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依盖之书 book of yog update for 26 January 2022

Announcement of the final closed beta on January 26

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

1.26 Service Update

Dear commanders, thank you all for your experience of "Book of Yog" during this time, and your comments and suggestions. Since the last update, we have continued to fix some issues that affected the game experience based on your feedback, and optimized the game experience.
On January 26th, Beijing time, around 18:30, we will stop the server and delete the files of this test, ending the third test. After this test is over, we will open the final closed test. The final closed test is expected to start at 19:30 on January 26, Beijing time. If there is a delay, please pay attention to the announcement in the Discord channel.
After the final closed beta is opened, please update the game! Thank you for your understanding, you can join the official Discord group to receive the updated welfare code.
Code contents: Skin of [The jungle Eye], Diamonds X 2000, Ability book X 200

Introduction to the content of this update (machine translation, the exact content will be introduced in detail on discord later):

New system: [Echo Ancient Wood], [Black Stone Synthesis]
Added new hero: Demon Sealing Claw
Model optimization: Hero: Pure Slime model and portrait replacement
[Echo ancient wood]:
The hero who goes to Echo Gumu will have the same level as Gumu, and the Gumu level is determined by the 4 black guards with the highest level
Commander level is equal to Gumu level. When 4 heroes in the team reach 400, Echo Gumu will gather the strength of the whole team to break the level cap
【Black Stone Synthesis】:
After the instructors have the blackstone badge, they can synthesize three blackstones of the same level and type into the next level of blackstone in Nori's workshop.

Hero Skill Adjustment

Deep Garden Rose
Normal Attack:
Inflicts [18.8% ATK] freezing damage to 4 enemy units, and restores own HP by 50% of the damage
Lifebloom: Randomly restore 3 hero units with the least HP [53% Spell Power] HP, and increase the target's attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds
Blessing Seal:
[The blessing carries a trace of Mana's power, which makes the mark more stable. A mark can only be destroyed if the damage exceeds 15% of the upper limit of life. When there are heroes in the team whose health is lower than the upper limit of 50%, consume 1 mark to restore the target 40 % of the maximum life, each hero can only be healed once within 5 seconds.
Enhanced Mark:
[Each mark will increase its own attack power by 10%, the normal attack critical strike rate by 2.5%, and drop a star (CD: 2 seconds) when the normal attack is critically hit, causing it to suffer [30.0% attack power] Freezing damage, and at the same time The damage received is increased by 35% for 6 seconds]
Imprint Regeneration:
Enrino consumes 50 Rage points to restore a mark every 6 seconds (every 4 points of Mental Mastery decrease by 1 second). Each time the mark is destroyed, restore 75 points of rage.

Unknown Wraith
astral body
Gain 50% skill dodge effect, and restore [1173 health + 350% spell power] health each time skill dodge is triggered
Evasion Enhancement Gain 15% basic attack evasion, and restore [151 HP + 200% Spell Power] HP each time you dodge

Uncharted Fairy
Normal Attack:
Deal [53% ATK] fire damage to 4 enemy units
Fairy's Gift:
Summons 2 goblins to fight for Barbara, the attack deals {0} spell power fire damage, has 40% of the body's HP and 100% spell power. (The upper limit for summoning goblins is 2)
Energy cycle:
150% of the damage dealt by basic attacks is converted into healing, which is evenly distributed to the surviving teammates on the field
dodge :
[15% chance to evade normal attacks, the little witch greatly stimulates the ability to sense danger in the dying state, and obtains a 30% evasion effect in the dying (low blood) state]
After the basic attack hits the target, add a curse effect to the target, and increase the damage of the basic attack by the mysterious fairy by 50%
Healing Specialization: Bless the friendly hero unit with the highest HP limit on the field, granting it 25% damage reduction, and healing its HP for 280% of its attack power every 8 seconds.

Demon Sealing Claws
Arc Shattered Shadows:
Dash to the farthest target and deal [160% of physical strength] physical damage to enemies on the path.
Ban lifted:
Temporarily removes the seal on the right hand, and transforms itself for 5 seconds. In the transformed state, the attack speed is +100%, and the basic attack damage is increased by 100%, and the attack distance is increased by 2 meters.
Casting the front:
Demon Sealing Claws have an additional 300 initial rage points.
Demon Bodyguard
When receiving fatal damage, restore 20% HP, gain invincibility for 1 second, and enter the transformation state for 5 seconds. 1 battle per battle
Phantom invisible
Gain 40% skill evasion and 20% basic attack evasion BUFF when transformed
Curse Boundary
In the transformation state, each time the basic attack hits a unit, the duration of the transformation state is increased by 0.2 seconds, up to 5 seconds.

Plot text optimization

Added hero backstory:
【White Dragon】, 【Twin Shield】, 【Jungle Hunter】, 【Pure Slime】, 【Witch of Pleasure】, 【Arson Fairy】, 【Deep Court Rose】
Added hero favorability stories:
[Rose of the Deep Garden], [Eye of the Jungle], [Arsonite], [Ranger of the Forest], [Reaper of Souls], [Frozen Heart], [Pure Slime]
Added background stories for various locations on the world map
Adjust the appearance timing of the opening OP, and add the shortcut skip function
Optimize and adjust the main plot text and animation performance

Function optimization:

Checkout interface optimization
Talent level is not affected by favorability level
Main quest adjustment
Commander Mission Adjustment
Increase the batch decomposition of purple equipment
Increase the sale of [Drilling Chisel] props on the black market
Phantom Tower Reward Adjustment
Reduced the cost of skill certificates for early skill specializations
The default on-hook upper limit time has been increased to 12 hours
Login to add offline reward quick claim panel
Added black guard uniform system: players can send activation codes through the forum to experience the swimsuit skin of [Jungle Shooter]
Increase the display of the arena settlement interface
Some systems add graphic guidance
Skill-specific attribute values down
The newly acquired skills are automatically equipped and added after the upgrade
New Encounter Event Reward Increase and Period Decrease
Orange + Awakening conditions and 2 purple + dog food are modified to consume 1 body purple + and 1 dog food purple +
Small secret realm increases favorability props drop
Daily Ruins Challenges increased from 1 to 3
Glory Store and Endless Store exchange items have been greatly adjusted
Close the Land of Winter and the Labyrinth of Trials gameplay, waiting for the gameplay to be refactored
The reward per star in a single level has been reduced from 10 diamonds to 5 diamonds, and the Magic Sun Tower will drop a lot of skill certificates
The number of gates of the old days has been adjusted, and the rewards have increased for skill certificates, soul crystals, and Lura drops.


Fix the problem that the equipment TIPS does not disappear
Fixed the problem that the blackstone refresh button was not accurate
Fixed the problem of doubling the skill specialization attribute
Fix the bug of black stone combination effect
Fixed the problem that summoning has a chance to get stuck
Fixed the problem that the client did not respond due to an error reported by the server
Corrected the description of the broken army
Fixed the issue that the collection point CD was displayed incorrectly
Fixed endless corridor bug
Fix the situation where the description of the skill book does not correspond
Fixed: The boss of the Gate of Old Days was facing the wrong way
Fixed: Action power is not deducted after collection
Fixed: AI control logic is occasionally not turned on when the normal level fails
Fixed: Some ranged monsters in Endless Corridor would not turn

  1. In the event level [Night Detective Outside the Wall], a corpse has not disappeared.
  2. There is no BOSS in this level, and the health bar should not be displayed.
    Fixed: One-click dressing protagonist should not show exclamation mark when not equipped
    Fixed: Re-entry skills are not cleared after death in Endless Corridor
    Fixed: Misty Mountains still red screen after returning to the main city
    Fixed: The health bar above the BOSS disappears but the one on the head is still there
    Fixed: Quickly enter the [Renovation] interface through the title quest, and the tips prompt is wrong
    title task
    Correction: 30 times of equipment quests have been transformed, and no progress has been increased after the transformation
    Fixed: Failed to guide adaptive level problem
    Fixed: Go to the main city from the battle interface, then go to the main city to click the quest button, enter the weekly interface, return twice in a row, the battle interface blue screen
    Fixed: One-click awakening network connection error
    Fixed: Blue screen after ESC exits the game and re-enters
    Fixed: The progress bar disappears after finishing a BOSS battle in a regular level
    Fixed: Quickly enter the [Renovation] interface through the title quest, and the tips prompt is wrong
    Fixed: Entering the weekly interface, returning twice in a row, the battle interface blue screen
    Fixed: If you click too fast, the automatic click will be delayed, and if you click quickly to level 16, an error will be reported
    Fixed: wrong display of store discounts
    Fixed: Endless Corridor has just entered a new level, it needs to move before attacking
    Fixed: Endless Corridor - does not chop barrels
    Fixed: Action power over 100 will return to 100 the next day (change configuration table)
    Fixed: Ten in a row does not display the acquired hero
    Fixed: After the commander special training ended, even if all the rewards were claimed, an email without any attachments was still sent to remind you to claim the unclaimed rewards
    Fixed: Activated Blackstone suit attributes were not displayed on the character info screen.
    Fixed: There is still a red dot on the left after the reward is fully collected
    Fixed: The treasure value obtained by hanging up will not be refreshed when you click on the panel, and will only be refreshed after you go to the big map and select a location to explore
    Main quest is gone
    Fixed: Difficulty reaches the fourth level, there is still a prompt to switch back to normal
    Fixed: Different resolutions made it difficult or even impossible to put blackstone into equipment
    Fixed: Endless Corridor open carousel can move without pausing
    Fixed: After the endless corridor fails, exit the game and enter the endless corridor again to fight the blue screen
    Fixed: After clicking the Misty Mountains portal, open the Misty Mountains level selection interface, then launch the home search scene, and return to the main city interface
    Fixed: Hard & Kuroshio level list shows unmatched level difficulty
    The battle scene disappears, and only the enemy's health bar occasionally flickers in the center of the screen (the reason for the trigger is unknown, it remains the same after switching to other battle modes)
    Correction: The logic of collecting rewards from collecting points and receiving blackstone from treasure chests has not been added when the backpack is full.
    Fixed: Treasure battles can be upgraded
    Fixed: After entering the leaderboard and returning to the arena, the currency information disappeared.
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