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Wizards and Warlords update for 7 February 2022


Share · View all patches · Build 8160519 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

The Mythos Editor has arrived! I am pretty excited about this, as it's the first part of the Editor support for custom world creation. I want to expand this to eventually cover everything the World Generator does, so that players can create and share their own fantasy worlds - from scratch or by modifying something created by the generator.

There are still a few issues with the Editor - the UI is a bit rough, you can't specify custom Plane unit rosters, etc. I'm sure there are a few bugs in it, also. The next patch cycle is dedicated to Sovereigns and custom unit mechanics - but I will be giving some 'hypercare' attention to the Mythos Editor, and adding some things I didn't manage to squeeze in for this version (custom deity/plane icons and backgrounds in particular).

This update cycle stretched a bit longer than I would have liked, so I will try to avoid large tasks for the next couple of cycles, in order to get the weekly / bi-weekly update schedule back on track. There is a good amount of smaller tasks pending and a slightly higher number of open bug reports than I normally have, but I expect to have those bugs stomped out during this week. So there will likely be one or more small hyper-care/QoL/bugfix patches before the Sovereign improvements are in a patch. But I am aiming for the first of those in the quite near future still.

I had hoped to have Steam Cloud Saves in for this update, but I wanted to give it more internal testing. I am sure everyone can appreciate that save game integrity is important, so I am hesitant to rush this. Hopefully it will be available later this week, for those who wish to use it.


  • The Mythos Editor has been added which allows creating custom Deities, Deity Groups and Planes - along with (optional) flavor text, this bundle of entities is known as a 'Mythos'. You can then use these in your own games (Custom Mythos setting) or share them via the Workshop. If you want to include a custom 'cover image' for a Mythos workshop item, you can place one next to the file prior to upload/update using the same method as for custom Maps.
  • You can access the Mythos Editor via the Editor and a new button in the top editor menu.
  • Data files now have meta-data on what type of data they contain. This is used by the File Dialog to avoid showing irrelevant files, as the different types of Editor content (Maps, Mythos) use the same file format. 'Old' map files do not have this meta-data so will show up in dialogs that they may not apply to. You can load and re-save a map file to add the meta-data automatically. A variety of planned editor/modding features will benefit from this addition.


  • Phantasmal ability given to the Phantasmal line of unit types. This ability allows replenishment to full strength anywhere in the world at the end of the turn. So these units are now quite powerful for conducting warfare far away from friendly territory as they just need to survive battles, and they're back at full strength.
  • Inscribe Constructs: New Spellcraft. When researched, it allows adding the Mark line of unit modifiers when recruiting Construct (golem) units - contingent on an Arcane character being assigned to the recruitment.
  • Cities can now be settled adjacent to other cities - if they are not part of the same province.
  • Improved the Major Faction seeding algorithm to greatly reduce the risk of factions being placed adjacent to each other and generally increase the average distance between major factions (player and AI rivals).
  • Enchanted Garden tower upgrade will now unlock scout infantry from relevant culture rosters.
  • Academy tower upgrade will now unlock spellcaster infantry from relevant culture rosters, with a fallback to medium to high quality light infantry if these are not available (for a given culture).
  • Divine Favor Boons to remove Insane and Depressed has been added to many domains.
  • Wizards with Celestial, Demon or Faerie Race now have a very high chance to get the corresponding cult as religion on at least one of any mortal followers generated - with a priority given to Religion-type followers.
  • Increased the variety of equipment generated for dynamic (culture) unit type rosters and added additional culture trait weights to the generation routines.
  • Increased the range of possible variations for several culture templates, and reduced the chance of multiple weapon preference traits being generated for a culture.
  • Increased the average number of culture traits generated for each culture.
  • Improved the unit type naming routines to increase the flavor/coherence, range/variety and overall quality of roster unit type names.
  • Added two new spells to Necromancy (Unliving Flesh, Eternal Servitude) which can be used to remove 'Cannot Replenish' (from Zombie and Level 5+ Undead, respectively) and give some other stat buffs.
  • Added a new Priest character type which is Religious/Civic.
  • Tweaked the culture-trait/attribute weights for some character types which had a chance that was too high or too low compared to the intent. This should improve the variety of character classes for many cultures.
  • Sabotage against a besieged city will now progress the siege
  • Added Greater Drain Soul, which is an improved version of the basic Drain Soul spell. (I still intend to add more ways to gain Souls).
  • Special Rulers culture trait now affects character generator adding a chance for special character types to be generated with a context-sensitive weighting, so that leadership roles have a greater chance of these.
  • Additional variants of the Special Rulers trait added.
  • Expanded the number of Culture Templates which can roll the Special Rulers trait.
  • Numerous special unit type templates added to the Culture generator.
  • Eldritch Cultism is now included as a possible roll in the Character generator. It is extremely rare, although more likely to occur with the Insane trait, Cultist class and Enigmatic culture trait.
  • Demon Worship and Cult of The Elements is now slightly more likely to be generated as Character religion for some character classes and/or cultures.
  • Spellcaster units (when part of a culture roster) are now unlocked for cities if they have Learning 2+ and/or Spiritual 2+. For some unit types additional requirements (cavalry, heavy, etc) will apply, as per the existing logic.


  • The icon for a blocked Outpost to City upgrade action is now shown with information on the reason, instead of being hidden.
  • Fixed Fortification modifiers not being applied for City Buildings as intended and shown in the building description.
  • Friendly city garrisons are now shown with unit count and proper tooltip for friendly sites.
  • Fixed bugged requirements for Runic Warhammer. A condition was negated, causing strange availability results (positive and negative).
  • Cult of the Elements is now listed in the Deity Panel.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to world generation.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing some of the Sovereign starting units to instead start as part of unaligned armies camped outside the intended starting site.
  • Fixed cultural variant equipment not being omitted from unit equipment lists in some windows.
  • Fixed gunpowder, sapper and chivalric units (when enabled via game settings) very often being excluded from available unit types regardless of unit type unlocks.
  • Fixed chariot units not being available/unlocked as intended. They are now generally available based on the same rules as cavalry unit types.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed circumventing site construction hex validation rules.
  • The intro window is no longer missing for Sovereign Warlords.
  • Fixed AI Rival toggles (ie the number of opponents) not being registered correctly until another setting is changed. This could cause a preset to be saved without such changes or a game to start with the wrong number of opponents.
  • Fixed a bug causing an AI rival to become undefeatable despite losing all sites and armies
  • Fixed a missing unit type icon
  • Fixed a number of text display bugs
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to city building availability
  • Fixed a bug causing custom map province names to be ignored even when specified. They can now be specified for some, none or all provinces, as intended. (Leaving the default 'Province N' name will make it be overriden).
  • Fixed dodge logic not working as intended during battle resolution. Relative physical unit size was being applied inversely for units with the 'Melee Avoidance' ability.
  • Fixed a number of battle resolution bugs, most of which were related to ranged attacks, cooldowns and ammo/charges.
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