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Hold Your Own update for 30 August 2022

Hold Your Own 10.0.11 Update

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hold Your Own Publicl Build V10.0.11 Patch Notes

No restart required.

The big changes in this update are;
(a) economy balance, and
(b) vehicle balance.
This is the initial balance only, further balancing will likely take place in these areas based on player feedback.

Economy Balance

The legacy game had no balancing done between crafting and reactor decomposition. This has now been balanced so there are no exploits that result in creating infinite mats from a single mat.

I've also taken the first balance at vendor buy/sell prices, establishing a base value for raw mats and non-crafted mats, invisible to the player but used in calculations that feed into the game's buy/sell prices. There should be no instances of being able to sell for more than you can buy. I've also introduced fractional sell prices so that you can sell larger quantities of very cheap material. For example if some very easy to acquire raw material has a sell price of 0.25g you can sell increments of 4 to a vendor. The vendor will keep track of how many they take for the gold they give you so you don't get 'cheated' by offering too many for too little gold.

This results in some items not selling for as much as they previously did. A crafted item however should always sell for more than the raw material that went into it. Some items like arrows have had their sell prices reduced, others unchanged, and still others can now be sold when they could not before. You may have to experiment a bit to find the optimal means of earning gold. But, entire crafting chains are now balanced as a first pass.

Vehicle Balance

This update is the first part of a multi-phase vehicle balance. There is absolutely no intent here to force a player to play a certain way. However, I am a firm believer that every variation of an item, be it a vehicle or a weapon or a piece of armor, should have it's own unique 'use case'. To this end cars should have their own unique use cases and I've previously adjusted each of the four cars to achieve some of that. Now I am modifying the boat and heli to achieve the same uniqueness of use.

The game, as it was originally designed, had a major flaw in that once you have the heli, the boat and car is essentially useless. The boats onboard stove helps somewhat and I previously added the berth for sleeping when away from your base. However, the speed of the heli, and low cost to use, mean that there is no point in not returning to your base when your inventory is full, or you need more food. In my opinion the boat should be a 'home away from home', and the primary loot hauler. The heli use case should be quick trips for quick missions where you don't have to haul large amounts of stacks of ore. None of these changes should increase 'grinding'...unless your only preferred method of travel is the helicopter.

To this end the follow changes have been made in this update;

  1. Added recipe for Aviation Fuel to Chemistry Station. Five Aviation Fuel requires ten Gas Cans, one Magnesium Catalyst, and one Salt. Aviation Fuel is acrafted item only, in the future it may be found at Insurgent base locations.

  2. Added recipe for Magnesium Catalyst, used to craft Aviation Fuel, to Furnace. Two Magnesium Catalyst are made from two Magnesium Powder and one Titanium Alloy.

  3. The heli now uses Aviation Fuel as of this update. Fuel in your heli tank will continue to work, just don't run out before you craft Aviation Fuel.

  4. The speed level upgrades for both the boat and heli have been reduced. Both of them, fully upgraded, were far too fast to make sense and in the case of the heli made accurate landing difficult. The base speed of both remains the same. Each level increase for the boat has been reduced from 25% to 20%, and for the heli reduced from 10% to 5%. The boat may still undergo a further level increase reduction to 15%. Keep in mind that the roadmap for both of these vehicles is to completely remove level-based speed increases and move to crafted upgrades to the vehicles for mechanical improvements like max speed.

  5. Boat storage capacity has been doubled from 18 to 36 slots. This will hopefully give the boat a decent use case even after the player acquires the helicopter. Note; a bug exists when transferring stacks with right click to the added 18 slots. Manually moving an item to the slot fixes this from that point on. I'm looking in to the cause of this.

  6. Flying the heli may result in a unwelcome 'welcoming party' when you land and exit the heli. All the things you might expect that would make you more visible may make you more visible. All the things that you might expect that would make you less visible may indeed make you less visible. I leave it to the player to figure out what those things are.

  7. Added an altimeter to the helicopter center console display. If your temperature scale is set to Centigrade the altimeter will read in meters above MSL (Mean Sea Level), if your temperature scale is set to Fahrenheit the altimeter will read in feet above MSL.

  8. Near-future, not in this update, may include additional means of the Insurgents detecting your movements, both in the heli and the boat. For example it may be that if you fly within line of sight (LoS) of insurgent strongholds you are detected. I'm currently working on additional Insurgent detection capability; a mobile radar unit. I am also considering restricting the slope on which you can land the heli. This may also reduce CTDs.


  1. Wind Turbines now have bonus based on height above MSL. Located at the max altitude they have double power output, however, for balance the base output at MSL has been reduced slightly. This is the first of several Wind Turbine changes. Future changes will include wind speed, proximity to other tall structures, and blade overlap exclusion.

  2. Rebalanced animal spawn, increasing ratio of domestic animals to wild animals. Chickens and pigs should be more common now. For new games to maximize farm animal spawn choose higher animal spawn numbers.

  3. Modified the Water Tank. It now starts out empty and fills while raining at the rate of one charge every 10 seconds. If you move it, it will retain charges. However, if you pick it up (Del) and replace it, it will revert to an empty tank.

  4. Increased the stack size of Magnesium Powder to 250.

  5. Reduced flash intensity of pickax against nodes, when mining.


  1. Added an alternative, and optional, means of acquiring the first boat hull. When you receive the quest Craft a Fishing Boat pay special attention to the detailed quest description for the optional means of acquiring the boat hull. This is only an option available during the quest Craft a Fishing Boat. I am working on a way to make this option available in Full Sandbox Mode for a future update.

  2. Added boat engine status indicator to wheelhouse, when you exit the boat wheelhouse you can now have visual confirmation of the engine being on or off.

  3. Added glow to Wood Stove when fuel is burning. This should help remind you that you’re burning fuel.

  4. Added Boiled Eggs, Boiled Corn, Baked Potato, Tallow, and Salt recipes to Electric Stove.

  5. Added Fertilizer to Pig Pen drops, lengthened leveling of pigs and drop time of Fertilizer by 50% because of its value. Please report any issues with this feature.

  6. Added Nvidia DLSS and AMD FidelityFX for potential performance gains.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Mark dialogue to say East coast of Ilha da Traição, not North coast.

  2. Fixed various spelling errors.

  3. Fixed Kill 5 guard quest showing more than 5 killed but not completing quest. Anyone stuck here just go to the designated location and kill one guard wearing light tan pants.

  4. Removed some left-over dependencies that restricted picking up (Del) building parts.

  5. Fixed tooltip not updating perish time when hovering over vehicle inventory slots.

  6. Collapsed skill point lines for Workshop and Workshop foundation into a single line. Spending a skill point gives you the ability to craft both.

  7. Removed Total Crafting Queue time showing up where it was not relevant, e.g., fridge, freezer, generator, animal huts, etc.

  8. Fixed duplicate ‘Crafted in:’ station text for recipes that have alternate recipes in the same crafting station.

  9. Fixed an issue when picking up foundations following picking up Workshops and Stalls would return Workshops and Stalls instead of foundations.

  10. Fixed a few spots in the player bunker where placement wasn’t working.

  11. Fixed multiple instances of trying to use an item from inventory would transfer it to an invisible NPC container.

  12. Fixed spawn of two of the four quest loot containers for the last quest, ‘Bunker Supplies’.

  13. Increased separation between the door and storage areas of the 4x4. The door clickable region is now smaller to better fit the door. This should reduce mis-clicking between the door and storage.

  14. Fixed a few recipes.

  15. Slightly modified spawn in combination caves to increase magnesium ore spawn.

  16. Fixed eating food with negative hydration giving drinking sound instead of eating sound.

Dev Notes

  1. Please always read the patch notes and the detailed quest descriptions.

  2. Reports have been made of loss of an item when purchased or when picked up if the player inventory is full. I have not been able to duplicate this bug. Please report instances.

  3. Still seeing some instances of hot bar lockup. Can still save and relog to fix. Please try and report details of what you were doing when this occurs, cannot duplicate it currently.

Happy Gaming!

Windows 64-bit Hold Your Own Depot Depot 717792
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