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Sunvale Playtest update for 27 August 2022

Patch Notes August 27

Share · View all patches · Build 9401035 · Last edited 27 August 2022 – 17:09:14 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Changes made on version

Interface Redesign

Light theme, flat design.

The whole UI has been overhauled, every window and UI element has been redesigned with a cleaner more minimalistic style focused on readability.

Day/Night Cycle

No longer frozen in time.

There is now a proper day and night cycle; at night the world will be very dark, so make sure to craft some Torches (a new item that can be crafted by hand). Torches can be placed, hold or equipped (on accessory slot) to illuminate an area surrounding you or the place where it was placed.


Say hi to some new friends.

Two new NPCs have been added to the game, these will provide a little bit of extra content related to plants. Both of them will be unlockable starting from the 5th in-game day.

The Gardener: this NPC sells seeds for different crops, the watering can and pesticide, a new item that can cleanse Monster Plants making them harvestable.

The Baker: This NPC sells food, recipes and the Cooking Stove which will let you cook your own food. The stove is the first placeable item that can only be placed indoors.

Following the introduction of Night time, the behaviour of NPCs has changed a little: they will now leave at night, if they have a house they’ll go there, otherwise they’ll just leave the map completely and come back the next morning. NPCs are still available and interactable inside of their houses during the night.

NPCs will now always visit when their conditions are met, there is no longer a % chance to not visit even though you had everything needed for them to. They will also spawn at different locations each time, but always near the spawn point.


Everyone needs to eat, right?

A new mechanic: food can be cooked using the Cooking Stove. You can create different dishes using up to 4 different ingredients, recipes are not listed, instead you can try to cook something out of your own creation or buy a Recipe from the Baker NPC. Recipes will show you the exact ingredients (with their quantities) to create a specific dish. This is important because when successfully making a dish; all 4 ingredients will be consumed in their entirety.

Slime Plants

Monster plants are not scary.

You can now grow your own slime; in order to do so you will have to first cleanse a wild Slime Monster Plant and harvest it for its seeds. Once you’ve got a Slime Seed you can plant it like any other regular crop. Monster Plants will not grow on their own though, instead they need to be fed, you’ll have to find out what food Slime’s like to eat and feed them with that.
Once fully grown the Slime Plants will start to yield Slime Balls when fed.
Slime Balls can be used to craft Coal, a material that is essential for many aspects of the game, or sold for coins; useful to buy items from the Gardener or Baker.


Upgrades, upgrades.

All bronce, iron, silver and gold tools are now craftable. Better tier items are faster and stronger; and some yield an increased quantity of drops. Some upgrades are also mandatory for some content; for example you cannot harvest a Slime plant with a Copper Hoe, or mine Silver with a Copper Pickaxe.

Mail System

You've got mail.

A new system has been introduced; you’ll receive a mailpost the moment you own a house for the first time. You’ll receive mail through the mailpost at specific times (when specific conditions are met). Mail is stored in the form of items, each message is an item that can be read multiple times. Most mail also includes attached items that can be collected once.

Player Stand

Time to sell some of those items.

The player stand is a station that you can place anywhere and will let you set up to 3 items (per stand) on sale. You’ll be able to set any selling price you want for these items, but a price reference is available on the tooltip of each item (the description that appears when you hover an item on the inventory). Items are sold automatically to NPCs that are currently on the map.

The more NPCs there are on the map, the faster items will sell. If the price you’ve set is too high, items will take longer to sell, or might not even sell at all. If the reference price for an item is 0, that means the item will never sell, as it has no value.

WIP: For now items will only sell when the player is at least 10 meters away from the stand.


A couple small improvements.

While still a work in progress, some changes were made to Mines.
These can now always be accessed, there is no cooldown for entry anymore.
Instead their minerals will respawn after 6 in-game hours after the last visit.
Items placed inside of a mine will remain there, but bear in mind: torches will be destroyed if a mineral spawns on top of it, but if some other item is placed instead (like a crafting station) the mineral itself won’t spawn.

Silver and Gold mines can now spawn as well, with a 25% and 5% rate respectively.

Quality of Life

Make that life better.

You can now split stacks of items into smaller stacks, or merge them together.
You can now quickly store items on chests by right clicking the item instead of drag and dropping it.
Some placeable items (like fences) snap to an invisible grid.


Wouldn't be a patch without these.

Crafting Station: craft from 20 Wood and Stone to 12 Wood and Stone.
Furnace: craft from 10 Coal to 10 Torches.
Weak Copper Pickaxe: craft from 10 bars to 5 bars.
Anvil: craft from 8 bars to 4 bars.
The Builder NPC can now show up from the 3rd day instead of the 6th.
Weak Copper Pickaxe’s <1 yielded item> debuff now only applies to iron.
Ultra zoom out has been removed, this looked unnatural and gave too much away for exploration.
Houses take less time to be built.

Bug Fixes:

Don't worry, we'll make new ones.

The hitbox for most interactable objects, such as crafting stations has been fixed.
You can now interact with objects that are on top of roads.
You can no longer plant more than one instance of a crop on the same tile, you can no longer move the cursor rapidly to plant crops outside of dirt tiles.
You can no longer use Hoe or Watering Can indoors or on mines.
You can no longer bug the music or animations while spamming right click on doors.
You can no longer place roads indoors.
Item tooltips are properly bound to the screen when using different resolutions in window mode.


There's more, but nobody cares.

Some new items were introduced to the game, these are used for the systems mentioned above, for example: bread, buckets, tomatoes or corn are all related to cooking or the Gardener.
Several systems were slightly tweaked for better performance or overall better experience.

What’s next:

Coming on the next one.

Planned for the next version are the introduction of fishing, animal vendor NPC, hammer tool (to remove items previously placed by the player) and the first talent tree; a system in which the player will be able to gain points based on doing a specific activity (like foraging or mining) and spend them to gain better abilities or increased power on something related to said activity.

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