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Cyberfrags '69 update for 2 January 2022

Holiday Update dump!

Share · View all patches · Build 7961593 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Happy New Year Fraggers! Here's a list of all the changes that happened over the Holiday! All these updates are posted live on the Discord ( ). Make sure to join us so you see all the updates as they come out! Plus, our little community runs events and announces when they're playing PvP!


Shell-Outa-Dodge was bugged, now it's not. At least, not this way.

-Dodge was broken, and it was made dramatically worse when framerate was capped. Added a 200ms cooldown on dodge to fix this.

New update!

Bugs, Balance, and VFX!

-Fixed issue where weapon-swapping broke the Shell-Outa-Dodge
-Shell-Outa-Dodge now dashes you forward if you aren't pressing any movement keys.
-Hopefully fixed -1 grenade bug. Also introduced a 200ms delay before another can be thrown.
-Increased rate that Capt-Hook's grapple fills temp-meter

New tracers! I think I accidentally released this bit last night but whatever:

-Tracers are now longer, brighter, and fuckin nuts looking. The big fuckin shotty in particular, if you thought it was scary before... You'd best wear your brown pants. It's tantamount to psychological warfare at this point.

New Update!

Bug fixes and a new map!

-Hopefully fixed issue where scoreboard would get stuck on screen. again.
-Added a short delay at end of single-player levels on repeat playthroughs. When this happens it displays the time it took for you to complete the level on your gun. This will move to UI later, it is just a fast way of getting something out for the speed-running folks.
-Check out the new map "Fight Dome" in Classic modes! (TDM, FFA, CTF)

Quick Update!

Bug fixes, improvements and tweaks.

-Fixed issue where players could fall through floors under checkpoints in single-player
-Fixed issue where 0 key was selecting weapon 11, not 10. (Must have forgotten computers count from 0 lmao)
-Player models are no longer outlined in their team color after dying.
-Adjusted Fight Dome to block off some sight-lines and added launchers to the bottom of the center-pit.


Fixed single-player level 2

-fixed some holes and issue where you couldn't finish last room.

New Update!

Balance changes and bug fixes.

-hopefully fixed issue where players can break the Shell-Outta-Dodge. 8-millionth time's the charm?
-Slightly increased Sammy rate of fire
-Slightly increased Shell-Outta-Dodge rate of fire
-Slightly increased heat-per-shot of Shell-Outta-Dodge. Now has 6 shots instead of 8.
-Increased the vertical portion of melee hit-detection. This should hopefully make melee more consistent.


It turns out that CF69 works best in DX12 on AMD GPUs (I'm not sure about all AMD GPUs. Definitely the 6000 series, and I assume the 5000 series). Use the launch-option "-d3d12" to switch from DX11. I'll see if I can add this as an option in settings in a future patch.

New Update!

New crosshairs, bug fixes and stuff.

-Overhauled the crosshair system. Each gun still has a unique crosshair that can't be wholly changed. They are now animated while firing, and players have the ability to scale both the radius and sprite-scale in the settings menu.
-Fixed bug in level 1 where kill-floor in the 2nd to last room wasn't killing players.
-hopefully fixed issue where teammates would appear red, not blue.
-Fixed issue where FoV behaved oddly when swapping weapons and aiming.

Quick update:

bugs, why is it always bugs?

-So I figured out the stupid team-color bug. My failsafe inexplicably decided to stop working! Adjusted it so that shouldn't happen anymore.
-Slightly adjusted gunshot sound for Shell-Outa-Dodge
-In FFA, top score and your score now display in bottom-left of HUD.

New Update!

Map re-work and some optimizations.

-Reworked "Courtyard" to have more visual-interest: added moving platforms and gave it a vaguely "factory" look. So that's it's new name, "Factory"!
-Adjusted how blood spatter is spawned. Overall there will be a bit less blood, and it shouldn't "stack" underneath the enemy, which is where the majority of the performance hit came from.
-Adjusted lighting in "Hangar" so it's more performant.

Quick Update!

Bug fixes:

-Increased scale of combat triggers in single-player so they hopefully can't be skipped with the singularity
-hopefully fixed rubber-banding and broken physics on the platforms in Factory, will require more testing in high-latency environments. If they're still broken, I'll patch them them to be static so they're not broken over Christmas, since I might not be able to patch it then.
-Deleted spawn points over death-zones in Factory (whoops)

New update!

I couldn't help but work a little between holiday stuff

-Private lobbies! Private lobbies won't show in the server browser and are invite/friend-join only.
-Joining friends via steam should now be enabled! (at the cost of my loading screens and gain of proper intro videos... it's a long story)
-Some fixes in Factory.
-Factory added to the Co-Op wave-survival list.


Bugs can be interesting sometimes... right?

-Fixed an issue where players could trigger two combat encounters at once in level 2, causing all sorts of fun malfunctions.

New Update!

Was working on the next single-player level (something in the cyber-net) and I wanted to slide indefinitely down long slopes. This means losing the arbitrary time-restriction that I had in place, and implementing some other restriction so slide can't be abused on flat ground. So here it is:

-Slide now has negative acceleration on flat ground and upward slopes. Flat ground decelerates at -5m/s/s and up to -50m/s/s depending on the steepness of the upward slope. Slide ends when player dips below walk speed of 10m/s.

While at high velocity this significantly extends slide-time while on flat ground, but shortens it if you were already fairly slow. Just as before, downward slope accelerates, allowing for indefinite sliding if you manipulate it well.

This also makes it so the only way to seamlessly maintain 35m/s over flat ground and upwards slopes is to wall-run, which has no acceleration.

Also smoothed the camera during transition from standing to sliding, no more instant camera shifts.

New Update!

Sorry for the relative radio-silence. Level 4 has been slow-going, it's a very different head-space from designing multiplayer levels/mechanics. In an effort to shake things up for both myself and you fine folks, I've made a new game-mode!

Gun Game!

-Frag it out with all the guns, one at a time. Kill enemies to swap weapons, be the first to get a kill with them all to win!
-A classic mode for the classic maps! Can be played on any map you could play FFA, TDM, or CTF.

When ya'll find the inevitable bugs, let me know in the bugs channel and I'll figure it out!


-Fixed issue where players wouldn't start with the default gun in gun-game

Quick Hotfix:

-fixed issue where weapon temp would not reset on weapon swap in Gun-Game.

Quick Update!

Fixes and tweaks.

-Added 500ms (1/2 second) of spawn protection
-Fixed issue where respawn menu would appear in main-menu
-hopefully fixed issue where opening menu would sometimes reset respawn timer in Co-Op
-Fixed issue where players could level up infinitely with the tutorial.


Fixed issue causing players to not be able to respawn after opening menu while dead.

Happy New Year Update!

New shit, wild shit, and tweaks.

-Grenade and melee kills now set opponent back a gun in Gun-Game
-Hit markers are now handled on HUD and are scaled with crosshair settings.
-New gun! The flatliner is an old gun that got the boot, but is now back and completely re-worked. Swap between vertical and horizontal fire-modes, firing a line of 5 mid-speed projectiles.
-Another new gun (kinda)! The Big Fuck-Off Gun is completely overpowered, and can't be unlocked. It allows you to hover and fly at a speed of 25m/s at no cost. You can just do that. It shoots explosives with a large radius and huge damage output, with no temperature increase. Yes, it's broken, overpowered, janky, and any other adjective you can think of. You can grab it from a pickup in CTF, FFA, and TDM in maps: Orbital Station, Factory, Cybernet Citadel, Plaza, and Fight Dome. It spawns after 3 minutes of play in the center of the map, and only spawns once. This may be temporary, but I didn't feel like keeping all the fun to myself lol.

Quick Update!

Fixes and Tweaks

-Fixed issue where The Big Fuck-Off Gun pickup would de-spawn after 10 seconds like regular pickups
-If player is using The Big Fuck-Off Gun, they will no longer drop a weapon pickup for it on death. One-time use only.
-Made the reticle for the Flatliner better represent how it fires.
-Slightly adjusted attenuation for Gunfire and Explosion sounds.
-Flatliner sound just didn't have enough ass in the bass. It's got more now



-New game-mode: Oddballs! grab the giant floating ball-sack and keep fondling until you've won!

-Also hopefully fixed issue where players would start with chosen gun in gun-game when joining late.

Quick Hotfix!

quick fixes

-Fixed issue where names in kill-feed show pink in Gun-Game and Oddballs
-Fixed issue where Oddballs played happy sound when enemy picked them up.

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