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The Doors of Trithius update for 30 August 2022

v0.4.5 - Towns & Reading

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

We have a large batch of changes for you today. This one is difficult to summarize, given the number of items and how many areas were hit.

In short: civilians now wander the city streets; an overhaul to the reading skill, alongside a new "Studying" mechanic allowing you to gain and spend knowledge points; new quests; and new options to ignore enemies while moving.

Save files from v0.4.4 are not compatible.


Added housing districts to towns and cities, and civilians who live in the houses. Civilians walk around town, have their own schedule and randomized personality.

  • Housing districts are groups of houses, which tend to clump on the outside of towns/cities, allowing shops to fill the center.
  • Added Civilians who live in houses. Each house spawns with 1 civilian. Civilians wander around town, visit the inn, and will periodically return home.
  • Civilians are assigned a random personality, which determines a set of dialogue or stories they will share when spoken too. To support this system, we've added several hundred lines of dialogue.
  • When spoken to, Civilians, Shopkeepers, and Adventures will now make comments based on the player's state (depending on their personality). For example, if you're hobbling around town with a crippled wound, expect NPCs to take notice!
  • Added new lamp posts, which are scattered around town.
  • Added window art to buildings. Larger buildings will tend to have more windows.
  • New control: hold ALT to show names. If you're having trouble finding an NPC, simply hold ALT to see names above NPC heads.
  • Barrels, crates, and other Containers in town are now lootable (the townsfolk don't mind you looting).

These changes should help settlements feel more alive and is a natural progression towards our goal to create a massive thriving medieval RPG world.

Note, however this will not be the last word on towns, there is more still to come. However, we reached a point where civilians were necessary for quests. And since the civilians were being added, they needed to have dialogue. This also meant it was time to introduce a dynamic dialogue system. As we continue development, this dialogue system will also be extended.


Studying allows you to extract knowledge, XP, and new abilities from books.

Use a study bench to select a book to study.

Then, overtime as you play the game and gain wisdom, the study will slowly progress.

Studying a book rewards Wordlore, Mysticism, and Philosophy knowledge, which can be spent to unlock bonuses.

  • Added Study bench to the game world. Study benches can be found in libraries, book shops, and in some civilian houses.
  • Added study completion rewards to all Lore Books and Skill Books.
  • Added 15 knowledge abilities. Several of these abilities must first be discovered by studying a book before they can be unlocked.
  • Players without the reading skill can now read Lore Books. This allows everyone to access the game lore regardless of whether they are speccing into reading.
  • Added 4 new lore books: "Gemlight", "Curses and Madness", "Snake Dice", and "The Inside is the Outside".

For those players who use studying, I wanted to create an experience of hunting down esoteric knowledge and ancient books, in a way that progresses over time throughout a play-through.

The system is designed to provide abilities, many of them hidden behind books, which support unique and strange builds, or help to mitigate annoyances or challenges unique to individual play styles. For example, the "Castle Design" passive automatically reveals stairs in all castles, for those players who want to skip exploring the entire floor.

This system was designed with extensibility in mind. Over time, as new books are added, so too will new knowledge abilities. Some of these will not be easy to find!

Currently, the only way to gain knowledge is through studying. Eventually, knowledge will be attainable through various other means as well, including quest rewards. More details to follow in an upcoming blog post.


In line with the above changes to studying, the Reading skill has received 10 new abilities.

The reading skill goes along side Studying system, allowing you to study more books and study faster (along with other perks).

  • Added new abilities "Scholar's Insight", "Hastened Study", "Bibliophile", "Textual Analysis", "Study Aura", "Reader's Insight", "Book Buying", "Book Hauling", "Mobile Scholar", and "Master Scholar".
Crafting UI

New UI art for all crafting windows (recipes, crafting, bolster, repair, and salvage), along with other QoL changes.

  • Items are now displayed with icons next to the name.
  • Items can now be hovered to show the item tooltip.
  • Bolster Window - Items are highlighted green if you have the required ingredients.
  • Repair Window - Items are highlighted green if you have the required ingredients.
  • Repair, Bolster, Salvage - Item conditions are now displayed along with status icons.
  • New Item Icons - Apple, Tomato, Carrot, cabbage, Bread, Galette, Yeast, Mutton Morsels, Spiced Mutton Morsels, Flowery Bread, Mushroom Omelet, Mushroom Tart, Herbal Salad, Raw Insect Meat, Raw Meat, and Oil.
  • Hungry Appetite - Quest no longer requires superb items, however a greater reward is given if the player does return a superb items.
  • Restock Mission - Reduced required items, increased number of days for player to complete.
  • Gremlin Researcher - Added dialogue explaining where to find items; reduced the required crowns amount from 3 to 1; increase number of days for player to complete.
  • New Quest - Item Delivery. Shop keepers will request an item to be delivered to a nearby town. Currently there are 5 variations, each with a small twist.
  • New Quest - Haunted Cave. This quest was introduced players to ghosts.
  • Added new track "Far Away" which can be heard in the mountain biome.
  • Added new track "The Capital" which can be heard in Cities (cities are the largest of the three settlement types, as compared to Hamlets and Towns).
Movement Options

New Options allow you to customize when movement pathing should be stopped.

Previously, a single rat in the corner would drastically slow down gameplay, forcing you to click for each tile.

With this change, you can fine-tune your pathing, allowing you to play as fast (or as recklessly) as you prefer. This reduces the number of clicks giving more options to experience players who don't need the game forcing them to move slower in combat.

  • Player path is now highlighted during movement, showing the remaining tiles.
  • Added Forced movement option (Shift+Click). Forced move shows as an orange path.
  • Pressing escape now cancels player movement.
Other Changes
  • Reduced the world map size. As I began to work on quests, I realized a massive world would spread unique quests too thin. The larger world will return in the future when the time is right.
  • Holding alt now shows monster and NPC names overhead.
  • Set weight of gold to 0. While the long-term plan is for carrying money to have a cost, it really doesn't make sense until travel or banking systems are added.
  • Added new Potions and corresponding recipes "Bone Brew" and "Minor Respite".
  • Multiple Feverfew Ale can now be active at the same time. Removed -3% Dodge chance from Feverfew Ale.
  • Added option to drop half for larger stacks of items.
  • Increased starting ammo of ranger class from 30 to 90 arrows or bolts.
  • Raw food is now displayed as "Raw Food" instead of "Food", which should help prevent confusion for abilities relating to raw food only.
  • Removed mouse hover effect on warrior statue and other objects that currently do nothing.
  • Encounter events will no longer spawn enemies directly next to the player, instead enemies will now spawn at least 2 tiles away.
  • When opening a window, the darkened effect over the background now fades in. This is to help prevent a sense of flickering to players who loot quickly or open many windows in succession.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed lethality enchantment giving 50% crit chance instead of intended 5%.
  • Fixed wandering goats causing lag.
  • Fixed invisible impassible tile sometimes appearing in the 1st floor of the starter dungeon.


  • Fixed rare and enchanted items appearing far less commonly than intended in shops.
  • Fixed not all bandit hunter quests spawning when the world is generated.
  • Fixed crafting table UI not updating quantity as you craft.
  • Fixed athletic ability "Trap Reaction" not giving the correct amount of Trap Avoidance in some cases (more broadly speaking, fixed a bug to do with how stats that scaled based off other stats are calculated).


  • Fixed game crash on alt+f4 when render mode is set to OpenGl.
  • Fixed game crash when dismissing alert messages.
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