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银河轨迹:星系制霸 update for 5 January 2022

《Across the Galaxy:Stellar Dominator》 version update announcement

Share · View all patches · Build 7975152 · Last edited 5 January 2022 – 17:09:15 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello,everyone! Wish you a happy new year and may happiness be with you forever!
In the past month, we continued to optimize the game experience, mainly focusing on game guidance, performance optimization and difficulty balance. Now the Spaceship AI in the game will take the task of guidance, and we have also designed a new image for it. Now it will often remind us about the spaceship and war situation in daily games. He is an annoying guy and very timid, hope you can get along well. We will continue to adjust its intelligence level in subsequent versions until it is changed from Artificial Idiot to Artificial Intelligence. In addition, after our internal discussion, we decided to cancel the initial weapon selection restrictions. In the original design, we were afraid that the random of all weapons would cause players to choose advanced weapons only, but we found that this decision also led to a great limitation on the choice of playing methods at the beginning . Although advanced weapons have their advantages, However, they all have more or less many shortcomings, so we intend to open the weapons selection in the initial stage. Now the initial weapons will be randomly selected among all the weapons you have unlocked. You can start the game with T3 weapons, but please be careful, although T3 weapons are powerful, the price of upgrading them will be much higher. Maybe this will even have an adverse impact on your initial strategy, so make a weigh and consider balance and choose the weapons you decide to use. We have also made great optimization for the performance problem that the game is slower and slower after longtime playing. Now the performance of the later game will be more smooth. Of course, when there are too many enemies on the same screen, there may still be frame loss. For this point, we are still continuing to optimize.

Comprehensive adjustment:

  1. Now the initial three weapons of each game will be randomly selected from all the weapons that you have unlocked. You may now use T3 weapons at the beginning
  2. Now switch to the desktop in battle, the game will automatically pause (to prevent direct death caused by Unexpected pop-up during the battle)
    3.The old novice guide in the upper left corner is cancelled. The old novice guide is not only unclear, but also mistaken for the mission system. Now, we show the number of remaining enemy bases in its original position, strengthening the ultimate goal of the game
    4.The spaceship AI will now take over the duty of guiding players. It will always remind you what to do or what not to do. Of course, you can choose to ignore its suggestions. After all, it is timid. If you want to check the old guide manual, you can also ask it to get it
    5.We found that the difficulty in the previous battle was too high, but the difficulty in the overall strategy of attack and defense of the camp was almost too flat. Therefore, we greatly improved the bonus effect of the base on all forces in the whole picture, and reduced the time interval for each camp to build bases. Now you can no longer allow the enemy to build new sub bases freely. As for whether to strengthen your own spacecraft or give priority to building your own new base, we believe you will also have new and different strategic choices
    6.In addition, we have reduced the bonus of the stronghold to the troops in the whole map, and now the inferior side has more opportunities to turn over
    7.We have greatly increased the reputation reward obtained by players after destroying the enemy boss

Performance Optimization:
Fixed a bug that caused the game to play slower and slower
The performance of the Scattering Cannon is optimized
The performance of some explosion effects is optimized
The performance of combustion effect is optimized
Upgraded game Resource Manager


  1. Reduced the resource requirements for all camps to build BOSS
  2. Now all kinds of enemy tracking missiles will explode after a period of time. If you move fast enough, you can try to get rid of them
  3. The movement speed of Bifang flame fighter is reduced
  4. The number of lasers per attack of pioneer laser fighters is reduced
  5. The number of units per wave of storm fighter in T2 and T3 stages is reduced
  6. Reduced the number of barrages of the Djinn Battleship
  7. Reduce the flying speed of enemy short laser
  8. Fixed the bug that the parts of the Asian Alliance sweeper fighter won't fire
  9. The number of enemy advanced flame missiles and electromagnetic missiles has been reduced
  10. Reduced the health of storm heavy fighter
  11. Reduce the number of T2 and T3 bullets of Saya organization’s Rebel Wingmen, Blade Scout, Pioneer laser fighter and Chongming fighter
  12. Reduced the number of Chongming fighter per wave of Saya organization
  13. The bullet firing interval of prism UAV is shortened
  14. Reduced the number of Great Land Fighter per wave
  15. Reduced the movement speed of the Aguni fighter
  16. The European and American alliance will now attack the stronghold only when it is more confident of winning
  17. Adjusted the overall attack and defense strategy of all camps
  18. The flying speed of the fireball launched by Golden Crow Heavy Fighter is reduced
  19. The range damage after the fireball explosion launched by Golden Crow Heavy Fighter is greatly reduced
  20. The damage of missiles launched by Golden Crow Heavy Fighter has been reduced
  21. Slightly reduced the firing frequency of enemy medium flame missiles
  22. The Durability of all parts of Golden Crow Heavy Fighter has been greatly reduced
  23. The number of Golden Crow Heavy Fighter per wave in T2 stage has been reduced
  24. Reduced the Durability of Golden Crow Heavy Fighter in all stages
  25. Reduced the Durability of Phoenix Advanced Fighter in all stages
  26. The number of each wave of Phoenix advanced fighter in T2 and T3 stage has been reduced
  27. The movement speed of the Asian Alliance Sweeper Fighter L flying up and down is reduced
  28. The number of Sweeper Fighter L per wave in T1 and T3 stage has been reduced
  29. Significantly reduced the Durability of suicide drones summoned by Satan Heavy Battleship and slightly reduced the number of suicide drones per wave
  30. Reduced the shield value generated by the shield generator of Satan Heavy Battleship
  31. Reduced the Durability of all parts of Satan Heavy Battleship
  32. Slightly reduced the fire spitting frequency of Satan Heavy Battleship in T1 stage
  33. Reduced the Durability of all Bosses in T1 and T2 stage
  34. Slightly reduce the damage caused by the stored power strike of the Djinn Battleship
  35. Reduce the damage of enemy's large Flamethrower
  36. The damage of various large enemy missiles in T1 and T2 stage is reduced
  37. Reduce the damage of enemy large flames and large lightning at T1 and T2
  38. Fixed the problem that the attack judgment of enemy Flamethrower was inconsistent with the attack range
  39. Reduced the number of bullets in the Meili’s ark String Fighter in T1 and T2 stage

1.The price of thruster ammunition has been reduced
2. Now all types of missiles will cause a certain amount of range damage after explosion
3. Because missiles now cause additional range damage, the original damage of all missiles is reduced
4. The maximum carrying quantity of defensive device ammunition in combat is reduced
5. The maximum carrying quantity of thruster ammunition in combat is increased
6. The Challenger Interceptor’s cargo capacity has been increased to level C
7. Reduce the R & D cost and purchase cost of Kestrel Scout
8. Mass Inertia passive skill increased impact damage from 50% to 100%
9. The price of Laser Cannon is increased to 1750
10. The price of Split Laser Cannon is increased to 2400
11. The price of Energy Storage Flame Gun is increased to 1650
12. The price of Fireball Cannon is increased to 2350
13. The price of Chain Lightning gun was increased to 1700
14. The price of Spherical Lightning Cannon is increased to 2050
15. Slightly increased the damage of Spherical Lightning Cannon
16. The price of Lightning Cannon is increased to 1950
17. Slightly increased the damage of Laser Cannon
18. Slightly increased the damage and kill probability of Split Laser Cannon
19. Slightly increased the damage of Energy Storage Flame Gun
20. Increased the damage of Fireball Cannon
21. Slightly increased the damage of Spherical Lightning Cannon
22. Slightly increased the damage of Chain Lightning Gun
23. Now the Lightning Cannon will not be blocked by the shield
24. Slightly increased the firing frequency of the Lightning Cannon
25. The duration of electromagnetic suppression effect exerted by Spherical Lightning Cannon is greatly increased
26. Reduce the price of green quality aircraft
27. At the beginning of each game, the number of defense ammunition carried by players is reduced to 8
28. The mechanism of the Bullet Block Device has been modified. Now, after using bullet jamming, the enemy's bullets will explode and cause direct damage to themselves. Piercing bullets can still be fired and will cause damage to their own people during the effective period of the skill. In addition, we have increased the cooling time of bullet jamming by 2 seconds
29. The duration of increasing critical hit rate when critical thruster is consumed has been increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds
30. Increased the cooldown of Energy Absorption and Fire Attenuation
31. Reduced energy consumption for Bullet Block Device and Fire Attenuation
32. Reduced R & D resource requirements for Bullet Block Device and Fire attenuation
33. The damage conversion efficiency of energy absorption is improved
34. Increased the damage of Riot Laser
35. The energy consumption of Thunderstorm Bomb is reduced
36. The energy consumption of Interdimensional Shuttle decreased to 45, and the Technology level is raised to T2
37. Greatly reduce the cooldown of riot laser to 20 seconds
38.Reduced the cooldown of thunderstorm bombs to 16 seconds

Weapon entry:

  1. Now the maximum cooldown of special weapons and ultimate weapons has been changed to 60%. At the same time, we have increased the maximum attribute limit of special weapons and ultimate weapons cooling reduction entries from 5% to 10%
  2. Item entry: Reduce sub weapon ammunition by 3% to 5%
  3. Item entry: the value of maximum energy increase has been increased from 5% to 10%
  4. Item entry: item stack attribute value increased from 5% to 10%
  5. Props entry: sub weapon ammunition reduction value increased from 5% to 10%
  6. Reduce the combat difficulty of emergencies when player reaching the stronghold
  7. The strike effect of continuous attack will now be displayed correctly
  8. Increased the HP regeneration of combat HP regeneration props
  9. Fixed the bug of passive skills such as Station Output and Escape Is Important. Now these skills will take effect correctly and will not be superimposed unlimitedly

Interface optimization:
1.Optimized weapon enhancement interface tips. Now, when the player's weapons have been merged to the highest level that can be merged at present, and the player wants to merge further, the system will remind the player that merging cannot improve the weapon level now, but only wash out the entries
2. The custom mode will now open all items and ships. The player's unlocked ones will appear in the front and the locked ones in the back, and all locked icons will be displayed in black unknown form
3. Fixed a large number of display problems in the English version of the interface
4. Optimized the appearance of some NPCs
5. The discrimination of some facility icons are optimized
6. Fixed a bug that might cause the game to get stuck when player trying to heal the crew
7. Now the skills of Recruitable personnel will be distinguished on the stronghold page. If the ship has no corresponding cabin, the personnel skills will be dimmed
8. Revised the text description of the thrusters
9. Optimized the dialogue of some NPCs
10. Optimized the visual effect of some stronghold facilities
11. Now after player select a stronghold on the planet map, thumbnails and corresponding text of all stronghold facilities will be marked on the left side of the screen

These are the modifications of this version. In the future, we will optimize more new contents, including the reconstruction of emergencies, the addition of new devices and passive skills, the addition of new enemy units and enemy bosses, as well as continuous performance optimization and game experience optimization. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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