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Wizards and Warlords update for 1 January 2022


Share · View all patches · Build 7960121 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

New update to celebrate a new year - happy new year everyone! And thank you so much for a great year. The support and positivity from the player community has been truly amazing. You have provided me with ideas, beta branch testing, bug reports, words of encouragement, constructive criticism and more - I am grateful and I hope that the game will provide you with entertainment and enjoyment for years to come.

It's been a little bit more than a year since version, and a lot has happened since then. I will try to get a post up with a summary of the changes and improvements made, highlighting the major milestones. I will also share my plans and ambitions for the coming months. I look forward to another year of work on this game and I'm excited to see how the game will grow and improve during this time, and interacting with the community, trying to get as many of those awesome ideas and suggestion into the game as possible.

  • New Warlord Type: Sovereign

    • Can choose from any culture template, start as a random culture template or select from a list of cultures generated for the world
    • Has the same mechanics as AI Rival Warlords, which is unlike Tribal and more similar to Wizard (without magic).
    • Start with a full province usually containing a city, a village and a fortress - although this can vary considerably based on what the world generator produces (and the setting chosen).
    • Sometimes has one or more garrisons of higher tier units present at game start. These have free upkeep for 20 turns, but the Units are also locked to those garrisons for the same duration.
  • Terrain-specific ability logic has been added. This allows units to have stat modifiers and/or movement modifiers applied only in certain terrain (or when not in certain terrain).

    • The following Unit Types have terrain-specific modifiers: Yetis, Medusae, Jotnar, Rime Trolls, Grendelkin, Giants, Frost Giants. More will be added in future patches.
    • Modding support has been extended to cover these ability types.
  • Elephants and Mammoths cannot be Chariot mounts for most races

  • Additional mount variance chance (based on size)

  • Chariot-specific mount variance chances

  • Beast Tamer culture trait: reduce cavalry/chariot mount attack modifier from -2 to -1

  • Massively reduced the chance that Cultures are generated with no traits

  • Greatly reduced the chance that Cultures are generated with only one trait

  • If a unit cannot benefit from the Garrison upkeep reduction due to recent movement the upkeep tooltip will now state this

  • Fortress Window: Summary of characters present now includes the Garrison

  • Independent Realms no longer build mines in hexes without resource specials

  • Encyclopedia: World entry now includes any seed used to generate it

  • Prospectors: Geomancy, Subterranean, Wanderlust now increase chance for a culture to generate a character of this class.

  • Independent Realms now have show info on hostile actions in the diplomacy relation log

  • Roads can now be built with a destination which is controlled by allied and vassal factions. One end of the road (ie the origin) still has to be controlled.

  • City: +5% Divine Offering value per level of Spiritual.

  • Bugbear units now have +1 HP

  • Adjusted the animation speed when resolving ranged attacks during grid battles. It will now adapt to the number of units, speeding up when there are many units/attacks.

  • The numerical keys (1, 2, 3, etc) are now keyboard shortcuts for the corresponding top bar button. They can be used to quickly open the main windows: Magic, Military, Economy, Faction, etc.

  • City Window: Added 'Show Unavailable' toggle. This also adds Requirements text to all relevant buildings.

  • Added Monster Slayer character type

  • Gunpowder weapons now do additional damage at short range (25%-)

  • Many gunpowder weapons are less effective considerable at long range (50%+)

  • Attack, Site and Unit Conditions can now utilize base Condition logic (and / or / not)

  • Army Window: Units with (temporary) free Upkeep now have a tooltip showing what the cost would've been without the effect.

  • AI Rivals will now use the same 'Easy' Scouting game setting as the player, with the exception of Very Easy (does not gain if player has) and Hard/Very Hard (gains even if player has not)

  • Spell: Training Day now has a 4-turn Cooldown

  • Many (mundane) unit types now have shorter training time. This mostly affects races which had very long training times.

  • The list of constructed city buildings is now sorted alphabetically.

  • Followers Window: Location is now specified.

  • Followers Window: An Icon now shows when the Follower counts as 'At The Tower'.

  • When giving items to Followers, and they do not gain Loyalty due to having > 5 items already, "(No Loyalty Gained)" will now be shown in the character history log to help make it apparent this is not a bug.

  • Fixed a bug causing the majority of Bow units to have Poisoned attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where diplomatic relations towards an independent realm could get stuck at the current level

  • Fixed a bug where cultures where are an area of the map which was supposed to have a realm seeded was instead empty, and the culture not added to the world.

  • Fixed a number of bugs/issues which could cause an AI Rival to become mostly passive

  • Fixed bugs relating to Rename dialogs

  • Fixed equipment stats not being applied when for encyclopedia tool tips

  • Fixed being able to open the editor while having the new/load game window open

  • Fixed administration center not giving +1 Influence

  • Fixed unit battle leader stat bug. Retroactively fixes save games.

  • Fixed outpost worker add bug (skill req)

  • Fixed bug where effects checking if a unit was airborne instead evaluated if the unit was engaged in melee (even disregarding whether it can fly at all)

  • Fixed a bug when assigning an item after completing the enchant item project. The item was either removed for the vault if a duplicate existed there or not given at all, depending on circumstances.

  • Fixed incorrect requirements for Prison and Mercenary Sprawl buildings

  • Fixed a bug causing lairs to block outpost construction for Warlords

  • Fixed bug where unit type descriptions did not include stat modifiers from equipment in some cases (display bug only)

  • Fixed some spelling errors and missing spaces/commas

  • Fixed Warrior Monk characters almost never being generated

  • Fixed unit type export omitting attack modifier target conditions

  • Fixed city walls not being available after palisades

  • Fixed inverted modifier to recruit follower success from not sharing a class type with the target

  • Fixed a bug where city buildings could be constructed multiple times.

  • Fixed a crash bug related to followers with province-scope location.

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