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Wizards and Warlords update for 9 January 2022


Share · View all patches · Build 7992576 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

First update of the year! I will try to keep a weekly update cycle, as I think that is the best cadence, but I hope you will forgive if it slips now and then. I'll count this one as a success, even if I didn't get as many things into this update as I would have liked. There are a few bugs still left open and I didn't manage to get any new Editor functionality in. The Allied Race bug turned out to be pretty severe, so I had to rip out most of the old code and write a new version. I'm pretty happy with the new one, though, as it has much more flexibility and potential. But it ate a significant amount of time. Still, I am happy with this first update of the year (and the 1.0.3 version). Next week, I should be able to find some time for a recap of 2021. But as always bugs take priority.

Thank you to the many players who contribute feedback, ideas, bug reports, create mods and offer words of encouragement. I very much appreciate it, and I will do my best to put into these updates, as much as possible from that treasure trove of ideas and suggestions.


  • Hostile Armies now block Resource Site production
  • Sovereign Warlord: Now gains +1 Pop on City Settlement. This Pop will have the faction primary culture. The other Pop will have culture based on the existing rules (ie overseer, worker and province culture).
  • Sovereign Warlord: Sorting changed Culture selection list. It is now alphabetical 'core' cultures followed by alphabetical exotic cultures.
  • Nomad Raiders: Will now pillage resource sites directly on the route towards a raid target
  • Nomad Raiders: Will now sometimes only sack a resource site and not raze it
  • Economy Window: Added a Buy All button. It buys the maximum amount available or the maxium amount the faction can afford. The tool tip for the button gives information on which of these is relevant and the total cost.
  • Faction Window - Deities Page: Double-click to navigate to details
  • Faction Window - Deities Page: Extended details including info otherwise only shown in Encyclopedia
  • Grid Battles: Attack cooldown fractions carried over (e.g. .5 turn cooldown results in a turn of cooldown every other turn).
  • Grid Battles: Characters no longer have unlimited range with ranged/magic attacks. This makes range-modifying traits useful during battles.
  • Light Crossbow: Reload Delay 2 -> 1
  • Crossbow: Damage 4 -> 6, slight cost reduction
  • Heavy Crossbow: Damage 7 -> 8
  • Arbalest: Reload Delay 3 -> 2
  • World Generator: More cultures can now have allied races and a greater variety of these are possible. Some are monsters, some are from other cultures, some are from minority races of the same culture.
  • World Generator: Slightly increased the number of traits that randomly generated (template-based or not) cultures have
  • World Generator: Added some culture traits to the non-template culture generator which it could previously never roll (they were template only)
  • World Generator: Cultures of Centauroid races have a very high chance for allied units to be cavalry units (so they can keep up)
  • World Generator: Added a template-based version of the Stonemen culture generator
  • World Generator: Subterranean cultures now have a greater chance for Cavalry unit types - and will usually have at least one (before it was very common for them to have none). They do actively wage war on the surface, and it makes the trait less terrible.
  • Items: Can now have a 'singular' trait which means a character can have only one of these items (for example, no stacking Cornucopia trinkets for silly food bonuses from a single character).
  • Wizard AI: Slightly improved ability to determine viability of a battle.
  • Wizard AI: Improved logic to evaluate need/benefit of relieving a siege.
  • Wizard AI: Will now be less likely to send only a single weak army to handle priority threats. If no sufficiently powerful army is available, it will try to send multiple armies to handle the threat.
  • Fire-Infused Weapon: Can now affect any melee weapon. Previously only slashing weapons were valid.
  • City Growth: Pops will now have alignment based on a random other pop in the city (of the same culture). This also prevents fully converted cities from gaining default alignment pops on growth.
  • Gargantuan Apes: New powerful unit type, specializing in melee.
  • Trolls and Vampire Trolls: +2 HP
  • Random Races: Added more feature variety to completely randomly generated races.


  • World Generator: Culture generation which is 'forced' from traits and settings will now properly respect the 'no-templating' setting.
  • Hire Follower: Fixed missing culture-specific character dominating the hire pool (for factions with a main culture). Added a small chance for 'special' characters to appear (e.g. faeries, demons, celestials) for compatible factions.
  • Encyclopedia: Fixed terrain-specific special abilities missing from unit tool tips
  • Faction Window - Deities Page: Fixed a bug where the text would become blank and the navigation state corrupted
  • Faction Window - Deities Page: Fixed a scroll focus bug (for the grid)
  • Military Window: Equipment which were cultural variants were not displayed when inspecting a unit type.
  • Pillage: Will now exhaust the army when initiated
  • Character Traits: Demonic Corruption, Celestial Blessings, and similar 'cosmic alignment' traits were incorrectly blocked for almost all characters
  • Several text errors fixed (spelling, formatting, etc.)
  • Grid-Battles: Fixed a number of bugs related to Ranged weapon range calculations. An incorrect (and almost unlimited range) was sometimes used in various calculations.
  • Grid-Battles: Fixed the Advance to Missile Range order not working as expected
  • Grid-Battles: Fixed Attack cooldowns not working as intended. Such attacks either had no cooldown or could not be used at all.
  • Equipment: Weapons with Reload Delay had a off-by-one error when determining the resulting attack cooldown
  • Worker Training UI: Training time bonus "mentor" shown as "alignment clash"
  • Recruitment pool: The Refugee event granting a city no longer breaks an existing specialized recruitment pool for that culture.
  • Recruitment pool: Temporary recruits are now always added to a special pool if one exists. This also means that 'gather recruits' and diplomacy will add to this pool if you've used conversion actions to create it.
  • Divine Offering: Fixed resource allocation window shown behind Follower Window
  • Divine Offering: Fixed missing UI update after assignment
  • Organize Worship: Fixed missing UI update after assignment
  • Recruitment Cost / Upkeep Cost: Fixed several units that did not have a non-magical version of these, resulting in the magical version applying to Factions without Mana.
  • Fire Elementals: Fixed the non-functional cooldown on Fiery Globs
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