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Erannorth Chronicles update for 3 January 2022

Dynamic Journal, QoL Improvements and Modding Additions

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hi folks!

Happy New Year!

This first patch of 2022 brings us a new dynamic Journal system, several QoL improvements and additions that have been suggested by our Discord Community.

There are many cool stuff in this patch, so let's talk briefly about a couple of them.

Dynamic Journal

The 'old' Journal system was a 'hard-coded' ink file, meaning that each time a new challenge was added in the game, I (or the modder) had to manually edit this ink file and add this entry there, creating conflicting content.

The new system is dynamic, and any challenge available in the game (once unlocked) will show up there automatically, regardless if a modder or I added this challenge and without any additional setup.

In addition to better integrated content, the new journal system offers several filtering and ordering options. As well as a button to center the world map to the area of question.

Considering that as we speak there are about 81 challenges in the game, I think the improved filters will come in handy once the expansion arrives adding even more.

On the downside, the Journal can be accessible only once the world is fully loaded. ie. trying to access it while the world is still seeding, will tell you that it's getting ready.

Easier way to preview what the Enemy Intent means

You can now Alt+Click on an Enemy Intent to view the entry in the Rulebook or the referenced card in the Codex. ie. Here I Alt+Clicked on the 'Log Trap' intent.

(As a reminder: you can show/hide the Enemy Intent with I, while enemies are in the battlefield)

Easier way to preview active Echo Actions

If at any point you forget who is the target of an Echo Action, or what it's supposed to be doing, hovering on it will show you its target, and clicking on it will take you to the Action's Codex Entry.

And lot more. Which you can read in the patch notes below.

Patch Notes - 03/01 # 1.030.2


  • Fixed a couple of typos in cards and perks
  • Area interactions (ie. properties) could be used only once in 'Scorched Earth' settings. (The unique status from this modifier will now apply only if the "Area_x_CompleteRequirements" field is blank.)
  • Fixed an issue with the ally 'Lenore Four Fingers' loading from the save file as 'Lenore Four'.
  • Alt + Click hint will not appear in allies that have the default 'Defense/Retribution buff' ability.
  • Natalja's Drain would target an ally if she was automatically casted through right-click.

New Dynamic Journal System

The new Journal is populated automatically by all available challenges (including any challenges added by mods). This happens asynchronously (in parallel) with the world generation. The old file is deprecated and is currently unused.

  • You can open the Journal with J and close it with both the X and Esc keys. If the World is still generating a message that the Journal is currently generating will display instead.
  • Entries will show up automatically if the player meets their requirements.
  • Journal entries can be sorted by Level or by Location.
  • You can view in separate tabs your Active & Completed challenges.
  • Properties, Events and other interactions can be viewed in the Contacts and Assets tab.
  • 'View on the Map' button of each entry centers the map in that area.
  • Journal Quests can be filtered to display Easy, Normal or Challenging quests. If all filters are unchecked all quests are displayed.
  • While filtering or re-ordering the journal the current tab will remain unchanged.
  • Filter preferences in journal will persist across sessions.
  • Note to modders: The journal entries are created automatically, so there is no need for any special setup for your challenge mods. There are two optional area properties: Journal_x_Entry & Journal_x_CoverArtwork, that you can use to override the default Description that is used in the Journal (which is the Area_x_Description) and the default Map graphic (which matches the Location name)

Misc Additions & QoL Improvements

  • Alt + Click on the Enemy Intent will open the Rulebook in that Entry. Or show the Card in the Codex, if it is a card.
  • Playing a card's Discard effect will now give XP to the base card.
  • Added a 'Show Combat Log' button in the Death/Victory dialog. (It's not possible to interact with the log at this point, just see its last entries)
  • Hovering over an Echo Action will show the Echo Action's name and its current target name. Clicking on the Echo Action will open its codex entry.
  • Expanded the flavor description of the 'Essence' card to make its purpose clearer.
  • Your Charisma Modifier now also affects the Merchant prices (2xModifier %). This percantage acts as an extra profit when selling stuff and as a discount when buying stuff.
  • Hovering over a stat in Character sheet will also display that Stat modifier.
  • Defeated Bosses in Gauntlet modes will always drop 1x Tome of Knowledge & 1x Tome of Greater Knowledge.
  • Each status counter that is applied on an Enemy will slightly increase their chance to resist further counters of the same status. Codex entries updated accordingly.

Modding Additions

Spawning Enemies through cards

Enemies can be summoned as a part of a card effect using the compound keyword SpawnEnemy[Enemy]:Lvl
ie. SpawnEnemyWolf:3, will spawn a lv 3 Wolf.

Cards can activate (multiple) Enemy Tactics at once.

Syntax is EnemyTactic[Tactic]:x.
You can use any of the following keywords / tactics. Wherever the value is set to 1, it means that this value is predetermined regardless of x, ie. depends on enemy level.

  • EnemyTacticAttack:1
  • EnemyTacticMultiply:1
  • EnemyTacticHybrid Form:1
  • EnemyTacticRetinue:1 (Enemy must have a Retinue)
  • EnemyTacticWarcry:x
  • EnemyTacticFlank:x
  • EnemyTacticIllusory Copy:1
  • EnemyTacticRegenerate:1
  • EnemyTacticFeed:1
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Shield:x
  • EnemyTacticShield:x
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Healing:1
  • EnemyTacticHealing:x
  • EnemyTacticConsecrate:1
  • EnemyTacticDesecrate:1
  • EnemyTacticDispel:1
  • EnemyTacticAnimal Ally:1
  • EnemyTacticReanimate:1
  • EnemyTacticSummoning Circle:1
  • EnemyTacticCounter Attack:x
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Defensive Stance:x
  • EnemyTacticDefensive Stance:x
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Concealment:x
  • EnemyTacticConcealment:x
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Cover:x
  • EnemyTacticCover:x
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Spiked Armor:x
  • EnemyTacticSpiked Armor:x
  • EnemyTacticIncorporeal:1
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Poison:x
  • EnemyTacticPoison:x
  • EnemyTacticFire Aura:x
  • EnemyTacticEnvenom:x
  • EnemyTacticFrost Touch:x
  • EnemyTacticBleeding Strike:x
  • EnemyTacticBenefactor Flying:x
  • EnemyTacticFlying:1
  • EnemyTacticHex:x
  • EnemyTacticFeeblemind:x
  • EnemyTacticEnrage:1
  • EnemyTacticEmpower:1

ie. EnemyTacticMultiply:1, target Enemy will trigger the Multiply tactic

Note to modders:

  • The purpose of these keywords are to be used with the Enemy Deck>> or Card>> tactic in Maladies & create unique tactic combinations.
  • ie. EnemyTacticConcealment:3, EnemyTacticBleeding Strike:3 - Enemy gains 3 Concealment and inflicts Bleeding 3 to PC.
  • But you can use them as you see fit. ie. to add drawbacks to PC cards or whatever. If you do keep in mind the following:
  • EnemyTactic doesn't check or care if the enemy has this tactic, or if the tactic is in cooldown, how many stacks the pc already has etc. The tactic will activate (if possible).
  • All tactics that activate through EnemyTactic effect are subject to Retribution. ie. Even if the enemy has an evasion ability, or gets an evasion ability.
  • All Tactics that normally trigger Attacks will trigger one when activated through EnemyTactic, but will stack into a single Damage source.
  • This damage is dealt only if the enemy survives Retribution.
  • ie. EnemyTacticCounter Attack:1, EnemyTacticRegenerate:1, SpawnEnemyWolf:4 - Enemy activates Counter Attack, Regenerate and Summons a Level 4 Wolf (hostile to the player). Both Counter Attack & Regenerate include an Attack so the Enemy can deal up to 2x (Power/2 to Power) Damage. If the enemy survives PC's Retribution damage, this damage is dealt on PC.

(New) Perk modifiers to adjust enemy resistances on certain effects

  • ModifyEffectAdjust[Debuff]Resistance:x, Where Debuff = Stun, Bewitch, Burn, Bleed etc.
  • ie. AdjustStunResistance:-25, means that now Stun has 0% chance to be resisted + (5% per Stun counter)
  • ie. AdjustBleedResistance:30, means that now Bleed has 30% chance to be resisted + (1% per Bleed counter).

(New) GameMode setting: NonBinaryImmunities:false or true

  • If the NonBinary immunities are set to true, Immunities are instead treated as 100% chance of failure.
  • This could be used in conjuction to the perk modifiers above by modders to reduce Enemy immunities through Perks but without removing it completely.
  • ie. AdjustBurnResistance:-75, would mean that now Burn has 25% chance to be resisted by "Immune" enemies, and -75% to be resisted by non-Immune Enemies + (5% per Burn counter).
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