions 1.0.8 and 1.0.9 in this Alpha update.

  • Updates will resume at a normal pace after this patch
  • The engine has been updated along with major performance components
  • We took the extra time to move forward in other areas while the overhaul took place
  • Some features are still experimental and may break during testing

You will be greeted by a refreshed menu lobby scene, which serves as a foundation for character creation and Sentipedia interfaces.

Next, a new biome selection menu is available, where we will expand settings for your starting conditions.

  • Only the Coastal Meadow biome is available, with the rest to follow soon after.
  • Multi-biome generation will remain experimental until we can bring it back into the default branch with stable performance and spawn behavior.

As a preview of patch 1.0.10, we have included a new set of village assets that will make the foundation of the first Era.

The villages are smaller, and more primitive, but they will be denser and more realistic for the first Era.

Press E next to cooking pots to initiate the cooking sequence.

You can select ingredients you have harvested from the environment or looted from mobs.

Different recipes have different player effects; check the inventory for each blueprint recipe!

As part of the combat update, the mage can now keep moving while targeting an opponent and firing projectiles.

Magmaton AI have also been updated with a charge attack that will knock down the player

Another major feature of this update includes the Yagi camps, which are randomly generated.

  • Some camps include explosive barrels that can be shot with projectiles
  • All camp assets can be destroyed
  • Yagi groups spawn in different numbers
  • There are still issues with Yagi spawner, some camps may not spawn Yagi


  • Added "Coming Soon" to all disabled biome selection buttons
  • Added "Equip Multi-Tool" task to tasklist
  • Added "Ether Dimension" to main menu (swapped from Coastal Meadow biome scenery)
  • Added biome selection touch scrolling for Steam Deck
  • Added death poof effect SFX
  • Added destructible behavior to Yagi camp props such as barrels, crates, towers, fences and benches
  • Added destruction physics
  • Added Ether music track to main menu
  • Added explosion SFX for explosive barrels
  • Added explosive barrels
  • Added manual loot drop for enemies and Sentius (stops discovery event from obfuscating screen during combat encounters)
  • Added physics ragdolling for player character (triggered on explosions and fall damage)
  • Added physics ragdolling for Sentius
  • Added physics ragdolling for Voidlings (triggered on explosions and on death)
  • Added physics ragdolling for Yagi AI
  • Added ranged attack Voidling variant
  • Added SFX on prop destruction
  • Added UI hover, click and return SFX to main menu
  • Added updated biome images for main menu biome selection UI
  • Added weapon as default equipment/tool hotbar selection
  • Added ability to attack while moving (primary attacks only, not special)
  • Added async operations to runtime decimation
  • Added consumed food abilities (speed boost, attack boost, defense boost, mining yield boost, logging yield boost, gathering yield boost, health restore and stamina restore)
  • Added cooldown icons for active abilities
  • Added delay for resource popup SFX
  • Added discovery events for missing resource drops (plants, meat, etc)
  • Added distance-based density scaling for grass (pseudo-LOD system for mesh grass)
  • Added distance-based fading for grass
  • Added grass length modifier based on terrain heightmap
  • Added grass texture to footstep SFX array
  • Added infinite ingredients hotkey for cooking
  • Added innards resource drop for Yagi
  • Added item descriptions for cooked dishes
  • Added item descriptions for depletable resources
  • Added key hint for mode switcher tasklist entry
  • Added LODs for ai entities
  • Added LODs for sentius
  • Added mage fire projectile splash damage over time PFX on ground collision
  • Added magmaton spawns to entity spawner
  • Added meat resource drop for sentius
  • Added opening inventory/settings menu to tasklist
  • Added poof PFX on entity death
  • Added pooling for runtime decimated parts
  • Added recipes to inventory blueprint tab
  • Added SFX on discovery UI close
  • Added SFX on discovery UI popup
  • Added SFX on food item consumption
  • Added wild carrot resource drop
  • Added wind tinting for mesh grass
  • Added Yagi combat formations
  • Added Yagi combat queueing
  • Added Yagi hert alert behavior
  • Added Yagi strafing
  • Added Yagi v. Void behavior

  • Fixed "Ether Constellation" effect render overlap with UI objects
  • Fixed aim reticle behavior when mode switcher is active
  • Fixed AMD video playback bug (black screen during splash and world intro; issue still exists for Steam Deck)
  • Fixed audio clip compression issues
  • Fixed audio source pooling instance bug
  • Fixed biome selection scroll arrow buttons
  • Fixed bug where explosive barrels wouldn't propagate damage to entities in radius
  • Fixed combat music sequence not cueing when player attacks Yagi
  • Fixed cooking UI "Clear Ingredients" button bug
  • Fixed cooking UI current ingredient count bug
  • Fixed cooking UI duplicate ingredient spawn bug
  • Fixed destroyed prop debris not disappearing after some time
  • Fixed entity spawning issues based on rest feature (forced time of day changes)
  • Fixed Ether effects and UI overlap in main menu biome selection
  • Fixed Ether effects and video overlap during world intro
  • Fixed explosive barrel audio source falloff issue
  • Fixed explosive barrel LOD billboard persisting after explosion
  • Fixed frozen splash transition on exit to menu bug
  • Fixed level background track playing on exit to menu bug
  • Fixed Magmaton audio events (footsteps, damage, idle, death)
  • Fixed Magmaton audio source distortion
  • Fixed Magmaton death SFX cutting off on despawn
  • Fixed main menu UI scaling on ultrawide displays
  • Fixed missing cooking station button SFX
  • Fixed missing music and SFX on level restart
  • Fixed no Yagi loot drop on explosion bug
  • Fixed pause menu music slider scaling bug
  • Fixed pause menu Music volume slider
  • Fixed pause menu settings shadow toggle
  • Fixed pause menu SFX volume slider
  • Fixed physics timestep bug on exit to menu
  • Fixed player damage SFX not playing during Magmaton attacks
  • Fixed player footstep SFX volume scaling when operating SFX slider
  • Fixed player ragdoll internal collision bug
  • Fixed player ragdoll not triggering on explosion
  • Fixed player special attack not triggering
  • Fixed props not being destroyed on explosion
  • Fixed Sentius audio source mixer bug
  • Fixed Steam Deck crashing on video playback (splash screen and world intro)
  • Fixed Steam Deck white loading screen bug
  • Fixed stone depletion during free-climb bug
  • Fixed world intro audio not stopping on video skip
  • Fixed world intro video loop bug
  • Fixed Yagi AOE damage receiver bug
  • Fixed Yagi audio source volume and falloff issues
  • Fixed Yagi negative health bug
  • Fixed "wineberry" text bug in cooking UI
  • Fixed active combat features bug during cooking
  • Fixed ambient music sequence for coastal meadow biome
  • Fixed broken vegetation resource discovery events
  • Fixed cursor disappearing bug when inventory is opened during cooking
  • Fixed gauntlet aim camera culling bug
  • Fixed grass not rendering terrain tiles
  • Fixed hotbar selection white texture overlay bug
  • Fixed inedible meat skewer bug
  • Fixed interact UI popup visibility on depletion start
  • Fixed Kumi moveset inactive during combat (against magmaton & Voidling)
  • Fixed lag/freeze on cooking ingredient switching
  • Fixed lag/freeze on cooking initialize
  • Fixed lingering dead entity bodies
  • Fixed mage special attack trigger bug
  • Fixed Magmaton running attack trail effect appearing on idle
  • Fixed missing base building blueprints in inventory blueprint tab
  • Fixed missing recipe "blueprints" in inventory blueprint tab
  • Fixed missing staff aim reticle
  • Fixed pickaxe collision SFX during stone depletion
  • Fixed player attack SFX overlap bug
  • Fixed player eyes not closing during rest sequence
  • Fixed player not taking any damage from Voidling attacks
  • Fixed player rotate bug on mouse press when cooking
  • Fixed primary attack colliding with player when spawned while moving
  • Fixed resource drop popup amount bug
  • Fixed resting feature at Yagi campfires
  • Fixed resting sequence entity spawner bug
  • Fixed ruin depletion
  • Fixed rusted weapon colliders
  • Fixed SFX not playing on resource gathered popup
  • Fixed spawned rusted weapon colliders
  • Fixed stackable inventory flag for inventory recipe entries
  • Fixed stone decimation on depletion complete
  • Fixed stone pickups not triggering discovery for stone resource
  • Fixed tasklist inventory (esc) entry trigger bug
  • Fixed Voidling spawn time

  • Improved audio source pooling
  • Improved Coastal Meadow biome algorithm (increased foliage, resource and road density)
  • Improved Coastal meadow biome color palette (foliage and terrain)
  • Improved cooking initialization sequence (active tools/weapons are disabled; cooking spook is enabled)
  • Improved main menu logo
  • Improved player inventory item querying
  • Improved ragdoll physics component pooling
  • Improved Yagi AI pathfinding
  • Improved Yagi camp assets
  • Improved Yagi camp prop durability (bench and fences)
  • Improved blending between root motion and non root motion animations
  • Improved Coastal Meadow LOD performance
  • Improved damage deal by Yagi attacks
  • Improved Gyser Plains LOD performance
  • Improved mage projectile ground splash effect
  • Improved Magma Biome LOD performance
  • Improved Magmaton running attack vfx
  • Improved mesh grass lighting
  • Improved mesh grass performance
  • Improved mesh grass render distance
  • Improved nighttime luminance
  • Improved stone depletion
  • Improved stone pickup sizes
  • Improved stone pickup UI interaction
  • Improved thatch distribution seed
  • Improved thatch plant spawns
  • Improved Void behavior profile
  • Improved Yagi spawn count

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported development and continues to test the Alpha client.

Steam Deck players are getting a dedicated updated very soon! Stay tuned for details.

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