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Rogue Legacy 2 update for 13 January 2022

Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.8.1

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

We hope everyone had a joyous and restful holiday season! The last two weeks our team took a much-needed break, but now we’re back and ready to give it our all for the New Year. We are kicking things off with a patch to address a number of issues found with the Winter Gifts event. The worst offenders were fixed with a hotpatch shortly after the update launched, so these are mostly non-critical bugs.

  • The Cellar Door Games Team
  • The Set Primary Display graphics setting now requires a restart in order for it to apply changes. Our previous implementation could change the monitor during run-time, but was a hacked attempt at getting around an engine limitation, and unfortunately presented a host of different issues. To improve stability and compatibility, we are converting to a new approach that requires a game reset any time the display monitor is changed.
  • Heir name files are now located in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\LocalLow\Cellar Door Games\Rogue Legacy 2\CustomData\<platform version>\, and they are generated automatically the first time the game runs. This should address a Windows permission error that was causing corrupted text for some players. If the name files cannot be accessed for whatever reason, the game will fall back to using a built-in list of names. If you've customized your heir names in previous versions of the game, you will need to write them again in the new files.
  • The Pacifist weapon now triggers Sentries when attacking.
  • All projectiles can now go through Void Doors.
  • Immortal Kotetsu can now go through doors (but will still stop against Void Doors).
  • Handheld Ballista (Buff): Attack Exit control lockout reduced by ~20%.

99% of the bugs listed were brought up by the community, so we won’t bother tagging them as such.

  • Fixed Toggle Mouse Attack Flip not working whenever the character moved.
  • Fixed Slugs falling erratically when spawned in.
  • Slugs no longer spawn poison trails if they are in the air.
  • Fixed bug where a certain room in Axis Mundi had a bunch of props on top of one another that would mess collisions up.
  • Fixed bug where Burdens could be displayed as higher than their max level if the max level was reduced later on.
  • Fixed bug where entering Mundi with flight then touching water would result in your player teleporting back to a weird spot (and could soft-lock the game).
  • Using the Chef's healing Talent with Hero Complex now displays 0 HP being gained.
  • Fixed bug where the disclaimer text for adjusting the Dead Zone would appear in the wrong position when first entering the game settings.
  • Fixed bug where the Ivy Platform's Sporeburst would remain on Hephaestus' Hammer even after you got off the platform.
  • Fixed bug where jumping onto the Ivy Platform while spinning with Hephaestus' Hammer would not trigger Sporeburst.
  • Fixed Sporeburst not applying to Spoons while standing on an Ivy Canopy.
  • Fixed text alignment issue for certain sized strings when displaying Relic information in a Relic room.
  • Fixed bug where the Red Sand Hourglass was sometimes not triggering the bonus damage with Enkindled Gauntlets.
  • Fixed bug where Insight bonus damage was only applying to Scar Challenge bosses if you had them unlocked. These bonuses are now always active in Scar Challenges.
  • Fixed bug where Axe Knights were not dealing contact damage to the player while they performed their spin attacks.
  • Fixed bug where the dust effect when a skeleton boss jumped or landed did not appear in the correct place.
  • Fixed bug where Prismatic Spectrum was being attached to your player, resulting in the effect not damaging enemies if you dashed away from them.
  • Fixed bug where the Marble Statue Relic was displaying the wrong amount of magic damage it scaled off of.
  • Fixed bug where the Marble Statue Relic was not scaling properly when multiple of them were equipped.
  • Aite's Sword no longer breaks if you take damage at the Docks.
  • Fixed Aite's Sword Relic cost lowering after it shatters.
  • Fixed issue with Soul Tether triggering the Mage's Mana leech when it dealt damage.
  • Fixed bug where the Critical damage calculated for Soul Tether was not taking its stacks into account.
  • Soul Tether's effect now triggers even if the player's attack kills the enemy before tether could appear.
  • Fixed bug where Voltaic Circlet would not trigger if you hit an enemy and dealt no damage.
  • Fixed bug where Byaarith or Halpharr would only drop one cannonball if you interrupted their dance soon enough.
  • Teleporting out of an arena now disables all persistent abilities. This fixes bug where teleporting out of a Irad Prime sequence while the Flame Barrier was active would keep it running and draining your Mana with no way to disable it.
  • Fixed bug where the smoke cloud that came from the Pistol's empty chamber was applying Status Effects.
  • The Pizza Girl now has the Synesthesia effect applied when she jumps onto Charon’s boat if the trait is active.
  • Fixed bug where pausing the game while the player HUD was transparent would make the HUD fully opaque when you unpaused the game.
  • Transitioning between Irad Prime phases now makes the player invincible.
  • Combat Arenas now take the Burden of Evolution into account.
  • Dialogue with the Pizza Girl is now properly titled as Maria the Pizza Girl after speaking to her once.
  • Changed Rocketboxes so that rather than only disabling their platforms when hitting them with the Knockout ability, the platform is now disabled whenever they are knocked away by any ability.
  • Fixed bug where Vertigo was not flipping the player's Y direction when flying, making it too difficult to move with flight.
  • Fixed bug where casting Immortal Kotetsu into a wall while pressing against that wall would teleport the player slightly backwards.
  • Fixed bug where the Soul amount was not being displayed in the PlayerHUD when first entering the Docks.
  • Fixed issue where Tutorial text boxes were unreadable while Vertigo was active because they stayed upside down.
  • Fixed bug where the Enemy Lifesteal Burden could cause the logic to switch arenas during the Irad Prime battle to fail to trigger.
  • Fixed bug where the Fairy Trigger pole would sometimes not extend to the ground.
  • Fixed bug where the Mimic Chest boss would continue to spew coins even when frozen.
  • Second attempt at fixing enemy status bars from rotating.
  • Fixed bug where newly instantiated projectiles would always spawn with their collisions enabled, even when they were supposed to start disabled (like Pressure Plate Hazard projectiles).
  • Increased the item drop pools to reduce chances of jittering whenever a large number of resources fly out of an enemy or chest.
  • Fixed bug where the Attack Flip Check helper logic on player attacks only occurred every other attack.
  • Fixed bug where Flying Painting enemies would sometimes have their status effects visible while they were asleep.
  • Fixed bug where players could click through confirm menus before they fully appeared, resulting in the game unlocking your controls during sequences where they should remain locked (like riding Charon's boat).
  • Fixed bug where confirm menus were still registering mouse position (and consequently highlighting buttons) even when playing with a gamepad.
  • Fixed bug where the collider that determined whether to fade out the Player HUD was not taking into account the player’s extending HP bar.
  • Gaining max mana via Dreamcatcher now displays a text popup telling you that your max mana increased.
  • Fixed bug where an invisible barrier was being placed between Axis Mundi and the Kergulean Plateau.
  • Fixed bug where entering the game with an unsupported resolution could result in a black screen.
  • Fixed bug where the Quest tab of the Pause menu would become invisible in certain cases if you completed an insight.
  • Fixed bug where enemy Status Effect icons were appearing too high above most enemies.
  • Fixed bug where enemies with the Massive buff were not displaying their status bar at the correct size.
  • Fixed bug where you could not cancel Icarus Wings' flight if you had not unlocked double jump, or if you were too close to a ceiling.
  • Fixed bug where Sword Knights were not doing their chest bump animation if you touched them while they were idle.
  • Fixed bug where bouncy spikes would sometimes change direction mid-flight.
  • Fixed rare crash bug caused by a faulty Pishon Dry Lake biome build.
  • Fixed bug where the "+X Max HP" text popup was appearing on top of the Armor icon in the HUD, rather than to the right of it.
  • Fixed bug where the gold/Ore/Aether player HUD entries were not resizing correctly in some cases, causing the text to exceed the bounds of the background.
  • Fixed bug where using non-native resolutions in Exclusive Fullscreen mode on one monitor, then attempting to change monitors would sometimes result in the game remaining on the original monitor.
  • Fixed bug where changing primary monitors in Windowed mode would flip the window's width and height, causing it to become distorted.
  • Fixed bug where changing primary monitors in Windowed mode would sometimes cause the window to appear in incorrect places. It now centers the window on the monitor.
  • Added explanation Weight Classes and Encumbrance limits.
  • Axe Knight projectiles are now properly considered large and unbreakable.
  • Enkindled Gauntlets no longer apply double CD on hit.
  • Fixed bug where the game’s Config file was constantly setting the gamepad’s deadzone to 0.25.
  • Fixed bug where, if the player ever happens to exit the Kerguelen Plateau boss entrance while its cutscene is playing, the game would soft-lock.
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