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Ruinarch update for 31 January 2022

Update 10 - Random Events

Share · View all patches · Build 8117312 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Note that existing Save Files will no longer be compatible with the new update.

Hello everyone! Our first update of 2022 is here. In this update, we've introduced several random events and introduced new challenges by adding the new Wiccans and Divine Church factions as well as various new Villager Traits that can make some game sessions more spicy.

Our next update will be a bit further than usual (May), We are taking a month-long break from the game to improve mental health, study modding and explore concepts for future games. Once we get back to work this March, we're going to give some attention towards improving Villager interactions via a new Favors and Grudges system. We'll also improve reactions to Share Intel to make it more consequential and we'll begin work on gameplay and progression balancing. Finally, we also plan to add more sound effects.

Here are the changes added by the new update:

Legendary Forge and new Legendary Weapons

A new landmark called Legendary Forge may now spawn in the game. A nearby Village may decide to claim it as their own. If so, one of their Crafters may visit and forge a new legendary weapon. The Forge can only be used once and will crumble after producing one weapon.

One of the following Legendary Weapons may be crafted at random:

  • Mantra - A sword that provides immunity from all Afflictions and cleanses its holder of all Flaws.
  • Fang - A dagger that may occasionally afflict its target with a random Affliction.
  • Savage - An axe that deals triple damage against Demonic creatures and structures.
  • Eclipse - A staff that steals some Mana whenever it deals damage to characters and structures belonging to the player.
  • Citrus - A bow that may tame its target if it is an Undead creature.

Arrow and Lightning Towers

You may sometimes encounter a Faction with Tower Defense Ideology. This Faction is capable of building Arrow Towers all over their Villages. These Arrow Towers shoots arrows targeting hostiles in range. Lightning Tower Defense Ideology is similar but provides the Faction with Lightning Towers instead.


You may sometimes encounter a Faction with a Breeders Ideology. This Faction can build Monster Pens that will occasionally spawn tamed Beasts.

Wyvern Tamers

You may sometimes encounter a Faction with a Wyvern Tamers Ideology. This Factions can build Wyvern Coops that will occasionally hatch tamed Wyvernlings. These will eventually grow into Wyverns after a day. Combatant Villagers of a Village Tamer faction can mount adult Wyverns. When mounted characters receive damage, the mount tanks the damage until it dies.

Mounted Villagers magically hide their mounts when they sit on a chair or sleep on a bed, just because it would be needlessly complicated to have them dismount and re-mount everytime they do these actions.


The Wiccans Faction is a Nature Worshiping rival of Demon Cults. A Devout Nature Worshiper can become a Great Witch (Cult Leader counterpart) through strong faith in Nature Worship and then found the Wiccans Faction. Like Demon Cultists, Witches (Cultist counterpart) can preach and spread Nature Worship, converting other Villagers to Witches.

Each living Witch in the map increases the Chaotic Energy cost of all the player's Abilities by 5%.

Divine Church

The Divine Church Faction is a Divine Worshiping rival of Demon Cults. A Devout Divine Worshiper can become a Priest (Cult Leader counterpart) through strong faith in Divine Worship and then found the Divine Church Faction. Like Demon Cultists, Clerics (Cultist counterpart) can preach and spread Divine Worship, converting other Villagers to Clerics.

Each living Cleric in the map will disable one random player Ability until they are killed.

Hallowed Grounds

This is an uncommon landmark that can be claimed by nearby religious-based factions: Demon Cult, Wiccans, Divine Church. These factions will fight over it as it provides all of their members a powerful buff - giving them double damage versus any target that has a different religion from them.


This is an uncommon relationship that may occur between two starting Villagers that we added as a fun flavorful event. Tip: We don't recommend killing off an obsessed character's target of obsession.

Stalker Updates

Stalkers have now been enhanced to be dangerous against Lycans, Vampires and Cultists. The following enhancements have been added:

  • Stalkers cannot be turned into a Lycan, Vampire or Cultist
  • Lycans, Vampires and Cultists cannot change class to Stalker
  • At Martial Arts Lvl. 2, they will always deal critical damage to Lycans, Vampires and Cultists
  • At Martial Arts Lvl. 3, they will be able to identify Lycans and Vampires on sight
  • At Martial Arts Lvl. 4, they will be able to identify Cultists on sight
  • At Martial Arts Lvl. 5, they may be able to purify Lycans, Vampires and Cultists from their Faction instead of attacking them

Monster Recruitment Changes

In order to make different Faction Types more distinct, we are limiting the type of monsters they prefer to recruit. This will also somewhat reduce the likelihood that monsters will take up a majority of a Major Faction's population.

Elven Kingdoms will usually only recruit Beasts. Rarely, they may recruit Demonics. If the Faction Leader is a Demon Worshiper, they will often recruit Demonics instead.

Human Empires will usually only recruit Humanoids. Rarely, they may recruit Demonics. If the Faction Leader is a Demon Worshiper, they will often recruit Demonics instead. They may keep a few Beasts for Food.

Vampire Clans will usually only recruit Undead. They will also always recruit any monster that is already a Vampire. They will keep a few Humanoids as prisoners to drink Blood off of. Rarely, they may recruit Demonics. If the Faction Leader is a Demon Worshiper, they will often recruit Demonics instead.

Lycan Clans will usually recruit Beasts. They will butcher captured Humanoids. Rarely, they may recruit Demonics. If the Faction Leader is a Demon Worshiper, they will often recruit Demonics instead.

Wiccans will usually recruit Beasts and Humanoids. They will always kill Demonics and Undead.

Divine Church will kill all captured monsters.

Bandits may rarely recruit some Humanoids.

New Villager Traits

We've added a few more Villager Traits to the mix. Many of these provide buffs to Villagers that will make it dangerous for the player to mindlessly attack random targets.

  • Slick - A Slick character cannot be added as a Stored Target.
  • Heavy - A Heavy character cannot be seized.
  • Nullchild - Any Power used against the Nullchild will be disabled until the Nullchild dies.
  • Grounded - Whenever a Grounded character is hit by a player Power, all of the player's Mana will be drained.
  • Jinxed - Whenever a Jinxed character enters Bad or Critical Mood, it saps a small amount of Chaotic Energy from the player.
  • Negative Nancy - A Negative Nancy reduces the Mood of other Villagers around them.
  • Devout - Devout characters are more likely to Pray. They are the only Villagers that can spontaneously become a Wiccan or a Cleric and start the Wiccans and Divine Church factions.


  • Added new monster: Gorgon.
  • Demon Worship is no longer initially a crime for Human Empires and Elven Kingdoms. However, certain actions against a Faction may make them turn against you and declare Demon Worship a Heinous Crime.
  • You can now instruct monsters spawned by Monster Spawner to attack a nearby Village. The Attack Village action is available in the Monster Spawner's Target Menu.
  • Reduced cost to reveal Villager info from 8 Chaotic Energy to 4.
  • Added a log when a monster is summoned to defend a village through a Shaman ritual.
  • Defending minions can now be Unsummoned via Target Menu.
  • Dead bodies outside houses of unknown characters will no longer trigger Murder assumption of other nearby Villagers.
  • Reduced Nature Spirit HP to 1800.
  • There is a small chance that a Treasure Chest may drop whenever a Villager slays one of the player's minions.
  • Migration can now also occur for Lycan Clans, Vampire Clans, Wiccans and Divine Churches.
  • Migrants will now have a 100% chance to appear early in the next morning once there are no more hostile Factions in the game world.
  • Possible items obtained from a Treasure Chest may now include special Scrolls that will teach a Faction how to build the new special structures like Wyvern Coop, Beast Pens, Arrow Tower and Lightning Tower.
  • Poison Cloud now deals Poison Damage to living characters it touches.
  • To slightly rebalence Agoraphobia, we have reduced max stacks of Anxious from 5 to 3. Once an Agoraphobic character is already at max stacks of Anxious, it will no longer trigger Agoraphobic effects.
  • Vampire Lords are now Melee Combatants that can equip Swords.
  • At Combat Magic Lvl. 4, Mages may learn Polymorph - a combat spell that can temporarily turn a hostile into a weak animal.

Bug Fixes

  • [FIXED] Overthrow Scheme still uses removed flaws when determining new faction ideologies.
  • [FIXED] Vampire planning fullness recovery repeatedly even if vampire cannot reach anyone.
  • [FIXED] Hunt beast party follows cursor.
  • [FIXED] You have the option to Afflict Necromancers with Plague. It says it afflicts them with Plague, but the Plague actually fails unless you have bought the upgrade to infect Undead.
  • [FIXED] Demon icon switches to vagrant on scheme dialog window.
  • [FIXED] Vampire gets stuck in Bat form if you remove a flaw while it is in Bat form.
  • [FIXED] Demon sometimes gets stuck while snatching.
  • [FIXED] In some specific circumstances, a character that reaches zero health may still be considered alive.
  • [FIXED] Killing villagers with a Combat Skill does not create Intel.
  • [FIXED] Trapped villager can still report demonic structure.
  • [FIXED] No snatch target option for Ratmen.
  • [FIXED] Snatch party sometimes may not carry its snatch target.
  • [FIXED] Snatch object party gets stuck if object is destroyed.
  • [FIXED] Necromancer not becoming faction leader even though he is the only member left in the faction.
  • [FIXED] Optimist increasing happiness instead of halving happiness reduction rate if the Villager is patrolling.
  • [FIXED] Zero member demon cult faction is still at the villager tab.
  • [FIXED] Hunt quest: Endless dropped quest loop.
  • [FIXED] Insufficient charges tooltip stays on screen.
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