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War Mongrels update for 27 January 2022

Changelist 42052

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Reminder: we’ve added a new public branch named ‘previous_game_version’ for War Mongrels, which allows you to play the last game version, pre-patched. If you want to continue the game from a saved game state, please switch over to that branch, finish your current chapter, switch back to the ‘default’ branch and continue the journey with the latest fixes.
How: select the game from your Steam game library (not store page).
Click with the right mouse button on War Mongrels and select ‘properties’.
In the settings, move to the right side or down – depending on your Steam version: Properties -> Beta -> Select Beta version, choose the desired version.
It will update the game (rollback to the previous version) of the game.

Changelist 42052:

  • [Optimization] Improved CPU performance of highlights and targeting. Players should no longer experience FPS drops during those actions.

  • [Tweak] Greta's 'Charm' ability now has a cooldown. Additionally, her other abilities are blocked while 'Charm' is being used.

  • [Tweak] Scrolling the in-game chat no longer causes the camera to zoom in or out when the chat reaches its end.

  • [Tweak] The conditions of challenge 'Complete the mission remaining undetected' have been clarified. In order to complete this challenge you must not be noticed by the enemy. Alarms can be invoked.

  • [Tweak] Enemies will no longer run across the entire level when alarmed.

  • [Tweak] Tweaks to shooting from a crouched position.

  • [Tweak] Enemies are much better shooters when they lie on the ground. Be warned :)

  • [Tweak] Lukas's trap no longer works on allies.

  • [Tweak] Lukas's trap works on dogs.

  • [Tweak] Improvements to dog combat behavior.

  • [Tweak] Lukas and Lead can no longer disarm mines.

  • [Tweak] Improvements to patrolling logic, specifically when the enemies must return to their patrol route.

  • [Tweak] Gasoline environmental kill now causes some noise.

  • [Tweak] Melee combat in combat mode was nerfed. And versus dogs it will always miss, unless the dog is busy biting someone.

  • [Tweak] Greta's 'Gas' ability can now be used on NPCs too.

  • [Tweak] Several tweaks to civilian zones and disguises - shooting your way out under those conditions will no longer be so easy.

  • [Tweak] Using a manhole now counts as a suspicious activity.

  • [Tweak] Further improvements in AI pathing, specifically in relation to decoys and noises.

  • [Tweak] Death animation no longer plays after an automatic load.

  • [Tweak] Bullets are now destroyed before the game is saved. It was possible to save with the bullet flying at the hero and killing him instantly after the load, making such save unusable and the autoload after death feature pointless.

  • [Bugfix] It is no longer possible to change stances while disarming mines. This caused mines to become stuck in the armed state.

  • [Bugfix] In rare situations combat started automatically when one of the enemies climbed a ladder. This behavior has been corrected.

  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with enemies improperly reacting upon finding a dead body.

  • [Bugfix] Characters sometimes shoot through obstacles when prone, due to how we calculated point of origin for shooting. This has been corrected.

  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with achievements not being unlocked retroactively in some cases.

  • [Bugfix] Ewald's 'Brawl' ability is no longer usable through walls.

  • [Bugfix] Multiple collision fixes - shooting through obstacles, seeing through geometry, and similar.

  • [Bugfix] Dogs will now properly react to their master's death, even if some other AI will react to that death event first.

  • [Bugfix] Civilian NPCs no longer use combat VO.

  • [Bugfix] Fixed handling of character animations on clients.

  • [Bugfix] Fixed a few bugs related to enemy line of sight rules.

  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts for executing planned actions in planning mode.

  • [Bugfix] Autosaves triggered by quest progress will no longer happen when you disable Autosaves in the options.

  • [Bugfix] Key icons will now consistently stay the same on a specific key, regardless of save or load actions.

  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with the enemy remaining dead after loading a saved game state, even though at the time of save he was alive. Happened for enemies who died of a mine explosion.

  • [Bugfix] Loading the game with characters hidden inside a manhole or door will no longer cause getting detected by enemies.

  • [Bugfix] Vision markers are now properly cleared after loading a saved game state.

  • [Bugfix] Loading the game when in state of combat will no longer allow enemies to ignore heroes.

  • [Bugfix] Crane environmental kill now properly resets when loading a saved game state and allows the client to use it again.

  • [Bugfix] Barrel environmental kill now works properly after loading a saved game state.

  • [Bugfix] Minedetector is no longer being left in the hand after loading a saved game state. It respects the position it was in when the save occured.

  • [Bugfix] Ammo crates now properly restore their state when loading the game. You can now pick them up again after load.

  • [Bugfix] Animation of using a medkit will no longer become stuck when loading a game.

  • [Bugfix] Player playing as a client couldn't pick up a body, if prior to loading a game he hid it. This has been corrected.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter II - Quest markers will now be properly positioned on the screen.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter II - Quest 'Man the MG42' will no longer activate twice after leaving the spot and loading the game.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter III - Fixed synchronization of enemy patrol routes after throwing a decoy.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter III - Non-interactive elements will no longer be highlighted.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter IV - Collision improvements, no more shooting through things you shouldn't be able to.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter IV - Restricted area zone position was adjusted to better fit the gameplay. The visual hints are now perfectly matched with the zone.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter IV - Greta will not 'Charm' dead soldiers anymore.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter V - Watchtower guard will no longer occasionally become stuck in the wall.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter V - Greta now properly stands in her position while talking to the doctor.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter V - Guard waits properly for Greta, before escorting her back to her cell.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VI - Papers will no longer magically reappear after being picked up when loading a saved game state.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VI - Skipping the cut-scene in a specific moment will no longer break truck logic and path, which effectively corrects it's position to the designed one.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VI - Eavesdropping will not count if you are being observed.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VII - Armory gate animation will now play properly under all circumstances.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VII - Wooden Logs environmental kill has a better position, so it's more effective.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VII - Prisoners will not talk to Manfred wearing a uniform when he is in combat mode.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VII - Fixed blocking issues with keys and loading a game. You should no longer have any problems with those keys.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter VIII - Blockade near the bridge has been moved.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter IX - Quest 'Arrive at the manor with Greta escorted by Manfred' now either fails or succeeds when the papers are being checked, not earlier.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter IX - Papers check cutscene does not play if the guards are already dead.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter X - Fixed visibility issues around the Russian base.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter X - Dogs are now properly a part of their squads.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter X - Berling Soldiers are now on their correct team.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter X - Character portrait will now properly follow the truck after the hero enters the truck, showing the correct position.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter X - After the driver and passenger exit the car, the truck will stop.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XI - Fixed an issue with enemies being unable to return to their previous positions after being distracted by a decoy.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XI - Manhole leading to the hospital is now disabled after the third sewer cut-scene. Hiding in it caused a block.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XI - The quest marker for 'Carry Bandit' is now properly attached and positioned for clients.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XI - You can no longer break the cut-scene by going in front of the armored car before it plays ;)

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XI - One of the climbing walls was behaving inconsistently. This has been corrected.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XI - Outro now properly shows subtitles.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XII - Fixed an issue where enemies could get stuck on one of the ladders.

  • [Bugfix] Chapter XII - Fixed an issue which could cause Lead's levitating body to be visible during the Joachim cutscene.

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