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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Enhanced Edition update for 30 August 2022

Update 1.4.0y

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Ahoy, sailors!

A new update 1.4.0y has docked! If you participated in the beta branch, don’t forget to opt out to download it.

If you don’t want to switch to the new version yet, you can continue playing the 1.3.7d version if you select this branch in the game’s properties:

This will allow you to avoid updating your game and your mods, but you won’t be able to play the new DLC until you update to version 1.4! Please keep that in mind.


  • After finishing the crusade project you need for the secret ending, you will get the copy of the report in your inventory;
  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect resolution if you had 2 different monitors;
  • Fixed the way your animal companion appeared in the second DLC;
  • Animal companions no longer run backwards, and we also fixed their position in the inventory;
  • Fixed the issue with the third floor of Gray Garrison being inaccessible in some cases;
  • Inventory and the battle log will work faster now;
  • Various fixes for different items, spells, and abilities (read more below);
  • The effects of buffs and negative statuses now pause during cutscenes;
  • Fixed some cutscenes that didn’t stop playing when they should.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


  • After finding Targona, sometimes the player received an update of the main angel quest, even if the player was not an angel – fixed;
  • Aeon's line in Regill's personal quest now works correctly;
  • After defeating Steward of the Skein, mythic Lich now gets an appropriate reward;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the dialogue with Langrat was interrupted in the rich quarter;
  • Hand of the Inheritor initiated a dialog with the Commander at the Battlebliss after leaving them permanently – fixed;
  • If the player arrived with a full party at the Dry Crossroads area for Greybor's quest, no exits were available – fixed;
  • In some cases, the finale of the Battlebliss quest didn't work correctly, and Irmangaleth didn't kill Zeklex - fixed, now they will be killing each other properly;
  • Minor visual improvements in the finale of the Chasing the Spinner of Nightmares quest;
  • Remove Disease scroll didn't Improve Brodie's condition while he was sick with the ghoul fever – fixed;
  • Suture wouldn't disappear after being sold into slavery – fixed;
  • The reward for Aeon from Xanthir has been updated;
  • Fixed the issue when a scene with Areshkagal could play infinitely if Nenio was kidnapped or killed while in the party. Now, Nenio recovers after you finish talking with Areshkagal;
  • Now the Swarm That Walks can eat Malessa when she brings the "Help Jernaugh in Chilly Creek" quest;
  • Now you can complete “Talk to Inquisitor Liotr” objective in chapter 3, to continue the While the World Burns quest.


  • Yaker sometimes spawned at the Hellknights Outpost, even if he died in Drezen – fixed. Also fixed Regill's behaviour when he was attacking hellknights instead of the player's party;
  • A particular Wight in Pitaxian Wine Cellar changed its name to a Bloodstained Wight;
  • Fixed a critical issue which prevented from leaving Colyphyr after distributing the mythic level;
  • Fixed the display of the fog of war in Drezen;
  • Free crusaders now arm themselves properly before the attack on the Midnight Fane;
  • In the Inevitable Excess DLC, named NPCs weren't showing on the local map in the city of Iz - fixed;
  • Lighting in the Ziggurat was improved;
  • Minor visual improvements in the Chilly Creek village;
  • No more wind in the Areelu's Laboratory, grass should be still;
  • Now you can turn off negative AOE effects after the camp setup in Treshold;
  • One home guard in the Rich Quarter didn't follow the party – fixed;
  • Slaves at Fleshmarkets have been disarmed;
  • The Thieflings on the Market Square were hard to find. We added a little quest to lead players to them;
  • The camera movement was fixed in the Nexus;
  • When entering a room in Alushinyrra map showed the name of a part of the city, but not the name of specific location – fixed;
  • Fixed the passability inside the Tower of Estrod;
  • Fixed the position of camera in a cutscene in Ziggurat, when the party moved after the battle;
  • In Blackwater, it was impossible to get to Chief Khara's body after the barrier was removed – fixed;
  • In Colyphyr Mines, it was impossible to obtain the reward for killing Inevitable Darkness on Hard and Unfair difficulties in the DLC – fixed;
  • It was impossible to access the stairs to the 3rd floor in Gray Garrison – fixed.


  • Minor fixes to the crusade have been added;
  • Some relic descriptions have been corrected;
  • Bonus from the Dead Men's Club organization increased from 2 days to 1 week;
  • The description of generals’ Formation ability has been fixed;
  • Flames of the Abyss spell now deals periodical damage as intended;
  • Now after the completion of the project to study the Records of Pulura's Stargazers, you will get a copy of their report, which contains a very important date;
  • The Power of the People didn't reduce the cost of recruiting mercenary units – fixed;
  • The Underground Avengers and Fear of the Surface crusade events could be launched several times – fixed;
  • There has been a reshuffle of personnel in the Cheliax army.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Added a missing description for Death Throes ability;
  • Lich spell Eyes of the Bodak didn't work correctly – fixed;
  • The description of Dhampir's Resist Level Drain ability has been clarified;
  • Updated the description of the Abyssal Skin spell;
  • Aeon's Pure Form didn't remove the negative effects – fixed;
  • Aivu can no longer equip full plate +5 for humanoids. Some toys are not for kids!
  • All animal companions with horns and tusks finally recalled they shouldn't bite, and started using their horns at full capacity. All animal companions with gore now perform a free trip attack with gore;
  • Angel's Ward Against Weakness didn't protect from ability drain – fixed;
  • Armor of bones now lasts one hour per oracle level, as it should have;
  • Arsinoe now sells Alchemist's Kits VI and Scroll Scriber's Kits IX;
  • Azata's Chaotic Healing ability no longer begrudges the dhampirs, dooming the rest of the party to a slow death without healing. Now it obediently works, restoring the party's health (except for dhampirs with Negative Energy Affinity);
  • Cave Fangs Stalagmites is now a swift action;
  • Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead now works correctly on the Lich's Skeletal Cleric. Praise the unlife!
  • Clerics will stop forgetting domain spells after a level up now;
  • Court poet's Song of Inspiration didn't boost the perception checks properly – fixed;
  • Dispelling Attack now works according to the description;
  • Divine Hound now properly calculates the power of their judgements as they level up;
  • Each type of Golden Golem now has a different Death Throes save difficulty;
  • The description of the Ecclesitheurge archetype has been corrected;
  • Enlarge Person and Reduce Person spells now become suppressed when the character is polymorphed;
  • Eyebite spell description has been updated;
  • Father of Worms has turned evil;
  • Feyspeaker druid finally got some new DLC spells in their repertoire;
  • Finnean couldn't turn into a composite shortbow after a certain story milestone – fixed;
  • Finnean couldn't turn into an Elven Curved blade after certain story milestone – fixed;
  • Finnean in his quarterstaff form didn't have a cold iron enchantment – fixed;
  • Fixed Sham shortsword's attack penalty;
  • Fixed the incorrect masterwork weapons' attack bonus type;
  • Fixed the number of Velociraptor attacks;
  • Gold Dragon now properly converts d6 to d8 for spell damage calculations;
  • Grease spell now works with Persistent spell metamagic;
  • Hellknight's "Censor" ability now works as it should. Silence, demon!
  • Inquisitor's Bane Weapon ability could be activated outside of combat – fixed;
  • Lann had an additional +2 to Constitution ability score, which he was not supposed to have – fixed;
  • Limitless Rage now has requirements;
  • Magic Nullification no longer disables when the character is under the effects of crowd control;
  • Magical Vestment could be stopped by the target's spell resistance – fixed;
  • Magical Vestment spell bonuses are now given as described;
  • Mind Blank now protects from all devices and spells that gather information about the target through divination magic (such as see invisibility, thoughtsense and true seeing);
  • Nature Mage Arcanist Archetype now can use arcane reservoir;
  • Nimbus of Light ability from the Sun Domain has the correct DC now;
  • Order's Wrath now targets your allies as well;
  • Paladins and Hellknights with low charisma will no longer suffer from the negative consequences of their own Smite or Mark of Justice;
  • Plagued Bears had very little HP – fixed;
  • Pure-Flame Infusion didn't ignore the spell resistance – fixed;
  • Ravener Dragon can't be scared anymore;
  • Saving against Drone didn't make the characters immune to it for the next 24 hours – fixed;
  • Scrolls of align weapon couldn't be used by characters who had the spell in their spellbook – fixed;
  • Seal of Fear Eater didn't grant the benefits of rage spell – fixed;
  • Serpentine Bloodline Arcana now allows to affect bestial creatures with mind-affecting spells;
  • Skeletal Finger now restores charges as described;
  • Slippery Mind rogue talent granted a smaller bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting conditions, than it should have – fixed;
  • Smite Chaos not works for all the characters who cast it on the same target;
  • Some kalavakuses went to therapy, and now believe that they are strong and capable demons;
  • Spirit Hunter's Spirit Weapon Enchantment no longer works without a weapon;
  • Spirit Paladins didn't have undead immunities and traits – fixed;
  • Steel Soul used to grant only +2 racial bonus to saving throws, instead of +4 – fixed;
  • The "Blood Drinker (Dhampir)" ability didn't grant more HP as the character gained more Hit Dice – fixed;
  • The "Decree of Hunt — Choose Prey" ability didn't disappear after the end of the fight – fixed;
  • The Blessing of Unlife spell now works correctly with negative levels;
  • The Corrupted Blood spell now has a correct range for AOE;
  • The Dawn Of Life tower shield now properly interacts with the dwarf's Slow And Steady ability;
  • The Hunter class is now able to interact with the Mystic Theurge class;
  • The Lead by Example ability is a swift action now;
  • The Pit of Despair spell now works similarly to Create Pit, and channels negative energy, according to its description;
  • The Rogue Talent class feature description has been updated;
  • The Sting of the Swarm feat now properly gives extra sneak attack dice for the damage;
  • The Stinking Cloud spell now works correctly with the Unstoppable mythic ability. The stench won't stop a true hero!
  • The descriptions of Mystic Theurge's class abilities have been updated;
  • The golden dragon's "Perfect Mind" stopped pondering on The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything and now works correctly;
  • Treat Affliction could trigger the Destructive Dispel on an ally – fixed;
  • Undead are now immune to Energy Drain;
  • Void Form now works as intended, however if you already took it, you will need to retrain your character;
  • Warpriest's Powerful Healer blessing now only works on that warpriest's healing spells;
  • Warpriests now have access to the Life Bubble spell;
  • Wenduag's favorite meal and favorite meal effect didn't stack – fixed;
  • Winged characters will stop falling into pits now;
  • Winter Witch's Cold specialization now upgrades properly;
  • Wolf-Scarred Face Oracle curse now gives 10% spell fail chance for all spells;
  • You can free your friends from domination with Break Enchantment or Dispel Magic now;
  • Abilities that deal damage in response to an attack (such as brimorak's Boiling Blood or Unholy Aura) can no longer deal critical damage or have the properties of the attacker's weapon;
  • Champion of The Faith's Smite ability now adds their warpriest level to the damage rolls, instead of character's level;
  • Dazzling Display animation now works when the character is mounted;
  • Fixed metamagic for Corrosive Touch, Shocking Grasp, Touch Of Gracelessness, Frigid Touch, Force Punch, Vampiric Touch, Bestow Curse, Contagion, Touch Of Slime;
  • Fixed saving throw DC when using the Seal of Reflective Mind ability;
  • Fixed the description of Mind Blank buff;
  • Fixed the issue which happened when a character had multiple feats replacing the dice for unarmed combat. Now the game will be using the feat which provides the highest damage. And if you activate an ability for unarmed combat damage, the attack with use the dice from that ability;
  • Fixed the Penetrating Strike and the Greater Penetrating Strike feats, which properly ignore the damage reduction now;
  • Fixed the progression for the Elemental Witch archetype;
  • For Gold Dragon, all the weapons, including the natural weapons in dragon form, count as +5 weapons now;
  • Gold Dragon's Perfect Soul ability grants a bonus to your highest base stat now. Additionally, with two identical stats, the topmost one in the character sheet will be selected;
  • Inspire Ferocity now takes into account whether the characters' Inspire Rage — Accept Effect is turned on when rage is applied to them;
  • Pentamic Faith discipline now has Hellknight Order of the Godclaw prerequisit instead of the Godclaw faith;
  • The spellbook selection for Loremaster now loads the right spell book for Crossblooded Sorcerer (retraining is required for those who have already made a choice and faced this error);
  • Weapon Finesse (Mythic) will work with the finesse weapons only from now on.

Turn-based mode

  • Frost giant now has a portrait for the initiative order;
  • Gelatinous Monument now has a portrait for the initiative order;
  • Hamadryad now has a portrait for the initiative order.


  • Soulshear now summons a Marilith demon instead of Marilith's cultist;
  • A certain light shield could be equipped into a chest slot – fixed;
  • A minor text fix for the Jaws of the Jackal gauntlets' description;
  • Boots Of Outbreak now give a +20 feet bonus to moving speed instead of +10;
  • Breastplate of the Tireless Warrior now properly protects from the fatigue;
  • Call of the Fiery Things now works according to its description;
  • Casting a Prayer used to trigger Belt of Demonic Shadow – fixed;
  • Cloak of Darkest Rites item description corrected;
  • A coffee cup that used to look like a pepper now looks like a normal cup;
  • Darkness Caress now correctly calculates bonus damage when charisma changes;
  • Death's Consonant heavy pick didn't use the Intelligence stat for attack rolls – fixed;
  • Devouring Lust's ability had incorrect name and description – fixed;
  • Divine zap now works with Gloves of the Neophyte;
  • Doubling Annoyance now works according to its description;
  • Eye for an Eye and Elemental Punisher bows no longer consider the buffs when calculating additional piercing and elemental damage respectfully;
  • Finnean's Elven Curved Blade form has a Lich variation now;
  • Finnean's form of Quarterstaff didn't have a cold iron effect – fixed;
  • Fixed the description for the Quarterstaff of the War Mage;
  • Fixed the stats of Holy Blare falchion to match the description;
  • Haramaki armor now counts as light armor;
  • Now you can show The Staff of Extinguished Flame to Cessily;
  • Pure Savagery didn't have a weapon type – fixed;
  • Regill's original armor now can be equipped not only by Regill;
  • Ring of Pyromania bonus stayed after removing the ring – fixed;
  • Rune of Jandelay has a proper icon now;
  • Saving throw type of Terrifying Tremble item is changed from Reaction to Fortitude;
  • Sometimes you couldn't collect loot after saving and loading – fixed;
  • The Ancient Root club now works according to its description;
  • The Dawnflower's Kiss item description updated;
  • The Debilitator is now properly recognised as a mithril weapon:
  • The Mangling Frenzy belt now works correctly with inspired rage;
  • The Promise of Power now deals the correct amount of damage per use;
  • The Undying Love of the Hopebringer Now works with the Shield master feat properly;
  • The bonus from Fang of Malice is now correctly displayed in the combat log;
  • The description of Crippling Kiss has been corrected;
  • The description of Stormlord's Resolve has been updated;
  • The description of the Winter's Mark two-bladed sword has been fixed;
  • Triumphant Noontide ability and its effect had incorrect name and descriptions – fixed;
  • Veteran Marksman's Bracers now make the enemies roll the Fortitude saving throw;
  • Ward Master's Amulet now works as it should;
  • Warden of Darkness had incorrect weight – fixed;
  • Haste effect from Aeon's cloak The Bound of Possibility no longer stacks with the regular Haste spell; instead, it replaces it.


  • Added the description for Aeon's Mythic Suppression ability;
  • Armor proficiencies now have defense tags for the search purposes;
  • Fixed an issue when the interactive tooltips could not be displayed;
  • Fixed the display of characters' barks;
  • Fixed the typos in French interface;
  • In the Inevitable Excess DLC, in the lair of the Spinner of Nightmares the map exit icon wasn't displayed on the minimap – fixed;
  • Now the "Law" blessing for the Warpriest, received at the 10th level, has a description when choosing a blessing effect;
  • The option to receive experience only by active companions used to break the progression in the Through the Ashes DLC. Resolution: disabled the option while playing the DLC;
  • Queen Galfrey (both alive and undead) got the full-size portraits for the bio and the loading screens;
  • Setting fire to tar in the catacombs no longer generates a technical message in the battle log;
  • Shamans and witches had the same icons for their shared hexes. Now, the witches received their own icons for their hexes;
  • Smite Chaos Ability description has been corrected in the Russian localization;
  • The DLC save transfer window layout has been fixed;
  • Weapon type is now recognized correctly;
  • Fixed animal companions' rotation in the inventory.


  • Some background sounds from Drezen could be heard in other locations – fixed;
  • The commander didn't play the Demon roar sound effect in the dialogue with Minagho - fixed;
  • Added happy crowd noises when your army wins a battle;
  • The Other has new sounds now.


  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect resolution if the player had 2 different monitors;
  • Inventory and game log work faster now;
  • Buffs, poisons and other effects kept working during cutscenes, which sometimes could cause a character to die or get ability damage. Now the cutscenes' time is excluded from the logics of the effect;
  • In RTWP combat, it became easier for the characters to pass each other by in narrow places.


  • During a friendly sparring with Lann, the area no longer gets covered in blood;
  • Fixed the appearance of the unnamed crusader interacting with Ember in Chapter 2;
  • Fixed the bug with Woljif's shadow, which didn't appear in the cutscene when you first meet him;
  • Fixed the walking animations for Stone Golems;
  • Fixed visual errors while ascending to the Alushinyrra throne as a mythic Demon;
  • Mephistopheles in Drezen was standing halfway in the wall of the prison – fixed;
  • The scene in the basement of the tavern was improved;
  • Shut off the water supply to the fountains in Rich Quarter because the town is captured;
  • Some halflings still equipped swords that were too big for them. We made them grab a more suitable weapon;
  • Fixed some visual issues in one of the final cutscenes in the mines of Colyphyr;
  • Some animal companions were still running backwards – fixed;
  • Some flags and banners didn't react to the weather correctly – fixed.


  • Axiomites from the first DLC have been weakened on the normal difficulty and below;
  • Fixed camera movements in Alushinyrra Upper City;
  • Fixed getting multiple XP for respawning characters in Alushinyrra;
  • Fixed rider's interaction with objects;
  • Fixed the animation for Order's Wrath spell;
  • Fixed the issue of infinite loading of a save with a monk under the polymorph effect;
  • In the Through the Ashes DLC, the animal companion of the main character now appears at the start of the DLC and doesn't disappear. Additionally, we've improved the starting cutscene to include the animal companion;
  • Minor text fixes;
  • Oops, we’ve fixed the capes again;
  • Some typos have been corrected;
  • Staunton Vhane has stopped creating absolutely exact copies of his resurrection items and finally realized that he is dead. In chapter 5 he is armed with the best of what he found in Drezen and most importantly, he is now considered undead;
  • When loading the game, in some cases a message appeared about the identification/removal of the item – fixed;
  • Added some fire to the romantic scene with Camellia;
  • Fixed combat log messages for bolstered metamagic;
  • Fixed the beta issue when the characters could not be loaded properly on sequential load of the same saved game file from the main menu;
  • Fixed the beta issue, when the character disappeared when exiting the area after retraining;
  • Fixed the issue with the never-ending cutscene in the end of Rich Quarter level in the Through the Ashes DLC;
  • Fixed the visual and attributes for the Mythic Lich in the Inevitable Excess DLC;
  • The Commander's stash was not transferred to a new Inevitable Excess DLC game when importing a save file from the main campaign – fixed;
  • When importing a save, sometimes the selection window didn't show up even if there were multiple suitable save files – fixed.
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