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SimAirport update for 31 December 2021

December 2021 Update

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Just shy of 2022 we'd like to present you the December update for 2021 - while it took longer than expected on our end we're happy to release this load of fixes and improvements to you all.

Patch Notes - Notable additions

Remote Gate Improvements!

Remote gates have gotten one highly requested feature as well as some general improvements and bug fixes (e.g. not loading a plane if part of the crew is already on the plane while the rest are still on a bus).

Remote bus pickups now have three modes, Pickup & Dropoff, Pickup Only, Dropoff Only. By default the P&D mode will be selected which works the same as the previous implementation where the same stop will be used for both arriving and departing passengers. In addition to the modes you can also assign several bus pickups to the same remote gate.

The Pickup Only mode - as the name states - will be used to load any departing pax onto the bus that would like to get to the aircraft. The Dropoff Only mode will do the reverse, it's used for any arriving pax coming into your airport being dropped off from the aircraft.

In addition, while using the Dropoff Only mode on a remote bus pickup it can be assigned to as many remote gates as you wish meaning you can have a central dropoff area for all arriving passengers.

Steam Integration Improvements

We've updated our Steam integration in this cycle - while the old version wasn't broken it did start to show it's age (e.g. in the missing mods dialog not correctly showing the status).

Coming with this upgrade we also reworked the missing mods dialog - it will now correctly show status for downloads and, as soon as all mods were downloaded, will ask if you'd like to reload your game right now.

The menu will also include mods besides airlines and aircraft - so any object mod or script mod that may be required for a save.

Modding Improvements

With this update saves will now store all mods you've been using while playing including any script and object mod besides airlines and aircraft.

This means you can now safely share your games with friends or on the Workshop an other people can correctly load the game with all objects in place - made even easier with the improvements to the missing mods menu mentioned above :)

The update also helps us out - if you run into an issue with this version while using a lot of mods we can debug it with the mods you've been using, so no broken or unusable airports on our end anymore!

Lastly, small but notable, the capacity of dumpsters can now be modded.

MacOS Text Issue Hotfix

We just set live the Hotfix for MacOS not having any text, be sure to let us know if any text issue still remains or rendering is now back :)

The hotfix is live as of now (January 2nd ~21:20 UTC) - you may need to verify your files if you don't see the update yet.

A few words to you!

Thanks for being patient with us through this year - we're really happy to get this update out to you!

I'd like to say sorry for the delay though - many of you know we're a small team, sometimes we underestimate what needs to be done for a release and this was definitely the case with the December update. We would've liked to have it out a week ago right around the holidays but pushed it back a week to get some more issues fixed (check the changelog below for all fixes/improvements).

At this point I'd like to mention our discord server - while we're active on most platforms Joscha is usually around to answer questions on discord, if you run into any issue you'd like to discuss or have any questions in general be sure to let us know! Link:

And lastly, we wish everyone a happy new year! May 2022 be a good one!

Full change log
  • Fix moving the ATC Tower may cause no planes to land until reloading a save.
  • Fix "Show non Secure Path" button on objects that require a secure area but are in an unsecure area. It now actually shows the path correctly :)
  • Fix runways not being placable close to fences. Fences were already placable close to runways so now both work.
  • Rework how aircraft sprites are loaded. Previously all aircraft sprites would be loaded at once, they're now loaded only when required. In addition fleets in airline details will use a smaller image instead of the whole aircraft sprite. This should save a lot of VRAM helping systems with iGPUs as well as older GPUs.
  • Fix road reachability sometimes determining a bus pickup cannot reach the gate while the vehicles are using it without a problem (more technical: The reachability check did not include both directions on the apron side, it now does since vehicles on the apron can drive on the road both ways).
  • Fix issue where a runway may be removed even through the dismantle project was cancelled.
  • Fix tasks to dismantle upgrades from runways and baggage hubs when dismantling the base object not saved/lost after reload.
  • Fix upgrades comming up as "UNKNOWN" and in a bugged state if dismantling the base object and reloading the game.
  • Fix runways not correctly being detected as usable if it was marked for dismantling, saving the game and reloading the game and cancelling the dismantling again. Previously the game would detect the runway only after another reload, now works correctly.
  • Fix notification hover text showing the full text of any object previously hovered over if the cursour was moved from said object onto the notification.
  • Add new notification in case a passenger was not able to board a plane in case they're unable to reach the gate door from the gate agent desk.
  • Fix "Browse Saves Folder" not actually opening the browser on MacOS.
  • Fix possible nullref in mod status menu.
  • Overhaul missing mods/mod status menu. The menu now lists all mods (not just aircrafts and airlines) and the download will now run correctly with updates being shown in the list.
  • Saves will now store what mods were used at save-time. Sharing a save will now bring up the missing mods screen for all mods correctly and with the overhaul all mods can be downloaded easily.
  • Fix the naming convention of some languages.
  • Fix remote bus pickup stating it requires a door on the ground floor while working perfectly fine underground.
  • Fix PA Amplifiers erroring with "Must be placed in valid electrical zone" in case it's placed facing towards a wall.
  • Fix aircraft gate flyout menu (the one for reports/overlays) always being disabled.
  • Fix time slot highlighting in master flight schedule ending after ~50 gates - we did not expect ya'll to have that many gates but it will now scale to the window so I dare you to break it again!
  • Backported some fonts and the font choosing/updating system from SimCasino - changing language should be a lot more consistent in terms of actually showing the new right font.
  • Fix crew boarded state not correctly being set on some remote gate flights in case only part of the crew is on board of the plane while another part is waiting in the second bus. Save fix included :).
  • Fix possible issue with objects failing their functionality checks.
  • Fix possible issue with apron buses in case a plane doesn't arrive or depart on time.
  • Fix maintenance panel not correctly working in case a mod needing maintenance is missing.
  • Fix several issues with maintenance trying to start out of window or without actually needing maintenance.
  • Fix not being able to change bus pickup assignment if no plane or bus is using the pickup or any assigned gate while a plane was scheduled on any gate.
  • Improve runway placement tooltip - now only shows the 5 planes with the longest requirement that could use the currently placed runway.
  • Update steam integration (for stability and workshop compatibility).
  • Increase max pathfinding length for planes to enable bigger maps (planes could get stuck due to not being able to pathfind on some modded sizes).
  • Fix maintenance not correctly finishing in some cases.
  • Add ability to connect bus pickups with the terminal using sidewalk and crosswalks (like remote gates already work).
  • Add ability to assign more than one bus pickup per gate.
  • Add ability to select what mode a bus pickup should run in (Pickup & Dropoff (default), Pickup Only, Dropoff Only) - In Dropoff only mode a bus pickup can be assigned to as many gates as you wish.
  • Fix remote gates in walking mode not working if crosswalk is used as last walking part adjacent to the gate.
  • Fix objects taken down for maintenance before actually having to be maintained.
  • Add warning on metal detectors, body scanners and bag scanners in case one of their usage positions is not in a security zone.
  • Fix reception desk is placeable on walls and outdoors.
  • Fix maintenance sometimes getting stuck when the task fails due to a nullref exception.
  • Fix objects may not be correctly staffed if a worker doesn't correctly get to the object.
  • Increase max flight count per airline (mostly helps with modded airlines).
  • Fix fuel UI hover showing "Current Reserves" where it should state "Pending Deliveries".
  • Fix fuel amount could overflow on the valuation UI (the cash calculation was not affected).
  • Fix wander near object task could choose a position to wander to that would end up in the agent having to re-do security.
  • Fix wrong detection of when walking through walls is needed - in some rare cases workmen could not path and a construction project might get stuck.
  • Fix runway tooltip breaks when placing runway lights using instant build while having the game paused.
  • Enable thirst and hunger for arrival passengers.
  • Fix gate <=> ticket zone were assigned twice on save load.
  • Fix pax may run around on the grass when deplaning from a walking remote gate.
  • Fix hover box sometimes loosing its layout when leaving the hovered object.
  • Fix missing text on police cars and fire trucks.
  • Fix "Z fighting" on the flight scheduler, now the time row is always on top.
  • Improve flight schedule entry UI, the line spacing is smaller and it'll shorten the airline name to better fit in the little space available.
  • Modding: Fix uploading UI never resetting the tag selection.
  • Modding: Fix mod airlines and aircrafts sometimes breaking due to bad ID datatype.
  • Modding: Add ability to view local aircraft and airline mods while offline.
  • Modding: Make dumpster capacity moddable; attribute "Capacity" was added to the config with type int. The base game one has a default of 10.
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