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Perfect Heist 2 update for 7 January 2022

Update 4: New classes and masks, class changes, map improvements and bugfixes!

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

This update adds two new classes: A new robber called "Crypto", which focuses on disabling cop gadgets and slowly accumulating money by using the banks PCs to mine crypto coins, which count towards the robbers saved money amount. Equipped with a pistol and a taser he isn't very strong in direct engagements, but his ability disables all cameras, sentries, elevator buttons and other cop gadgets in a large radius for eight seconds. His main target is to slowly install crypto miners to the banks PCs, without the cops noticing them since they can uninstall them before they finish mining their coin.

The other class is a new cop called "FED Agent", she can place holograms of herself to deter robbers from engaging in illegal activity in that area, but her main focus is on interacting with money bags dropped by the robbers. She automatically uncovers nearby money bags, and can pick them up and hide them somewhere else in the employee zone of the bank. Money bags she picks up also automatically get replaced with a paint bomb that looks like a money bag to the robbers, but instead of gaining money, they will be marked by a big color splash that will reveal their identity until they change clothes. She is equipped with a taser and a brand-new "Heavy Pistol", with very high damage, but only semi-automatic firing and a small magazine, so be aware of that!

There are also some changes to existing classes to help balance them a bit, and help weak and rarely played classes become a bit more fun and viable. Below are the winrates and playrates of all classes in the last two weeks:

One of the weakest classes in the last patch was the Sniper, while providing some distraction he wasn't very versatile, which is why he received a big buff in this update: He can now hold his reload key (default "R") to switch between four different types of ammunition, high caliber rounds against players which deal high damage, Shock ammo that temporarily stuns hit players and disables hit gadgets, explosive ammo that can destroy vault doors, and Tracer darts that reveal the location of the hit cop for 10 seconds.

The Distractor class also received some buffs, he now uses a modified pistol that uses incendiary ammo which has a 50% chance of spawning a small fire at the bullet impact location, this helps him ignite plants from further away and gives him more versatility. His decoy launcher now also has a much smaller audible range, and the decoys now also spawn a small fire when exploding, allowing him to use them to ignite plants with a delay.

There are also three new types of masks, two that reduce received fall and explosive damage respectively, and one that slowly damages the robber that equips it but in return, provides interest on money he holds on his back while he is in an employee zone, allowing him to multiply his stolen money if he can somehow manage to hide inside the bank while carrying the money.

Big Bank also received some much-needed changes, with a rework to the second-floor jewelry area, giving robbers more cover in that area, combined with a new wall-mounted ATM that allows them to quickly climb up into that area, it should make it easier for robbers to steal the jewelry or use the drill in that zone. The lower teller area was quite empty before, this has been changed with new lootable cash registers, players will also find a new kitchen, lots of new signs to help navigate the bank, and a new bulletproof camera in the big upper vault.

Along with those changes, this update comes with lots of bug fixes, you can take a look at them in the full changelog below. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know below!

Full changelog:

  • fixed holes in all maps that players could use to get below the map
  • potential fix for dedicated server kicking all players when player got votekicked
  • fixed multiple UI bugs after voting for a new map
  • improved casino roof stairway collision
  • potential fix for metal detectors beeping when player close, but not walking through it
  • fixed boxing in third person still showing the first person arms
  • added new robber class "Crypto" (emp, crypto mining software, pistol, taser)
  • reduced taser stun duration from 2.5s to 2s
  • taser can now overheat, small heat penalty when firing and bigger heat penalty when hitting a player/NPC
  • fixed placed ability count not updating when placed object got destroyed
  • added new cop class Fed Agent (fake money bag, money bag forfeiture, silenced pistol, taser)
  • motion detectors, sentries, ladders, riot barriers, teargas traps and fake money bags can now be picked up by the player that placed to remove their ability cooldown
  • increased Crypto EMP range from 5m to 10m and EMP duration from 5s to 8s
  • reduced Insider drill speed by 25%
  • increased silenced pistol reserve ammo from 24 to 36
  • greatly increased visual bullet speed (was very slow before, looked confusing especially on sniper rifles)
  • can now emp elevator buttons, making them unusable
  • replaced FED Agent primary with new Heavy Pistol
  • FED Agent now reveals nearby money bags
  • added 3 additional PCs to Casino map
  • decreased bomb buggy collision size so it can fit through smaller windows
  • improved sniper scope
  • Sniper can now choose between normal, tracer, armor-piercing and shock bullets
  • reduced smoke and decoy launcher audible range
  • decoys now spawn a small fire after exploding
  • reduced Distractors molotov cooldown from 20s to 10s
  • FED Agent passive now automatically places a paint bomb
  • new FED Agent ability allows her to place a hologram that looks like her
  • fixed sniper ammo menu getting stuck
  • increased sniper shock dart stun time from 1s to 1.5s
  • fixed sniper tracer dart not working
  • delayed doctor respawn notification by 3 seconds
  • selected robber mask now gets saved for each robber class
  • added new "reduced fall damage" and "money bag interest" masks
  • fixed FED Agent hologram not getting despawned after a round ended
  • fixed hornet drone showing the option to pickup money bags
  • fixed tech drone being able to pick up paint bomb bags
  • Firefighters ladder now takes 0.5s to be usable after placement (fixes robber/NPC hardcheck)
  • fixed robbers not seeing dropped money bag UI hint
  • fixed robbers being able to see money dropped by the FED Agent
  • fixed missing employee zone on New York map
  • fixed robber sometimes not spawning at the spawn location he chose
  • allow cops to pull off mask (if they somehow managed to get one on)
  • fixed being able to put on mask between rounds, but before switching teams to cops, resulting in wearing a mask as cop
  • reduced Crypto mining duration from 25s to 20s
  • increased Crypto EMP range from 10m to 15m
  • bandana mask no longer increased money pickup speed
  • bandana mask now reduces HP by 1 per second (automatically removes mask if HP get too low, and prevent user from equipping it again if it would result in death)
  • added new "-75% damage from explosions" mask type
  • Big Bank reworked second floor jewelry area
  • Big Bank reworked teller area
  • Big Bank added new upper vault cameras, new signs to make navigating easier, new kitchen area
  • Big Bank added new customer area wall ATM that allows robbers to climb up to the second floor
  • fixed multiple money bag UI issues
  • Distractors decoy now spawn a small fire after exploding
  • fixed getaway vans showing for the FED Agent when she carried money
  • fixed metal detectors beeping when rockets flew past them or when trying to place something inside of them
  • fixed Heavy Pistol skins not working correctly
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