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Jaws Of Extinction update for 2 September 2022

Alpha Version 0.4.12a Update Released

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Patch 0.4.12 is here! There’s howling in the distance, beware. All new wolves and wild dogs stalk the land. At least you can feel safer with your own companion dog running by your side! This update includes new NPCs, updated lighting, new content, bug fixes, optimisations and more.

Developer Comment:
It would be advisable to start a fresh game as some mechanics, craftables and items may be bugged or not be available if using out of date game save files.

Wolves and Dogs

Step carefully, you might be entering wolf territory. All new wolves and wild dog varieties have been added to Eden-Nadir. Wild dogs normally pick over the remains of civilization and are often found around towns. Wolves on the other hand guard their territories fiercely out in the wild.

Dogs and wolves operate in packs. When fighting, some of the pack may try and flank around you while others stand you down.

Keep an eye out for the pack leader - often the biggest of the bunch. The other pack members might not stay for long if you can take out the alpha.

These animals are also very wary of fire. Setting one on fire will cause them to immediately flee in panic.

Canines will treat infected and other animals as threats too. You might be able to slip away if you can get them fighting one another.

Although dangerous to fight, wolves and dogs can both be hunted for valuable survival resources, such as fats and fur.

Companion German Shepherd

Not all dogs want to fight you! Some want to be your best friend. Speak to Neville in the Backwater Beacon safezone to enquire about how you can have a four-legged friend of your own.

Companion dogs will go with you wherever you go and help you fight your battles. You can also give your dog instructions to stay if you want to keep them out of harm's way. If the worst should happen and your dog companion is injured, you’ll be able to help them up again.

You can rename your dog companion any time.

The breed of dog available to you is a German Shepherd, but more variants will become available in the future.

Lighting and World Updates

See Eden-Nadir in a new light - literally. This update features a significant update to exterior lighting which aims to add further vibrance and life to landscape. The daytime sun now feels more energetic and warmer. Meanwhile, nighttime lighting has been redeveloped to improve overall visibility for the player, but feel cold and dark at the same time.

Interior lighting in buildings has received a major update too. Walking inside buildings you’ll notice light seeps its way inside through the cracks and boarded up windows. Creeping through houses now feels much more atmospheric.

Other lighting adjustments include a number of material and ambient occlusion adjustments, such as new shaders on trucks, updated AO values for characters and their clothing, as well as general adjustments to shadows.

The lighting system is still receiving updates to give the best possible lighting under all conditions, so expect further tuning in upcoming patches.


• Added new drivable digger vehicle.
• Added a system so that rain will now run off the edges of roofs, bridges and so on.
• Areas of the world now have weather zones. Some areas will always have the same weather where others have blacklisted weather types.
• Medical centre building is now a tent with two entrances and the surrounding area has now been redeveloped
• Added a new NPC character "Kirk Taylor". He is an electronics expert in the Hanouten Safe-Zone.
• Added a new Seamstress NPC Trader to Backwater Beacon Safezone.
• Added new "Rags Outfit".
• Added new tutorial which will popup explaining walking, running and jogging when trying to leave/enter medical tent.
• Added new HUD objective distance marker. This will show the player the distance and location of their next quest objective.
• Added new HUD visuals. Objective UI has been updated as part of the new UI overhaul.
• Added a new safe code puzzle to the construction yard in Hanouten.
• Added new destructible interior wall meshes for player buildings.
• Added new functionality to player built frames for interior walls which allows different interior frame meshes to appear depending on the wall type set.
• Added new door frame walls with space for doors on the left and right.
• Added new buildable left/right/double/middle small window variants.
• Added new buildable left/right window variants.
• Added new vehicle ramp.
• Added new wide stairs for walls.
• Added a new radial menu option for buildings including a wheel for stairs types.
• Added new garage door frame building part
• Added new garage doors. Doors can be added from the door menu to a garage doorframe.
• Added dirt road to survivor spawn camp
• Added new Burger Express location, 24hour drive through burger restaurant.
• Added Soap Dispenser to wash station area in both Backwater Beacon and Nadir Farm safe-zones
• Driftwood soap spawn now only spawns five bars instead of ten.
• Project ALICE and Roses are Red outfits are now available in the game (available for purchase from


• Companions will now get in vehicles with the player
• Walking into the medical tent will force the character into walk mode and leaving will turn on jogging so the player auto-jogs.
• Improved dialogue UI to be more readable and understandable.
• Update dialogue text font.
• Updated barriers on roadside at Xile Ambush location
• Disabling the weather will now cycle the weather but will not spawn lightning flashes and rain and snow particles
• Updated static vehicles to new improved interactable vehicles at Xile Ambush location
• Improved the positioning and colour tones of waterfalls
• A-Gang van and Crazy van have now been replaced with a sedan and pickup truck.
• One of the houses in Hanouten now has a vehicle crashed into it and is partially on fire
• Made room for new trader in Hanouten Safe-Zone
• Eatery is now a small hut in the Hanouten safe-zone
• George now has his own place where the eatery used to be and is labelled as "Blacksmith".
• Removed man playing guitar in Hanouten safe-zone
• Updated all firearm sound FX with new punchier sounds using a 2D local to 3D world system.
• Swapped out all old pickup trucks with new intractable ones
• Improved smoothness of pathfinding for animals fleeing the player
• NPCs will no longer ignore fire. They will move around it if possible.
• Adjusted fuel consumption on all other vehicles. Sedan and pickup trucks fuel consumption has been improved.
• Xiles have been removed from the Hanouten lighthouse
• Medical workers have been added to medical tent attending to injured NPCs
• Jess Foster, the medical trader, has had some small updates to her visual appearance and has been optimised for better performance.
• Finished the new medical centre in the Hanouten "Backwater Beacon" safe-zone
• Bears and Wolves are now hostile towards each other
• Bears and Infected are now hostile towards each other
• Doors that are part of the world can no longer be damaged and let enemy AI through.
• Human NPCs can no longer randomly patrol to inaccessible locations or off cliffs
• NPCs stuck with arrows will now remove the arrows after some time
• Started to update the Driftwood start. On the questline "Sack of Spuds", Ken will direct you to the seamstress who will give you free equipment.
• Water in Sen’s basement now uses the normal lake water system.
• Updated construction area in Hanouten.
• Applied macro variation system to roadway materials.
• Adjusted path in safe-zone Backwater Beacon.
• Adjusted infected spawn height on Sen’s basement quest.
• Updated Hanouten Backwater Beacon Safe-Zone map board.
• Updated Hanouten Backwater Beacon Safe-Zone quest board location. This is now located across from Sheriff Sen’s Driftwood spawn.
• Replaced building parts with a new suite of improved meshes. New parts have improved levels of destructibility and have received a visual overhaul.
• Player buildings now use square columns as default (using an improved column mesh).
• Improved collision on some player building parts.
• Updated various building system icons.
• Improved player building menu by implementing new sub-menus for wall types to reduce clutter.
• Reorganised building list to keep building parts listed together.
• Stairs can now be added up to any wall, allowing for more convenient building setups such as having ramps leading up to empty walls.
• Thin stairs now align with the left and right side door frames.
• Updated visuals for the tutorial screen to work in line with the new UI being implemented.
• Asking a new companion to come with you will now dismiss your current (non-essential) companion.
• Updated Widow Maker outfit to v2.0 for Adrian character only
• NPC dead bodies will now reappear at the location they died after leaving and re-entering spawn range (as long as the body has not timed out)
• Sun and moon now dim with cloud coverage
• Improved memory handling for player built walls
• Updated interior wall meshes for player buildings
• Set missing rogue mask for Adrian.
• Target NPCs in quests will now no longer respawn once killed. Their bodies will remain available for looting.
• NPCs will no longer retarget targets in close proximity if their current target is already in close proximity.
• The minimap is now hidden by default. Get a free mod for your STRV watch from the Electrical Lacky in the Hanouten Safe-Zone.
• Improved weather visuals by removing legacy weather functions from master shaders and replacing them with updated versions.
• Time between checks to spawn hordes on bases has been doubled
• Hordes which attack bases are no longer determined by the size of the base. They will now exclusively attack bases depending on items installed in the base (such as loud generators).
• Electrical generators now contribute towards horde attacks on bases.
• Improved collision on cliff faces so characters does not clip so much
• Updated waterfall house with wall, extended driveway and guard dogs
• Chainsaws now yield a greater number of resources when used to harvest
• Followers will no longer be pulled into a vehicle if they have been downed or are dead.
• Player can no longer start bleeding in god mode
• Reduced brightness of flashlights in line with lighting update
• Chainsaw now requires mechanical parts, scrap metal and oil to repair.
• Removed FSR functionality to improve oversharped visuals.
• Landing a successful body hit on animals and humans will now give a flesh impact sound notification.
• Player built structures can no longer be repaired if enemies are in the nearby vicinity.
• Updated Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) effects and brightness


• Optimised static interaction vehicles with adjusted draw distances.
• Optimised horse mesh to have a better LOD screen distance.
• Optimised world mesh assets to have a better LOD screen distance.
• Optimised horse saddle to have better LOD screen distance.
• Improved memory usage for crocodile animations.
• Optimised a number of assets around the map.
• Optimised weather functions to use a culling system
• Optimised cliff materials / shaders to use draw distance to load reduced texture sizes to reduce memory usage
• Optimised houses with additional LODs using baked textures to reduce memory and draw count.
• Optimised sheds with additional LODs using baked textures to reduce memory and draw count.
• Optimised burning house with additional LODs using baked textures to reduce memory and draw count.
• Optimised a number of large mesh assets to use single material LODs
• World mesh optimisations continued reducing draws and textures loaded into memory.
• General improvements to efficiency of NPC despawn and reset logic
• Cleaned up legacy assets from the project


• Fixed Liam charging for a vehicle recovery even after the player cancels the transaction.
• Fixed issue causing player to get stuck in the dialogue camera after asking the mechanic to recover a vehicle.
• Fixed issue where water SFX would get stuck playing when exiting or dying in water.
• Fixed character audio dialogue distorting as if they are talking in slow motion.
• Fixed sand paths being too bright when wet/raining
• Fixed issue where Adrian Riggs was not using the camera fade system when the camera gets too close to his body.
• Fixed knife and tactical equipment showing on character before completing the first sheriff Sen questline.
• Fixed player spawn system incorrectly calculating spawn locations and spawning player behind furniture.
• Fixed landscape covering the Burchet dam boathouse like a landslide had happened.
• Fixed game crash occurring when moving in the vicinity of certain NPCs while in a vehicle.
• Fixed icon not appearing on for NPC interactions
• Fixed companions not engaging in combat with crocodiles
• Fixed issue where a static NPC may attempt to target a player for combat if the player bumps into them causing animation issues.
• Fixed NPCs not targeting the player if they are in a vehicle
• Fixed issue where completed quests would not get cleared before adding a new quest.
• Fixed crocodiles in water sometimes using walking animations while swimming.
• Fixed fish not playing their swimming animations.
• Fixed fish sometimes not moving.
• Fixed companion followers not being properly targeted by hostile NPCs after saving and loading.
• Fixed a very rare bug where loading a saved game with a companion can cause many NPCs to spawn at the player’s location.
• Fixed interable crab/fish nets not being harvestable
• Fixed incorrect shader on skull cloth mask for Adrian
• Fixed issue where dead and despawned NPCs could respawn on top of the players location
• Fixed issue where red Thanatos enemies may sometimes be unable to target enemies or target themselves.
• Fixed bug where flashlight would not go out when unequipped while lit.
• Fixed bug where flashlight would not go out when running out of battery and would keep flashing
• Fixed issue where sky would be pitch black. This was due to lights being dimmed under clouds.
• Fixed NPCs sometimes appearing as red mannequins before then appearing with the correct visuals.
• Fixed some icons (such as electrical installations) no longer having icons after dying.
• Fixed issues with vehicle wheels when vehicle rotation is not parallel to the ground
• Fixed misalignment issues with doors in player built structures.
• Fixed static defences (e.g. spikes on beaches) getting damaged
• Fixed material culling on some cliff rocks.
• Fixed downed animation for human NPC often not running and just playing a static death animation instead.
• Fixed followers who charge a daily fee continuing to charge even after being dismissed
• Fixed speaking with companions sometimes causing the character to fall through the world.
• Fixed being able to start new games as Sophia and Adrian without completing the starting content in Driftwood.
• Fixed part of a cliff being in the road.
• Fixed player built doors not saving correctly.
• Fixed text corrections for quest instructions.
• Fixed quest NPCs with keycards disappearing if the player kills them before saving and loading the game.
• Fixed texture issues with Trystan causing lines to appear on his skin relative to the distance of the camera.
• Fixed purchasing the herb brick from Saul instead of harvesting on Otto's quest causing the quest to break and making it impossible to give the brick to Otto.
• Fixed destroying a campfire while lit leaving a burning fire at the location
• Fixed issues where vehicle wheels would have protruding collision. This would often make it difficult to drive some vehicles into player built garages.
• Fixed equipping a helmet while wearing NVGs not removing the NVGs

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