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League of Maidens update for 4 February 2022

League of Maidens OSOT v1.6.0a Expansion Patch Notes

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Revision: LoM v1.6.0a
Release Date: 2/4/2022
Patch Size: 322 Issues addressed
Est. Percentage to Completion: 100%

Review the build/patch/hotfix list below for a detailed list of resolved issues in the associated build/patch/hotfix.

1 - Fixed a bug that caused some players to get stuck at the Start Menu.
2 - Boss Drop and Item Sourcing icons have been removed from the Desktop.
3 - Fixed a bug that caused some players to experience a crash when claiming Atonement Rewards.
4 - Fixed a bug that caused texture problems when portals appear during gameplay.
5 - Fixed a bug that caused the Weekly Challenge to not deliver the rewards as intended. (More testing required for confirmation)
6 - Ascension Gear has been revamped. More details in coming.
7 - Added the ability to clear Atonement Drops for anyone simply looking to farm gear on a particular warmaiden.
8 - Reduced the free memory requirement for the warning message at the start of gameplay from 4GB to 3GB.
9 - Fixed a bug that caused the "Find 3 items" quest to not get completed when turning them into the quest giver.
10 - Fixed broken http links on the mini map.
11 - Completed an upgrade to the latest version of the game engine.
12 - Completed a series of updates for additional performance improvements.
13 - Added four new standing attacks (Left/Right Hook, Uppercut and Power Smash) to the Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 buttons (using SHIFT and Space bar modifiers) for the Size Matters skill for Giant vs. Giant battles.
14 - New "Mark of the Beast" Melee Skill has been added.
15 - New "Primal Pounce" dodge Ability has been added.
16 - New "Primal" Idle pose has been added.
17 - Completed server side work for the upcoming Maiden+ Loyalty rewards program.
18 - Improved Flash Dash, Blink, Bat Swarm and Primal Pounce to not stop forward movement on hills shorter than human height.
19 - Made improvements to the new Size Matters melee skills to allow them to be chained together for punching combinations.
20 - New "Fighting Stance" Idle Pose has been added.
21 - New "Deadly Dragon Fist" Melee Skill has been added.
22 - New "Phoenix Strike" Skill has been added.
23 - New "Flying Guillotine" Skill has been added.
24 - New "A Thousand Blades" Skill has been added.
25 - Capes section has been renamed to "Back Gear"
26 - Gauntlet section has been renamed to "Arm Gear"
27 - New Loading Screen Images have been added.
28 - Patriotika Desktop Artwork has been animated.
29 - (2) New Animated Desktop Artworks have been added.
30 - New "Wind Skating" ability (changes running animation) has been added.
31 - Repurposed the 'Letter' item to 'Request Atonement'. Now players that are looking to farm gear can use this item to immediately max Atonement Rewards.
32 - Event Crates & Boss Crates have been added.
33 - LoM The Awakening Start Page and Desktop Logo updated to LoM OSOT Logo.
34 - LoM The Awakening BGM has been replaced with new original "Other Side of Time" OST.
35 - Four Legged animal running added to "Primal Pounce" ability.
36 - HP/MP Flask drinking times have been reduced to 6 seconds.
37 - Desktop Artwork for the Start Menu has been changed to a static OSOT specific Desktop artwork.
38 - Start menu background has been updated to OSOT specific background.
39 - Updated the Load Out UI with text to inform players that the data shown reflects the current skill base along with the stat (Levels 1-5) for the associated Play Time (PT) Skill buff. Not the stat levels for the skill base (Levels 1-15).
40 - Added the ability to drop quests via the Quest Guide.
41 - Added a new Quest Type which allows for the creation of timed quests. Timed quests will feature a timer as an objective which will have the quest fail if the objective is not met within the allotted time period. This new feature will allow for the creation of a wide range of new and challenging quests for players.
42 - Added a unique sound effect to the notification when the Daily Repeatable quests and Daily Challenges have been reset to make it easier for players in-game to know when this event has occurred.
43 - Additional additional text to clarify for those that did not realize that the term "Factory Reset" means the resetting or deletion of data.
44 - Improved the background image resolution for the Start Page and the Cosmetics shop.
45 - "From the Ashes" perk lasting time has been extended from 30 seconds to 120 seconds.
46 - "Berserker" perk lasting time has been extended from 10 seconds to 120 seconds.
47 - "Dying Spirit" perk lasting time has been extended from 10 seconds to 120 seconds.
48 - Added special 7 Day Daily Challenge Streak Vendor to the Majors office.
49 - Added Cooking NPCs has been added to the Santonia Islands which will allow for the cooking of Lobster and Corn Soup. Two dishes that can be cooked and used to instantly refill HP and Shield.
50 - Remains enemies have been removed from the Freedom City Strongholds as they move to slow and take too long to group.
51 - Updated OSOT specific Start Menu artwork with (2) animated artworks.
52 - Item Sourcing and Boss Drop icons have been removed from the desktop but will remain on the mini-map to reduce clutter.
53 - (1) new map Underground Sewer with two sections have been added. This new map will serve as the entry point for most of the newly added content.
54 - New OSOT soundtrack added to the Strongholds music list.
55 - Episode Boosting requirement (having at least one warmaiden in Episode 5) has been removed. Now players can boost any newly created warmaiden.
56 - Boosting now places warmaidens in the newly created Season 1 Episode 6 "The Other Side of Time". This will allow players to play the newly created content without having to play through the older content.
57 - Unlock items have been set for all new Skills and abilities.
58 - New Monk Meditation Idle pose has been added.
59 - New Sexy Nun desktop artwork has been added.
60 - Additional messaging has been added to the Warmaiden Selection screen to inform players how to boost to experience new content quickly.
61 - Additional messaging has been added to the Graphics setting panel to inform players how vsync and frame rate limiters work in order to avoid high CPU or GPU usage.
62 - New Skill Trainer (a vendor that sells items to unlock new skills as well as selling items that unlock previous skills like Size Serum for Size Matters) has been added.
63 - New Ability Trainer (a vendor that sells items to unlock new abilities as well as selling items that unlock previous abilities like Pure Breed Blood for Bat Swarm) has been added.
64 - New Travel Trainer (a vendor that sells items to unlock travel skills such as Beacon of Hope and Taoist Incantation) has been added.
65 - New Arm Gear Vendor (a vendor that sells items to unlock the Fire, Ice, Order and Chaos Gauntlets) have been added.
66 - Lasting time for the "Flying Guillotine" skill has been increased by 2x.
67 - Two extended storage bins have been added to the outdoor base entrance of each map.
68 - Fixed a bug that caused "Primal Pounce" and "Wind Skating" to not work with Lightning speed.
69 - The new UNDC Underground Sewer Stronghold has been added.
70 - (4) New Mobs Mecha Filth, Mecha Swarm, Mecha Foul and Mecha Nightmare have been added.
71 - Added a new sound effect for Epic Gear when it drops or is purchased.
72 - Fixed a bug that allowed player characters to move while using Terminals in the Underground Sewer Hub.
73 - Added the stop claim functionality when an item is damaged while claiming Daily Challenge Rewards.
74 - Added XP bonuses for increased difficulty. Percentages are subject to change. Hard (+5%) | Hardcore (+10%) | Ultra Hardcore (+20%)
75 - Single Use Fireworks items have been added.
76 - A new Weekly Crate mechanic has been added.
77 - Reduced the load time to enter the Santonia Islands, Necropolis Desert and Underground Sewer maps by 80%.
78 - Hair Shader has been improved on Ears and Tails to help them better match the colors on hairstyles.
79 - Added dynamic movement to all ears.
80 - Universal clear tickets have been added.
81 - Fixed a typo with the Respec ticket notification.
82 - Animated Default desktop artwork and animated Sexy Nun desktop artwork have been added.
83 - Fixed a bug that caused a Free Memory warning on start up for systems with the correct amount of free memory under certain conditions.
84 - Made adjustments to the coloring for the Succubus tail.
85 - Added the ability for the application to sense idle time to automatically reduce the system resource load by reducing the FPS to 30 during idle time.
86 - Reduced the size of several UI elements.
87 - Added the Fireworks Gun and ammo to all Gun Vendors.
88 - The Watchers "Special Assignment" missions have been added to the Underground Sewer Strongholds. Watcher SA's are 60 second mini-challenges given to players by "The Watchers" that can be completed during Stronghold runs for special rewards.
89 - Corrected grammar errors on the Invisibility and Darkness Cloak skill descriptions.
90 - Increased the Size of the Stage titles.
91 - Reduced the audio levels of the injured soldier cries.
92 - Added additional mob bosses to the Underground Sewer final rooms.
93 - Added Training Dummies to the Underground Sewer Hub.
94 - New Skill "Trial By Fire" has been added.
95 - New Succubus Floating Idle Pose has been added.
96 - Daily Crates logic have been revamped to improve their importance. Instead of being delivered automatically each day via mail now Daily Crates are earned via a Daily Crate Challenge given to the player via NPC. Items in the Daily Crate have been updated to include cosmetic rewards.
97 - Showers has been added to the Underground Sewer map.
98 - Atonement Requests have been added to General Vendors.
99 - The description for the Nude Cheat Code Pack has been updated.
100 - Fixed a bug that caused the function to request shards from the Terminal to not function properly.
101 - (30) New Free to Earn and Paid Cosmetics have been added. Outfits, Head Gear, Back Gear, Arm Gear, Ears, Weapons, Wings, Masks, Mounts have been added. More to come...
102 - Added the ability to allow for multiple (3 in total) customizable colors for all newly added accessory cosmetics. In the past items like Weapons, Shields, Ears, Eyewear, Tails, Masks and Wings only allowed for one customizable color.
103 - Added a heavy door sound when using non-jet portals.
104 - Added a the ability for any item (not just crafting items) to auto pull from Storage. That way players will not have to find the nearest Storage to pull items needed. Players can just dump items in Storage and have them auto pulled from Storage whenever needed without needing to have them in their inventory. This feature comes with a setting that can be enabled/disabled in the settings panel for players that wish to turn it off as it is enabled by default.
105 - Added a direct link to for the UI interface that shows when a connection to Steam has failed.
106 - Revised all cosmetic weapons to work with all classes. The class lock system is still in place for future classes that may require it.
107 - A new DPS Meter has been added for those that wish to track their damage.
108 - Updated the text shown when Ultra Hardcore Mode is enabled to make it more visible to players.
109 - Added 18 new main quests and 41 new side quests.
110 - Fixed a bug that caused the Discard changes UI to not go away under certain conditions.
111 - Added a keybind for the new DPS Meter.
112 - Increased the collision range for Hell Storm by 30%
113 - Made the flock of birds in the Underground Sewer killable.
114 - Add point markers to the DPS Meter to indicate Crit damage.
115 - Reduced the bumpiness of the skin as it didn't look as good with enlarged breasts.
116 - ATK damage for the first three attacks for the Tank melee have been increased.
117 - Fixed a bug that cause the player warmaiden to be out of focus when zoomed in with Beauty mode.
118 - Added a UI element that indicates the Prestiege level to the center bottom bar.
119 - An "All the things" bar has been added to the UI to indicate a players progress towards unlocking all cosmetics.
120 - Quick Slot bar has been added for players to quickly access 'USE' items added to the bar.
121 - Shotgun damage has been increased by 25%
122 - A note for how to increase the Threat Level has been added for players unaware that killing mobs in the respective zone is how the level is increased.
123 - The height for preset 3 has been increased from 65 to 70.
124 - Added a note to the DPS Meter to indicate that the white dots indicate CRIT damage.
125 - Weekly Challenge has been updated to provide revamped Daily Crates each day and a revamped Weekly Crate for completing all Daily Challenges.
126 - Default color for the Astronaut Head Gear has been updated.
127 - Added an Auto-Fit Head Gear button in Character Customization.
128 - Improved the performance when opening and closing the Quest Guide.
129 - Sliders have been added for players to set their desired Bloom and Screen Space Reflections in the options panel. Previous options for Bloom were limited to enable/disable.
130 - Cow horns have been added.
131 - Daily Challenge rewards have been improved.
132 - The final step for the Time Step rewards has been improved.
133 - Fixed the performance of the Quest Guide when open/searching specific quest from the active quest list.
134 - Added a notification to inform players when their Gauntlet is charged, how to use it and what using it will accomplish.
135 - Fixed the shininess of the Bunny face mask.
136 - Fixed a bug that caused larger breast sizes to disable Ambient Occlusion.
137 - Fixed a bug that caused Motion Blur to not be fully disabled when disabled.
138 - Changed the logic for Materia/Cube Stacks and Elementals to now have a 25% resistance to guns instead of a 99.9% resistance to guns. This will allow players with gun builds to effectively take on enemies with slight gun damage resistance instead of total resistance.
139 - Added a notification that explains to players that the ATK/DEF/HP training are AFK and that it will require 60 seconds to complete for those that did not realize that the training is AFK.
140 - Fixed a bug that prevented players from enabling Motion3D while maintaining aiming a gun.
141 - Updated the mechanics on the Union fight to allow for damaging the Union outside of the pre-existing damage phases. Now the Union can be damaged at anytime and the pre-existing phases allow for a higher percentage (current damage) to be done.
142 - Made a change to have Gauntlet use refill stamina as well.
143 - Union scream attack damage has been reduced by 25%
144 - Fixed a bug that caused the incomplete achievement number to not be correct.
145 - Added a new Crate Contents UI in the crates UI which will now list all of the contents of the crate type selected. This will allow players to view the potential rewards from a particular crate.
146 - Added cover spots for players to use to avoid the Unions scream attack.
147 - Rewards for many mechanics in game have been improved.
148 - UI text has been added to the Grinder and Forge to inform players how to use them.
149 - Turret Skill attack damage has been increased and MP usage has been decreased.
150 - Force Field lasting time has been increased and MP usage has been decreased.
151 - Updated the difficulty mode description for players that didn't realize that gear and gun mods exist in the inventory and are also wiped during hardcore mode.
152 - Updated notifications to help provide better information to players on certain mechanics.
153 - A repeatable jumping challenge quest has been added.
154 - Increased I-frame on dodging from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.
155 - Added the ability for dodges Blink, Wind Staking and Primal to dodge backwards.
156 - Fixed a bug that caused Turret damage to not scale at all.
157 - Height for Body Preset 7 has been increased from 70 to 100.
158 - Increased the maximum height slider for warmaidens by 20%
159 - Turret MP draw has been reduced.
160 - Max Turret drop has been increased from 2 to 3.
161 - Updated the transporter UI and quick travel NPCs to include the level of enemies at the various locations.
162 - Fixed many of the color assignments for head gear which did not apply colors correctly in the previous build.
163 - Revamped the Breast customization system to make the process of customizing the breasts much easier. Also fixed a bug that would cause the breast spacing to be incorrect when going from much smaller to larger breasts or vice versa. This change has nothing to do with shape or appearance. Only value settings.
164 - All Fishing poles have been added for sale from the Fishing Vendor in the Santonia Islands.
165 - Tool Tips have been added to the desktop and main ui.
166 - Updated the Crate opening visuals to represent the quality of the item that the player is receiving. Blue graphic effects/visuals = Common Reward, Purple graphic effects/visuals = Rare Reward, Orange graphic effects/visuals = Epic Reward.
167 - Reduced the db for the rock forming sound effect on the Union's legs.
168 - Reduced the Stronghold spawning time in the Underground Sewer from 10 minutes to 5.
169 - Adjusted the heights of all presets due to the new height slider update.
170 - Added a UI note to the Gun Config tab to explain to players how to use Gun Mods.
171 - Fixed the text on the Skill Buff Daily Challenge to read "Playtime Skill Buff" instead of "Interim Skill Buff"
172 - Updated Auto-Fit Head Gear in the character customization to remove hair for the new Cowls.
173 - Reduced ATK/DEF training from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
174 - Fixed a bug that caused some Desktop artwork to not have a preview image when receiving them within crates.
175 - Fixed a bug that caused unassigned PT Skill Buffs to be lost when going into a new location.
176 - Added a new mechanic to automatically award (1) Play Time Skill Buff for each Warmaiden Prestige level. Warmaidens with up to Prestige level 20 will be awarded enough PT Skill Buffs to max out 5 skills at the start of each playing session.
177 - Fixed a bug that caused players to cap at 19 PTSB (Play Time Skill Buffs) instead of 20.
178 - (4) New Tattoos have been added. (2) Face and (2) Body Tattoos.
179 - Increased the size of the NPC name font as the current size makes it a bit harder to read NPC names.
180 - Made a change to sort the Exit Manager cards by Awakening/Prestige level instead of Number of days played.
181 - Made a change to reset cooldowns on player death.
182 - Added a note to the Maiden+ Claim rewards UI for players that didn't realize that the 2nd of the month is timezone dependent and may require waiting until the 3rd of the month.
183 - Made a change to sort Warmaidens in the Warmaiden Manage interface by Awakening/Prestige level.
184 - The Dual Pistols skill has been disabled as we will not have the time to address the issues related to this skill before OSOT. Existing players that have the skill equipped can continue to use it on their warmaiden but it will be unavailable to add to a new warmaiden.
185 - Fixed a bug that caused Fiends to spawn inside of the rocks on a particular part of the Necropolis Desert.
186 - Fixed an issue with the Union Cape that prevents one part of the metal Pauldrons from being colorable.
187 - ATK and MP buffs from achievements have been adjusted.
188 - Made a change to accurately reflect the cost of an item in either the Gold or Shard value. Previously all items would only show a Gold cost even if it was a Shard item.
189 - Fixed a bug that caused a delay in the responsiveness of jumping after sprinting forward.
190 - Fixed a bug that caused the Inventory to get stuck open if it was opened during the scene introduction banner under certain conditions.
191 - Improved the quality of the Costume Shop Daily Rewards.
192 - Made a change to limit 100% Skill Crafting Success to Skill Levels 1-10. Skill Levels 11-15 now have a crafting success percentage based on the INT stat. We've had inquiries about the use of the INT stat. This change was stat was required for crafting success before the 100% Crafting Success change across all levels was made sometime ago.
193 - Increased the collision size for the teleporters used to travel from one Stronghold segment to the next. This will make it easier for players that miss the teleporter when attempting to exit the segment.
194 - DPS Meter and Use Gauntlet keys have been added to the Keyboard Guide.
195 - Interface for talking with NPCs has been revamped.
196 - Fixed a bug that caused forged INT and secondary stat INT to not factor into the Crafting Success rate algorithm.
197 - Added Global Rank to the Desktop UI.
198 - Fixed a bug that caused the gear acquisition audio to play when transferring gear under certain conditions.
199 - Added a warning that informs players that boosting into Ep.6 should be done by experienced players due to the potential of boosting a new level 1 warmaiden into the newer content.
200 - Updated the Gun Range to yield 10XP for every successful shot in realtime.
201 - Made a change to allow for the grinding of Gun Mods to the selected resource using the grinder.
202 - Added the ability to view the leaderboard by clicking the new Global Rank located on the desktop.
203 - Reduced the minimum time for targets to present themselves in the Gun Range to increase the challenge.
204 - Increased to zoom range in character customization.
205 - Fixed the normal maps on several lip textures causing a bright white line under the inner upper lip.
206 - Fixed a bug that caused the gun range target to not register a successful shot about half a second after it is presented.
207 - The INT stat is now tied to viewing Mob Name, Level and Health. The base mob level now requires an equal value of INT to view. Otherwise the Mob level, name and hp will show as unknown.
208 - Rewards for the Gun Range have been improved. Players will now earn (1) Gold 4 item for every 5 successful shots. (1) Gold 5 item for every 10 successful shots. (1) +1 Death Invitation for every successful 25 shots. (1) +2 Death Invitation for every 50 successful shots. (1) +3 Death Invitation for every 100 successful shots. Finally, players will receive (1) Common Crate after the Gun Range game is over and the score is above 100 or (1) Rare Crate after the Gun Range game is over and the score is above 200. Crates are either or you cannot get a Common Crate and a Rare Crate in the same gun range session. REWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AFTER FURTHER TESTING.
209 - Changed Freedom City Totems to consistently drop +3 Death Invitations.
210 - Increased the height of the HP UI element for training dummies so that they don't block the training dummy.
211 - Increased the max cap of Daily/Weekly/Event Crates from 1 to 5.
212 - Added a warning for players when the crate max cap has been reached.
213 - Added a text UI element to the Crate UI to remind players of the Daily/Weekly/Event Crate max cap.
214 - Fixed a bug that caused the NPC names to not hide correctly when the desktop is opened in certain scenes.
215 - Added information on how to boost during the tutorial quests.
216 - Tutorial graphic and instructions added to help explain to players how combos can be executed.
217 - All non-premium cosmetics have been named. Previous they were named Head Gear 1, Head Gear 2 etc...
218 - Base Tank INT stat value has been increased from 0 to 3.
219 - Made a change to not force the warmaiden to hold the equipped gun when entering the loadout for those players looking to create a non-gun using warmaiden.
220 - Animated Atonia Desktop artwork has been added.
221 - A button to open the DPS Meter has been added.
222 - Made a change for boosting to be free for any warmaidens that are within episode 5 or below to allow quick access to new content.
223 - Made a change to have the game remember a players grinder selection (Light Cubes, Gold or Dark Cubes) when exiting the game to avoid mistakenly grinding to the wrong resources.
224 - Fixed a bug that had NPC eyes and teeth showing when the NPC was hidden during specific situations.
225 - Fixed a bug that caused the "Action not available..." notification to not work consistently between the lobby and open areas for Size Matters and Mounts.
226 - 5 new face presets and 3 new body presets have been added.
227 - Added a text file warning in the UserSave folder that informs players that any backup/restores done within the UserSave will cause data corruption.
228 - Fixed a bug that caused the Grinder icon to not show on the navigator.
229 - Added a notification that informs the player every 5 minutes if their warmaiden has not been awakened as players have reported not knowing how to being the leveling process after missing the tutorial information presented at the start of the game.
230 - Removed the widescreen bars for the opening camers of the open areas and the underground sewer.
231 - Fixed a bug that caused a slight stutter/delay when switching between guns.
232 - Fixed a bug that caused the Forge/Grinder UI to stay up when walking away from the Standalone Forge/Grinder.
233 - Made a change to have Standalone Forge/Grinders yield slightly more rewards than portable Forge/Grinders. Standalone Forges yield 5% more success rate and Standalone Grinders yield 10% more gold, +1 Dark Cubes and +1 Light Cubes.
234 - Fixed a bug that caused guns to scale in size when scaling the warmaidens hands.
235 - Saved the Open/Close state of the DPS Meter when transitioning between locations and open/closing the game.
236 - Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to use shards to revive if they were Awakening Level 0. WTF... 🤦‍♂️ I'm sure new players loved this one. Basically this was a multiply by zero bug in the effort to reduce the amount of shards for lower level players.
237 - 4 new OSOT loading screens have been added.
238 - 10 new OSOT desktop artworks have been added.
239 - Descriptions for DI's have been updated to inform players that DI's raise Stronghold Mobs, Stronghold Bosses and World Boss levels.
240 - Description for the Cube Stack Daily Challenge has been updated to Cube Tower to help players better understand what needs to be destroyed.
241 - Fixed a bug that caused some skills to queue when they could not be executed.
242 - Fixed a bug that caused the damage to not be consistent for Gravity Core, Meteor Strike and Titan Summon.
243 - Fixed a bug that caused the camera to go inside the player when reviving from death.
244 - Added additional messaging to inform players when Steam is down and how to check it's status.
245 - Added a note to the Claim Loot and Accept Quest UI that lets players know that they can press the X key to quickly claim loot or accept quests.
246 - Damage increase for Blessed Circle has been increased by 10%.
247 - Mission mode Samurai have been removed.
248 - Fixed a bug that caused capes to get entangled when speaking with NPCs.
249 - Changed to default Vertical Sync setting to Off.
250 - Reduced the volume for the quest acceptance audio by 3db.
251 - Updated the default colors for all new cosmetics.
252 - Updates the light arrangement in the Crate Opening UI.
253 - Added (2) new segments to the Underground Sewer Strongholds.
254 - Fixed a bug that caused the Guide Arrow to not hide in Strongholds when disabled using the "Show Guide Arrow" Interface setting.
255 - Fixed a bug that caused Volumetric Fog to not work while in Motion3D.
256 - Improved the Dummy models.
257 - Removed the ragdolling of the player for the jumping Nightmare attack.
258 - Improved the visuals of the Nightmare attack orbs.
259 - Fixed the clipping of the hair into the skin for all hair models except for one which will require a remodel.
260 - Light Strike range has been increased by 20%
261 - Eternal Rage and EX Trigger effects have been optimized.
262 - Target outlines for mobs have been disabled.
263 - The Mob Stun indicator has been reduced from 5 seconds to half a second and has been changed to a quick flashing instead of slowly pulsating.
264 - The Lightning Strike Skill has been revamped. Lightning Strike now has the opportunity to strike up to 5 times (dependent on skill level) in a pattern surrounding the targeted enemy.
265 - Maiden+ Daily/Monthly Rewards have been increased.


20K Daily Gold Drop
2.5K Daily Shard Drop
50K Monthly Gold Drop
5K Monthly Shard Drop


100K Daily Gold Drop
10K Daily Shard Drop
500K Monthly Gold Drop
50K Monthly Shard Drop

266 - The ability to assign and switch supporters (warmaidens that will accompany you in battle) has been added.
267 - Fixed a bug that caused the camera to go through walls when exiting the loadout screen.
268 - Made a change to have the amount of gold from duplicate items be dependent on rarity (Common, Rare, Epic).
269 - Added variable Stun times for enemies based on difficulty setting. Information on these times have been added to the options panel.

HARD DIFFICULTY - .35 seconds

270 - Carried out some optimizations on the gun models.
271 - Updated the descriptions for certain items making their use more clear.
272 - Cleaned up the visual effect for lightning strike.
273 - Reduced the movement speed of The Swarm and Creepers by 15%.
274 - Made a change to allow for depositing gold while the Extended Storage UI is open.
275 - All Guns have been resized.
276 - Fixed a bug that had the weather raining and thunder storming more often than intended.
277 - Chat Box tips have been updated.
278 - Increased the size of the indicators on the map for mobs. In particular the yellow star for rare mobs was a bit too small.
279 - Fixed a bug that caused some mobs in the lower Necropolis Desert area to be unkillable.
280 - Fairy Mode has been implemented. Fairy mode allows players to set a height of zero for supporters which will automatically make them a tiny fairy size when added as a supporter.
281 - Made a change to hide Stronghold entrance text when in Beauty Mode or using Motion3D.
282 - Fixed a bug that prevented users from using the shortcut key to close the inventory/extended storage in certain situations.
283 - Reduced the size of the Achievement titles by 20%
284 - Fixed a bug that caused Stronghold Information text to be viewable at any distance or any angle.
285 - Updated Nudity for All mechanic to work with supporters.
286 - Fixed a bug that caused performance issues after loading many quests in the Quest Guide.
287 - Made a change to allow for Gold to be dropped/removed from the inventory.
288 - Updated the Daily Challenge Completed notifications to include the name of the Daily Challenge that was completed.
289 - Made all pets color customizable with the newest Moth Pet supporting (4) color customization with a glow color.
290 - Updated the New Mail notification to include the name of the mail received.
291 - Cleaned up the Notification UI to make it easier for players to see/read the more relevant notifications.
292 - Rose petals removed from the first 4 attacks of the Shadow Dancer melee.
293 - All OSOT main and side quests are locked in and completed! YAYYYY!!! 😄
294 - Sound has been lowered for Size Matters footsteps in the sand.
295 - Attack ranges for Size Matters skills have been fixed.
296 - Size Matters skill description has been updated to include M1/M2 + SHIFT or SPACEBAR modifiers for hand-to-hand combat skills (Left/Right Hook, Uppercut etc...)

RAN OUT OF TEXT SPACE: View the rest of the patch notes here:

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