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Fault: Elder Orb update for 26 January 2022

Fault - Patch Notes: 0.15.0

Share · View all patches · Build 8091976 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community


NEW: Feng Mao

Feng Mao is our first “Duelist” class hero in Fault and is meant to be a very high melee damage dealer that scales well into the late game. With good tools for both maneuverability and limited survivability, Feng Mao can quickly get into or out of the fray while being able to take care of both himself and his allies.‍

‍Base Stats:
  • Health: 550 (+90)
  • Health Regen: 1.58 (+0.143)
  • Mana: 315 (+43)
  • Mana Regen: 1.64 (+0.14)
  • Attack Speed: +1.5
  • Attack Speed Scaling: 78%
  • Physical Armour: 31 (+3.3)
  • Energy Armour: 32 (+1.3)
  • Movement Speed: 575
  • Basic Attack Damage: 60 (+3.3)
  • Basic Attack Cooldown: 1.1

Guardian’s Skill (P)

  • Passive: Every fourth ability hit or basic attack against any enemy hero and large and epic monsters deals 10 (+60% physical power) bonus physical damage.

Reaping Dash (Q)

  • Active: Dash up to 1150 units away, dealing 55-215 (+85% physical power) to all enemies within melee range. Hero kills refresh the cooldown. 12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown.

Hamstring (E)

  • Active: Deal 60-220 (+75% physical power) to all enemies within 400 units and slow them by 20-40% for 2 seconds. 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 second cooldown.

Guardian’s Shield (RMB)

  • Active: Gain a 55-255 (+100% physical power) shield for up to 2.25 seconds, exploding for physical damage equal to any remaining shields to all targets within 650 units. 14/13/12/11/10 second cooldown.

Imperial Sentance (R)

  • Active: Feng Mao leaps into the air and slams the ground in front of him, executing targets that are below 250-450 (based on level 6-18) (+120% physical power) health in the area while dealing 50% of the amount as physical damage to non-hero enemies and enemy heroes whose health is not under the execution threshold. Gain 5/10/15 physical power for each enemy hero that is executed. Executing an enemy hero allows the ability to be recast within 20 seconds at no cost. 120/100/80 second cooldown.

New Chat Windows
  • Global chat, party chat, and private messaging windows have been added to the main menu.



  • Fixed multiple emotes that were not working.


Champion's Courage (E)

  • Fixed an issue with the ability cast area not changing after aiming the ability.


Seismic Pull (Q)

  • Fixed an issue causing Seismic Pull to deal damage to enemy turrets.


Assassin's Execution(E)

  • Fixed an issue with the damage not being mitigated if the enemy was wearing a spellshield.


Berserker's Spirit (E)

  • Fixed issue causing skill to not give proper bonus attack damage.


  • Fixed some issues with jungle minions getting stuck on walls when walking back to their spawn locations.


Health Bar
  • Fixed an issue with enemy health bars being visible at the start of the game.



The nature of ranged heroes gives them a significant advantage during the laning phase. Certain effects can amplify this benefit, so ensuring these effects are tailored to the advantages being a ranged hero brings is important. Ace and Rogue were particularly strong on ranged heroes and are now modified if used on a ranged hero.

  • Healing Bounty - Minion last hits now grant 50% less healing when on ranged heroes.

  • Rogue - the next basic attack that deals percent max health damage now deals 50% less damage when on ranged heroes.


Granting physical penetration through favor proved to be having a very strong effect, especially in the early game where the relative effect of a single point penetration is strong. In order to make purple favor and physical penetration more healthy overall and to accentuate the intent behind both red and purple favor, purple favor now grants physical power to cater towards more ability-focused physical damage dealers and red favor now grants attack speed to cater towards more basic attack focused damage dealers.

  • Each point of purple favor no longer grants 1 physical penetration and now grants 1.5 physical power.
  • Each point of red favor no longer grants 1.5 physical power and now instead grants 2.1 attack speed.
  • Cooldown reduction per point of white favor increased from 1.5 → 2.


We wanted to continue our efforts in making certain abilities, mainly movement speed abilities, feel more fluid and responsive. Gideon, Khaimera and Twinblast were changed in light of this and should result in a higher level of control and authority when playing these heroes.


Torn Space (E)

  • Cast time reduced from 0.5 → 0.4 seconds.


We are shifting the focus of Kallari’s influence from a more global one to a more local one. With stealth and high mobility, her potential to make an influence is already high, so limiting her ultimate ability to a more local area will require better positioning, planning, and execution when playing Kallari.
Assassin’s Execution (R)

  • Range reduced from 10,000/14,000/18,000 → 3,200 at all levels.
  • Cast time reduced from 1.35 → 0.65 seconds.

Keeping Kallari’s double jumps as low as possible while still being able to jump onto ledges will help keep her mobility focused on it’s intended purpose.

Assassin’s Tactics (P)

  • Second double jump reduced by 13%.


Ambush (RMB)

  • Leap duration reduced from 0.6 → 0.5 seconds.


Rocket Dash (E)

  • Dash duration reduced from 0.4 → 0.3 seconds.


_Mana Focus, Mana Shard, Magus Siphon, Sword of Souls

Stacking items are by design meant to start as a less efficient item that builds in value until completed, with the lower value one gets initially being rewarded by a higher value finished item later. This trade-off was not as prominent and meaningful as we wanted and also lead into encouraging group take-downs, and so hero assists will no longer grant stacks for these items. _

  • Hero assists no longer grant stacks.

Apocalyptic Epitome

We wanted to focus Apocalytpic Epitome on what it is meant to do, and we felt that the health it was granting was not helping it fulfil its purpose amongst our items. As such, we’ve swapped the health with cooldown reduction and made sure the overall efficiency remained the same.

  • No longer grants 200 health.
  • Now grants 10 cooldown reduction.
  • Energy power increased from 75 → 85.
  • Now builds out of an Arcane Spirit and Power Cell.

Arcane Surge
  • Cooldown reduction increased from 10 → 15.
  • Energy power scaling for empowered basic attack increased from 40 → 50%.

  • Cooldown increased from 30 → 60 seconds.

Demonic Embrace
  • Passive - Bonus lifesteal increased from 20 → 35%. Bonus physical power increased from 20 → 35.

Goblin Glue
  • Health increased from 200 → 250.
  • Physical armour increased from 30 → 35.
  • Energy armour increased from 30 → 35.
  • Active - Radius increased from 500 → 650 units and slow increased from 20 → 25%.

  • Cooldown increased from 30 → 60 seconds.

  • Percent physical armour dealt as energy damage to attackers increased from 12 → 18%.*

Unyielding Mantle
  • Bonus health scaling for Overdrive shield increased from 20 → 40%.



Regenerating health after returning to base was proving too slow for high health builds and was too punishing. Regardless of total max health, it should now take the same amount of time to regenerate both health and mana.

  • Fountain health and mana regeneration has changed from 150 health and mana per second to 10% max health and mana per second.

Red Buff

  • Slow on enemy heroes from basic attacks changed to 10-25% (hero level 1-11) and is now halved when on ranged heroes.

— Strange Matter Team

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