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Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop update for 10 February 2022

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Update - February 10, 2022

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Here comes a big one. This update improves stability and performance (especially when there are a lot of aliens at once) and a whole lot more. Special thanks to the contributors to RDA, especially Orange, who contributed many of their patches from that mod.

Stability and Performance

  • Killing a large number of aliens at once no longer crashes the game.
  • The death animation of Shieldbugs no longer causes rare client crashes.
  • Long play sessions will no longer crash due to particles array overflow.
  • VScripts no longer crash server when creating a lot of entities in challenges.
  • Cleaned up memory leaks.
  • Improved performance by removing unnecessary calculations throughout the codebase.
  • Disabled some spammy developer warnings by default.
  • Improved the performance of rm_welcome_message.
  • Reduce the amount of client-server network errors


  • Fixed Buzzer poison getting stuck if a player died while it was active and did not switch to another marine.
  • Fixed Parasites and Xenomites being immune to blast damage when fully submerged in water.
  • Fixed Drones getting stuck when dismounting info_node_climb.
  • Fixed a case where Drones would navigate to the wrong location when pathfinding failed.
  • Parasites should no longer appear to be growing outside of their egg or spawn at the wrong place when jumping out of an egg with unusual angles.
  • Mortarbug shells no longer block moving platforms.
  • Buzzers properly enter and exit the sleep state when far from players.
  • Drones will no longer "warp" past marines on challenges with very high drone acceleration.
  • Aliens with moveclone set do not trigger physics collision code. This improves performance on maps like Cargo Elevator that use aliens in a cinematic way.


  • Extremely short range shots will no longer cause incorrect decals or impact animations.
  • X33 Damage Amplifier and IAF Heal Beacon no longer bounce in place or fall through the floor when placed on a moving platform.
  • M478 Proximity Incendiary Mines no longer fall through certain types of dynamic floor.
  • ML30 Laser Trip Mines no longer explode when touched by an invisible character.
  • SM75 Combat Flares and TG-05 Gas Grenades no longer collide with NPC Clip.
  • Fixed an issue where grenades would aim incorrectly if the marine had been hit from behind very recently.
  • Fixed collision inconsistencies between mines and various types of throwables.
  • The beam of the mining laser no longer gets stuck if the weapon is deleted by a script.


  • Fixed doors getting stuck with negative health if they were killed from the side they were dented towards. Extremely high damage can correctly knock down a door in one hit.
  • Sentry bases now use a different skin number for each type of sentry.
  • Made the cheat convar asw_unlock_all_weapons available outside of debug builds.
  • Added asw_create_generic_emitters_for_drone_gibs, which can be set to 0 to disable some graphics.
  • r_drawsprites and r_drawropes are no longer marked as cheats.
  • Added statistics support for the Football map.
  • Fixed exploits involving client commands (cl_campaignsas, cl_kickvote, etc.)
  • Fixed the warning message for an invalid unburrow idle activity.
  • Fixed a rare case where a marine dying would not automatically spectate the next marine.
  • Fixed the calculation of the fast hack time for 4-wire hacks.
  • Fixed scrolling the difficulty from Insane using keyboard or a controller going to Easy rather than Brutal.
  • Fixed not being able to draw on some parts of the map in the mission failed debriefing.
  • Improved physics calculations when a marine is stuck on a box or near a spawning alien.
  • Increased engine limit for pseudosounds, which are used for NPC AI.
  • Reduced the delay when starting a mission.
  • Added HUD support for having more than max HP.

Client ConVars

  • rda_better_weapon_chooser
  • rda_faster_radialmenu
  • rda_faster_wire_hack_close
  • rda_draw_scanner_rings
  • asw_tree_sway_enabled
  • rda_print_console_objective_completion_time
  • rda_print_chat_objective_completion_time

Server ConVars

  • rda_marine_backpack
  • rda_marine_backpack_alt_position
  • sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities
  • sv_skip_velocities_warnings
  • sv_draw_debug_overlays_release
  • phys_applystressdamage

Server ConCommands

  • rda_hide_backpack
  • rda_draw_backpack
  • rda_strafepush


  • Added the ability to require a held rd_weapon_generic_object to activate an trigger_asw_button_area.
  • Added rd_func_jumpjet, which allows the Jump Jets and the Blink Pack to jump to a point inside the volume regardless of pathing.
  • Added the ability to mark spawners and aliens to reflect grenades.

Challenge ConVars

  • asw_paint_ammo_bar
  • rda_grenade_launcher_grenade_ricochet
  • rda_grenade_allow_electro_amped
  • rda_grenade_electrostun_duration
  • rda_grenade_electrostun_range_multiplier
  • rda_grenade_max_ricochets
  • rda_grenade_post_ricochet_velocity_multiplier
  • rda_grenade_reflector_radius
  • rda_grenade_search_reflectors
  • rda_laser_mine_ownerless_alien_friendly
  • rda_marine_allow_strafe
  • rda_marine_strafe_allow_air
  • rda_marine_strafe_push_hor_velocity
  • rda_marine_strafe_push_vert_velocity
  • rda_mortarbug_shells_by_alien_sizescale
  • sv_enablebunnyhopping
  • sv_autobunnyhopping

Game Events

  • Added laser_mine_active (entindex, marine)
  • Added cluster_grenade_create (entindex, marine, weapon)
  • Modified player_dropped_weapon (userid, entindex) - added entindex.

VScript Functions

  • void CBaseEntity::SetParent(handle parent) - sets an entity as another entity's move parent; faster than calling the input from VScript
  • void CBaseEntity::ClearParent() - clears the entity's move parent; faster than calling the input from VScript
  • handle FindNearestNPC(Vector Position, bool CheckZCoordinate, float Radius) - returns the nearest character (marine, colonist, or alien) to the given coordinate
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::Disable() - disables the grenade's timer
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::Enable() - re-enables the grenade's timer
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::EnableWithReset() - re-enables and resets the grenade's timer to its original duration
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::ReflectBack() - reflects the grenade to approximately where it was fired from
  • void CASW_Grenade_Cluster::ReflectRandomly() - reflects the grenade to a random direction

_The VScript functions added to CASW_GrenadeCluster are also available as Hammer inputs.

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