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SYNTHETIK 2 update for 31 August 2022

U6 + U7 - Summer Ultra Combo Update

Share · View all patches · Build 9425386 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hey everyone!
_As mentioned in the previous blog post, we experienced issues when upgrading the engine to the latest version, as a result we had to skip an update release and are bringing you now both updates at once.

Update 6 - Heat is where we worked on many of the fundamentals and improved a lot of the core systems. As expected, the Enemy update is huge and we split it into 2 parts. Update 7 - Foundation is the first half of the Enemy improvement update. Here we worked on the early and mid-game, the S.A.T. faction and the core combat and game-play. Overall we all think that the game-play has dramatically improved, but let us know what you think!_

U6 - Heat

Now Live! - Key Features:
  • New Cooling Chambers Environment
  • Big Graphical Upgrade
  • Environment Styles & Variation
  • Attachment improvements
  • Shop Iteration
  • Tons of other improvements & fixes
  • Mod Editor is now usable while playing!
  • UI improvements

U7 - Foundation

Now Live! - Key Features:
  • Big Enemy Overhaul (Part 1/2)
  • Big Core Gameplay changes (Part 1/2)
  • New Enemies
  • Enemy reload & ammo bars
  • Enemy Unit Frame
  • Engine sounds
  • AI improvements
  • Mines overhaul
  • Many gameplay improvements

NEW - Big Faction & Combat overhaul

The S.A.T. (Special Attack Team) Faction got a large overhaul and the entire core gameplay with it.
!It's a huge change towards better game-play but still ongoing. Tons of things have been improved, too many to list. You will see better behaviors, nearly every enemy has been looked at or overhauled. Let us know what you think!

Gameplay is more intense and action packed. More variation, mobility, tension and chaos!
The late-game, Chrono Squad faction, as well as bosses will be improved in the near future.

The enemy overhaul consists of many things:
  • New enemies and revision of existing units
  • Behaviour improvements
  • Pathfinding improvements
  • Enemy weapon and reload improvements
  • Stat normalization and balance pass
  • Varied sounds and engine sounds
  • Changed spawn compositions
  • Enemy UI
  • Improved Ranks
  • Enemy visibility & color pass
  • Chrono Squad is now the dedicated late-game faction
    See for yourself and let us know how you like the new game-play now!

NEW - Enemy Reload Indicator & Ammo Bar

A new reload indicator and new ammo counter was also added, showing when a unit is reloading or is close to do so! The ammo indicator shows up as soon the unit is below 5 ammunition.

NEW - Enemy Health Indicators

The healthbar now shows increments of 1000 health with a line.

NEW - Terrorlevel Headhunters

The Terrorlevel UI got improved and terrorlevel increases now spawns 3 Judges to hunt you down!

NEW - Enemy Explosions

Various enemies now explode when destroyed. Varied enemies have new destruction models.

NEW - Elite Improvements & Abilities

Rank 1 enemies no longer exist. We decided we only want more powerful Rank 2 and a very powerful Rank 3 only. Ranks got new flashy UI indicators.
Various Rank 3 "Elites" now use new custom abilities, more to come!
For example the Rank 3 Bikes lay spike strips, Secure bots do suicide attacks, Riotshields have an armor aura.

NEW - Cooling Chambers

The new Cooling Chambers environment is a real treat. Battle through crazy ventilated chambers straight up to its core! It is probably our best environment yet. Let us know what you think!‍
It will appear on the second stage,, as alternative to the Oilrig and the Mainboard environment.

NEW - Level & Graphical Improvements

Our environments are gradually being improved, but this update saw a big jump in quality for varied environments. Cover has been added in strategic locations, spawnpoints improved, textures tweaked, randomization states added and much more. This is an ongoing process and more environments will be upgraded to match the new quality level.

NEW - Environment Styles

Levels can now shine in new light with our new Environment Styles!+
An environment can appear in different lighting, fog and daytime conditions, as well as in different graphical styles, granting much more visual variation! More are to come in the future. So far we implemented Styles for the Police Academy ("Training"), Arctic Base, and Missile silo.
The Other environments were prepared for the change will follow soon!

Spawn Points

Now that the enemy balancing and spawn compositions have changed, we are in process of improving spawn points and areas across the game. Many improvements have been made, but a lot of gameplay quality can and will still be taken from improved spawn points in the coming weeks.

Other Tuning

Overall, this update was not focused on classes, items or weapons, more work on these
to come in the next updates, however there were some great changes:

  • Increased player movement speed
  • Reduced recoil on varied weapons
  • Slightly increased reload speed
  • Heat above 75% now reduces heat production and increases cooling by 20%
  • Ion tech now removes 1 additional plating
  • Bosses now heal you on kill
  • Some bosses have been improved a bit but we need to do more work there as bosses are not in good shape yet
  • Removed content-id tracks
  • Varied controller improvements
  • Improved camera movement smoothness

Shop Improvements

-Shop terminals got improved and changed effects!

Stat Upgrade Improvements

  • You can now choose from 4 stat upgrades!
  • Some new stats were added

Improved screen effects

  • Many screen effects got tuned or reduced (pickups especially)
  • Added a low health vignette effect (work in progress)
  • Added slider for screenshake in settings
    (We are aware that the new terrorlevel effect is a bit too strong)

As mentioned, classes were not a priority for this update, but some improvements have been made.
More class work is upcoming.

Rocketeer Backblast now deals more damage, has larger radius
Rocketeer Orion now fires a dumbfire missile for easier resonator combos
Rocketeer Missile burst now fires faster and has cursor homing missiles
Rocketeer Seismic Resonator Sound improved
Rocketeer now starts with Shooty to complement his kit better

Heavy gunner Onslaught system now has stronger regeneration
Heavy gunner Lifesteal increased by 50%
Heavy gunner LG-3 deviation and recoil slightly decreased
Heavy gunner now starts with Heavy Pistol to complement his kit better
Heavy gunner suppression cooldown 5.5 > 5s

Riotguard healling now stacks up to 2 kills simultaneously
Riotguard now gets movement speed on kills
Riotguard shield bash sound improved
Riotguard impact charge now has no movement speed component anymore, more push force
Riotguard Impact charge now always deals damage regardless of shield
Riotguard Methadone now starts in inventory

Riotguard Disruptor replaced Protector with Disruption
Now casts a shock lightning shield. More interactions with this are planned.

Guard Judge Shield Dash damage increased
Guard Judge temporarily replaced High Order with Rank Up
until the new High Order design is completed

Anti Material Recon Take cover now has damage resistance and dodge chance
Anti Material Recon now starts with PPQ-H Laser Pistol
Anti Material Recon HS-50 firing sound replaced
Anti Material Recon HS-50 damage from 6.5x to 7x, firerate from 80 > 120

Recon Sniper Nightowl firing sound replaced
Recon Sniper Critical Disengage cooldown from 5 to 4 seconds
Varied class fixes

Eliminator Infiltration now has 24>12s cooldown, 8>4s duration, makes him more flexible
Eliminator Infiltration now has a new sound
Eliminator Eraser sound improved, now has 1 charge
Eliminator Red Buzzards no longer have no movement inaccuracy
(Infiltration gives perfect movement accuracy)

Chrono Striker Teleport now only cost shields and have no cooldown
Chrono Striker Teleport no longer can be used if the shield requirement is not met
Chrono Striker Telefrags now refresh 200 shield
Chrono Striker Fusion Blast now always removes shields due to its power
Chrono Striker now has P78 Fusion pistol by default

Chrono Trooper Squad 6 compact recoil reduced

P33 Spec Ops backstab ammo now deals 5% more damage
P33 Spec Ops Magsize reduced from 16 to 14
Heavy Pistol damage 1.6 > 1.7
Heavy Pistol now uses AP Penetrator ammo
Shooty damage 0.75x > 0.8x
P20 small recoil nerf, new Sound
P30 small recoil nerf
Fusion pistol damage 1x > 1.1x
Patrol Revolver recoil slightly reduced, has new sound

Nailgun fixed ammo dealing less damage than intended (20% increase)
Reduced recoil: ZB26, Stoner, LG-3, Squad 6 compact, SA80 Fusion
GM6 Lynx removed burst
P2000 Ninata added rapid twin burst

Ammo Changes

Varied ammo types have been tweaked and improved
Shells in gameplay have been improved and new shell types added

Tinkerer Shop

The Tinkerer shop got some changes and now offers weapon upgrades for upgrade kits.
You can now also buy a Mastercraft upgrade for a big price!

NEW - Magazine Attachment Category

We added a new attachment category for magazine attachments. This is focused around sustained firepower but also all have clear defined roles within their area.

Attachment Category Changes

Before we had 2 'mixed' and 2 specific categories (Grip, Stock...) on each weapon.
We now changed it to be 3 mixed slots and 1 slightly more powerful specific at the last attachment slot. This reduces repetition but also makes weapons more unique. It also reduces confusion about slots which were previously at random orders. Now we can also make the specific categories more powerful and tailored.

Attachment Iteration

We went over many attachments and removed or reworked redundant or weakly defined ones.
The mixed pools now have a very clear roster where each attachment fills it's own specific niche.

Note: Chip attachments have not been overhauled yet and are upcoming, and red / divine attachments will also get some more improvements / variation in the near future. In general we plan to empower the specific attachment category further, but the current update should give very good results already.

NEW - Menu Pruning

The ingame menus got pruned and combined.
There is no longer a pause, class and items menu, these 3 are now one single menu, making
things much more efficient and granting a better overview. More menu improvements are planned for next update.

NEW - Difficulty Bar

You can now see your difficulty modifiers in the class menu with new tooltips to make it easy to understand what is active and what isn't.

NEW - Action Activation Effects & Duration bar

Actions (Items, Abilities, Perks...) now have activation effects

Data & Exp Tweaks

You now get more Data and more consistently get data from Bosses.
Experience requirement for leveling above level 10 have also been reduced.

New Font

We changed our system font to 'Bai Jamjuree' and prepared things for the upcoming menu update.
The new font supports many languages and feels a bit more technical

NEW - UniversEdit works in runtime!

You can now create full new content with UniversEdit while playing!
This is real game development in actual runtime, that is virtually unheard of
!In the tutorial you can open the F3 menu and use a new button to open and close the editor at will and make changes. Keep in mind that you need to respawn the thing you changed.

Some niche things are known to not fully update yet, in some edge cases explosion changes might not update unless on restart - but all key elements definitely work. Weapons, actions, entities.

NEW - UniversEdit Menu Update
  • The editor menu now has a help popup with varied helping tooltips!
  • You can now pick from multiple different backgrounds and chilling work soundscapes!
  • Relaxing River ambience, Rainy Day, Winter Forest Fireplace ..
  • The menu got cleaned up a bit. More work to follow.

NEW - Enemy Unit Frame [CTRL]

A new debug feature was also added, a Unitframe, which can be used for modding, or checking enemy stats and more.It dosn't look great yet as its for development, but will be polished up later. You can use it by holding CTRL and hovering over any entity. Many entities also have icons added.

NEW - Respawn last element [F4]

The F4 button now automatically respawns the last spawned things from your F3 menu
This is extremely useful and you will find yourself using it all the time.

Known Issues / Priorities
  • The third party audio management plugin we are using is still a complete disaster and many sounds simply don't play at all. Tons of sounds never play when they appear the first time, heavily downgrading the experience. The second run all the combat feedback sounds go missing as well.
    We will now put priority into throwing out the system and writing a custom solution to guarantee consistent quality.

  • Bosses are still in poor shape and will gradually get more improvements and reworks.

  • Eliminator and some other effects trigger on mines or even invisible entities

  • Difficulty modifiers show an "4P Coop" modifier which does nothing - simply ignore


Check out our previous post for more infos!
Priorities right now:

  • Improve spawn points & level design
  • Chrono Squad and more enemy work
  • Improve Bosses
  • Item overhaul
  • New Category item/ability upgrade system
  • Audio overhaul
  • Class based drop chances
  • Loot distribution improvements (chests, shops)
  • Player navigation change for smoother pathing

Multiplayer Rollout

First Multiplayer testing begins almost directly after the full launch of U7!
U7 adds a new server pool, allowing global chat and other services to continue running, while allowing you to test multiplayer in a alpha test branch. We start with time limited test phases and a fast update cycle (in the testing branch) to get fast iteration and quality improvements.

We try to have a much faster update cycle now and get quick to the next updates.
That's it! We hope you enjoy.

See you soon!

  • Team Flow Fire Games

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