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M.A.S.S. Builder update for 15 January 2022

Patch 0.8.0 Release! Patch Notes Inside! (And hotfixes patch notes)

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hotfix 0.8.x

  • Fixed a bug that causes Vanguard parts to drop instead of Axial Core parts.
  • Fixed a bug that causes some status on some architect nodes to be counted as durability.
  • Fixed a bug that says you're in Chapter 2 when instead you're in Chapter 3.
  • Fixed some typo.
  • Fixed Accelerated Walkers not providing flat Acceleration.
  • Fixed not being able to lock onto some enemies.
  • Fixed some images not showing properly.
  • Fixed new warheads not dropping and showed as "none."
  • Darkened Icy Investigations ground texture by a little bit.
  • Tuned Icy Investigations ground texture. It should not flicker or flicker less now, we're still monitoring it.
  • Increased the item drops highlight by a little bit.
  • Fixed a bug that causes you to jut upwards while trying to boost forward or go forward when you try to boost back.
  • Added "can equip +1 Launchers" to a lower tier node so players can equip 4 launchers and have more fun with launcher customization and photography.
  • Fixed lightings and shaders on new missions, it won't brighten / darken overboard now
  • Fixed decals scaling in photograph mode
  • Fixed not displaying shielded effects when taking hits
  • Changed some drops area to help with the falling into water problem
  • Optimized the game some more

Known and pending fixes

  • The recurring stop shooting bug should be gone now, but also on monitoring
  • Texture flickering in the game, we tried fixing it but we're monitoring
  • Your units shown still after the cutscenes, should have been gone now

Once again, happy new year everyone! We're starting the year with the 0.8.0 update! Here are all the patch notes for the major update!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Upon entering the game, it might show you empty profile. PRESS THE PROFILE BUTTON AND SELECT YOUR OLD PROFILE.
IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: While a translation is there, some changes we've made to the game after the translations are done aren't translated properly yet and there'll be some english mix into the menu/nodes even when selected as other languages.

Improvements and Additions

  • Added new armor set "Axial Core" and its variants
    The new armor set Axial Core is finally here! As mentioned before, Axial Core is a "frame fitting" armor set, The armor set comes in blocky, curvy, and edgy (not that kind of edgy mind you) variants, and they're mostly flat layers that aims to be a base for accessories enthusiast and also pieces of armor that could represent those who wanted tight or skinny M.A.S.S. Units.

  • Added 35 new accessories
    We've added a lot of new accessories, as promised that we'll be adding more and more of them from now on. Accessories added into the game in 0.8.0 will represent those that haven't been made by us, but were recreated using a lot of other accessories mishmash together by our players in 0.7.x These are things like organic parts, muscles, capes, and much more. We're also adding more primitive shapes as requested by some players (triangles where?) and we hope these 35 new accessories will serve well for their creativities.

  • Added 2 new Bullet Launchers
    SALVO: A 24 shot rapid fire that can shift between a fan spread in front of the M.A.S.S. unit or a full focus aimed fire in the aiming mode.

CLUSTER: 2 Pods that break down into 20 more missiles each (totaling 40 missiles) that rains down around the M.A.S.S unit.

  • Added 3 new Energy Launchers and reworked 1
    ECHO: Rework of the old Snipe EL, ECHO has large amount of ammo stock and will automatically fire alongside your attacks.

BEAM: A single drone that fires concentrated, powerful stream of energy while locking the player in place.

SLASH: Mid-ranged, low ammo, quick action launcher that instantly attacks at an arc in front of the M.A.S.S. unit on command.

PHOTON: An extremely fast wide-area laser shower that damages anything in its range, can only be used when its ammo is full.

  • Added new methods to customize Bullet Launchers placement on the M.A.S.S. Unit
    Players will now be able to customize bullet launchers in the ARMOR menu. While the positions where they can be placed a fixed (Shoulders, Chest, Backpack, Hip, and Lower Legs), they can be scaled, rotated, and moved around just like accessories would be. Players can also select how they are shown on the M.A.S.S. unit through their settings.

  • Added 2 new Campaign missions
    Chapter 3 of the game has started and we're going deeper on the quest to discover where the Cyclops are hiding at. The new campaign missions will feature new types of Quarks and new methods to progress through the missions, and show you more of how the story unfolds.

  • Added 1 new Hunt mission
    Added a new Hunt mission that will be a bit different than the old Hunt missions. You'll have some surprises checking it out.

  • Added Projectile Barriers to some Quarks.
    A "projectile barrier" was added into some Quarks or Quarks Bosses (I repeat, not all of them). These barriers will prevent ranged attacks from hitting Quarks, forcing ranged players to either aim or get into a closer range to perform their attacks and not just hold boost back/sideward alongside left clicking. Projectile barriers act as a flat barrier so you can always get into close range, inside the barrier itself, and fire your shooters/launchers. You can learn more about them in this post:

  • Added more files into the archives
    New lore bits have been added into the Archives. If you wish to learn what happened to Shelter 13 or updated information about Quarks, check them out. Some information will be unlocked only after later Campaign missions are completed.

  • Added profiles system
    Profiles system has been added into the game. These basically work as a save data for players and will contain all progression and M.A.S.S. units separately. These will allow players to replay the game and relive the story, and more save slots for M.A.S.S. units.

  • Added PMC renaming system
    Players can now rename their PMC at the cost of 100,000 credits.

  • Added missions' record and statistics
    A feature to help you learn how you fare in M.A.S.S. Builder, or maybe use them to show off and compare progress with your friends, the mission records. These are data collected from the start of the game, separated by difficulties. It shows the times you've completed them, the fastest completion, times played, times failed, times restarted or abort, and in challenges, the waves you've completed as well.

  • Added new weapon copy system
    The game now allows you to copy a weapon from one slot and paste it into another slot, allowing quick small changes between weapons without the hurdle of having to recreate, paint, or accessorize them.

  • Redesigned NPC M.A.S.S. Units
    NPC M.A.S.S. units have been in their stale, old model for a long time now. We just had the chance to rework them with accessories and you can now see them in their new glorious units.

  • Improved a lot of combat and movement mechanics
    The threshold for player's movement when moving between differing heights has been extended. Players will now be able to continue their movement or attacks when there is a small difference in height and not switch to jumping attacks.

In addition to that, some close combat attacks will now pull enemies into better range of attacks. Improved AI algorithm when determining which attack to use

  • Improved lockable areas on Bosses
    Players will now be able to lock-on to more points on a boss' body. This is to make bullet launchers have more points to lock onto and more missiles will be able to home into the boss.

Balance Changes

  • Game difficulty and players' status values rebalancing
    We have rebalanced all status values from all tuning nodes. Players will now progress through the game at a smoother rate without having to replay a mission to obtain credits to progress. The gap between each tier of units are now lessened. The difficulty of enemies are more streamlined (especially in Campaign mission 6) making normal enemies easier to kill, elite enemies are the same, and bosses will be slightly tankier with more mechanics that reward players who put in more effort and focus instead of just number scaling. You can learn more about them in this post:

Aside from the post, tier 1 and 2 nodes' cost are also lessened by around 20% to help players obtain a full build faster than before. Stage hazards now deal lower percentage health damage in easy and normal difficulty. Shield Regenerations are now increased over the board as well.

  • M.A.S.S. Units can now get staggered
    With how much difficulty adjustments are coming to the update and in preparation for PvP, we deem it necessary to also add in a stagger effect to M.A.S.S. units. Enemy units will be much easier to stagger than player's stagger though so don't you worry. If you're not standing in the middle of a throng of enemies, you won't even feel the change.

  • Reworked lock-on system into a soft-lock system
    We're introducing a soft-lock system. This means that the lock-on will not track their target at 100% speed, but they'll constantly follow along the targets instead. The higher the speed of the target, the more difficult you'll it is for you to hit your target which is more noticeable in auto weapons. Read more on the system and why we changed it here:

  • Weight effects have been removed from the game
    Weight is now a true flavor stats. It has no effect on any of the status of a M.A.S.S. unit anymore, be it weapon or armor weight,

  • Reworked most of the tech nodes
    We've reworked a lot of tech nodes alongside the rebalancing of players' status values and game difficulty. These reworked ones should provide more variants to build with, be it ranged focused, quantum break, property damages, and more. We'll keep an eye out for balancing in the hotfix week and we'll tune them accordingly. For detailed changes, read it below under Bug Fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that causes some tier 2 nodes to require tier 5 materials
  • Fixed a bug that causes enemies to be counted as enemies sometimes even when they're dead
  • Fixed a bug that causes allies to be counter as enemies for targeting purposes
  • Fixed a bug that causes players to randomly be unable to fire their shooters, we'll continue to track this problem since it's recurring
  • Fixed a bug that causes shoulders to rotate forward when firing
  • Fixed a bug that causes some parts' elements to take on colors or glows from nearby elements
  • Fixed a bug that causes some floorings to prevent players from moving on top of them
  • Fixed a bug that causes knee/lower legs movement to be weird
  • Fixed minor bugs that causes some icons to not show up on some accessories, armors, etc.
  • And a lot of other minor bugs...

Node Changes
Almost all nodes in game have been changed with the newly arrived cooldown system, allowing us to make a lot more variety of nodes, and bringing power to lower-level nodes themselves. A lot of these might seem to come as a nerf seeing how the total amount of increment used to be almost 100% or sometimes going over when fully focused on things like total attack, but they are now scaled back with all the changes coming to Engines, Gears, OS, and all those parts of the tuning.

A lot of nodes have also been changed to compensate for the loss of their randomness and chance. We first added chance to allow a node to be stronger than they can be, but it has been brought to our attention that players would prefer a weaker node if it’s chance of activation is 100% and have fought for it in our feedback hubs. On that note though, there are also people who prefer the chance and luck gameplay style thus we added some power back to luck or make a separate “chance” node of the same kind for them. This should provide both sides some power to play around with.

We expect players to feel a slowly inclined progression instead of a steep staircase like before with all these changes, allowing older missions to still feel challenging even at the best gears available to players, as well as having players who did not grind the chance to succeed in a mission even with underleveled tuning.

  • Weight is removed for tuning; consequences fall upon all nodes that uses weight as a factor.
  • With the new distribution of status and enemy scaling, a ton of nodes has their percentages reduced.
  • Introduced a lot of new nodes with no tier levels
  • Introduction of nodes that have different percentages between Close Combat and Ranged attack buffs.
  • Ranged weapons damage has been adjusted to compensate for all the loss of damage with nodes changes.
  • Some nodes now have cooldowns to their effects
  • Most nodes that used to activate from Close Combat can now activate from Ranged as well.
  • Most nodes that used to activate with a chance are now mostly guaranteed to activate, such as Nanorobotics. Their effects are nerfed, their downsides are higher now, or they now have a cooldown.
  • We’re showing Tier 6 and 7 changes here as well, but they’re still locked.
  • Numbers might be a bit different that what’s displayed in game due to last minute changes. We are sorry about that.

For engine, gear, OS, module, and architecture nodes:

  • ALL engine, gear, OS, module, and architecture nodes have been rebalanced. Lower tiers have a very much higher floor, and the ceiling has been lowered to about two times as strong as the lowest tiers. While that ceiling drop may sound like a drastic change, in comparison, there is a miniscule amount of change.
  • Main units now have a very high representation of the status. Subunits have a lower stat increment for tuning.
  • Due to the removal of weight on armor, all acceleration and fuel burn rate nodes now have a lower merit for using them while all armor nodes, effected as they are, have been changed to adapt to new armor calculations. We used to calculate the status in each node with a “standard” weight but with its removal, every player will have higher acceleration, lower armor, and lower fuel burn rate. These changes will now reflect the “standard” weight we used through these nodes.

The full list of tech node changes is found below, numbers might not match from what is available in-game, and the in-game one is the correct one.


  • [Tier 1] Durable Fiber is now two tiers of Under 33% Durability, gains 20~24% defense
  • [Tier 4] Durable Fiber II is changed to Living Metal: You cannot have more than 33% Durability but you gain Durability per 2.5 seconds when your Durability go lower than that.
  • [Tier 5] Doomsday Cargo is changed to Crisis-Powered Fiber: When under 33% Durability, gains 20% total attack
  • [Tier 5] Shieldsformer System II is changed into Outer Layer Shields: You have +100% Defense buff, 50% to remove the buff for 15 seconds when you take damage.
  • [Tier 6] Shieldsformer System III is changed to Insta-Shieldsformer: When you take damage, gains 5% shields with a 5 second cooldown
  • [Tier 7] Shockwave Padding is changed to the old Shieldsformer System II.
  • Defense-based
  • [Tier 2] Reactive Armor is changed to 35% chance activation and 14~17% Defense Buff for 4 seconds.
  • [Tier 3] Reactive Armor II is changed into LC Reactive Armor: When you take damage, gains 100% Defense for .5 seconds. Can only trigger once every 3 seconds.
  • [Tier 5] Reactive Armor III is changed into Dueling Armor: When surrounded by 2 or less enemies, gain +12% Attack and Defense Buff.
  • [Tier 6] Fortress Configurations II is replaced with Reactive Armor II.
  • [Tier 6] Shields Enhancer II is changed into Fortress Shielding: When surrounded by 4 or more enemies, gain 40% Shields Regen Buff.
  • [Tier 7] Fortress Configurations III is now the same as what Fortress Configurations II used to be.
  • [Tier 7] Shields Enhancer III is now the same as what Shields Enhancer II used to be.


  • [Tier 1] Tempo Preserver is changed as the following: On hitting enemy using Close Combat Weapons, gain 7% Close Combat Attack and 12% Defense for 2.5 seconds. Also gain 5% Ranged Attack for 5 seconds.
  • [Tier 2] Composite Nanorobotics is changed as the following: -100% shields recovery in mission. Gains 1% durability back when hitting an enemy with close combat.
  • [Tier 3] Pressurized Gears is changed into Uninterrupted Support: On hitting enemy using Close Combat Weapons, gain 35% Ranged Damage for 3 seconds. You don’t have ammo for shooters.
  • [Tier 4] Void Destabilizer is changed to on killing enemies, gain 10% Close Combat attack buff and 5% Ranged attack buff for 15~20 seconds. 10% chance for effect to activate when hitting a boss.
  • [Tier 4] Arms S. Battery I is changed into Support Energy Relay: On hitting enemy using Bullet or Energy Launcher, gains 12% Close Combat Attack Buff for 3 seconds, 5% Ranged Attack Buff for 2 seconds.
  • [Tier 5] Arms S. Battery II is changed into Quickarms Mastery: On end combo attacks, gain 25% Ranged attack buff for 5 seconds. On killing enemies with Ranged Weapons or Launchers, gain 25% Close Combat attack buff for 5 seconds. On hitting Boss level Quarks with Ranged Weapons or Launchers, gain 10% Close Combat Attack Buff for 2.5 seconds.
  • [Tier 5] Powered Nanorobotics is changed as the following: Shields -50%. Gain 5% Durability on hitting an enemy with Close Combat Weapon. Can trigger once every 5 seconds.
  • [Tier 6] Pressurized Gears II is changed into Reverberation Shielding: On using bullet launchers, gain 15% increased defense for 2 seconds.
  • [Tier 6 and 7] Heated Engines has their values changed to the followings: Acceleration +20~30. When hitting enemy with Close Combat Weapon, gains 10% Speed Buff for 2.5 seconds. When hitting enemy with Ranged Weapons, gains 5% Speed Buff for 2.5 seconds. This effect has 5 seconds cooldown.


  • [Tier 2] Pinpoint Reticle I is changed into Overheated Shooters: Gain 25% Ranged Attack Buff for 4 seconds with a 12 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 3] Pinpoint Reticle II is changed into Dispersing Attachments: On hitting enemy with Bullet or Energy Shooter, deal extra 100% Piercing or Plasma damage according to your weapon. This can trigger once every 3 second.
  • [Tier 4 and 5] The two types of Binary Monarch and Full Metal Jacket are merged with each other once again. They now also refill ammo stock instead of current ammo.
  • [Tier 5] Full Metal Jacket is moved down into the same Tier 4 at the same area of Binary Monarch.
  • [Tier 5] Full Metal Jacket A. Type is changed into Seismic Propulsion: On using Bullet Launcher, release a set of explosives in close proximity, dealing 300% Physical based damage. This effect can trigger every 7 seconds.
  • [Tier 5] Full Metal Jacket I. Type is changed into Frontal Unloader: On using Bullet Launcher, release a set of explosives in the direction you’re looking at, dealing 500% Piercing based damage. This effect can trigger every 10 seconds.
  • [Tier 6] Pinpoint Reticle III is now AI Assisted Aim: You have 35% increased ranged attack. On hitting enemies with shooters, remove the effect for 5 seconds.
  • [Tier 6] Jet Stabilizers is changed into Space Management Systems: Mag.Load and EN.Cap increased by 15%.
  • [Tier 7] Jet Stabilizers II is changed into Dual Mechanisms: Mag.Reload and En.Recharge increased by 15%.


  • [Tier 2] Frame Boosting System S. Type is changed into Frame Boosting System: Fuel Burn Rate +30%, Gains 150% Defense Buff for 1 second on starting Boost with a 3 second cooldown
  • [Tier 3] Efficient Thrusters II now reduces Fuel Burn Rate by 15%
  • [Tier 5] Frame Boosting System D. Type is changed into Phantom Gear: When ending Boost, you gain 150% Close Combat Attack Buff for 3.5 seconds and 50% Ranged Attack buff for 2.2 seconds with a 15 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 6] Accelerated Walkers II is changed into Plated Walkers: Gains 10% Defense Buff while you are running or boosting.
  • [Tier 5 and 7] Additional Thrusters have their values adjusted to the following: Fuel Burn Rate +15% Acceleration +75~90
  • [Tier 7] Hybrid Ignition System is changed into Fuel Injectors: On start boosting, refill 100% fuel every second for 3 seconds 20s cooldown


  • [Tier 5] Perpetual Generator II is changed into Imperfect Dynamo: Durability -80% Shields Recovery in mission +100%
  • [Tier 4 and 6] Perpetual Generator has their values adjusted to the following: Gain 2~3% Shields every 2 seconds.
  • [Tier 7] Fuel Recycler is changed to On-Standby Generators: While having 50% and under Durability, gains 25% increased Shields Regeneration
  • [Tier 4] Bullet Recollector I is changed into Bullet Recollector Type C.: Refill 20% of Bullet and Energy Shooter’s ammo when defeating an enemy. On hitting Bosses using Bullet or Energy Shooter, 30% chance to refill 20% of Bullet and Energy Shooter’s ammo.
  • [Tier 5] Bullet Recollector II is changed into Bullet Recollector Type S.: Refill 2% of Bullet and Energy Shooter’s ammo stock when defeating an enemy. On hitting Bosses using Bullet or Energy Shooter, 30% chance to refill 2% of Bullet and Energy Shooter’s ammo stock.

Property Damage-based

  • [Tier 3] Power Transference Unit I have its values adjusted to the following: Heat, Freeze, and Shock Damage +300
  • [Tier 4] Power Transference Unit II is changed into Fluid Cycling Bits: On hitting enemy using Bullet or Energy Shooter, fire another 3 bullet each dealing an extra 50% Heat, Freeze, and Shock damage. This can trigger once every 5 second.
  • [Tier 5] Power Transference Unit III is changed into Tinkerer’s Blade: Total Attack -35%. On hitting enemy using Close Combat Attack, there is a 25% chance to deal 65% extra Heat, Freeze, or Shock damage.
  • [Tier 4] Cryo Coated Metals has its values adjusted to the following: When taking damage, you release a freezing pulse for 200% Physical/Freeze based damage. The effect has a 6 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 5 to 7] Trinity Core has its values adjusted to the following: Duration is 2/2/6. Values goes to 10~11 and 20~25.

Close Combat-based

  • [Tier 2] Gathering Storm I has its values adjusted to the following: On combo start, you deal extra 40% Shock Damage, on dual attack, you deal extra 90% Shock Damage, on combo end, you deal extra 150% Shock Damage. Each one has its own 2 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 4] Gathering Storm II is changed into Fueled Strikes: 50% chance to -5% Fuel per hit. Gain 7% Close Combat Attack Buff and 5% Chance to apply BURN and WEAK status effect for Close Combat Weapons.
  • [Tier 2] Wildfire Starter I has its values adjusted to the following: On hitting enemy using Close Combat Weapons, you deal an extra 400% Physical/Heat based attack. This effect has a 5 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 4] Wildfire Starter II is changed to the following: Pressurized Gears: On combo end, you deal an extra 250% Physical based attack in a wide area. Gain 10% Close Combat Attack Buff for 5 seconds.
  • [Tier 5] Type 3 Arms S. Battery is changed into Ammunition Recycler: On killing enemy with Close Combat Weapon, gains 10% Bullet and Energy Launcher ammo. 15% chance for effect to activate when hitting a boss. This effect has a 5 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 6 and 7] Type 3 Arms S. Battery is changed into Tremor Impactor: When performing Dual Attacks, gain a 15% Defense Buff for 3 seconds. This effect has a 12~10 second cooldown
  • [Tier 4] Gravitation Defier I is now changed into Kinetic Canceller: On combo start, you gain 150% increased defense for 0.75 second. 3 seconds cooldown.
  • [Tier 6] Gravitation Defier III is now changed into Continuous Inertia: On combo start, you gain 5% speed buff for 2 second, on dual attack, you gain 10% speed buff for 2 second, on combo end, you gain 13% speed buff for 2 second. Each one has its own 2 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 5 and 7] Gravitation Defier II and IV have their values adjusted to the following: Take 10~8% more damage, gain 7% Close Combat Damage Buff, 4% Ranged Damage Buff, and 40~50 Acceleration.
  • [Tier 6 and 7] Magnetized Weights have their values adjusted to the following: Acceleration -90~80, Power +8~10%, and Armor +10~12%


  • [Tier 5] Saintess Bulwark had its values adjusted to the following: 35% Close Combat Attack Buff for 4 seconds, 12% Ranged Attack Buff for 5 seconds.
  • [Tier 4 and 6] Protective Coating II and Flagbearer II are changed into Repulsor Attachment: On initializing guard, release 300~375% Physical damage. 6~5 seconds cooldown.
  • [Tier 2 and 5] Meteor Shielder had their values adjusted to the following: On lowering guard, gains 10% Speed for 3~4 seconds. +30~40 Acceleration.
  • [Tier 4] Meteor Shielder II is changed into Captured Entropy: Property damage - 30%, Armor +5% Phys Atk. +15% Pie/Pla +5%
  • [Tier 3, 6, and 7] Aegis Reinforcements have their values adjusted to the following: Total Atk. -10~6% Defense +10~12%

Quantum Break-Based

  • [Tier 4] Energy Collector I is changed into Enhancing Subunit: In any Quantum Break Mode, gains 12% Attack, Defense, and 10% Speed Buff.
  • [Tier 5] Energy Collector II is changed into Empowered Collector: When hitting Quarks, gain 4% Quantum Break Charge immediately. Has a 2 second cooldown.
  • [Tier 4] Particle Accelerator I is changed into Accelerating Subunit: In any Quantum Break Mode, gains 17% Speed Buff. Release 200% Phys/Heat wave every 4 second.
  • [Tier 5] Particle Accelerator II is changed into Break Acceleration: On mission begin and on Quantum Break ends, gain 35% Quantum Break charges immediately. Quantum Break capacity reduced by 60%.
  • [Tier 4] Amplification Module I is changed into Destructive Subunit: In any Quantum Break Mode, gains 15% Attack Buff. Maximum Potential is reached 33% faster.
  • [Tier 5] Amplification Module II is changed into Enigmatic Amplifier: While not in Quantum Break, you have -20% Total Attack. While in any Quantum Break Mode, you have +25% Total Attack. There is 1% chance on close combat attack to instantly gain 100% Quantum Break charges.
  • [Tier 4] Q. Augmented Thrusters is changed into Defensive Subunit: In any Quantum Break Mode, gains 15% Defense and 20% Shields Regen Buff. Quantum Break Duration +5%.
  • [Tier 5] Q. Augmented Shields is changed to Kinetic Cage: When you take damage, gains 2% Quantum Break Charge.
  • [Tier 5 and 7] Essence Redistributor is changed to Particle Gatherer: Gains QB Charge by 2% every 2~1.5 seconds.
  • [Tier 5 and 7] Momentum Spiker have their values adjusted to the following: When Quantum Break ends, gain 35% Close Combat Attack buff and 15% Ranged Attack buff for 6~8 seconds.
  • [Tier 4 and 6] Momentum Spiker is changed to Quantum Spender: You have 12~14% increased Physical atk. When attacking, 20% chance to spend 5~4% Quantum Break charges.
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