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Erannorth Chronicles update for 24 January 2022

Random Character Generator, Auto Equip, Deck Optimizer and Other Improvements

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hi folks,

This patch adds a lot of requested QoL improvements both in the game and its modding framework / inkscript integration. As well as several new settings to better customize these new options and make the most out of them.

You can see the main highlights in this video

And of course read every detail in the patch notes below.

If you come across any issues at all, let me know so I can fix them. Have fun!

26/01 # 1.032.2


  • Fixed some typos in some perks and in the enemy database
  • Cards with a "Draw" Discard Effect will properly won't count themselves towards the 10 cards limit imposed on the "Draw" effect.

Random Character Generator

  • There is a new button in Character creation that will roll for you a totally random and ready to play character or to customize further.
  • After rolling the character the Character Creator view will change automatically to Skills, to see the result of the choices.
  • The personal details won't get generated automatically, and you'll have to set those manually.

Game Mode Filters

You can declutter the menu of the Game Modes and hide those that don't interest you.

  • "Sandbox", Displays only Sandbox modes.
  • "Gauntlet", Displays only Gauntlet modes.
  • "Beginner", Displays modes with 3 Skull difficulty or less.
  • "Advanced", Displays modes with 4 Skull difficulty or higher.
  • To see all the available modes make sure that all 4 are checked.

Quick Start Improvements

  • Quick Start button's font is now more prominent & should be harder to miss.
  • (new option) Quick Start can be set as the default starting view in Character Creation
  • Quickstart is (now) by default the first screen after character creation, there is a new toggle to turn this option on / off.

Auto-Equipping Gear

  • (new option) Equip my Gear automatically:
  • You can find this option in the Personal Details tab of character creation. By default is on.
  • If selected all valid gear will be automatically equipped
  • The algorithm gives priority to 2H weapons, then 1H weapon or Dual Wield combinations.
  • Added an "Auto Equip" button in the Equipment screen, which will auto equip an item for every slot looking first for the highest Expertise requirement and then the lowest AP cost.

Optimize Deck

  • (new option) Optimize my Deck count automatically
  • You can find this option in the Personal Details tab of character creation. By default is on.
  • If selected, the deck count is automatically trimmed down as close as possible to the deck minimum
  • The algorithm will sort cards by AP cost, and first remove any cards you can't use due to lacking expertise
  • Then remove any cards that have limited uses
  • Finally will start trimming down the deck by copies count (removing first the 3rd copy, then the 2nd, then if needed remove entirely a copy etc.)
  • Added an "Optimize" deck button in the Deckbuilder, which will reduce its card count automatically close to the deck minimum.

Interact with your Allies and play cards outside encounters

  • Replaced the "Explore" button in the Overworld map with a "Look Around" button.
  • The new button lets you "zoom into" an empty battlefield that matches the current environment and view your avatar, allies, cards in hands etc.
  • The EoT button or M will return you back to the overworld.
  • While in this view you can play any card, including "World Map" cards that exist only in your hand.
  • You can access all the options "Explore" button had through the "Outdoor Activities" button above the "Return to the Map" button every 4 hours.

Misc Changes & Additions

  • "Benefactor Shield" will now scale up with the Enemy level.
  • "Philtre of Power" recipe changed to "Philtre of Dreamwalking + 2x Vampire Ash"
  • Alchemy card "Projection" now has Imbue:Fire.
  • "Magic Threads III", perk now give +1 proficiency in Fire, Water, Earth & Air & +1 bonus in Intense damage.
  • "Firebreath" now requires an Enemy as its Target to avoid hurting accidentally the player.
  • "Magnus Opus" cards have now a custom cost, as their default T-1 cost was way too low.
  • Gauntlet Stages after the first, will always start at a Town node.
  • Tweaked the algorithm that generates the stages in Sandbox to create slightly more reward nodes.
  • Tweaked the algorithm that generates random Encounters to be more faithful in their environmental restrictions.
  • Using "Look Around" while in a sea voyage will consistently show the ship stage.
  • "Outdoor Activities" like Hunting, Foraging, Gather Wood etc. are not available if you are in a sea voyage (in North or South Coast).
  • Added a few extra perks to all Acolytes.
  • Added a Backpack button directly on the Player's map token to access your Backpack without first going to the Camp menu.
  • Minor UI changes for better consistency.
  • In the deckbuilder the default Sort method is now by AP, then by Expertise Req, then by Cardname.
  • 'Adventure'cards in loot interfaces will only offer the option to add them to your collection.
  • You can use 'Adventure' cards directly from your Collection (as long as you meet their requirements).
  • Improved the rewards gained by completing Adventure cards.
  • Cards with the keyword "World Map" must be used while your avatar is in the World Map (That is outside of combat encounters, areas etc.)
  • Adventure Cards, Lanterns & Treasure cards are all "World Map" cards in Sandbox. And "Out of Combat" in Gauntlets.
  • Tebitha's Inert Staff will no longer drop after killing Marwen, but has instead a 66.6% chance to drop as part of the Challenge completion rewards.
  • Replaced the "Explore" button ( inside stages with "Camping & Outdoor Activities" (Outdoor
  • file is deprecated. All its options/functionality is available through Outdoor

Modding/Event System/Ink Integration Improvements

  • Difficulty:x & DifficultyLess:x can check if the difficulty is >= x or < x respectively.
  • @IF: Difficulty:3, can check if the game mode difficulty is more or equal to 3 skulls.
  • @IF: DifficultyLess:3, can check if the game mode difficulty is less than 3 skulls.
  • The following variables no longer require "Update:x" to sync.
  • PCFarthings, PCRations, PCKarma, PCOrder, PCHP, PCAP, PCHWR, PCStrength, PCAgility, PCResilience, PCIntellect, PCWillpower, PCCharisma, PCLocation, PCName, PCGender, PCClass, PCSpecies, PCSpecialization, PCClassification, PCOrganization, PCBackground, PCEquippedWeapon, PCEquippedOffhand, PCEquippedArmor, PCEquippedAccessory, PCEquippedRing, PCEquippedAmulet, PCEquippedCloak, PCInteractingWithMap, CalDay, CalDayName, CalMonth, CalMonthName, CalYear, CalDaytime, CalDaytimeS
  • All you have to do to use them is declare them in your ink file: ie. VAR PCFarthings = 0
  • (Older) scripts that call "Update" for these variables, will still work without any issues.
  • Composite variables (for tracking states,influences,card counts etc. must still call the Update:X, reward to update in the previous scene.
  • Old >ER> replacement variables for printing out player data will still work but are deprecated. ie. you can just declare: VAR PCName = "", and then use it in your script right away: {PCName}.
  • (new) autosync variables:
  • VAR PCEnvironment = "", will automatically update to the current Environment value.
  • VAR PCDifficulty = 0, will automatically update to the current difficulty ie 4 (Skulls).
  • VAR PCExploring = "", will automatically update to the area name the PC is currently Exploring (if any).
  • VAR PCStatus = "", will automatically update to PC tiredness level (Rested, Tired, etc.)
  • ExecuteFunc:Store can now also create custom merchants by specifying their inventory
  • Syntax ExecuteFunc:Store:MerchantInventory>>[Card1]>>[Card2]>>...etc.
  • They'll display randomly 4 items of the listed items which can also be duplicates.
  • ie. ExecuteFunc:Store:MerchantInventory>>Coal>>Iron Ore>>Coal>>Iron Ore>>Copper Ore>>Stone>>Stone>>Silver Ore>>Copper Ore>>Copper Ore>>Coal
  • New Nodes:
  • Miners' Camp, Miners Camps can be found while exploring mountain areas. Player can interact with the local traders and restock their supplies. Syntax: MinerCamp, connected with Miners'
  • Monoliths, Monoliths are quite rare, and can be found while exploring mountain areas. Touching a Monolith will grant great boons or curses. Syntax: Monolith, connected with
  • New Action Effect: MultiplyStatus[status]:x, multiplies any existing status counters by x (regardless resistances). ie. MultiplyStatusVulnerable:2, doubles any Vulnerable counters (already) on the enemy (regardless resistances).
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