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Dungeons of Voidria update for 5 January 2022

Update v0.89

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Happy New Year everyone!

The final area is finally here! Hopefully it'll pose an engaging challenge and add a climatic finish to your runs! There are also many balancing changes aimed to smooth out and improve the overall experience.

The next patch will add ways modify the difficulty of runs, and new playable characters! With the new playable characters, I'm also planning to rework the levelling up system. Each playable character will have their own levels and unlockables. However, I'd like to post the next update to the game within about a month, so I may split the reworking of the level up system to a separate patch depending on how the development goes. Stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone who gave feedback and reported bugs, and thanks for playing!

v0.89 Patch notes

New Additions and Changes

  • Added the final area! Added 4 new enemies. Added the final boss.

  • [spoiler] Defeating the final boss now drops a Core Shard (up to 4), currently unused, uses will come very soon! [/spoiler]

  • This one's a slightly bold change! You can now have up to 12 equipped skills. A new button has been added (only visible when you have 7+ skills) to let you swap between two sets of 6 skills, default hotkey is Spacebar (can be rebinded). Most of the time, due to limited skills, your tactics each battle doesn't vary much. This change intends to diversify your tactics. This will also increase your chances of finding synergy skills and may end up being a little overpowered, so please let me know what you think! I may reduce the max equipped skills to something like 9 to compromise.

  • Improvements and changes to dungeon generation. Floors are slightly shorter. Compulsory enemies on boss floors reduced by 1. This aims to shorten runs slightly, since the final area is added now. Number of items, gold and traps per floor balanced accordingly.

Balancing and Minor Changes

  • Enemies' Current Stun bonus after being stunned now scales with floor (35% for Area1, then +5% for each area above).

  • Area3 enemies' SV increased slightly, base stun lowered slightly. These changes aim to make Area3 enemies easier to stun initially, but harder to chain stun. By Area3, the player should have a wider range of strategies available, and this hopes to encourage a change of tactics in regards to countering enemy's skills, rather than forcing player to stun whenever possible.

  • Added an option to enable VSync (now on by default)

  • Added 10 new Tellie tips, mostly with tips that explain effects of luck

  • Floor 7 will no longer be guaranteed to have a Duo Skill room

  • Skill packages added per run reverted from 1 to 2

  • After interacting with Chests, Spell Monuments and Interactable structures, they can now be destroyed by colliding with them. This is in case they obstruct pathways/items.

  • Trinkets offered by the Trinket Booth will now have the same rarity

  • Keeper rooms are now unlocked upon reaching floor 10 instead

  • Exp bonus from enabling "Expanded Enemy Skills" and "Enemy Passives" increased

  • Hidden pickups' quantity increased by 1 (except for Golden Apples)

  • Hidden gold value increased

  • Health Cores (spawned under enemies) heal reduced from 12% to 10% of Max HP

  • Health Cores (spawned in Keeper Rooms) heal reduced from 15% to 12% of Max HP

  • Added a message for "Area Clear", and a run score bonus for clearing areas

  • Sprites for "Remove buff" and "Remove debuff" trap updated

  • Improved the hotkey rebind system, conflicting hotkeys will now swap with each other

  • Minor UI changes and VFX improvements

  • Status: Charge gained from skills now last 4 battles, down from 5

  • Status: Fragile damage lowered from 16% to 14% for normal enemies and 10% to 8% for bosses

  • Status: Silence will now disable 2 skills if you have 6+ usable skills

  • Status: Suspend effect changed to "Cannot heal health or stun. Current Stun bonus from Dazed is reduced by 15%."

  • Status: Frostbite now reduces Max Stun by 16% (10% for bosses), down from 18% (12%)

  • Structure: Crystal Chest (chest bounded by mana chains) mana requirements increased

  • Towering Slime's Super Corrosive debuff percentage lowered from 20% to 15%

  • Some enemy skills that inflict debuffs are nerfed, either in duration or in strength

  • Enemy Skill: Accelerate Doom now deals damage

  • Enemies: Shroomo and Shrooma behaviour improved. They are much less likely to queue the same skills consecutively (except for Attack)

  • Enemy Passive: Numb damage threshold increased for later areas

  • Item: Ice Prism now inflicts Frostbite for 4 turns instead of 1 battle

  • Item: Mar Cap Strengthened buff percent lowered from 15% to 10%

  • Items: Viodula and Scarlet Pop spawn chance increasesd slightly

  • Items: Slates are slightly less common

  • Void Potions will increase SV depending on the difference between the bounds

Defend and Thorns rework is planned and will be implemented in a future patch
For now, these effects are buffed slightly:

  • Trinket: Thorned Vest thorns increased from 60% to 100%
  • Skill: Reversal thorns increased from 100% to 140%, exhaust thorns increased from 135% to 200%
  • Defend fortified increased from 50% to 60%
  • Poison rework is also noted!

Skill Changes:

  • Defensive Stance fortified duration increased from 2 turns to 3
  • Tri Strike 3rd cast damage increased and changed to health damage
  • Putrefy base damage decreased slightly
  • Fracture effect changed to "Inflict 1 Fragile. Initiate: Inflict 10% Exposed for 3 turns."
  • Piercing Light damage increased slightly
  • Snipe Exhaust effect now removes all Mark
  • Unload damage scaling decreased slightly
  • Static Strike is now Once per Turn
  • Charge Exhaust damage lowered
  • Skills that inflict Frostbite will now inflict it for turns, rather than for 1 battle

Trinket Changes:

  • Guardian Angel immune duration increased from 2 turns to 3
  • Berserker's Hammer damage requirement increased from 40 to 60
  • Shield Of Blood damage requirement increased from 14 to 18
  • Crescent Bracelet damage increased from 4 to 5
  • Ichimonji effect changed to "If all queued skills are identical, deal 15 stun damage"
  • Nulmora's Padlock effect changed to "All your skills cost 1 AP. You cannot have more than 3 AP."
  • Gold Watch effect changed to "Every 12 AP you spend, deal 28 stun damage."
  • Siphoning Orb now takes into account enemies you've already defeated, similar to Soul Lantern; effect changed to "Gain 3 Max HP for every 2 enemies you've defeated."
  • Incense Burner will now only trigger when you have 2+ debuffs
  • Ice Charm now causes Frostbite to reduce Max Stun by 20% (14% for bosses), down from 25% (18%)

Spell Changes:

  • Detonate cost lowered from 14 to 12
  • Crackle cost increased from 8 to 10
  • Recharge cost lowered from 15 to 14, heal reduced from 3 to 2
  • Override cost lowered from 25 to 22
  • Aftershock cost increased from 16 to 18
  • Clamp cost increased from 12 to 16

Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed blurry sprites for some players
  • Structure: Transformator should no longer return the same item you placed
  • Fixed bug with Manaworm and Band Of Wisdom triggering multiple times
  • Fixed bug with Skill: Await; it now gives the correct AP
  • Fixed bug with Trinket: Gold Watch where reset skills' AP cost were added to trinket
  • Fixed bug with Spell: Override on skills that change skill type e.g. Charge
  • Skill: Toxic Burst will now correctly count separate instances of Poison/Toxic
  • Bosses will no longer have the Rethink passive, as it interferes with their behaviour
  • Embrace Chaos should no longer appear multiple times in hidden rooms
  • Fixed inconsistent triggering with Branding Iron
  • Trinket: Can Of Spinach and Berserker's Helm should no longer trigger when health is exactly at threshold
  • You can no longer close inventory immediately after using an item (to fix visual bugs from doing so)
  • Fixed bug with using Vexing Hex to extend Dazed on bosses
  • Stunning enemy via Wither damage will now correctly trigger Fragile
  • Defeating bosses via trinkets should now correctly stop music
  • Interactable structures that affect the next floor should no longer spawn on the final floor
  • Moving diagonally across water tiles should be a little more consistent
  • Minor typo fixes and clarity improvements

Known bugs:

  • Trinkets that require specific synergy (e.g. Burn) are still occasionally appearing despite player not having the skills for it
  • Shops occasionally don't spawn


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