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Cross of Auria update for 31 December 2021

3rd Anniversary

Share · View all patches · Build 7958503 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

Ever since I created Amaya and Eurus, I've been looking at the other four main characters and thinking about what other kinds of abilities they should have to help make combat more interesting. It took dozens of hours, but I came up with something. Here is the first look at that.

And by first look, I mean that I'm in the process of final testing and this will be in the live version of the game later today or tomorrow morning. Look for version 5.1.2 in the Info section to know if it is live.

Memoria can be found using a telepad in the permanent version of the Veil. This telepad is located closest to the one that leads to Ruby's House.



  • In this location, players can choose to have Ruby learn new skills.
  • There are 24 available skills to be chosen, but it is only possible to pick 20 (at level 99), so choose wisely!
  • One "Memory Shard" is obtained on every 5th level, and then an additional one at level 99. Use these at the statue which corresponds with the skill you want Ruby to learn. A shard will be lost upon each activation.
  • Each path leads to stronger skills of a similar type, but not to worry, there's no guesswork involved because the details of every skill in this area are outlined below. To get to the strongest electric skill, the previous four must be learned first.

Skill Details

Note 1: I have done my best to copy everything over, but the occasional detail about warmup and cooldowns may have been unintentionally omitted from both the tooltip in-game or the description here.
Note 2: The data you are about to read is more complete than the tooltip in-game due to the limitations on space for skill effects.
Note 3: If a skill from Memoria doesn't learn or perform as intended, please reach out via comment ASAP and I'll look into it. Memoria was built without the use of self switches or other entanglements, so fixes should be easy... I hope

Defense (Left)
  • Sentinel: Increases defense and chance to be targeted. (30%). Cost: 20 TP.
  • Bulwark: Increase defense (33%) for 5 turns. Reduce physical damage taken for 5 turns. (33%). Cost: 25 TP.
  • Guardian Angel: Greatly increase chance to be targeted for 7 turns. Cost: 25 MP.
  • Sword Dance: Adds chance to counter physical attacks for 6 turns. Cost: 30 TP.
  • Omniwall: Increase elemental resistances by 20% for 5 turns. Cost: 50 MP.
Magic (Mid-Left)
  • Meditation: Restore 30% HP and 30% MP immediately and an additional 30% over time. Reduces TP gained for 3 turns. Cost: 75 TP.
  • Spark Storm: Barrage a single target with 5 electric charges. Cooldown: 3 turns. On-Hit: Stun (6%) Cost: 50 MP.
  • Arcane Cannon: Increases target's magic by 50% for 3 turns. Adds arcane to normal attacks. Action Speed: +60. Cost: 40 MP & 20 TP.
  • Arcstorm: Strike all enemies with violent arcbolts. Lasts 3-5 turns. Warmup: 2 turns. Cooldown: 5 turns. Cost: 30 MP.
  • Sacrifice: Reduce HP to 1. Restore 2x that amount to allies. Deal 3x that amount to a random enemy. Cost: 100 MP.
Electric (Center)
  • Lightningwalk: Reduces resistance to dark. Cooldown: 1 turn. Damage greatly increased if used after Shadowstep. Cost: 30 TP.
  • Spark+: A magick attack imbued with electricity. Strikes twice. Electric effectiveness increases with each use. Cooldown: 1 turn. Cost: 20 MP.
  • Energize: Adds electric to an ally's normal attacks for 7 turns. Cost: 30 MP.
  • Crossbolt: Deliver two devastating electric blows to a single enemy. Electric effectiveness decreases by 2 with each use. Warmup: 3 turns. Cooldown: 3 turns. Cost: 20 MP & 25 TP.
  • Statue {not a skill} - Allows Ruby to upgrade Sparkstrike to Lightningstrike at the cost of 150 Electric Power. Then, allows Lightningstrike to be upgraded to Bolt Cutter at the cost of 300 Electric Power.
  • Sparkstrike formula: (a.atk * 3) + (a.mat) + (v[03] / 4). Cost: 5 MP & 10 TP.
  • Lightningstrike formula: (a.atk * 4) + (a.mat) + (v[03] / 3). Cost: 10 MP & 15 TP.
  • Bolt Cutter formula: (a.atk 4) + (a.mat 2) + (v[03] / 2). Cost: 15 MP & 20 TP.
    v[03] indicates the "electric power" variable.
    Note: If you have a save file from before the quest for Lightninstrike and Bolt Cutter were removed from the game, you will still have to pay the statue to progress Sparkstrike even if Lightningstrike is already learned. However, if Ruby already knows Bolt Cutter, you don't need to interact with the statue at all.
Holy (Mid-Right)
  • Light's Shackle: Damage & stun a target for 1 turn. Cooldown: 3 turns. Cost: 30 MP.
  • Seraph's Gaze: Removes all parameter changes from enemies. Cost: 50 MP. {This skill removes all "Buffs" and "Debuffs" to parameters and removes all custom parameter enhancement and deficits between #400-448}
  • Skybeam: A devastating beam of light burns into all enemies. Electric Synergy. On-Hit: Burn (10%). Cost: 75 MP.
  • Exorcise: Deals devastating damage to a single target. Cooldown: 10 turns. Action Speed: +30. Cost: 120 MP.
  • Return Spirit: Restores a KO'd character to 100% HP. Cooldown: 1 turn. Adds Holy element to their attacks and greatly boosts DEF/MDF. Cost: 40 MP & 20 TP.
Dark (Right)
  • Shadowstep: Reduces resistance to electric. Cooldown: 1 turn. Damage greatly increased if used after Lightningwalk. Cost: 30 TP.
  • Shadowspark: A magick attack imbued with dark. Strikes twice. Electric Synergy. Cooldown: 1 turn. Cost: 20 MP.
  • Blinding Slash: Dark. Action Speed: +10. On-Hit: Blind (30%). Stun (20%). Cost: 2 MP & 10 TP.
  • Shadow Spike: Barrage a single target with 3 dark charges. Cooldown: 2 turns. On-Hit: Stun (6%). Cost: 50 MP.
  • Emblem of the Night: Curse an enemy to take damage for the remainder of battle. The target also takes increased electric and dark damage. Cost: 50 MP & 100 TP.

5.1.2 [Build #114, Release Date: December 31, 2021]

  • All zones marked as Timelost will be completely removed from the game at the start of 5.2.0.
  • Loading a save file located in a time lost zone will result in a game crash. This is not an issue that can be fixed.
  • The most recent of these zones became timelost on December 12th, 2021. They will be deleted on or after February 1st, 2022.
  • The removal of these maps and the events contained within frees up both file space and in-game data space. There are only so many maps that RMMV can generate. For as long as there are maps taking up excess back-end data, new maps can not be created.

Notice / Future Cleanup:

  • At some point in the future, the following zones will become Timelost and subsequently removed from the game. They will be replaced by a single larger map instead of multiple smaller maps. It takes a great deal of testing to make sure the entanglement of the multi-map setup is correctly passed to the single-map setup, so these will not be an all-at-once endeavor. Stay tuned to future updates for details.
    -- Den An'ura (First Pass)
    -- Den An'ura (Return)
    -- Rift An'ura (Lv. 20)
    -- Scarlet Cavern
    -- Hell's Gate
    -- Frost Forest
    -- The Black Forest


  • New key tooltip term: "Electric Synergy". This term is used to show items, skills, and effects which benefit from but do not contribute to Ruby's electric power.

General Updates & Changes:

  • Most flashing in the Veil zones have been replaced with Neutral 1 animations instead.
  • The Hall of Challengers is being transformed into a lifeless monster-filled arena. The size of this location is now more in line with how it appears from the outside and its contents are more in line with the emptiness of Agartha. The challenge can be started once Ruby is at least level 15. Enemies in this area are fixed at level 30.
  • Each newly acquired piece of the Challenger's Battleguard set now increases resistance to all elements by 5%.
  • Removed the respawn restriction of the Headless challenge DLC. This challenge may be undertaken in rapid succession without the need to clear the upstairs activitiy in between challenges.

Skill Changes:

  • Singlehand Stance will now apply a 3% per turn TP regeneration for 5 turns.
  • Doublehand Stance will now apply a 3% per turn MP regeneration for 5 turns.
  • Changed tooltip info for Ruby's electric attacks to take less space.
  • Reduced Sparkstrike's Normal Attack to 20%.
  • Reduced Lightningstrike's Normal Attack to 50%.
  • Reduced Bolt Cutter's Normal Attack to 75%.


  • Removed the inner Hall of Challengers arenas from the package data.
  • Removed data for Battlefront enemies and blocked access to the battlefront for the time being.
  • Removed data for most remaining custom Pit and Gauntlet enemies. Transferred data for custom Pit bosses to the in-development section of the game data.


  • Minigame Megathread was updated on December 28th, 2021 to reflect the changes to the Gauntlet and Battlefront and to include the addition of Yuelslain's Village. [Build #115, Release Date: December 31, 2021]

  • New key tooltip term: Electric Alignment. This term is used on items, skills, and effects to indicate contribution to and benefit from the Electric Power variable. Unless otherwise specified, each usage will increase Electric Power by 1. Skills will read: "Electric Alignment: (%benefit from electric power)."
  • New key term: Diminish. This term is used in conjunction with parameters. Skills that formerly said "May reduce enemy defense: (chance%)" now say "Diminish Defense of target by amount: (chance%)." If the chance is guaranteed on hit, that portion is omitted. Target may be replaced with self, allies, enemies, etc.
  • New key term: Boost. This term is used similarly to Diminish but to signifiy increases to stats instead of reductions. Skills that formerly said "Increases attack of allies" will instead say "amount% Attack Boost of target: (chance%)." If the chance is guaranteed on hit, that portion is omitted. Target may be replaced with self, allies, enemies, etc.

Skill Changes:

  • Arcane Shock II now has a 1 turn cooldown.
  • Flame Shock and Frost Shock have had their power reduced from (a.mat 4) to (a.mat 3) to be in line with Arcane Shock I.
  • Updated tooltips for many skills.
  • Smoke Bomb damage increased from (a.atk) to (a.atk * 2), type changed from Physical to Dark, and tooltip updated.
  • Smoke Blast changed from Physical to Dark.
  • Suppressor Bomb and Suppression Blast changed from Physical to Soul.
  • Suppression Blast & Sludge Blast damage increased from (a.atk 3) to (a.atk 4) to match Smoke Blast.
  • Expose Weakness now deals (a.atk) physical damage, can critical, can miss, is a physical attack instead of certain hit, and has an Action Speed of +10 instead of +5.
  • Skills which referenced "wind vulnerability" now display the state's name "Air Current" instead.
  • Skills which referenced "wind weakness" now display the state's new name "Sharp Gusts". Still only the level 1 effect chance is displayed. All skills which can apply Sharp Gusts I can also apply Sharp Gusts II & III at lesser rates.
  • Crush Armor no longer costs MP.
  • Insatiable Ravager damage per hit increased from (a.atk 2) to (a.atk 3) and variance increased from 5% to 20%.
  • Ravage can now critically hit.
  • The Lightning Rage abilities Double-Strike, Triple-Strike, and Spark Shock can now critically hit.
  • Cleave+ now deals (a.atk 3) damage, up from (a.atk 2).
  • Wicked Strike now deals (a.atk 10) damage, up from (a.atk 8).
  • Arcane Missile now has a 1 turn cooldown.
  • Thunderstorm now has 25% Electric Synergy.


  • Moving forward, "On-Hit" will be reserved for skills that have the potential to strike more than once per turn. Ex: On-Hit: Warp (200) for Warpstrike III indicates that all three hits will take off 200 barrier, for a total of 600 in addition to the regular damage done by the skill. [Build #116, Release Date: December 31, 2021]
Updates & Changes:

  • Adjusted the remaining skills not updated by the build to conform to the new tooltip style.
  • Game version now properly reads on Info screen. Patch Notes file incorrectly shows 5.1.3 where should be.

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