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Evil Genius 2 update for 8 February 2022

Oceans Campaign Pack DLC + Patch V1.11.0 + Community Event News

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Brrrr, this new Lair is giving us the shivers! But it sounds like our the new Evil Genius likes to keep things cool. Yes, you guessed it - The Oceans Campaign Pack has landed (in the Arctic of all places)!

Get ready to give those pesky Forces of Justice the cold shoulder as the new Oceans Campaign Pack brings the big freeze to Evil Genius 2. Introducing Polar, our ecological mastermind and new genius in Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Venture out to her Arctic Lair and start constructing the Z.E.R.O. Doomsday Device to freeze the Earth to its very core.

Complete with a new Campaign storyline, and five Ocean Regions to control, this cool new pack adds a new Force of Justice Agent type, and an armoured Super-Agent who can even be turned to join forces with you as a Henchman.

In addition, the pack also includes new Minions: Engineers that will beaver away in their Workshop to create and maintain submarines and turrets. A new temperature system means that your workforce’s productivity will be affected if they get too cold or too hot: place heaters and air conditioning to ensure optimum working conditions.

The Oceans Campaign Pack includes:
  • A new Genius - Polar
  • Z.E.R.O. Doomsday Device
  • Unique Arctic Lair
  • Temperature system
  • Ocean World Map regions with new Schemes
  • Engineers
  • Workshop room
  • New Super Agent who can be converted into a Henchman
  • New Force of Justice - J.A.W.S
  • Turrets
  • Rocket launchers for minions
  • 3 New loot items with side stories

Development Team Message

Despite still being in the grips of the winter season, it's quite mild out... With the release of the Oceans Campaign Pack, our latest Evil Genius is scheming to correct that once and for all! Now available to Season Pass holders as well as for purchase separately, global warming won't know what hit it.

In addition to developing this frosty new content, the team here has continued to fix community-reported bugs, with just enough time to add a couple of features that have been requested by you along the way.

Most notably we've added a function to the furniture side menu that allows you to identify items of furniture that you would like your minions to automatically re-build should it, for any reason, be destroyed. No more worrying about power supply interruptions from Blue Saint and his destructive tendencies, or having to follow Wrecking Bola around after she has smashed her way through all of your precious doors.

We've also spent some time improving messaging for Trap cooldowns and blockages, so it should be easier for you all to tell at a glance how your Trap networks are functioning. Finally we also added a button to quickly swap between placed Portals, almost as if you were using them yourself.

With the Season Pass now complete, we'll be continuing a tail of support, and may even have a surprise or two left that our Community Team will be eager to share information about very soon. Thank you for playing and for continuing to support Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

The Evil Genius 2 Development Team

Full Patch Notes

New Additions

  • Addition of an overhead indicator for blocked Traps.
  • Addition of an indicator for time until Trap is ready to use again.
  • Addition of a button in the side panel to automatically reconstruct destroyed furniture.
  • Addition of a button to jump between constructed Portals.


  • Further improvements to Lair navigation and minion job prioritisation.
  • Including navigation through Portals.
  • Including Cruise Ship navigation into and away from the Lair.
  • Abominations will no longer attempt to escort Agents tagged for distract.
  • Abominations and Mechanical Minions are no longer affected by Emma's Doomsday Device Backfire effect.
  • Mechanical Minions will no longer be affected by negative gas/thermal status effects.
  • "Tox Populi" subtask will now correctly count construction of "Paywall" as a Trap.
  • Improvements to menu navigation when using gamepad.
  • Live feedback added to options menu settings.
  • Fixes for overlapping and missing icons in menus.
  • Improvements to Stats page displays.
  • Scrolling in the objectives menu will no longer loop around the visible entries only.
  • Save/Load menu will now correctly message the maximum number of supported save files.
  • VFX applied to certain furniture will no longer stretch or become misaligned when the furniture is moved while in use.
  • Minions/Agents will no longer become stuck when attempting to enter melee combat on stairs.
  • Improved messaging for brainwashing failing while at maximum Lair occupancy.
  • Improved messaging for unconnected stairs.
  • Robot minions can now be healed by Magnolia Mings "Cure" ability.
  • Game .exe icon updated.
  • Improvements to messaging the positive effect of the "Communications Array" item.
  • Fire VFX now correctly aligned on Red Ivan's Doomsday Device on all islands.
  • "Broadcast Strength" will now be refunded when a region is destroyed by a Doomsday Device.
  • Traps blocked by body bags now correctly message their state.
  • Out of world no longer visible on cancelling loot item construction.
  • Trap AoE now correctly updates when blocking furniture is moved.
  • Assorted icon imagery fixes.
  • Assorted menu functionality fixes.
  • Assorted animation fixes.
  • Text and localisation fixes.
  • Credits updated.

Side Stories

  • "Reign of Terra" Side Story will now trigger when appropriate conditions are met.
  • "Pharaoh is Foul, Foul is Pharaoh" final scheme will now trigger correctly.


  • Progress will no longer be blocked if the player confirms partial construction of the Barracks.


  • Henchman ability 1 can now be de-activated from the side menu.
  • Fix for IRIS becoming stuck on activating and de-activating "Security Network Link".
  • Fixes to prevent Henchman ability VFX being visible from any floor within the Lair.


  • Fixed a crash when "Fuels Gold Part 2" progress reaches 99%.

Oceans Campaign Pack

  • Corrected a progression blocker in Emma's campaign when playing on Oceans DLC Island.
  • Save/Load menu will now display correct image and name for Oceans DLC Island.
  • Added missing localisation for a main objective in Oceans DLC campaign.

Community Team Message

We first wanted to thank the community for all their feedback on the last (and our first) Community Event back in October 2021. Players really blew us away, smashing every target before the timer ran out (and running over one million Schemes in total).

The time has finally come to unveil our new Community Event - and we're very excited about it! We've been working closely with the development team to bring some of your favourite Super Agents into the fold as new Henchmen...but they won't come quietly!

Here's your evil agenda:

  • Defeat the Super Agent and their crew (new target each week)
  • Run Schemes in specific Regions (new Force of Justice each week)
  • Interrogate Agents from specific Forces of Justice

You can view our Progress Tracker to see how close you are to unlocking your rewards!

  • Recruit x4 Super Agents as Henchmen
  • Exclusive new Genius and Super Agent wallpapers
  • Devious new Discord stickers/reactions

Don't forget, you can meet like-minded criminal masterminds to discuss our Community Event, swap sinister tips, Lair-building ideas and more over on Discord. But we'll be putting out regular updates on your progress over on our social media channels as well.

There's also a full FAQ section included over on our blog (and below for convenience). Thanks everyone. Stay evil!

Community Event FAQ

Q: How do I participate in this event?
A: We've set the Evil Genius 2 community a series of objectives to complete over a one week period, with four weeks to the event. That means each week, starting on a Tuesday, you'll have a total of three new objectives to work towards. You can track the community's progress via

Q: I can't see any new objectives in my game that are related to this event - how do I play?
A: As our objectives are shared with all players, they exist outside of the game. You won't see any objectives in the game that link up to the objectives on our website. Use the objectives on our website as instructions for actions to perform in your game (e.g. Beat Wrecking Bola and her crew = when playing, focus on luring Wrecking Bola to your Lair to kill her and her cronies).

Q: I don't understand the objectives, how can I access more support?
A: Our Community Managers are easily contactable in our Discord server, as are our moderators who may be able to help you further.

Q: When does the event start and end?
A: We'll be tracking your World Domination efforts from Tuesday 8th February to Tuesday 8th March, with some rewards distributed weekly, and others coming in a future patch after the end of the event.

Q: Do I need to start a new save to begin contributing to the weekly objectives?
A: No. You can start participating at any time in existing or new saves. However, if you wish to play as Polar during this event, or play with any of the new DLC items related to the Oceans Campaign Pack, you'll have to start a new save file.

Q: I've killed the Super Agent of the week, can I still contribute to that objective?
A: Yes, if you want to! Playing on another of your running campaigns, or starting a new campaign will mean you can defeat the Super Agent and their crew all over again. Or, you might want to spend that time working on other objectives, or readying your Lair for the next week of Super Agent attacks.

Q: For the objective where we have to defeat the Super Agent and their crew, which actions count towards the progress?
A: Every time the Super Agent visits your Lair and you emerge victorious counts. So long as you reduce their Vitality to zero you'll put points on the scoreboard - even if the too-smug do-gooder manages to escape at the last moment!

Q: Do defeats outside of the side stories count?
A: Yes, defeating Super Agents (and their crews) outside of their side stories will still count towards the target.

Q: Will death by Interrogation count towards both the Interrogation objective and the Super Agent and crew defeats objective?
A: Yes, you can choose to kill Agents on sight (progressing one objective) or you can get clever and capture the crew that accompanies the Super Agent for Interrogation - this will count towards both objectives.

Q: What if I cancel a scheme before it has completed, will that still count towards the scheme objective?
A: Cancelling Schemes will not count. The scheme must be completed to contribute towards this objective!

Q: How do I get more Agents from the Forces of Justice faction we're focusing on?
A: You should already be running Schemes in the regions where your target Forces of Justice faction is located, so keep heat under control in the other regions, and bring in Agents from the regions you need.

Q: Can I run Schemes in other regions or do I have to only run them in locations of the target Forces of Justice faction?
A: You can run Schemes wherever you need to keep your funds up and heat down - but Schemes in regions not related to the target won't count towards the progress of your community objective.

Q: Do I need any DLC to participate in this event?
A: No, each objective is purely based on the base game, and does not require a Season Pass or any of our free DLC content to participate.

Q: Why do some of the targets for community objectives change each week?
A: We identified each target set by looking at historic data on player behaviour, using this as a baseline in creating our more challenging objectives. You may find that the target number of kills on one Super Agent and their crew is different to another of the same objective. This will be because players historically kill some Super Agents more than others, therefore the target of kills on a Super Agent and their crew will will vary.

Q: How do I unlock the rewards when the event has ended?
A: We will be posting news to our blog and social media channels, as well as the Steam forum and Discord server when the Super Agents become available to recruit as Henchmen. These won't become available immediately. As for your wallpapers and Discord stickers/reactions, we will communicate when these become available during the event through the usual channels.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any other questions regarding the Community Event, please let us know and we'll add these to the FAQ for other players.

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