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Crossout update for 1 September 2022

[Update] Crossout 0.13.90. Steel championship

Share · View all patches · Build 9429773 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Football fever has taken over the Wasteland again! This year’s “Steel championship” features new blueprints for armoured cars with the “Ripper” disc launchers, as well as an entire football season with levels and rewards. Don’t miss your chance to stand out on the football field with the “Extreme football” pack and check out the redesign of the mechanics of obtaining items for decorating your range!

Steel championship

One of the most adrenaline filled brawls is back in the Wasteland! Assemble your perfect team of 3 players or prove to everyone that even without a well-coordinated team, your individual skills can achieve victory.

Attention! The event will last from September 1 to October 2 inclusive!

Main rules:
  • Players can take part in the mode both as a group and individually as part of a randomly selected team.

  • The match takes place in the “3 vs. 3” format.

  • The match lasts 5 minutes. The team that scores more goals against the opponents wins.

  • If a team leads the opponent by 5 goals scored, the match automatically ends with a victory for this team.

  • In the case of a draw in regular time, overtime is appointed:

    • the team that scores a goal during overtime wins;
    • overtime lasts 5 minutes;
    • if during the overtime, none of the teams scores a goal, the match ends in a draw.
  • Participation in this brawl counts towards the assignment for 9 successful battles in brawls.

Changes from previous championships:
  • Changes in armoured vehicles:

    • The vehicles themselves have been changed: the blueprints have become more stable and their handling has also been improved;
    • Now, instead of the “Spike-1” crossbow, a powerful “Ripper” disc launcher is mounted on the armoured cars. Thanks to this change, survivors will have more room for tactical actions, because discs can not only move the ball around the field, but also interfere with the actions of your opponents.
  • The mechanics of determining an auto-goal has been improved.

  • All players who have purchased the new “Extreme football” pack will be able to compete on a unique football car from the pack with weapons modified specifically for this brawl.

  • A new music track was recorded specifically for the brawl: Coach Feng's Theme

  • Fixed the sound balance in the brawl.

  • Added a new ball throw sound.

  • Now you can find out the exact amount of rating score you can get in the brawl for performing certain actions. To do this, move your mouse over the icon between the “Goals” and “Points” columns on the match results screen.

Football season “Steel championship”

  • Until the end of the event, 5 consecutive daily challenges will be added and accumulated. The completion of these challenges will be rewarded with the football season experience points.

  • Season experience points are needed to unlock the Football season levels and rewards.

  • The base season rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:

    • Engineer badges;
    • Stickers;
    • Workpieces;
    • Workbench coupons;
    • Experience for leveling up in the “Big chase” season;
    • Containers with resources.
  • All additional rewards are available only to those who have purchased the new “Extreme football” pack (marked with a lock icon on an orange background). Purchasing the pack gives you access to:

    • Unique CK “Chan Chu” for the harpoon “Skinner”;
    • A unique blueprint for the “Steel championship” brawl;
    • Paints;
    • In-game coins;
    • Decor;
    • A container with 1 tradable “special” part of your choice;
    • A container with 1 tradable “epic” part of your choice;
    • A container with a red or blue flare of your choice;
    • Legendary stabilizers.
Leagues and rewards:
  • Winning a “Steel championship” match rewards you with a certain number of rating points, depending on the result of the confrontation.

  • The rating points earned by the player affect his place in the leaderboard and belonging to one of the leagues.

  • Rating points are awarded for certain actions and the result of the match (but not more than 38 points per match):

    • Scored goal;
    • Defending your gates;
    • Victory;
    • Draw.
  • Players use rating points to participate in matches. The entry fee depends on the player’s current league:

    • Tin: 0 points.
    • Rust: 8 points;
    • Iron: 10 points;
    • Bronze: 15 points;
    • Silver: 15 points;
    • Gold: 15 points.
    • Legend: 17 points.
  • Each ranked league is safe, except for the “Legend”. This means that you will no longer be able to drop into the league below, even if you face a series of defeats. If the next deduction of points should lead to the transition to the lower league, points for entering the battle will not be deducted.

    • The amount of places in the “Legend” league is limited;
    • If you occupy the last place in the “Legend”, and the player from the “Gold” league scores more rating points than you currently have, then he enters the “Legend” league, and you move to the “Gold” league.
  • If you lose, you do not lose rating points, except for those that you spent on entering the battle.

  • At the end of the event, the player receives a reward according to the league in which he was at the time the “Steel championship” ended:

    • Rust: no rewards.
    • Iron: no rewards.
    • Bronze: a bronze “Steel Championship” cup for the range.
    • Silver: a silver “Steel Championship” cup for the range.
    • Gold: a golden “Steel Championship” cup for the range.
    • Legend: a golden “Steel Championship” cup for the range and the “Champion’s chest” container with one non-tradable part of legendary rarity of your choice.

New pack “Extreme football”

Purchasing the pack gives you access to all rewards of the “Steel championship” event, as well as the opportunity to take part in the football brawl on a unique car.

  • Unique armoured car: “Shifu”;
  • Weapons: machine gun “M-37 Piercer” (3 pcs.);
  • Cabin “Howl”;
  • Character portrait: “Coach Feng”;
  • Unique decor: flare “Chi energy”;
  • Unique horn: “Shaolin”;
  • A set of stickers;
  • Unique paint cans: “Blue dragon” and “Red dragon”;
  • Unique background and logo for profile customization;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 71.

Old martial arts master Feng assembled this armoured car for the first “Steel Championship”. But because of a disagreement with Scar AB, “Shifu” was left in the garage. Now that Coach Feng is back and is recruiting students, this kung fu armoured car finally has a chance to win the tournament.

Attention! The pack will be available until October 2 inclusive!

Rework of the items for range building and ways to obtain them

  • Now the majority of items for the range can be produced on the “Factions” — “Building” workbench.

    • Common resources and items for the previous rarity range are required to produce these items.
    • Building materials are removed from the game. Building materials that were stored on your account are automatically exchanged for Engineer badges. You can exchange badges for the resources or containers you need in the “Challenges” — “Badge exchange” section
    • The exchange takes place at the rate of “100 building materials = 20 badges”. In debatable situations, the rounding is always in favor of the player.
  • Now many items for the range can be sold and purchased on the in-game market.

  • Weekly tasks, which were previously rewarded with containers with items for range building, will be unavailable from September 5.

  • Now a container with paints for the range objects can be obtained by recycling common paints.

  • Now, for increasing reputation levels with the “Engineers” faction for the range, only standard “Rusty marks”, training targets and tools for creating a race are rewarded. Accordingly, the starting content of the ranges has been changed.

  • Some extremely rare or unique items for the range will be periodically available in the in-game store for crosscrowns. If an item is tradable, it can also be purchased from another player on the market.

  • Unique items for the range, which were obtained through rating events, cannot be sold or purchased on the market or in the in-game store.

“Desert valley” map update


The map has been reworked in terms of visual design: from the environment to individual objects on the location.


One of the bases was moved further away and a little lower in height relative to the other. The changes have equalised the time it takes for teams to reach certain positions on the location, as well as made it more difficult to hit the opposite base when shooting from your own base.


The bases have become more spacious and now they have additional covers and shelters to make the gameplay more variable.


The configuration of the driveways on the “lower” base side has also been modified. You can see the result in the comparison below:


Some small objects that were more of a hindrance than providing any kind of cover, have been removed from the map:


On the contrary, a number of other objects that played an important role, were made more noticeable:


This passage, that is well known among the players, has been expanded:


The grid spacing of the landscape has been reduced several times. Thanks to this change, movement around the map should now be smoother.

Radars “RS-1 Ruby”, “RD-1 Listener” and “RD-2 Keen”

  • Improved the physical models of these parts

All wheels

  • Improved physical models of wheels. Now they are narrower and better correspond to their visual models.

Rare parts

  • Ram damage (collision damage) reduced by 2 times.

Comment: “Borer” was an overly effective weapon for 4000 — 6000 PS, for which this part is intended.

Special parts

  • Damage increased by 13%.
  • Durability increased from 189 to 228 pts.
  • Minimum spread in motion reduced by 33%.
  • Maximum spread in motion reduced by 20% (both adjustments to spread increase the weapon’s accuracy).

Comment: because of the weapon’s insufficient effectiveness, we increase its accuracy and the damage it inflicts. These changes will help the players in using the weapon in the way it was originally designed for — precise destruction of enemy parts. And its durability increase will slightly improve the weapon’s survivability in battle.

KA-1 Discharger
  • Now the module boosts reloading by 15% (instead of 10% earlier).

Comment: in comparison with “Flywheel”, “KA-1 Discharger” is used far less often. Increasing the reloading boost bonus should increase its appeal to players.

Epic parts

  • Maximum speed increased from 45 to 55 km/h.
Tank track
  • Maximum speed increased from 55 to 60 km/h.
Armoured track
  • Maximum speed increased from 60 to 65 km/h.

Comment: as for the tracks, despite their relatively high durability, their slowness was too noticeable and was not sufficiently compensated for by other parameters.

ML 200
  • As a result of fixing the bug with shooting through the bottom of the mechanical legs, the legs also became more resistant to enemy attempts to drive underneath them.
KA-2 Flywheel
  • Mass reduced from 384 to 306 kg.
  • PS increased from 275 to 400.

Comment: With this change, we want to separate “Discharger” and “Flywheel” further apart in terms of PS, and in return we improve the durability to mass ratio of the epic module.

  • The weapon now deals 40 damage to mounted parts when firing with overload (instead of 50 earlier).
  • Overload shot now deals 60% more damage (instead of 50% earlier).

Comment: now using the weapon’s perk allow the owners of “Astraeus” to deal more damage to enemies and less damage to their own armoured car.

  • Damage increased by 23%.
  • Damage bonus from the perk is now 10% (instead of 20% earlier).
  • Projectile speed increased by 43%.
  • The flight speed bonus from the perk is now 15% (instead of 35% earlier).
  • Projectile impact impulse increased by 60%.
  • Impulse bonus from the perk is now 20% (up from 50% earlier).
  • The time required to fire a shot after a charge to receive a perk bonus is now 1 sec. (instead of 0.75 sec. earlier).

Comment: rebalancing the base stats and the perk makes the crossbow less dependent on its perk and makes it easier to use. The effectiveness of the crossbow is currently sufficient, but the weapon remains not very popular just because of the complexity of its perk. The following edits haven’t changed the maximum effectiveness of the weapon because its damage, projectile speed, and impulse, combined with three bonuses from the perk, remained the same. And a small bonus to the time required to make an enhanced shot will make it easier to use the weapon’s perk.

Buggy wheel (regular and ST)
  • PS reduced from 250 to 150.
  • Mass reduced from 116 to 80 kg.

Comment: The changes are aimed at increasing the efficiency and popularity of the wheels compared to other epic movement parts.

  • Heating from a single rocket reduced from 45% to 30%.
  • Explosion radius reduced by 25%.

Comment: the effectiveness of “Trombone” is too high, which makes the rocket launcher an ultimate choice as a weapon for heating up parts. The changes will adjust its effectiveness relative to other similar weapons.

  • Explosive damage dealt increased by 29%.
  • Standard projectile damage reduced by 15%.
  • Increased explosive projectile’s impulse.

Comment: the power of “Miller” is becoming more and more apparent in battles. With these changes, we would like to make this weapon more dependent on precise shooting and using its perk.

Prometheus V
  • Damage increased by 15%.
  • Durability increased from 418 to 488 pts.
  • Explosive bolt durability increased from 10 to 35 pts.
  • The bolt now explodes after 3 sec. (instead of 4 sec. earlier).

Comment: the effectiveness of “Prometheus”, similar to “Phoenix”, is currently too low and does not correspond to the rarity of these weapons. For each of those weapons, we tried to implement exactly those changes that can bring them back into the game.

Legendary parts

  • The minimum spread of shells has been significantly reduced. Slightly reduced the maximum spread of shells.
  • The spread now increases from minimum to maximum with each subsequent projectile in the burst.
  • Fire puddles radius increased by 10%.
  • The time before the fire puddle disappears is increased by 2 sec.

Comment: previously, each projectile in the queue had the same spread value, so they spread far apart from each other. Now the first projectile has a high accuracy rate, which decreases with each subsequent projectile in the burst. The change should help “Mandrake” control a large area of the location more effectively. And improving the fire puddles will allow you to better separate the roles of “Mandrake” and “Heather”: “Heather” is designed for high precise damage while “Mandrake” is designed for controlling the area on the map.

  • Rocket speed increased by 16%.
  • Rocket speed upgrade now grants a 15% bonus (instead of 25% earlier).

Comment: without the rocket speed upgrade, “Waltz” effectiveness was not sufficient for a weapon of legendary rarity. Please note that although the bonus from the upgrade was decreased, the upgraded version still has a higher projectile speed than before.

  • Tonnage increased from 4600 to 4700 kg.
  • Mass limit increased from 8700 to 8850 kg.
  • Power increased by 3%.

Comment: initially, we decided not to amplify the cabin additionally, but to wait for the first statistics on the use of the cabin in battles. Based on the results of the gathered data, we slightly improve the cabin’s parameters so that it matches the other legendary cabs and their performance. We assume that in the future the parameters of the cabin can be further improved when more data is collected.

  • Changed the location of the power nodes on the cabin. Part of the nodes located on the sides were moved to the front and rear of the cabin, as well as on its roof.

Comment: in many respects, the insufficient effectiveness of the cabin, which was designed for the use of power nodes, was due to the improper placement of these nodes on the model. Changing their position will add more options when assembling the vehicle and allow you to place the parts used in conjunction with the cabin more conveniently.

  • The structure and visual appearance of windows with information about weapons have been updated.
  • You can now report a bug you’re experiencing right from the game. The “Report an error” button can be found on the login screen or in the game menu (Esc) if you are already logged into your account.
  • Now the player can change the settings for controlling weapons and modules (binding parts to different keys) from reputation level 2 with the “Engineers” faction.
  • Improved dialogue window interface.
  • Improved a number of interface backgrounds.
  • Improved the visual appearance of tips in battle on the map screen.
  • Improved display of parts in the storage:
  • Updated the background of structural parts and removed icons;
  • Updated background for parts with applied CKs;
  • Updated the icon of customization kits;
  • Updated highlighting of new items in storage.
  • A number of improvements have been made to the badge exchange windows and faction workbenches.

  • Added the sound of machine gun projectiles hitting the wheels.
  • Reworked the sound balance.
  • Measures have been taken to improve and intelligibility of the final mix.
  • Added the ability to disable the sounds of co-driver talents through the in-game settings.

  • Now the energy boost is reset every time a player gets a new reputation level with a faction (does not work with prestige levels).
  • The model of the “Large wheel” has been reworked.
  • Added the “SanSanych TV” sticker into the game.

  • Improved the mechanics of target acquisition for the “Falcon” co-driver: fixed the situations when the talent worked even if the scope was not aimed at the armoured car, but was actually nearby (it was relevant for large armoured vehicles).
  • Now the use of “RA-1 Heather” is counted towards the use of rocket launchers, and not flame weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the gates in the “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” garage were always opened.
  • Fixed a bug where sharply turning the weapon and then locking the barrels with the “Alt” key led to mismatches in the direction of sight and projectile flight when firing.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to shoot through the lower part of the “ML 200” mechanical legs.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to submit a vehicle with the “Mechanic on duty”, “Serviced since 2021”, and “Pete’s repairs” stickers to the exhibition.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s nickname did not disappear immediately after he went into invisibility mode.
  • Fixed a bug due to which graphical artifacts could appear on the water with certain graphics settings applied.
  • Fixed a bug where using the built-in score with the “Prometheus V” weapon mounted on the cabin caused the weapon to block the view.
  • Improved the model of the “Varun” crossbow: fixed an incorrect texture display on the bottom of the weapon.
  • Improved the model of the “Fortune” weapon: now the weapon doesn’t display loaded shells if the ammunition is depleted.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to climb onto the monorail on the “Sinto city” map.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

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