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Samurai Shampoo update for 15 January 2022

Samurai Shampoo V1.2: The weapon update

Share · View all patches · Build 8016675 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hiya folks!

Update V1.2: The weapon update has been released.
Some of the major new features are:

  • New weapons!
  • A weapon selection screen when you start a new run;
  • Rebalanced existing weapons;
  • A new room: A weapon chest room, which only drops one or more weapons;
  • Rebalanced normal chest drops to drop more weapons;
  • An overhauled UI;
  • Rebalanced perks;
  • General polish & bug fixing.

The full patchnotes can be found below.
Here's a gif showing off 2 of the new weapons:

We've also updated the store- and library assets with new art, drawn by Gleb Poturaev . Check it out:

Thanks for everyone, inside the discord and out, for helping playtest this version and give feedback to the changes. We really appreciate it!

We're unsure what way we'll develop towards Samurai Shampoo next. Feel free to send us suggestions :)
The android mobile port of Samurai Shampoo is almost ready for release as well; so stay tuned for that as well!

As always, we welcome any feedback. The best way to give us feedback is to join our discord, but feel free to comment on this news post as well!

Now, for the changelogs:

  • UI/Hud/Main Menu

    • Updated the logo

    • Added a 'credits' button

    • Generally revamped the aesthetics

  • The weapon update:

    • Added new weapons:

      • Decay Sword:

        • Slows enemies on hit

        • Resets duration when enemies are hit a second time

        • Price: 250

        • Damage: 25

        • Attack delay: 0.525s

        • Knockback: 25

      • Echo blade:

        • On attack, creates a second version of the blade, copying all its stats (damage, status effects, stun chance, etc)

        • Practically, you spawn 2 blades instead of 1.

        • Price: 400

        • Damage: 20 (per blade)

        • Attack delay: 0.6s

        • Knockback: 0

      • Kyra's dagger

        • A small dagger with a quick attack speed, which provides a buff to movement & attack after 3 consecutive hits.

        • Price: 300

        • Damage: 10

        • Attack delay: 0.2s

        • Knockback: 10

      • Battle axe:

        • A powerful, big, but slow, axe that swipes 360 degrees around the player

        • Price: 450

        • Damage: 40

        • Attack delay: 1.35s

        • Knockback: 90

    • Added a weapon selection screen

      • You no longer start with the Katana. When starting a run, you can choose one of three randomly selected weapons
    • Reworked item descriptions to describe the mechanics of the items

      • For example, "Heals several hearts" is now written as "Heals for <X> amount of hearts"

      • Active items now also describe how they recharge

    • Dungeon generation:

      • We&#39;ve received feedback that players really like receiving weapons, but almost never get them. This usually leads to dissapointment when opening chests. In response to this, we&#39;ve tweaked the generation a bit.

      • Added a new treasure room: the Weapon Chest room.

        • Spawns a chest which has a 100% chance to spawn a weapon.

        • Can be identified by the red-tinted chest.

        • Guaranteed to spawn on the first floor.

      • Each floor will now have one additional guaranteed player-favored room.

        • Previously, each level always had one shop, and one chest room.

        • Now, each level has at least one shop, and one chest room, but can also have an additional shop, chest room, or weapon treasure room.

      • Chest room:

        • Tweaked the weighted drop chance of weapons from 0.2, to 0.25

        • Chests no longer exclusively drop hearts, but these instead have a chance to be dropped as bonus items.

          • This change also considerably increases the chances of weapon drops.
      • Shops:

        • Will now have a 4th item on sale on the third floor.
    • Item rebalances:

      • We wanted to make all swords viable, instead of having one sword be the best. We&#39;ve rebalanced the weapons to reflect this.

      • Katana:

        • Damage 20 -> 25

        • Attack delay: 0.4 -> 0.35

        • We wanted the katana to be a neutral, jack-of-all-traits sword, so we changed the stats to reflect this.

      • Broadsword

        • Knockback: 60 -> 50
      • Poison Katana

        • Poison stacking: No longer stacks damage, but stacks duration

        • We noticed poison was too powerful when used on bosses (Especially the bullet hell boss). To make it less powerful on bosses, the attack damage no longer stacks when you apply poison on one enemy, multiple times. However, the duration of the poison now stacks. This rework changes the strategy of the sword from "hit the boss 20 times and run" to a viable helper during normal battle.

      • Nothing Personell Kid (Dash sword)

        • Damage: 20 -> 25

        • Attack Delay: 0.6s -> 0.5s

        • The dash sword felt like it had too much risk, without having enough reward. By upping the damage, we up the reward.
          By decreasing the attack delay, we encourage the player to keep dash-chaining.

      • Kira&#39;s Dagger&#39;s buffs now last for 0.7s.

    • Status effects:

      • Slowdown color is now blue instead of grey.

      • Stun color is now yellow instead of grey.

  • Perks:

    • Stun perk now has a cooldown when used on bosses.

      • We noticed a combination of the stun perk + faster attacking perk, stunlocks bosses. We want to prevent this, so we added a cooldown.

      • Added a visual effect when you stun an enemy

    • The three planet perks

      • Removed the three individual planet perks.

      • Added a new perk which grants the player two planets at once, Venus and Mars.

      • We heard feedback that the individual planet perks were too underpoweded and showed up in the perk selection screen too much.

  • Chest drop perks

    • Removed the "More minimum drops from chests" and the "More maximum drops from chests" perks.

    • Added the "Treasure Hunter" perk which combines the two higher drop perks, giving the player 1 more minimum drop, and 2 more maximum drops per chest.

    • We received feedback that the more-drops-from-chests perks were too underpowered. We hope that the new combined perk provides a more viable perk, whilst also having a nice synergy with the newly added chest-drop rebalances from V1.2E1.

    • Removed the "More weapons from treasure chests"

      • This perk acted as a band-aid solution to the low weapon drops from chests. Due to the chest changes in V1.2E1 (overall more drop chance for weapons + 1 guaranteed weapon chest per level), this perk is now no longer needed nor viable.
    • Changed the "longer Invulerability frames when damaged" from 0.75 seconds, to 1 second.

      • The perk didn&#39;t provide the value we wanted. This perk will require some playtesting to get right; We don&#39;t want it to be too OP, nor too under powere
  • Mobs:

    • Added a spawn effect to all bosses

      • All bosses now have a small effect before they spawn in, warning users of the incoming boss.
    • Ogre boss

      • Dash force: 1000 -> 950

      • Final Phase attack cooldown: 1.4s -> 1.3s

    • Jumping Green Goblin

      • Changed stomp attack collision from a box based collision, to a circle based collision.
  • General polish:

    • Updated the tab menu&#39;s aesthetics

      • We have received feedback that the tab menu&#39;s original colors were very bright and cause eye strain, because the tab menu fills the entire screen.

      • In response, we&#39;ve changed the tab menu to be grey-ish colors and mostly transparant. This also helps if a player wants to move through rooms whilst opening the tab menu.

    • Updated the text of pop-up prompts

  • Fixes:

    • Fixed items staying on the ground throughout runs if they were switched out of a player&#39;s inventory at some point

    • Fixed some spelling mistakes in item/weapon/perk descriptions

    • The tab menu can no longer be triggered on the main menu

    • Pressing the escape key, now also closes the settings menu as well as the pause menu.

    • Corpses who&#39;s entities had either the slowdown or the stun effect, are no longer black.

    • Knockback can no longer push players/enemies into walls.

    • Kira&#39;s dagger&#39;s effects no longer last indefinetly.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Kind regards,
Joey and Luke.

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