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Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront update for 30 August 2022

Update 27: V 1.024

Share · View all patches · Build 9415310 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Update 27: V 1.024

Change Log

  • Added late war stage for Finland

  • Added remaining Talvisota DLC finnish skirmishes

  • Added 75mm K44

  • Added 105mm H33

  • Added 105mm K34

  • Added Some more soviet captured vehicles for finland

  • Added "lose battle on exit" option to conquest creation screen, which now is a user-setting

  • Added new conquest map for Talvisota owners: Mannerheim

  • Added new conquest map for Talvisota owners: Tormasenvaara

  • Added New Map 1v1 Farmstead

  • Added New Map 2v2 Invanovka

  • Added New Map 2v2 Olshanka

  • Added New Map 2v2 Shaforovo

  • Added New Map 2v2 Suishka

  • Added New Map 3v3 Elanskaya

  • Added New Map 3v3 Posenov

  • Added New Map 4v4 Grassland

  • Added New Map 4v4 Sikovitsy

  • Added size 2-4 for bursting smoke shells (non-WP) with FX and logic

  • Added size4 WP smoke FX and logic

  • Added optional versions of concrete_block fortifications to not block vision.

  • Added randomize ger/fin airplane if fin used by bots.

  • Added B-32 API rounds to DShK AA tripod, higher damage, less penetration

  • Added cursor for API rounds

  • Added cursor for WP rounds, changed sm cursor to WP for russian mortar smoke shells

  • Added cursor for HVAP rounds

  • Added new ground hit fx for bullet size3 API rounds

  • Added new metal hit fx for bullet size3 non-API rounds

  • Added tier3 cooldown for finnish marskmen

  • Added finland mission briefings in RU subtitles

  • Added WP shell targeting against infantry if already loaded

  • Added new playlist mechanic on multiplayer maps: Plays music exclusive to the theatre of operations, and doesnt repeat tracks.

  • Added starting cooldown to tier 1 finnish squads of 120s

  • Added cooldown to finnish tier 2 infantry

  • Added a limit of 1 to 210mm nebelwerfer 42

  • Added quadratic bullet drop past max range for HE, HEAT, SM, WP shells to avoid farshooting

  • Added preview loading screens for Finnish PvP maps

  • Added dx11 shader cache files

  • Added fragment pattern effect to several explosion FX

  • Updated localizations

  • Updated finnish skirmishes for talvisota DLC: Pathing, reinforcements, and other fixes.

  • Updated finnish bots

  • Updated marksmen squads for finland be composed of only marksmen to avoid incongruency with the standard NCO

  • Updated targeting tag for HE shells to "all_he" to allow several HE shells to be created with equal priority and to avoid multiple targeting tags for HE shells

  • Updated finnish bot scripts with new units

  • Updated auto-reloading on idle to happen when the magazine is below 75% capacity

  • Updated RU_translation: fixed alignment rus ger campaign, also skirmish mode

  • Updated small text corrections on skirmish /story texts

  • Updated wooden fence blast armor so that most AP grenades can destroy them

  • Updated fading on rain fx

  • Updated tank and cannon main gun vision to match the weapon range changes from previous update

  • Updated 37mm-40mm auto cannon HE shell blast strength to use same formula as other non-auto HE shells of the same size. Net result: increased blast strength, reduced blast radius

  • Updated bazooka ground hit explosion FX

  • Updated smoke shell FX

  • Updated name and logic and visuals for FX WP bursting smoke shells

  • Updated 3v3_lakhta E flag balance

  • Updated WP medium and big FX

  • Updated hmgun_rus localization to state B-30 rounds (AP)

  • Updated some german camo textures

  • Updated moved all c3 localization into main localization files for standard english language

  • Updated ä with ae in skirmish/mission reinforcements localization

  • Updated several german and soviet vehicle localizations to be more historically accurate and nation accurate

  • Fixed max range on T3485 HE

  • Fixed finnish Talvisota DLC PvP winter maps not loading the right winter camo/uniforms on troops.

  • Fixed enemy random spawn armor chance to get stuck on Berlin skirmish

  • Fixed and improved russian translation in skirmish

  • Fixed WP grenades not being deleted after detonating

  • Fixed WP grenades doubling up with smoke grenades and generating double vision cylinders

  • Fixed cursor for APDS had one wrong image

  • Fixed some textures

  • Fixed some jaeger to jäger localization for finland

  • Fixed auto-rifle damage to be in-line with other rifles

  • Fixed texture of sdkfz250 variants' wheels (alpha channel problems)

  • Fixed ammo boxes from exploding when run over

  • Fixed bazooka blastwaves sometimes occurring twice or not at all

  • Fixed CP of T3485 and Churchill III

  • Fixed (conquest) Shaforovo - arming the mines

  • Fixed that non-finland owners being able to play as finland on specific-nation games.

  • Fixed Fixed price of T26 Mod.31 on early war which was too high (should be 120MP like on mid war)

  • Fixed white death not taking CP in mid war

  • Fixed [mp] unit destroy stats event syncronization (affects kill counts, veterancy etc)

  • Fixed mem leak on conquest end

  • Fixed skipping the Byte Order Mark in localization files

  • Fixed some frequent crashes

  • Fixed [inventory] repair kits disappearing on repair attempt when soldier's inventory is full

  • Fixed memory leak in KitExchange order

  • Fixed prevent players from joining slots if they don't have the appropriate dlc

  • Fixed [multiplayer] squad commander selection desync

  • Fixed repeating win msg in conquest

  • Fixed DCG Lakhta & Lakhta Winter: made bridges broader for easier vehicle pathing

  • Fixed MP Lysovo: made bridges broader for easier vehicle pathing

  • Fixed DCG Tormasenvaara: fixed map borders polys

  • Fixed Other small issues on maps made after the bug report form

  • Fixed roof parts to collapse when rest of roof is destroyed for sov_2st_build1 building

  • Fixed rain night fx

  • Fixed vision for Sdkfz 221 and Sdkfz 222

  • Fixed volumes and armor settings for Marder 2 base and xx model

  • Fixed vision settings for the Marder2

  • Fixed armor thickness for barrel on the Marder3

  • Fixed SP Polarfox: water FX on the river

  • Fixed SP Ilomantsi: pathing around the bridge

  • Fixed MP Glushkovo: foxholes that didn't generate cover

  • Fixed MP Kirjavala: small visual issues

  • Fixed vision range on soviet vehicles with 85mm gun to match gun range

  • Fixed 1944_07-fin_ilomantsi - tankcrew pathing issue

  • Fixed 1941_08-fin_polar_fox_alakurtti - fixed fuel/aa truck arrival waypoint rotation target too long causing them to loop around to reach the waypoint they never reached

  • Fixed 1943_02-ger_kharkov - fixed lefh18 hero buy

  • Increased semi-auto rifle accuracy and max zeroing (semi-autos were worse than bolt actions at all ranges except point blank) and adjusted semi-auto sniper accuracy to equal 0 change after base accuracy increase

  • Increased price of finnish marksmen

  • Increased price of kfz13 from 110 to 130 MP

  • Increased price of late war finnish heavy engineer (tier 1) from 5dp to 10dp

  • Increased price of late war finnish kv1e (tier 2) from 10dp to 20dp

  • Increased price of finnish tier 1 riflemen from 6MP to 7MP

  • Increased price of finnish tier 2 riflemen from 8MP to 9MP

  • Increased cp of finnish Hotchkiss w40 (tier 3) from 11cp to 25cp

  • Increased slightly the walking speed of Russian shields

  • Increased tier (1->2) of large volkssturm squad on doctrine late war and gave it a pak40, increased cost to 20DP

  • Increased CP of finnish tier 2 riflemen from 2 to 3 CP (to the same level as other tier 2 soldiers)

  • Increased CP of finnish tier 3 and 4 soldiers from 3 to 4 CP

  • Increased capture power of finnish tier 3 and 4 soldiers from 2 to 2.5

  • Increased capture power of finnish tier 1 soldiers from 0.1 to 1

  • Increased capture power of finnish tier 2 soldiers from 1 to 1.5

  • Increased range of 170mm minenwerfer

  • Increased accuracy of 170mm minenwerfer

  • Increased accuracy of 200mm ladungswerfer

  • Increased range of 200mm ladungswerfer

  • Increased reload time of 210mm nebelwerfer from 90 to 120s

  • Increased slightly the blast energy of 20mm-25mm Auto cannon HE shells

  • Decreased price of T-34/85 from 765MP to 700MP

  • Decreased price of DsHK truck from 170 to 150 MP

  • Decreased price of Maxim x4 truck from 150 to 130 MP

  • Decreased price of FAI-M from 155 to 135 MP

  • Decreased tier (2->1) of 37mm flak37 on doctrine late war

  • Decreased price of late war finnish engineer squad (tier 1) from 10dp to 5dp

  • Decreased price of late war finnish t50 (tier 1) from 15dp to 10dp

  • Decreased price of late war finnish l62 (tier 1) from 20dp to 15dp

  • Decreased price of late war finnish k18 late (tier 2) from 25dp to 20dp

  • Decreased price of late war soviet churchill iii (tier 2) from 25dp to 20dp

  • Decreased price of late war finnish jsu152 (tier 3) from 45dp to 40dp

  • Decreased price of late war soviet isu152 (tier 3) from 45dp to 40dp

  • Decreased price of late war soviet bm-31 (tier 3) from 70dp to 65dp

  • Decreased price of late war german sturmpanzer 4 (tier 3) from 45dp to 35dp

  • Decreased price of flamethrowers from 90 to 60MP

  • Decreased price of T70 from 20DP to 15DP

  • Decreased price of 170mm minenwerfer from 35dp to 30dp

  • Decreased price of brummbar from 35dp to 30dp

  • Decreased price of Sturmtiger from 60DP to 50DP

  • Decreased ammo boxes durability slightly so AT grenades can destroy them easier

  • Decreased starting timer of tier 4 finnish cooldowns from 240 to 120s

  • Decreased interval of tier 4 finnish cooldowns from 200 to 120s

  • Decreased accuracy of 210mm nebelwerfer by 10%

  • Decreased blast energy of German 2.8cm HE shell by using the same formula as other HE shells of the same size

  • Decreased accuracy of Finnish cannon 84mm K18

  • Removed nebelwerfer 42 from all-round tier 2 finland doctrine units, replaced with 105mm H33

  • Removed 2x nebelwerfer 41 from all-round tier 3 finland doctrine units, replaced with nebelwerfer 42

  • Removed flak88 on berlin skirmish due to script spawning guns there.

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