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Reign of Guilds update for 30 December 2021

Update 0.70.908

Share · View all patches · Build 7954965 · Last edited 30 December 2021 – 16:32:03 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

Hello everyone!

This is the last update of 2021. Here we would like to summarize what has been done for our project during this year:
The staff numbers grew many times compared to the beginning of 2021;
We’ve finished 100% of mechanics planned for Beta-2 and 80% of mechanics for Early Access;
We’ve resolved all most technically complex problems with updating the version of the engine and network (Seamless);
Over 40% of the problematic code was refactored;
The game world was recreated from scratch, currently, it is many times ahead in its progress than the old version of the world;

Considering all that, it seems to us that 2022 will be critical for our project.

We are truly grateful to all who follow us and support both us and our project.

Happy New Year, see you there. ROG’oms up!

Change list 0.70.908 from 30/12/2021

Game Mechanics

1.1 | Added:

  • (EPIC) Groups and parties within a single server;
  • The priest and indulgencies;
  • The system of experience coefficients, that works depending on the levels of the opponents (separately in PvE and PvP);
  • Players can’t receive PvP damage in safe zones;
  • Base character professions mechanic;
  • Animal skins refinement (part of the crafting system);
  • Recipe container;
  • Filtering in several interface windows (trade, arena, etc.)

1.2 | Changed:

  • Couldn’t unequip the crossbow if the character was reloading it;
  • The functionality of the interaction menu;
  • The way some weapon modifiers work, that are used for setting up weapon system;
  • The system of weapon hit sounds;
  • Player’s ability to control character while falling;
  • The system of attribute gains for performing actions;
  • The way packages are processed (queue server);
  • In cursor mode, the player can hold Alt to use a usable item on self;
  • Hot bar slot will be blocked if it contains an item;
  • The character will respawn with a full HP bar;
  • Castle gates won’t regenerate HP;

1.3 | Optimized:

  • Character coordinates request (for spawning character);
  • The indicators that show server status;
  • Crossbow no longer depends on ping;
  • Improved the network interaction between the inventory and character hot bar;
  • The hit reaction of the shield to being hit by a crossbow bolt;
  • Spawners operation logic;
  • The functional errors of the hot bar items queue;
  • Changing weapons is smoother;
  • Hotbar network dependency;
  • Shield network dependency;

Chat (2.0 Beta)

  • A new chat system (incomplete functionality, only works within a single server);
  • Whisper (10 metres around the player in the chat);
  • Ability to mention other players in the chat;
  • Guild invites via the chat;
  • A chat for guilds (global);

Vocations and Abilities (2.1)
1.1 | A new concept of the vocation system where players can choose and improve abilities:

  • integrated into the quest system;
  • regular and additional abilities;
  • a preset system for additional abilities in each stage for every vocation;
  • players can choose what additional abilities to us picking them from the list of ones they selected before;
  • saves of the progress of the development of the additional abilities on a character;

Quest System:
1.1 | Added:

  • Questgivers can give several quests at a time;
  • Players can abandon the accepted quests;
  • Vocation quests and their requirements;
  • A sign that shows that an NPC has no quests available;

1.2 | Fixed:

  • Complete refactoring of the questgiver UI/UX;
  • Ability to exploit the “collect” quest objective;
  • Completing several objectives at once created a single fast notification for each one of them;

Music Controller (1.0):

  • Unique music for locations: tavern, village, city, etc.;
  • Unique music for times of the day: sunrise, day, sunset, night;

Castle Filling System (1.1):
1.1 | Changed:

  • Red phase duration depends on the relation of the chosen duration of the blue phase to the maximum duration of the blue phase;
  • The color of the ray of light in the castle depends on the phase of the castle;
  • Players can fill the castle only during the white phase;
  • Any player from any guild can fill any castle;

Tutorial (0.9)
1.1 | Added:

  • Stages on accepting quests;
  • Voice acting for some of the stages;
  • Ability to change the language of the voice acting;
  • New VFX and SFX (specks of dust, echo, etc.);
  • An icon that shows that NPC talks to the player;

1.2 | Changed:

  • During the combat practice stage, players will fight with a Stickman instead of with a guard;
  • Storekeeper’s stock;
  • The storekeeper and the chest with powders are unavailable to interact until the corresponding stages;
  • The order of some stages;
  • The interface of the tutorial;
  • All tutorial hints no longer disappear after their corresponding stages, they are now “stored” in the tutorial interface;
  • Smooth animations for the tutorial interface;
  • New backgrounds for the tutorial hints;
  • Optimised the completing logic of the stages;
  • The intensity of light in the tutorial;
  • Fade in at the start of the tutorial;

1.3 | Fixed:

  • Some invisible collisions hindered the rendering of NPC’s names;
  • Opening the tutorial again after relogging broke its interface;
  • The crosshair didn’t focus on the Mentor;
  • Player character received no PvE damage during the tutorial;
  • VFX from Slow didn’t disappear after dispelling the magic effect;
  • Absence of the reaction to dummy attacks by player character;
  • Players, other than the owner, could the room with a stickman;
  • The door to the storeroom with a stickman wouldn’t close sometimes;
  • Errors of transition between stages;
  • Mentor could lose all HP;
  • Players had no nameplates;

AI Component (2.0 Beta)
1.1 | A brand new AI system;
1.2 | Added:

  • New reaction triggers:

    • Sight trigger;
    • Damage dealt at one time trigger;
    • State start trigger;
    • Beyond distance trigger;
    • Percent of HP trigger;
  • New reactions:

    • Transition to state reaction;
    • Toggle block reaction;
Game World

2.1 | Changed:

  • Weapon and armor crafting recipes were temporarily deleted;

Daerkunn County
2.1 | Added:

  • Abandoned farm (not far from the abandoned castle);
  • A bridge not far from Harbur;
  • Cadaver pit in the Arena of Daerkunn;
  • Ambient sounds of the lake, village, forests, and river;
  • Several quest lines that start in the tutorial map and Harbur;

2.2 | Fixed:

  • Objects that were mistakenly placed beyond the border of the world were moved from there;
  • Some visual issues (farm near Harbur, abandoned castle);
  • Visual and technical issues;

County #2
2.1 | Added:

  • Two woodcutters’ camps;
  • A lumbermill;
  • Vegetation and forests;
  • Two quarries;
  • Hunter camp;
  • Ritual site;
  • Cotton plantation;
  • Ruined chapel;
  • Two mines;
  • Abandoned farm;

2.2 | Fixed:

  • Changed the position of the plantation;

County #3
2.1 | Added:

  • 5 farms;
  • 5 woodcutter camps;
  • 5 lumbermills;
  • 3 quarries;
  • 3 mason camps;

3.1 | Added:

  • New interface for crafting stations;
  • “Take All” button in the container window;
  • The Token Bag can be placed in a special inventory slot;
  • Players can take all contents of a container by pressing “E”;
  • New main menu interface;
  • New bank menu interface;
  • Shading for digits in the inventory cells;
  • New trade window;
  • New design of windows for accepting a trade, arena fights, and quitting the game;
  • New notifications (on picking up items, accepting and turning in quests, on completing quest objectives, etc.;
  • Additional information below the NPC name;
  • Shadings behind some number in the quest menu;

3.2 | Changed:

  • Self-cast icon;
  • The background of the quest widget;
  • Coin icons;
  • Mouse cursor reset when dragging interface window;
  • Proper conversion of numbers in the quest menu;
  • The design of the heading in the bank menu;
  • The size of the quest widget;
  • The design of the quest widget;
  • The quest journal and quest widget are the same windows;
  • The wrong size of the buttons in the bank and vendor menus;
  • Hits won’t leave decals on the dummies;
  • Hits leave blood decals on NPCs;
  • Various issues in the quest widget;
  • The “abandon” button doesn’t render if no quest is selected;
  • The wrong scale of the buttons in the quest journal;
  • The icon of the completed quest;

3.3 | Fixed:

  • Quest widget didn’t close on going away from quest givers;
  • Several issues with Z-order of some interface elements;
  • Items tooltips in the trade window didn’t work correctly;
  • The bank window wouldn’t close on going away from the banker;
  • Wrong icons in the equipment window;
  • Bad timings for melee weapon animations;
  • The initial position of some windows of the player interface;
  • Invisible interfaces that didn’t let click through it;
  • No close button for the chest interface;
  • The tiny heading of the journal interface;
  • Removed the unnecessary elements of the menu elements;
  • Bag design now is the same as the inventory design;
  • New checkbox in the bag interface;
  • New headings for player interface;
  • It was impossible to click on close and dock buttons;
  • It was impossible to press on the item in the trade window;
  • No tooltips in the “sell” half of the trade window;
  • Render errors (HP, MP, and energy bars)

4.1 | Added:

  • Changing the position of the shield on the back depending on whether the cloak is equipped;
  • New sounds of money gain/loss;
  • When reloading a crossbow, a crossbow bolt will be rendered in the hand;
  • Visual and sound effects of powder explosion;
  • Checking for a long fall, so that when falling, the animation does not appear immediately;
  • NPC health bar animations;
  • Logo when starting the game;
  • New cursor;
  • Underwater post-process;
  • New water material;
  • Tier 1 road model and material;
  • New materials to blend roads;
  • New swamp material;
  • New swamp water material;

4.2 | Changed:

  • Lanterns work with new time change notifications;
  • Refactor of character dodge animations;
  • Synchronization of the appearance of the crossbow bolt with the charging animation;
  • Now, when inflicting a fatal blow, melee weapons do not bounce off the target;
  • The standard brightness value is set to 2;
  • The game now runs on DX12 by default;
  • Visual parameters of the sky;
  • Configuration settings;
  • Impact decals rotate along the angle of impact of the weapon;
  • Removed the "resolution size" parameter in the settings;
  • The color of the health bar depends on the amount of the remaining health of the NPC;
  • The mouse does not leave the screen in full-screen mode in the main menu;
  • AI can now have a name, but no health bar;
  • Reduced the intensity of the shadow during the day;
  • Reduced the intensity of the glow of the portals at night;
  • Rendering portals at long distances;
  • Improved near and far terrain appearance, better blend with vegetation and statics;
  • More accurate generation of vegetation type masks;
  • Shadows cast by NPCs;

4.3 | Fixed:

  • Improved first-person camera shake;
  • Electricity effects when using air powders are now rendered correctly;
  • Fixed a bug with double playback of the camera animation when attacking with a weapon;
  • Fixed several visual bugs related to the weapon system;
  • Fixed a bug with sometimes not playing cunning when hitting a shield;
  • Decals didn't blur on first-person models;
  • Camera animations played when the player was playing in 3rd person;
  • Playing the started animation of the camera when switching to the 3rd person mode;
  • Error in placing materials on gloves;
  • The appearance of incorrect decals on characters;
  • Repeated playback of the camera animation if a hit has occurred on any surface;
  • Fonts for the names of characters and mobs;
  • An error in the animation code;
  • Clearances in geometry in the tutor;
  • Displaying tooltips that went beyond the edge of the screen;
  • The colors of the particles hitting the stone;
  • Artifacts on the water caused by SSR;
  • Wrong colors appeared in the vendor “buy” menu;
  • Nameplate animations;
  • The flickering of the clouds;
  • The jitter of the sun animations;
  • The lightning in the world;
  • The clouds do not just disappear behind the horizon, but fade out;

4.4 | Optimized:

  • Volumetric clouds in the world;
  • Lighting in the tutorial;
  • Optimized rendering of objects at a distance;
  • Better ground textures;

Appearance Editor
4.1 | Added:

  • Widget showing bonuses from changing character height in the Appearance Editor;

4.2 | Changed:

  • Smoothness when turning the character in the Appearance Editor;
  • Smoothness when zooming the camera in the Appearance Editor;
  • Music in the Appearance Editor;
  • Sounds of interaction with the interface in the Appearance Editor;
  • Removed the bracer from the appearance editor preview;

4.3 | Fixed:

  • The value of the sliders of the Appearance Editor always was at the minimum;
  • Camera jerks when scrolling during character creation;
  • Incorrect camera height in the character editor when changing height;
  • An error that caused the animation to play when changing the eye parameters;
  • No sound when clicking on a button again;
  • Respawn on graveyards did not work;
  • Large sweeps of the camera to the right and left when moving in these directions;
  • Players could pick up crafting stations;
  • Token changes are now indexed and saved;
  • The local safe zone around the guards is working again;
  • Chasing criminals now interacts correctly with the new AI system;
  • After making an attack, AIs rotated to the direction opposite to their targets;
  • Enemies chose weird directions for "fleeing";
  • Now, when double-clicking on an item in a container, the item stacks correctly in the inventory;
  • Objects in the tutorial flew through the floor;
  • At the beginning of the tutorial, the character fell through the floor into the abyss;
  • Completed quests could be accepted again;
  • Mobs could rotate along the Y-axis;
  • The music controller worked incorrectly;
  • Incorrect work of mobs (stick insect, rabbit);
  • Some background sounds were too quiet and others too loud;
  • Issues with dodging in the tutorial;
  • In the tutorial, the character appeared in the wrong place;
  • Errors in the tutorial texts;
  • Using the crossbow did not give Accuracy experience;
  • Health did not regenerate after using Bolster Health buff;
  • The vendor widget didn’t close on moving away from a vendor;
  • Mobs (guards, stickmen, etc.) spawned on rooftops and in other unwanted places;
  • An error leading to unlimited waiting time in the queue to connect to the game server, or constant disconnects;
  • Two-handed weapon special attack issues;
  • Incorrect work of morph types of gloves in the first person;
  • Loot containers did not disappear if you took everything from them;
  • The equipment window displayed wrong item icons;
  • Weapons in hand were not replicated correctly;
  • Wrong tooltips for abilities;
  • The bank interface did not close when players moved away from a banker;
  • Tabula Rasa disappeared if you used it and closed the interface without selecting anything;
  • Incorrect display of the duration of technical buffs;
  • Mantras were disappearing from the hotbar;
  • After sprinting, its sound continued to play while running;
  • Players couldn’t place the crafting pot because of the invisible collisions;
  • Death of a monster did not despawn its collision;
  • Crossbow went invisible from time to time;
  • Bad sync between the preparation animation and the actual readiness of the 2H alternative attack;
  • “Take all” left the cursor mode on;
  • Errors with cloth simulation on the cloaks;
  • Hotbar info didn’t save after the transition from the tutorial to the world;
  • Selling an item doubled the number of talers a player had;
  • Items dropped near walls got stuck in them;
  • HP bars ignored vocation buffs;
  • Issues with shield rendering;
  • Character attributed with vocation bonuses added up;
  • Vocation bonus HP did not regenerate;
  • Vocation skills went on cooldown when the character failed to cast them;
  • Monsters ignored ranged attacks.

Changed depots in ptr-server branch

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