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Beacon update for 15 January 2022

Beacon 3.03

Share · View all patches · Build 8024716 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Patch 3.03 is released including dozens of balance tweaks and fixes! Some of the notable changes this patch are increases in difficulty, balance tweaks to many enemies and bosses, and new backtrack boosters added to many arenas to allow players to backtrack in levels 1 and 2. Another small patch will be released in the coming weeks with some highly requested changes!

Read the full patch notes below and let us know if you have any more issues or suggestions!

Patch 3.03


  • Difficulty: Player Damage Taken - Increased damage taken by the player on Easy by 5%, Default by 10%, Hard by 15%, and Extreme by 20%
  • Difficulty: Explosive Self-Damage - Increased Explosive Self Damage taken on Extreme by 25%
  • Difficulty: Stormcells - Increased chance of Stormcells on all difficulty types
  • Player - Freja will now hold her arm up to aim on a target while moving even if not firing
  • Stormcell: Spore Rain - Reduced the amount of spore fruit drops during the Stormcell
  • Swampspore and Succulent Tree Fruit - Reduced chance for Fruit health drops to spawn
  • Shop - Removed Grenades from shop to prevent them being picked up before being bought
  • Small Crates - Increased the chance of small crate spawns in bonus loot zones by 20%
  • Crate: Crystal Prism - Removed rotation from crystal prism to prevent player getting stuck while looting items
  • Level 1 and 2 End Arenas - Added backtrack boosters to many arenas to allow backtracking after the arena has ended
  • Trap: Shipping Drop - Removed instant kill on player, added telegraph hologram in landing zone
  • Mementos: Patch Boxes - Increased the chance for Patch Box mementos to spawn on upper spires
  • Weapon Ship Drone - Removed from the game while bug that breaks input when not played through Steam exists
  • Enemy Spawns - Increased the amount of Medium and Large enemies spawned in levels 5 and 6
  • Enemy: Prism Fortification Drone - Increased heal rate and added new healing trail effect that siphons onto enemies being healed
  • Enemy: Prism Trench Droid - Increased movement speed, added knockback explosion to Sonic Teleport take off and landing
  • Enemies: Prism Pyro Droids - Pyro Droids MK1 through MK3 are no longer Flammable
  • Enemy: Prism Pyro Droid MK1 - Increased move speed, decreased cooldown on Flamethrower, Flamethrower can now be used while moving
  • Enemy: Prism Pyro Droid MK3 - Increased Flame Cannon fire rate, decreased cooldown of Flame Cannon, changed from 4 shots to 2-4 random shots. Increased movement speed. Increased Flame Dash distance and speed, reduced dash cooldown, and removed 2 stage dash. Increased Flame Pod cooldown, decreased Flame Pod lifetime, and removed Pause while Flame Pods are summoned.
  • Enemy: Prism Tesla Droid MK1 - Decreased Tesla Dash cooldown, decreased time Shield is deactivated after Tesla Charge
  • Enemy: Prism Tesla Droid MK3 - Increased health, increased movement speed, increased Tesla Pulse bullet speed, decreased Teleport cooldown, decreased damage and frequency of Tesla Dome zaps
  • Enemy: Solus Firefly - Reduced charge cooldown, increased charge speed and homing, reduced successful latch blind duration
  • Enemy: Solus Prime - Reduced charge cooldown, increased charge move speed and homing, reduced charge impact stun duration, increased max health
  • Enemy: Uncharted Nematode - Reduced charge time from 12 seconds to 4 seconds, increased float speed slightly, reduced explosion damage by half
  • Act 1 Boss: Tritoraptor Matriarch - Increased movement speed, increased Melee damage, increased cooldown on abilities after Melee, changed Health for Stage 2 from 1200 to 1000
  • Act 1 Boss: Flauros Aphelion - Increased max health, increased move speed, increased speed and homing of Flauros Bloat projectiles, reduced chance for Health to drop off of Bloats, added chance when the Aphelion is damaged to release 3 explosive flame projectiles
  • Act 1 Boss: MK-X Spider Droids - Increased max health slightly, increased Excavation MK-X Spider laser sweep speed
  • Mutation: Leeching Tentacle - Increased Lifesteal from 10% to 20%, increased melee damage, and increased max lifesteal amount to 10 health
  • Mutation: Spore Mound and Spore Pustules - Removed self-damage from Rotspore clouds released by both mutations
  • Auxiliary: Deployable Turret - Re-added Rocket variant rarely, fixed turrets being able to be placed on moving platforms
  • Pickup: Flydrop Core - Changed from complete removal of Stamina Regen to reduce Stamina Regen Delay by 2 Seconds
  • Pickup: Bio-Extractor - Increased enemies killed to trigger the heal from 1 to 3, increased heal from 1-3 to 5
  • Pickup: Tritoraptor Egg - Decreased Heal to 40, added 120 Stamina regeneration
  • Pickup: Crab Legs - Decreased Heal to 80, reduced Stamina regeneration to 200
  • Passive: Nanomed Backup - Added effect and sound when heal activates
  • Pickup: Soured Veins - Reduced Stamina decrease from 300 to 150
  • Weapon: Magrail Projectiles - Adjusted Magrail Gibs released after impact to roll around slightly and stay closer to the enemy they impact
  • Weapon: Tesla Pulse Projectiles - Increased speed of Tesla Pulse projectiles on the Tesla Pistol and Tesla Pulse Rifle
  • Weapon: Mini Launcher and Splitshot (Variant) - Increased homing power, increased lower damage range slightly
  • Weapon: Impeder and Flubbernator (Variant) - Reduced reload regeneration speed, reduced Flubbernator Max Ammo
  • Weapon: Quill Gatling and Lance Keeper (Variant) - Renamed to Quill Mammoth, Increased fire rate
  • Weapon: Bone Bouncer and Far Flung (Variant) - Reduced ricochet limit on bones from 5 to 3


  • Level 5 Announcer VO - Added Announcer lines to Level 5 when the Power Core is activated and after the central elevator is activated
  • Ambient Audio - Added new Ambient audio loops to dozens of Prism, Solus, and Native levels


  • Fixed DNA being able to replace mutated/locked slots
  • Fixed Win on X Difficulty Achievements not being rewarded
  • Attempted to fix debuffs or screenfades rarely permanently applying to the player's screen if applied during a Pocket World transport. All debuffs are now removed on Pocket World teleport
  • Fixed Fortification Drone not properly healing nearby Prism allies
  • Fixed Level 5 combat music using the Level 1 song
  • Fixed a few Solus crates having their Use Trigger active after they were blown up
  • Fixed Level 4 Weather being removed after entering a pocket world often, causing the rest of the level to have no weather
  • Fixed grenade bug in Challenge games clamping the players grenades at the wrong value
  • Fixed Max Health not being recalculated when Champion Mods are applied to an enemy, causing health bars on minibosses to incorrectly update
  • Fixed new backplate for hints not adjusting to text width
  • Fixed key hints on certain objects not showing after the Backplate update
  • Fixed many crates and interactable objects not having a Use icon, sometimes causing the Scrap icon to show instead mistakenly
  • Fixed incorrect Notifier names on multiple items
  • Fixed multiple incorrect item descriptions and stat descriptions
  • Fixed Palier Cap passive item sometimes appearing in Codex as a memento when the item is picked up
  • Fixed Level 6 loot island not spawning Uncharted Loot Crate in the Prism variant
  • Fixed Mining Laser having no collision on the main laser crane
  • Fixed floating Onyx Orb lights in Level 6 not allowing the player to land on them
  • Attempted to fix Flamethrower particle effect not appearing for some players
  • Fixed Broken Prism Laser Redirector trap not having an explosive ring notifier
  • Fixed player preview on End Game screen not rendering transparency correctly
  • Fixed Onyx Emanator trap damaging the player with Explosive Armor pickup equipped
  • Fixed float height of some floating enemies causing the Laser Engine to miss
  • Fixed a few enemies having too low of an aim position, causing bullets to hit the floor in some cases
  • Fixed Swampspore Fruits not being breakable with certain weapons that aren't able to aim upwards (Bone Flinger, Laser Engine, etc...)
  • Fixed Old Aiming Reticule style line beginning too far above the player's head
  • Fixed incorrect Slide 5 caption on Native ending


  • Auxiliary: Deployable Turret - Decreased cooldown to 20 seconds, changed back to spawn 1 turret to fix turrets placing in the wrong position
  • ​Trap: Damaged Laser Prism - Fixed having an invisible sphere around it, fixed incorrect aim position, and updated explosion effect
  • Fixed Level 6 Onyx Platform Uncharted Crate not deploying
  • Fixed Level 3 Containment Landmark crate stuck spot on the middle right platform
  • Fixed Onyx Uplink unlock puzzle allowing the player to float way too high in the air
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